The Josh Freeman Drama

October 1st, 2013

Joe simply cannot remember so much drama circulating around One Buc Palace like what has been the past week or so. It’s like a bombshell being dropped on a daily basis. The creator, curator and overall guru of, the great Mike Florio, talks about how all this got started, and the best way for the Bucs to stop this nonsense in this NBC Sports video.

306 Responses to “The Josh Freeman Drama”

  1. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Ever since we signed Revis…. he brought the sports tabloids with him.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs should hang on to Freeman until the trade deadliine….since they are obligated to pay his salary anyway, they can negotiate $$$ with their trading partner. They could get a draft pick for him.
    Cutting him now gets the Bucs absolutely nothing.

  3. White Tiger Says:

    …and if you thought THAT was drama…now the NFLPA/PLAYERS UNION is going to some investigating as to who inside the organization exposed private health information on Josh Freeman…

    BREAKING FROM ESPN: NFLPA to investigate leaks of Freeman info

    …and according to Bleacher Report – Schiano states that “I’m 100% satisfied with HIS behavior and that he’s ABSOLUTELY NOT the SOURCE of the leak of private health information regarding Josh Freeman..”

    No ‘ol coach…but I bet you were sitting in the room with the guy who IS the source…heheh…looks like the drama is going into overdrive.

    Good, those are the types of inner workings that brought about the need for a PLAYERS UNION…wow, the crap is getting deep in here…

    …but plase Joe, do keep telling us how the coach is in the middle and it’s really Josh Freeman’s fault.

    …well, it one of you Joe’s does anyway…

  4. Young buc Says:

    F$ck u schiano

  5. Elijah Says:

    Where has Josh said anything derogatory about the team? I swear these reporters really do hear things that think they thought they heard. Don’t lie to us.

    In Florio’s closing statement he says

    “it will look poorly on him if he continues to say bad things about the Bucs”

    Where has he ever said anything bad about the Bucs?

    Someone show me the proof?

    I can’t stand all the lies anymore. He said that lie right at the end just so it would be the last thing we remember.

    If anyone here is acting out of good faith it is the Bucs org. not Josh.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Elijah Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    In Florio’s closing statement he says

    “it will look poorly on him if he continues to say bad things about the Bucs”

    Where has he ever said anything bad about the Bucs?

    You mean besides accusing the team of engaging in a smear campaign against him? Yeah every employer I know loves it when their employees suggest the company is trying to smear them.

  7. Elijah Says:


    not acting out of

  8. Elijah Says:

    When? I want to see the transcript.

  9. Tye Says:

    It was a bad move 5 years ago to draft him and things have gotten worse over the last few years until now you have this… Even if the Bucs do draft a QB in the 1st round many fans will likely be shell shocked from this past QB debacle by the Bucs…

    I would be more comfortable if they could aquire a young but experienced in the NFL QB…. Kirk Cousins wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all…. He has played well in every game he has started for Washington and that would cut down on the learning period us fans would have to endure with a Rookie Qb…IMO

  10. Elijah Says:

    c’mon liar … I saw his interview

  11. Elijah Says:

    never once did he say anything about a smear campaign.

  12. RastaMon Says:

    IT IS Time…for the G’Boys….to TAKE CONTROL…of this MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!

  13. jb Says:

    Why on earth would ANYONE want to play for this club?

    This is getting more repulsive by the hour, if not minute.

    Why on earth would anyone believe ANYTHING Schiano says.
    Once the team quits entirely on this fool, perhaps the Glazers will wake up and realize just what he’s done to OUR team.

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Florio and ProFootBall talk have been the curators of the Bucs drama going back to the kneeldown play against the Giants. I think Schiano stepped on the wrong toes over the offseason and someone is doing their best to oust him from the league.

  15. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I say sell the team to a market that has fans that aren’t completely retarded.

  16. Elijah Says:

    bucrightoff Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 5:39 pm
    Elijah Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    You mean besides accusing the team of engaging in a smear campaign against him? Yeah every employer I know loves it when their employees suggest the company is trying to smear them.


    The only ones accusing the Bucs of engaging in a smear campaign seem to be most of the Bucs fan base.

  17. RastaMon Says:

    Chris Thomas’s spirit is smiling…..errr…grinning….

  18. Morgan Says:

    Like his pal Duemig, I refuse to take anything Florio reports at face value. Both have agendas – I rather listen/read Rick Stroud for a level-headed, unbiased report of the situation at OBP.

  19. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    At this point… I don’t care. Bring on Obamacare, bring on the firing of Schiano, just so long as you get rid of Freeman.

    Don’t ever draft/sign another black QB or HC ever again. The race card will always be played against the organization.

  20. White Tiger Says:

    Well, I think what the fools at one Buc Palace have done (in their attempts to get some value for Josh Freeman – even after THEY set this thing in motion)…

    …is give Josh Freeman’s agent the upper hand in the Public Relations battle – and make no mistake about it – that’s how situations spiral out of control. One party doesn’t have control, so they create a means to get it.

    It’s clear the team wants to get something for the “investment”” into Freeman thus far, as if services rendered on a rookie contract, and the removal of faith isn’t enough – SOME one at One Buc Palace – thinks Josh has some value after all (despite their attempts to trash his reputation).

    Josh Freeman’s interview with ESPN illustrates that he now knows it is over, and fired a return shot at the organization – he signaled to the team that aafter some initial reluctance, he was ready to wrest control of his future from them.

    The team fired back that he wasn’t just a late, druggy, that had lost the faith of his teamates, but that he was stirring up trouble by making it seem like the coach didn’t tell him to talk to the media, and made up some story about sitting one place and being forced to move to another place…

    Josh Freeman’s attorney/agent says – forget the trade – if you want Josh Freeman off of your bench, out of your practices, and definitely NOT talking to the media – then have the courage of your convictions – man-up and CUT him.

    In this PR battle – everything is on the line – the team has the most to lose – and is about to be one of the first teams to be investigated by the NFLPA…

    The ante has been upped – it doesn’t matter what Free’s agent is holding – he wins. The other oowners are secretly making phone calls to the Glazers to either END this thing now, or some secret stuff THEY don’t want on the streets…will find it’s way to the streets….

    Game, Set, Match.

    We all lose.

    We have a talentless, gutless, classless, NO-character coach, and possibly a talented but equally vile GM, a 3rd round rookie QB that can’t beat the worst team in the NFL, even WITH a stud defense and an offense with training wheels…

    There’s just no win for us.

    Pretty soon though…Free will be free…collecting Glazer money to NOT be a member of a Glazer team. THAT at least is as it should be.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  21. King Couch Fan Says:

    The only ones accusing the Bucs of engaging in a smear campaign seem to be most of the Bucs fan base.


    Thats a straight up LIE. Unless you think a few disgruntled posters, formerly of the Freemanites, on JBF make up the fan base. More power to you if you do.

  22. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    You guys wouldn’t accept proof. There is absolutely nothing that could sway any of the Freeman lovers. NOTHING. And you know that’s true.

