“There Are No Tricks”

October 9th, 2013

greg schiano 0802a

One thing stands out with the Eagles under Chip Kelly — you know, the same team under this offensive guru Kelly who has two more wins than the Bucs — is the quickness of the game.

Quickness meaning if Kelly had a way to figure it out, he’d snap the ball the instant the referee spots the ball. If nothing else, it keeps both the defense and offense on its toes, and in many cases, prevents situational substituting by a defense.

When asked if there are any tricks in order to slow down such an offense, Bucs commander Greg Schiano admitted there really is only one way to slow down Kelly’s offense.

“Well, no, there are no tricks,” Schiano said. “If you hit them hard, if you hit them hard, they don’t get up so fast.

“We are not into — we are not going to feign any injuries or that stuff to slow them down. That’s not what we do. That is not in the spirit of the game.”

Now a cynic would wonder if diving at the football on kneel-downs is in the spirit of the game, but that’s another story.

And Joe loves Schiano’s theory of slowing down Kelly’s offense. If a defender drills a guy hard enough, then he either won’t, or can’t, bounce up so quickly to take another snap to get drilled again in such a short span of time.

9 Responses to ““There Are No Tricks””

  1. MadMax Says:

    I dont know, cant hit too hard, the flags will be coming out about every time and giving the Eagles a 1st down……its the pansy league now!

  2. BirdDoggers Says:

    Some of those hits the defense is laying on the opponent are drawing flags. So, that’s no such a good thing either. It’s slowing the game down, but also giving the other team 1st downs. I like he old school approach to the game, but the league is changing and the players have to adapt.

  3. Curmudgeon Says:

    I would argue that diving at the football in victory formation would most definitely be in the spirit of the game, if the game hadn’t become pink-underwear wussyball.

  4. zam Says:

    Unlike most fans on every football site out there, I have never liked the idea of football being about throttling your opponent into an injury. That’s why I might watch boxing and MMA, but football has so much more than that. I’m not sure why fans are so rabid for preserving the helmet hits and cheap shots. Agree to disagree I guess.

  5. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Speaking of helmet hits, Adrian Clayborn just won his appeal for his “blatant” hit on Drew Brees. Guess it wasn’t so blatant, eh?

  6. gulfcoast Says:

    If the game is still winnable, under any circumstances, then yes, diving at the “victory formation” is a part of the game. F the “cynics”….

    Also, anyone noticed “half” of the patriots D line rush the victory formation last week?

    Victory formation is equivalent to getting ahead by one point then calling game over… Play til the last whistle. Get em Bucs.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    “Now a cynic would wonder if diving at the football on kneel-downs is in the spirit of the game, but that’s another story.”

    There IS still time on the clock, right?

  8. Bobby Says:

    Should we start calling you ‘Joe the Cynic’? You play the game to win. There are NO gimme downs while there is time on the clock and you are within 1 score. Why should a team be conceded victory just because a defensive play has a low success rate?? So does a 63 yard field goal on offense but they’ve made those.

  9. JbSkiff Says:

    Wow! The majority of us agree ( minus of course it seems one of the joes and his radio partner on Wednesdays who hates Schiano because the new coach didn’t cow-cow to him and took no bull s—- in his press conferences ) that the game is played and should be for a full 60 minuets.