  23. Elijah Says:

    Oh yea …heres a lie for you ….turn on your TV , turn on your radio listen ITS GETTING REALLY GD LOUD!!!!

    FIRE SCHIANO!!! ….cause this Freemanite said so

  24. Elijah Says:

    Give me proof Sm@rt Guy?

  25. Elijah Says:

    Not a FKn one of you can provide proof that freeman ever said anything bad towards the Bucs. This isn’t a testimony of whether I wuv me some Joshy, this is about what is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Prove to me …. You can’t ,, but it sure is convenient to say he did.

  26. @CAeric Says:

    tough times call for tough moves….send V Jax to Washington alog with a 3rd rounder for Kirk Cousins……V Jax is over 30 yrs old and has a big contract… moving him now for a quality QB would start the movement in the right direction…..or I can see Sh*tano trading with his man crush Bellacheat by sending VJax to Pats for Mallet..

  27. RastaMon Says:

    BYE WEEK….bye to Josh…or bye to Schiano……poll please

  28. King Couch Fan Says:

    Oh yea …heres a lie for you ….turn on your TV , turn on your radio listen ITS GETTING REALLY GD LOUD!!!!


    The conspiracy theory that Josh is on drugs is also all over the news and radio. So that must be true to right?

    Or does it only count if its about Schiano

  29. mike Says:

    I was killed all summer and preseason on this board for saying josh was a below average qb. No one will trade for him, so cut him by sunday and schiano needs to right the ship or he needs to be cut too.

  30. Splengo Says:

    Josh Freeman told not to attend team meetings. So why is he being told to attend practices. The NFL is going to step in any minute. Not much longer folks. The end is near!

  31. Elijah Says:


    Don’t try to deflect my question.. If it’s true that JOSH ever said anything bad towards the Bucs

    give me proof

  32. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I agree with Elijah, I don’t remember Freeman bad mouthing the Bucs, and if someone can provide some legitimate proof, I would change my tune about Freeman’s attitude. But otherwise stop with this BS!

  33. Elijah Says:


    ….turn on your TV , turn on your radio listen ITS GETTING REALLY GD LOUD!!!! The wheels are coming just as we speak

    Even more interestingly, Glazer reports some of Freeman’s teammates “started thinking it was to get others to think he blew it off.” Both the media and Freeman’s teammates are seeing right through Tampa’s thinly-veiled smear campaign against its former quarterback. Coach Greg Schiano appears to think he’s still coaching in the Big East, and not the AFC South. Schiano’s agent may want to start sending out back-channel feelers to college athletic directors.

  34. Raphael Says:

    Josh said …somebody felt the need to say something …never did he say the bucs…

    He also talked about the low times and people not being supportive….again never did he say anything bad about the bucs..

    The media loves this and obviously Joe …I really wish I didn’t partake in the nonsense but it’s a slanted view towards Josh . Sadly nobody is objective in the media…including joe.. Deumig is the only one I have heard being truthful

  35. blackmagic00 Says:

    I don’t see how any of our players can possibly focus on the game when us as fans can’t. And we’re not even in OBP.

  36. Sharon Says:

    Now we know where Taliban and them got the aderal. That pisses me off. And if you believe that all this drama etc is only just aderal I got a bridge for sale. All you freemanite a…. Your hero has ruined this season and maybe a few more. F him.

  37. GenocideD Says:

    Two things:
    1.Why would we draft a franchise quarterback in the first round with ADHD anyways? All the money, investigating, weeding out we do to make sure we make the right pick and we select one with a mental disorder.
    2.I love how the majority are on Josh’s side here. Josh is the one that took Ritalin. He broke the law and took a prescription drug that wasn’t prescribed to him. He says it was an accident though? WTF. I’ve never accidentally taken a presciption drug prescribed to anybody else in my whole life. He was sneaky, got caught, joined this program so he wasn’t suspended and now it’s out. Wahhhhhh, Josh.

    I understand ADHD is common and I’m not judging, yada yada yada, I’m still not counting on someone being my franchise QB, someone that needs to remember things, concentrate and make split second decisions when they’re diagnosed with ADHD…even if they’re on meds and appear to work. Good job, Buc recruiters.

  38. White Tiger Says:

    Trading VJax for…Kirk (freakin’) Cousins?

    wow. That would NOT be a smart move…which unfortunately doesn’t rule it out for this organization.

    Having the NFLPA nosing around your secret files n stuff – trying to find out who inside the organization leaked private info to the press…is putting a LOT of pressure on the owners (probably most off the pressure is from other owners who don’t want to establish a precedence…).

    I think you will see the Bucs release Freeman – they’ve done just about as much as they can TO him.

    As for getting talent for the “New Direction” the team is taking (some of you fols think changes cure problems, actually, there are many more coming). As a reference point I submit an “I told you so”

    I told everyone that would listen that getting rid of Gruden would result in blowing the team up, it would mean multiple losing seasons. Then, once they DID replace Gruden, I told you anti-Grudenistas that if they didn’t do it correctly they would be ding it AGAIN…meaning even more losing seasons….ANOTHER head coach, and blowing up another roster…

    guess what? I told you so.

    The owners have the right to spend your money any way they see fit. You have nothing to say about it. Your job is to sit down and shut up, and keep believing whatever Dom, Raheem (remember when he fired his OC before the season, and his DC DURING the season?), and the anticipation of the NEW coach generated cool speculation – and how fun it was to think “maybe it was going to be Bill Cowher (or, insert your favorite name here)? Remeber when they said it would be some guy named Greg Schiano…from Rutgers?!

    I was one who gave the new coach a lot of room, even agreed that the “toes on the line” stuff was needed for an organization that had lost so much discipline…

    …it is sad, but if there is this much drama associated with a losing team…it’s probably NOT the players.

    It’s just more proof that this group does not make good decisions. It does not seem like a move an ownership group would make, it seems like something a couple of guys in the organization would do if they thought their jobs depended on the success of the other guy…but, anything is possible.

    I just know that the drama means the coach has lost control, the level of accusations show the GM has lost control.

    For the rest of this season and most of the next – I would be better off mowing my lawn in Sunday at 1PM.

    You decide what it means for you.

  39. blackmagic00 Says:

    You know……every team in the NFL probably has us checked as a guaranteed win with good reason. This crap is frustrating and embarrassing.

  40. kh Says:

    Elijah you completely miss the point.

    The issue is that he spoke to ESPN without permission. Didn’t matter if he was just praising the Bucs, he broke a rule that he was specifically told not to.
    Why is that so hard to understand?

    FLorio’s point is beyond stupid, why would the Bucs cut him now, even if they cant find a trading partner I would just pull a Keyshawn and make him sit at home.

  41. Sharon Says:

    We may have lost, but the last 4 games enjoying to watch mainly because of the defense.

    It’s the last seconds that suck lol

  42. King Couch Fan Says:

    Don’t try to deflect my question.. If it’s true that JOSH ever said anything bad towards the Bucs


    My question has everything to do with your question. You claim “it’s all over the TV and the radio” in defense of your theory. But yet you are ignoring all the rumors about Josh on the same TV and radio. LMAO

    It’s ok. I understand why you can’t answer the question.. clearly you would sound like a bigger fool than you already do.

    Continue with your never ending whining about Schiano.

  43. blackmagic00 Says:

    White Tiger, is your name in reference to the glass white tiger joey g? If it is that’s pretty cool.

  44. Elijah Says:


    The issue is that he spoke to ESPN without permission. Didn’t matter if he was just praising the Bucs, he broke a rule that he was specifically told not to.
    Why is that so hard to understand?

    So now he implied secretly through some fkn code to bad mouth the Bucs

    Man, what a reach. … and nice touch there with the “Why is that so hard to understand?” Like as if what you said is absolute. That crap wouldn’t hold up in a court of law.

  45. Elijah Says:


    clearly you do not understand the question?

  46. Elijah Says:


    you are screwed in the damn head.


    If it’s true that JOSH ever said anything bad towards the Bucs

    give me proof?

  47. Raphael Says:

    Soon the NFLPA will have 2 grievances filed against the bucs…
    D.Smith with the NFLPA said Josh has handled everything right and he is a good man…….oh snap ! Lol

    Tynes grievance has already been filed , Yeah it must be Josh’s fault all this stuff….you pathetic losers !

  48. WalkdaPlank Says:

    This is starting to look a high school team not because of the skill level or talent, but because of the childish drama surrounding a coach and his 3rd string QB.

  49. Drew Says:

    Wow!!! Four games into the season and with all the changes and commotion the Bucs have become a dirt bag organization. Jeesh! Let there be hell fire and brimstone and anything else that quenches the thirst of the media and fans.

    Folks!!! Hello!!! Give a F*****G Break!!!

  50. blackmagic00 Says:

    Schiano knows or at least believes he knows who leaked. You can tell by his expression when he says he is 100% sure of himself.

  51. King Couch Fan Says:

    I dont care what your question was. Stop and Read. My intention was NEVER to answer your question as my comments had nothing to do with your question but rather your logic. Stop trying to avoid the question I asked which has EVERYTHING to do with your question.

    Your exact words for believing all these rumors about Schiano was because “its all over the radio and TV”

    So again, I’ll ask since you believe everything about Schiano, then do you believe everything you hear of Josh as well?

    It’s a simple yes or no. You either do or you dont. According to your theory though you should. But like I said, we all know it seems to work only 1 way with you.

  52. Rahb Says:

    Get Real – Who believes laid back mono tone good guy Freeman is behind this diabolical destruction or the dictator wannabe Over his head College Coach still believing he Owns a Strangle hold on the behavior of Grown Millionaires

    This fiasco has been written & directed by Gregory Schiano. A poorly written and executed script. FIRE HIS ASS NOW “Team Glazer” before the Stench becomes too overwhelming. The over $100Million spent on the Buccaneer secondary not to mention the 2 First round picks (Barron, Revis) and 2nd round on the Rookie Banks made people believe Schiano has done a great job coaching the Defense. THE GLAZERS BOUGHT THAT TURNAROUND WITH HARD CA$H

    Freeman has not done anything but sat silent far too long, he is a salvagable talent at age 25. Why go all in on a 24 yr old Rookie.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Look, I’m fine with Freeman leaving. I don’t think he’s a very good QB. Some of his behavior is completely inexcusable. So I’m not a Freeman lover. However, Freeman is not the real problem. The problem is Schiano. I am completely puzzled how anyone can think otherwise. First of all, a real coach wouldn’t allow all this nonsense to take place. You ever seen anything remotely close to this happen in New England? Pittsburgh? In fact, I’ve never seen this much distraction anywhere, anytime. He can’t get along with players, he can’t get along with the media, he can’t get along with his assistants (which is why they all leave), and oh by the way, he can’t coach either. We haven’t had this much talent since our Super Bowl run, but this is probably the worst team we’ve ever had. Yeah we’ve been competitive – because we are loaded with talent! Hell, you or I could coach them to lose close games! This team is an absolute mess, and it is Schiano’s fault first and foremost. We will NEVER win with this guy. Why prolong what we all know is going to happen? Just get rid of him.

  54. blackmagic00 Says:

    Sorry Drew, I hear you , but this thing will not die out until our Bucs are dragged through every bit of mud the media and others want. Is what it is, a damn shame. I was so stoked for this season and here I am with the same feeling I had 4 of the past 5 seasons.

  55. Elijah Says:

    No answer …figures

    The Schianocan’s are pathetic, hateful smear mongers.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Where are the players defending Schiano? Has there been one? It’s always the same thing “He makes the decisions, we just play”. Does that sound to you like the players are buying in? Look at what Michael Bennett said when he left, that speaks volumes. You think the players are going to stick behind this lunatic as the losses build? Hell no!

  57. Elijah Says:

    I never said that Couch … just like always you try to rtwist things . your an evil giant slug that can’t get off his sofa. I’m not going to answer a question fabricated from am lie. slither back dude…

  58. Splengo Says:

    As we speak, the black suits are parachuting into OBP. Billionaires are private types. They do not like publicity. Especially unflattering publicity. I can assure you, the Glazers are not pleased. They abhor the dreaded word “investigation”. Somebody is going to pay for these black marks on the Glazer shield.

  59. Ed Says:

    After Freeman,this coach will turn on V.Jack. the smear campaign has begun by leaking about a trade to the Patriots. Why because he has started to question the offense and defended Freeman. they will base it on his age and salary,just like he did with Blunt, Wright, K-2,Talib ,Black, Bennett,Miller Freeman, and the list go on and on. this coach has cut or failed to resign at lease 15 players. All the player’s have one thing in common, think about it.

  60. Andrew 1 Says:

    the longer he stays on the roster, the worse its going to get. forget the freakin trade and cut him NOW.

  61. Doc Says:

    Cut the man and pay him his money,or leave the man alone, worry about this 0-4 team coach Smear.

  62. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Look, it’s already clear that Josh will not be back next year. Schiano and half of Tampa do NOT want him back. I think the only way he ever takes another snap with the Bucs is if Glennon goes down, but judging how Schiano not only benched him, but made him the No.3, deactivated him, and didn’t even want him on the sidelines and (supposedly) didn’t even want him to sit in his own personal paid-for suite, Greg might even start Orlovsky if Glennon goes down, unless they want to showcase Free for other teams. My point is, since Freeman is pretty much done with the Bucs, why all the drama? I don’t care if the source of it is Schiano, teammates, other coaches, or the media. Why is it even here AT ALL? The media should focus more on Glennon, he is the starter after all.

  63. Andrew 1 Says:

    sooner or later the players are going to look at Schiano in a negative light and eventually come to resent him. that is not worth the 6th round pick. do the smart thing and get rid of him asap.

  64. Elijah Says:


    I said,

    The only ones accusing the Bucs of engaging in a smear campaign seem to be most of the Bucs fan base.Thats a straight up LIE.

    You said, Thats a straight up LIE. Unless you think a few disgruntled posters, formerly of the Freemanites, on JBF make up the fan base. More power to you if you do.

    I said,

    Oh yea …heres a lie for you ….turn on your TV , turn on your radio listen ITS GETTING REALLY GD LOUD!!!!

    I said that in response to you saying “few disgruntled posters, formerly of the Freemanites, on JBF make up the fan base”

    It’s all over the radio .. it’s all over TV .. its not just on this web site. This is wide spread

    You said,

    Your exact words for believing all these rumors about Schiano was because “its all over the radio and TV”

    I say your a damn liar, I never said that.. dude your worst than Florio.

  65. kh Says:

    Why does everyone insist on turning the comments section into a court of law?

    Again, Josh wasn’t given permission to speak to ESPN by the team so it doesn’t matter if whatever he said was good, bad or indifferent. He shouldn’t have said anything in the first place so anything he said is a a clear cut middle finger.

    This isn’t a Josh vs Schiano thing for me, I don’t like Schiano, they can both go as far as I’m concerned.

    How anyone can defend Josh at this point is utterly inexplicable to me though.

  66. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What if…..It’s a question Freeman supporters……What if Freeman leaked the information?
    Why….to creat a sheet storm, retaliate against Schiano & the Bucs…create sympathy for poor handicapped Josh?

    Again….don’t get your teats in an uproar….it was a question…

  67. Elijah Says:

    Yea where’s your proof Sm@rt Guy^^^

  68. RastaMon Says:

    Public protest next Sunday…9-11 @ the Ray Jay….everyone will be able to get home and watch real NFL Football….

  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….Someone said “follow the money”

    Can a player that is cut be paid twice (by the former & new team)?

  70. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    That will be about as crowded as that Tebow rally.

  71. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I don’t think Freeman would leak the information ruining his already damaged reputation. Even when he was playing poorly, he held a good reputation as a guy that had a great work ethic and never brought drama to the locker before all this. Even if Freeman flat-out hates Schiano, I don’t think he would do this to his teammates, to make his 0-4 Bucs become surrounded in high school drama. Of course, we don’t know who leaked what so anything is possible.

  72. Sharon Says:

    How a team fan can support a player over the team is beyond me. Hopefully they follow josh to the cfl

    But yet Schiano is getting old to me as well. Some wins might change this.

  73. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    that thought did cross my mind, but I seriously doubt he is behind all of this. whether he is responsible or not, this is still not good for his image, and subsequently not good for his next pay check.

  74. Elijah Says:


    Again, don’t act like you are the smartest guy in the room.

    If you don’t have proof that Josh said or talked bad about the Buccaneers then quit lying and saying he did.

    Same to you Florio.

    Josh is gone but he doesn’t need to be assassinated, dehumanized as the bad guy, when he’s been nothing but a good 25 year old who has spent countless hours at OBP since he’s been here. During all that time you haven’t heard one bad thing. Except for his sometimes shaky play he doesn’t deserve to be demonized.

  75. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Andrew 1

    I doubt it also…but it makes as much sense as Schiano leaking the info….Schiano has everything to lose and almost nothing to gain….what?…to make Freeman look bad….that’s rediculous….Freeman was and is doing that on his own.

    The hatred for Schiano is really clouding everyting.

  76. blackmagic00 Says:

    This team should have been named the Tampa Bay Politicians. lol

  77. Splengo Says:

    A player can be paid both by his old team – the remainder of his guaranteed contract and the new salary that he contracts for with the new team if there is no offset language in the old contract. If there is offset language, then the old team only has to pay the difference, ie offset, between the new salary and the old salary if the new salary is less than the guaranteed amount. Bam!

  78. Andrew 1 Says:

    I hate to pile on like this but wth you all will find out anyway. apparently the bucs told Freeman not to attend a team meeting today. if we are not going to cut the guy then we might as well keep him away from the team altogether until we do finally get rid of him.

  79. blackmagic00 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan it’s not just the hatred of Schiano, it’s the crap storm that has circled this organization since Schiano got here.

  80. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Splengo

    Thanks….so it is possible if no offset that Josh could be cut and then negotiate a short or long-term deal with the team of his choice the day after he is cut.
    Not accusing Josh of anything, but that would be better for Freeman than a trade.

  81. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    lol. I agree with you. I also dont think Schiano leaked anything either. I could have been anybody.

  82. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Does anyone else think that Aaron Murray would be a good pickup for this team? I believe he is the most underrated QB in the draft class, and better than Teddy Bridgewater. He has gotten Drew Brees comparisons and has played better than Matthew Stafford in his time at Georgia. He can throw the deep ball and isn’t a running QB but has no problems getting out of the pocket to extend a play. Just my opinion, but I think he would be a steal, considering how everyone is hyping up Bridgewater, Manziel, and that Franklin guy.

  83. Raphael Says:

    Andrew …old news bro

  84. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ blackmagic00

    the guy cant exactly control whats being said about him. hes just been going about his business.

  85. White Tiger Says:

    Just curious – and mostly because the question has been dodged several times:

    @elijah and @ShutTheBucUp – weren’t you two part of the guys screaming on these boards for Grudens head?

    Now, a follow up – because you waited so long it allowed to me gain some additional context: Whose side were you on during the MeShaawn Johnson saga…the side that said “BENCH HIM, GOOD FOR YOU GRU”, or the side that cheered MeShawn’s antics?

    Bet I already know the answer…

    @kh – If it were you, and you were the starting QB that had been benched and knew you had one foot out the door – would you let the team trade you to who they wanted in order to get something for the value they alleged you did not have, or would you do what you could to wrest control of your future from these gutless wonders?

    Exactly – They aren’t treating a former leader with respect – why should the former starting QB abide by their rules?

    The Patriots didn’t cut Drew Bledsoe when they wanted to make the transition to Tom Brady – they signed him to a record setting salary, benched him. He just happened to be on the bench during a playoff game and Drew was called in to save the day – he did – and was honorably traded the next season.

    The mere fact that Freeman was NOT handled like a respected team leader – shows me, fans like me, and more importantly – players – how things were really handled, and how they will be treated by this bunch in the future.

    That’s reality folks. Its all about respect, or it will all be about respect.

  86. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    That too….but you have to admit, its pretty far-fetched to beiieve that Schiano would risk his job, career and a huge law-suit just to smear a player who has already had a meltdown and performed very poorly.

  87. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Raphael

    lol Im a regular Johnny come lately.

  88. Bucs1987 Says:

    The big problem with the whole Freeman debacle is that you have a faction of fans that despise Schiano right now for the 0-4 record. So they will in turn defend Freeman regardless if they like Josh anymore or not.

    Raphael is SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased that the NFPLA is coming down on his team. Look at what he wrote. He’s almost giddy over it. It makes him happy that this is all happening to his TEAM. Why? Because his actions tell you why. He is a bigger Freeman fan than he is a Bucs fan. Don’t believe me….check the game day thread. Starts off Go Glennon. By the third qrtr he was trashing Glennon’s name. All the while saying in the summer that he would support Glennon, because he’s a Bucs fan first.

    Now I know Raphael certainly does not count. We all know about his love affair for Freeman, but he is one of a few that are enjoying all this stuff happening to their team and that’s sad. Actually sad is an understatement…pathetic.

  89. Raphael Says:

    Andrew ….next your gonna say that Demaurice Smith was at one buc place today…lol. And then you will say they filed a grievance for Tynes and are gonna file one for Freeman

  90. kh Says:

    Spare me the crocodile tears for Josh, he’s making $8m and got a check for something close to $500k to sit in a suite and watch a football game. Far from a martyr.

    Keep throwing out those red herrings about whatever he said wasn’t so bad. That is completely irrelevant. Its a black and white issue, he wasn’t given permission to speak to ESPN and chose to do so anyways. Not sure how many times I need to say it before it gets through to you.

  91. Elijah Says:

    Personally I don’t think Freeman or Schiano are leaking anything and know who may be leaking info. They both have to much to lose.

    It’s someone @ OBP that probably has an axe to grind with Schiano. Maybe the ball boy?

  92. Raphael Says:

    1987 ..because Schiano has destroyed the team……


  93. Raphael Says:

    I think it was ahmad black

  94. White Tiger Says:


    Yes, the ever elusive, seldom seen, “I-only-run-9routes”, and Mr #IDon’tPractice Joey G…is my namesake.

    It’s also a hat tip to Gruden – who could have trashed Joey G – as the press at the time had ramped up pressure on where Joe G was, but instead Gru acknowledged that sometimes you treat predator cats, differently…

    You manage relationships, if the player has shown you respect and done what you asked – you allow for some leeway.

    It’s the difference in styles – one was a proven leader who knew how to work with what he had been dealt – whether that was the team he built in and coached to the AFC Championship game in Oakland or the team he coached to the Super Bowl against the team he built in Oakland – and the neophyte we now have, who believes the only way to win is adhering to the same recipe that made him a success in the Big East.

  95. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I does seem like some of the posters care more about being right with their opinions than having the team be successful.
    It was my opinion that Freeman was benched one game too early…but that didn’t cause me to root against Glennon.
    And now that Freeman is effectively gone…I don’t root against Glennon…for God’s sake, he is our quarterback…..and…as long is Schiano is our coach, I’ll root for him to be successful.
    Do I think he should be fired…perhaps…but not now, at the end of the season if things don’t improve. But until then, he is our coach.

  96. Bucs1987 Says:

    Raphael Says:

    October 1st, 2013 at 8:04 pm
    1987 ..because Schiano has destroyed the team……


    ^^^something Raphael NEVER uttered until Josh was benched.

  97. blackmagic00 Says:

    Hey guys I don’t think Schiano leaked anything, but I have a feeling he knows who did. I think Schiano came in and never got a fair chance mostly due to the media. But I also think part of his issues are the way he managed everything. I’m not totally against him or Josh or anyone for that matter. All I really care about is the Bucs, but dang, how can any of us enjoy the game with everything that’s happened in the past 5 years? The Glazers really need to step up or get out. That’s all. Love the Bucs. Good Bucs!!! Somehow.

  98. Cmurda Says:

    Schiano doesn’t make it to Week 6. I don’t care what the Glazers have told Coach. Every day there is oodles of more drama that has the team distrusting Schiano etc. It’s a shat show and the Glazers really have no choice at this point. Move on and get an NFL coach. There should be strong interest considering the talent on this team and the high pick for a QB we will have.

  99. Bb Says:

    Josh was a mistake, he couldn’t throw short passes good enough, his drug problem was talked about since last year, . And we all heard the interview where he was wasted. Coach is good he just needs time to fix the mess he walked in on, he has made our d middle of road . And now is getting rid of all the trash.

  100. Bucs1987 Says:

    Fire Schiano now or week 7…what does it do for the team this season? Anything at all?

  101. Elijah Says:

    Still deflect .. you don’t have proof

    so now you will smear him and justify by calling him rich. I believe your next move will be to say because he’s black.

    you said,

    Keep throwing out those red herrings about whatever he said wasn’t so bad. That is completely irrelevant.


    really … that’s the whole thing DUMMY … I never said he said anything because he never said anything.

    Good grief clean the wax out of your ears or quit making crap up. Now your acting like Florio.

    Again the question was,

    Where has he ever said anything bad about the Bucs?

    Show me the proof?

  102. Raphael Says:

    bb …..there is no drug problem …..moron

  103. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m not a Freeman fan. I argued with you about him for weeks until you came around. However, Schiano is a much bigger problem, and quite possibly part (key word, part) of the reason for Freeman’s struggles. Regardless, he is cancerous to this team. Look at all this nonsense and tell me the coach is not responsible. No player can or should cause this much distraction. This is the fault of the coach for at minimum letting it get to this point. Have you ever seen it get this ugly for this long with any other team – in the history of the NFL? I can’t.

    Am I happy the NFLPA has filed a grievance, no. At the same time, if that’s what it takes to get rid of Schiano, then I’m all for it. He has to go, and he has to go now before things get worse. I would say he has divided the locker room, but I highly doubt he has anyone on his side. Not one player has come to his defense – not even the captains. No one!! Let that sink in. Even Bobby Petrino had players defending him – until he quit on them. The longer this guy is the leader of this football team, the more damage he will cause and the longer it will take to fix it. Do it now, by any means necessary.

  104. Raphael Says:

    What good does having a liar and a team destroyer around?

    Bennett …this guy couldn’t wait to leave…even took less money

  105. Bucs1987 Says:

    If anything Schiano stays in there and the Bucs OFFENSE continues to suck and they get a higher pick. or The offense finally wakes up and does something to match the D and they start to win games. Yes I know 8-8 or 7-9 will suck as far as draft position, but it will atleast give the team and the fans a better perspective of what kind of coach they have if he pulls them out of this 0-4 slump or not. That’s why I don’t think the Glazers will pull the plug mid-season. Oh well that’s my take anyways. Like I always say I don’t call the shots. The Glazers brought my team a SB trophy. So I still think they will do what’s best in the end.

  106. Elijah Says:


    I can only think of one team that suffered this much bad press for an extended period of time.

    Daniel Snyders Washington Redskins

  107. Young buc Says:

    Just fire greg schiano

  108. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Fire Schiano now or week 7…what does it do for the team this season? Anything at all?”


    I can write a book on what it would do for this team. For starters, we can see what we actually have as far as coaches and players. I don’t know if Sullivan is the worst OC in the league, or if he is just a puppet for Schiano. I don’t know if Freeman sucks because of Schiano, or because he just sucks. The same applies for Glennon. I love Doug Martin, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another RB once in a while.

    Also, getting rid of Schiano now would get rid of all this drama and negative publicity. That needs to happen immediately, because no team can function like this. It’s not going to get better. Players aren’t going to all of a sudden embrace these college tactics.

    Finally, it would give a little hope to the fanbase. We need that. We deserve that. It’s not just here where 90% of the fanbase wants him gone. Go look on the Bucs facebook page. Same thing. It gets to the point where it doesn’t even matter if Schiano is not fully to blame. In the eyes of the fans (and media), he is going to be responsible. They are never going to let up, and they are going to show it at the ticket booth.

  109. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Raphael


  110. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    They got bad press, but this is different. This is soap opera drama. This is far worse.

  111. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Raphael

    wait a minute… we’re 0-4? lol

  112. Elijah Says:

    ^^right on

  113. Bucs1987 Says:

    Hawaiian Buc …exactly it has gotten to this point and that sucks. I think they, the Bucs should have tried to get rid of him prior to the season if they knew he was a problem. Nobody knows if Dom and Schiano had words about that every thing after the 2012 season. Maybe Dom resisted, maybe not. Nobody knows, because Dom is in hiding about all this crap. This fan wants to hear from Dom about it, in front of reporters. I want know how long they knew or thought that Freeman might not work out. Obviously since the summer judging by the Carson Palmer trade talks.

    Does anyone even wonder why the Bucs were going after Palmer hard core in the summer? Do you think they knew all this crap was going to happen or atleast something was not going to pan out with Josh? I do.

  114. Elijah Says:


    Your last paragraph was right on bro!

  115. Rahb Says:

    Why Would Schiano Smear Josh Freeman????
    BECAUSE HE IS AN IDIOT! The man forgot this isn’t a New Jersey 2nd rate College Football Program. This is THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

    THATS WHY! Now the Question is how much has GM Marky D participated in this fiasco.

    I amused by you Freeman Haters who believe he is the cause of all this. PLEASE TELL ME HOW THAT COULD BE POSSIBLE. We’ve been able to observe Josh for over 4 years and we know he does not have the makeup to pull any of this crap. All he wanted to do was play Ball and make us Proud to be Buccaneer Fans.

    1. Schiano had an issue with Josh since day 1. (when he was 24 by the way) No attempt to develop or correct his mechanics or bring in a decent QB Coach
    2. Freeman tosses for 4,000 yrds and 27 TDs and Buccaneers Offense finished #9 in the NFL. Ok he had 17 INTs where 8 of them happened in 2 games.
    3. Despite Franchise Records….Freeman is determined to be a bust at Age 25 with 4 years experience. Schiano uses the teams 2nd pick in the 2013 Draft on a 24 year old Rookie (Whom he has ties with going back to the guy in high school)
    4. Drops hints that the rookie would compete for the starting job when the Starter was in line for a new contract {BOOM} Not something that says “Freeman is Our Guy”, Freeman’s camp suggested a Trade to the Chiefs during OTA’s, but the Buccaneers laughed them off.
    5. Offense goes south…Freeman Fingured as the cause and benched

    THEN THE CIRCUS BEGAN – Schiano had to justify what he done, and now here comes all the NEGATIVE CHARACTER ISSUES ON FREEMAN.

    Once upon a time Josh Freeman was the most beloved Buc who dedicated long hours of Study and his teammates raved about him. Organized the Team during the lockout etc etc. However, since Schiano Arrived Mild manner Freeman has Morphed into a diabolical locker room cancer and has single handedly brought down the Buccaneers in 4 weeks????????


  116. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Then again, I don’t know why I bother with 1987. This is the same guy who refused to go read an article yesterday about the issue, because he stated he goes to the games and forms his own assessments. So no matter what, he’s going to believe what he wants. Good luck with that. You just sit back in your seat and watch this whole thing explode. This is only the beginning.

  117. Bucs1987 Says:

    “Also, getting rid of Schiano now would get rid of all this drama and negative publicity.”

    Really, because I see it as adding to the drama.

  118. Bucs1987 Says:

    “They are never going to let up, and they are going to show it at the ticket booth.”

    News Flash : the games are televised. Nobody will go to games anyways.
    Example : The Rays. Even if the Bucs go on a 7 game wining streak the attendence will stay the same. Don’t forget 2010 as I did go to 2 games that season and the stadium was nearly half empty.

  119. Elijah Says:

    1987 you said,

    I think they, the Bucs should have tried to get rid of him prior to the season if they knew he was a problem

    If you had stopped at season, I would have totally agreed with you, but it’s this ” if they knew he was a problem” that I have a problem with.

    When was he a problem? did you just make that up?

    Schiano and Dominik should have shopped him prior to the combines, that’s it. case closed

    Schiano’s gotta go!

  120. Andrew 1 Says:

    you guys seriously need to lighten up. these problems will work themselves out.

  121. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Also, getting rid of Schiano now would get rid of all this drama and negative publicity.”

    Really, because I see it as adding to the drama.


    Then you are a fool.

  122. Bucs1987 Says:

    “When was he a problem? did you just make that up?”

    Like I said nobody knows if he was or wasn’t a problem. Judging by the Bucs trying to get Palmer, MAYBE he was. I did not say that it was definite. I said nobody knows. YOU included.

  123. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “News Flash : the games are televised. Nobody will go to games anyways.”


    News Flash : more people will go if the team isn’t led by a lunatic that everybody hates. Perhaps if he was a good coach it would be different, but that’s another detail you seem to ignore. So he’s a terrible coach, a terrible liar, can’t get along with anyone, and he adds to the distraction by his inability to deal with adversity. Other than that, he’s great.

    Explain one more time why you refuse to read the Pewter Report article. I think it’s so hilarious I want you to type it one more time so I can make fun of you every day. It’s a lot better than watching your idol lead this team.

  124. Bucs1987 Says:

    So the Bucs were just trying to get Palmer just for the hell of it? Open your eyes.

    Can anyone answer why the Bucs were trying to get Palmer in the summer? Can you Raphael?

  125. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    hes not as terrible as your making him out to be. we have a much improved defense for example.

  126. Bucs1987 Says:

    Did anyone even know that the Bucs were trying like hell to get Palmer until recently?

    There are many things that this team keeps secret and for good reason.

  127. Elijah Says:

    I’m sure when the Glazers said they would pick up the tab had it at a certain number based on the first 2 games. Maybe 10-15 thousand seats. Now how many walkup seats will they have to honor now. Couple of games and even the Glazers will get ruffled.

  128. Raphael Says:

    Schiano is a cancer to this team…he goes and people will smile again and play without fear of the lil general

  129. Bucs1987 Says:

    “News Flash : more people will go if the team isn’t led by a lunatic that everybody hates.”

    So says the Buc fan that lives in Hawaii.

  130. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Never thought I’d say this… but I don’t think I can relate to the Bucs anymore.

    Kind of like the Miami Hurricanes or the New York Yankees. You are either a fan or not. No in between.

    So… since the Bucs have been ruined by the race baiting hoodrats… I think it’s time to move to a team no a fanbase that I can relate too.

    And I think the new team will be the Denver Broncos. I mean they have white receivers, a white QB and frankly a whole lot of people I can get along with.

    The Bucs have been ruined by a certain TYPE of cancer. And it will NEVER go away.

  131. Bucs1987 Says:

    The Bucs were 10-6 led by Raheem and a surging Freeman in 2010. Attendence sucked.

    The Rays could beat the Indians tomorrow and get into a series and attendence will suck for their games too. Why? because all the games are on TV.

  132. Bucs1987 Says:

    As soon as Schiano is fired…then BAM everyone in the Tampa area will suddenly want to go to games. Whatever…what a silly notion. Goodnight John boy, goodnight MaryEllen…Goodnight Pa. Goodnight JBF silliness. Buh Bye.

  133. Raphael Says:

    Domsadvisor ….very true …the Miami dolphins are looking good. Mike Sherman is laughing his ass off.

    At least they are not embarrassing the fans

  134. Elijah Says:


    see thats another red herring, the Bucs were offering Palmer means they wanted to shop Josh only proves that Schiano had it in for Josh the whole time. Josh was not his guy all along. This is all Schiano’s fault. Can you imagine how it must have felt to work with your Head Coach when you know he can’t stand you’re guts. Schiano is the only coach who has mastered backstabbing while standing in your face smiling. Lil’ Himmler!!

  135. Splengo Says:

    Andrew 1,

    I see you are still trying to negotiate peace among JBF posters. Good man. If you have any luck here, the President would like for you to serve as envoy in the MiddleEast to bring peace to a region that been at wear for over a thousand years. If you can do this, that will be a walk in the park. Lol

  136. buc4lyfe Says:

    SCHIANO IS A COWARD this didnt just now start, this drama started the day he got here…if he was a real man like a coach is supposed to be he wouldnt be getting into this childish act with a guy who’s just old enough to start getting cheaper insurance. If schiano had simply give freeman a chance and supported him until he found a replacement none of this would have happened if he simply came to him like a man and said were 0-3 im gonna go with the rookie but i need you on this team josh. Not only would it have been freeman the only one looking petty asking for a trade but schiano not thinking freeman was the guy would have been totally justified you dont treat a guy like he is worthless to the team before he is gone. And the point everyone should realize while bashing freeman is he was a part of this team, did you see glennon getting smashed by the cardinals?


  137. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Splengo

    lol your right, fix this mess and I suppose anything is possible. just trying to remind everyone that this is not the end of the world, there will be better days for the bucs. that much I know.

  138. Elijah Says:


    If we lose to Philly what will happen?

  139. Raphael Says:

    1987. Schiano was trying to get Palmer because Josh had set franchise records for yards and td’s last year….oh ….wait

  140. CC Says:

    This organization sucks balls. Do us fans a huge favor. Get rid of Freeman, Schiano & Domanic . Bring in a proven “NFL” coach and GM who have and know how to win.

  141. Lion Says:

    No offense to Freeman or anything here. I have always been a supporter of him. But, I would like to say that with him admitting he has ADHD explains everything. Having ADHD and being an NFL QB do not mix one bit. Speaking honestly, this is probably the reason we have not seen any sort of progress with Josh Freeman since the 10-6 season. We have seen countless errors in his game and he never seemed to be able to read a defense correctly, and most of all he made very poor decision when he was under pressure. I truly feel sorry for Freeman, but it all makes perfect sense now.

  142. buc4lyfe Says:

    Ive got a timeline for ya

    Bucs pay Rutgers $500,000 to complete Greg Schiano buyout. Schiano left the school on Jan. 26 to become the head coach of the Bucs. He had five years left on a contract that was set to pay him $2.3 million. The settlement was the latest hurdle that the 45-year-old needed to clear to break ties with the school. he Glazer family that owns the team interviewed at least 10 candidates for the opening, including Oregon’s Chip Kelly, who was offered the position before turning it down earlier this week.

    The Bucs also talked to former NFL head coaches Mike Sherman, Brad Childress and Marty Schottenheimer; Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski; Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray; Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer; Green Bay quarterbacks coach Tom Clements and former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, who accepted the head coaching opening with the Miami Dolphins.

    An 11th known candidate, ex-Dallas Cowboys coach and current Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, canceled a scheduled interview with the Bucs that would have taken place while the Texans were in the playoffs.

    Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said the club was thrilled to entrust the team’s rebuilding project to Schiano.

    “During our thorough search, we met with numerous impressive candidates, but coach Schiano surely distinguished himself,” Glazer said. “From his leadership skills to his considerable track record, he is, simply put, the right man for the job.”

    Tom Jones, Times sports columnist

    He seems like a disciplinarian, for now

    Schiano came in with a catch-phrase: TBA. It stands for trust, belief and accountability.

    “I can tell you accountability doesn’t work unless it’s consistent,” he said. “It doesn’t work unless there’s consequences. You’re always best when you know where the boundaries are. When you don’t know where the boundaries are, you start drifting. You end up in a bad place, and you don’t know how you got there.”

    Sounds great. Then again, it’s easy to be tough when talking about hypothetical problems in the future as opposed to real problems the night before a must-win game.

    What do the players think? Do they need discipline?

    “We weren’t winning, so we need something,” running back LeGarrette Blount said.

    He’s essentially a college coach. The opening news conference is the easiest opponent Schiano will ever face while coaching the Bucs.

  143. zzyyxx Says:

    Let me preface this by saying that I would personally drive Schiano back to Piscataway just as long as he is let go immediately. Having said that, if the Bucs knew during their background checks of Freeman out of Kansas St. in 2009 that he was suffering from ADHD and was prescribed Adderal for it, and still felt that it was worth investing $50 million, a first-round draft choice plus additional assets and then turning basically the keys to the franchise over to him, it’s the single-most irresponsible thing an NFL team has ever done that I can recall. It makes the Rams selecting Lawrence Phillips and expecting to him to transform into a solid citizen look like nothing by comparison. I know more than one ADHD sufferer that takes Adderal. Let me tell you, it is a STRUGGLE on an hourly basis just watching some of them cope with this disorder. It is underpublicized in the media, for whatever reason. I cannot believe the Bucs kind of shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Kind of clarifies why Josh has trouble focusing, makes the same mistakes over and over again, and often seems petulant and moody. I hate to sound discriminatory, but from my experiences with ADHD patients, I don’t know why Josh was even on the draft board. Maybe you gamble a late-round choice on a guy like this, not a first-rounder and then make him the face of your franchise. Sorry. This boggles the mind. Anybody who signed off on this should be canned. Yesterday. The front office, the doctors, you name it. I feel pity for Josh now instead of anger. The coaching staffs have contributed to his failures, but it’s becoming clearer that his difficulty managing his disorder may be what is mostly responsible.

  144. Raphael Says:

    Time to clean house

  145. DomsAdvisor Says:

    One last thing… anyone ever visit that site Philippina cupid that JBF advertises in the evenings?

    I am seriously thinking about trying to find a new wife and all…

    Are they local or mail order?

  146. buc4lyfe Says:

    Freeman has dropped about 20 pounds since the end of the season. Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik said the decision was Freeman’s without any prodding from the team. “You’ve seen a guy who’s completely committed to getting his season back on track and hitting the reset button and getting his game back to hopefully to more of what we saw in 2010 as a young 22-year-old,” Dominik said. “I feel like I have the potential to be elite,” Freeman said, when I asked if he is, indeed, an elite quarterback. “But before you can be labeled elite, you’ve got to get a lot closer to having rings.” Freeman was praised for his offseason weight-loss of 20 pounds. This is a good sign, because a great work ethic from a team leader is contagious.

    JasonTaylor, during his career, was always the last to praise a rookie, let alone a rookie quarterback. He wanted young guys to earn respect, which left the few who heard him to take notice. After all, Taylor is better suited to evaluate a quarterback than any analyst or reporter I’ve ever met. “I tell you what, the kid is going to be good,” Taylor said. “I could be wrong, but in my opinion, he’s going to be a really, really good quarterback. He’s got tremendous poise for a young guy, he has tremendous size, and he moves around looking to throw the ball downfield, and still checking down, and running for the first down. “I’ve got respect for the young kid.”

    If you simply go back and create a timeline of schiano’s time here its all a lie. He said one of the reason’s he was attracted to this job was intrigued by the roster but gets rid of michael bennett, get rid of cody grimm and the idiot is just now realizing that ahmad black isnt as good as he made it seem, ahmad black is gone now so fear for whats behind him. someone sure thought eric wright is worth alot of money…..why did talib get traded but wright stayed? Why did they use a 3rd down back so much last year, now no one on the bench can stiff the field. jeff demps came in and ran a 14 yard end and around and no more plays in the offense…is that what they called drawing up plays for him? what happens if this rookie goes down? then we will be a 0-16 team. yea this was a great plan schiano

  147. Raphael Says:

    Domsadvisor….It’s all that porn you look at . The cookies ….lol

    Mine was some Thai site..

    Thai >>> phillipino

  148. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Why is no one calling out the GM for this mess? He drafted a quarterback with a losing college record and apparently had some other issues that have recently come to light. he hired the looser coach, he has WASTED more second and third round draft choices then you can count. The Glazers need to clean house! Dominick is way over his head and needs to go

  149. DomsAdvisor Says:

    First Thai experience was when I was stationed in Saudi, visiting Bahrain… don’t ask me how.

  150. Raphael Says:

    I married an Ivy League educated Chinese lawyer ….life is good

  151. PRBucFan Says:

    “Lol that was extreme sarcasm obviously y’all are acting like it’s the end of the world because the world knows he has ADHD lmao.

    And I still stand by the fact that if he indeed is into some serious shiit and people have found out that he needs to get over it because ACTIONS CARRY CONSEQUENCES and you lose your right to biatch when you brought it upon yourself.

    If he isn’t into anything than great for him, he still sucks.

    Many of you say don’t jump to conclusions yet now there’s a conspiracy theory that Schiano would stoop this low. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    If you ask me if indeed nothing is up with him here, starting with his agent calling Schiano a liar to now all this with the “supposed leak” sure seems as if Free might be the beneficiary with a quick release and the organization becoming “tainted”. Focus is now off the fact that he just plain sucks and now he’s the “victim”.

    Sense y’all wanna throw “cloak and dagger scenarios” out there… smh”

    -You can add the whole “seat fiasco” into the latter part with my “victim theory”
    – Didn’t feel like rewriting it but I wanted to put this in a more current Free thread.

  152. Raphael Says:

    Lol prbucfan …..

  153. Fritz50 Says:

    “FLorio’s point is beyond stupid, why would the Bucs cut him now, even if they cant find a trading partner I would just pull a Keyshawn and make him sit at home ”

    I’ve no real knowledge of Free’s specific contract terms, but I think that, for the most part, ( with notable big name exceptions ) the only guaranteed portion of a player’s contract is the signing bonus, with the annual salary non-guarantied. I feel that sitting Free is , basically, paying him the rest of his 6 Mil salary to sit around & do nothing, I’d love to be ‘punished’ in that manner…where do I sign up. As for trading him, what team in it’s right mind would pay him 1st round money, when they can wait & pick him up at the end of the season, at the latest., for peanuts. Just what, exactly, would the team gain by keeping him around, drawing pay, when they have no intention of playing him ? Unless the team wants tyo mend fences & make all kissy-kissy more better good with Freeman, the only sensible thing is to cut him ( the only exception is if they actually have found a team stupid enough to trade for him). Anything else is just stupid pettyness on a par with the ‘wrong suite’ fiasco. Let’s see, you have a player you’re never going to play, whom you’ve implied is a team cancer, but you really, really want him to sit & watch the game with other inactive members of the team. Why, so the can learn how to be a good team member ?? Come on, it really takes a genius to see this for the petty move it was. And for the dude who implied that it was cause Free & his family were cheering for Arizona & ragging on the Bucs…Come on , what is this High School, where the parent have to sit on opposite side of the field, to avoid a riot ? I’d like to hear how you know this happened & just why you think it even would matter…it was, after all a room that he paid for …I’d think that would be one of the few places in the stadium where he COULD vent a little frustration. As a team, they’ve benched the man, trashed his reputation, shown him they’d rather play Orlovski, but God forbid he sit where they don’t want him to, with his family, in a seat in a room he paid for…BUSH League, unless you buy into Schiano & his antics.

  154. zam Says:

    People imagine what’s happening and guys like Shaun King say complete mental fabrications about the true state of affairs without offering a shred of proof, but say it enough times and it becomes accepted as fact.

    Schiano’s a micromanager, Schiano wanted Freeman out, Freeman trash talked the team… there’s just no proof of any of this stuff.

    Just cause some fatarse writes his guesses in a blog, or even worse some lame poster, doesn’t make it true.

    If you hear something, and then find yourself thinking it’s a fact, stop yourself and ask where the proof is. Because odds are there’s nothing but some internet weenie or radio broadcaster with a vivid imagination and an axe to grind. (Or Dan Orlovsky. What an evil genius he is!)

    Most of us know nothing about what’s going on there. If they are even fazed that much by it. It’s a media circus, but not necessarily for the team.

    Meanwhile is breaking pageview records.

  155. DomsAdvisor Says:

    “If he isn’t into anything, then GREAT, he still sucks!”

    Now THAT line sums it all up. Thanks Prbucfan.

  156. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Not trying to get in the middle of this. Just here to say I agree with Hawaiian Buc. I knew Freeman would end up as the scapegoat but he was not THE problem.

  157. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “hes not as terrible as your making him out to be. we have a much improved defense for example.”


    What’s our record again? Is he the defensive coordinator? How does he get credit for the defense, yet no blame for the offense? Our defense should be improved, we have the best safety tandem, the best CB, the best DT (arguably), and one of the best OLB in the game. It’s not like he doesn’t have the pieces in place.

  158. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Bullsht… Schiano is tbe scapegoat because the black guy got benched.

  159. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Yep, another hit piece on Schiano just popped up on PFT. Florio is in his glory. He claims Dominik is just Schiano’s puppet now. Schiano is the all supreme evil leader. I’ll see y’all next year. If the team still exists.

  160. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ““News Flash : more people will go if the team isn’t led by a lunatic that everybody hates.”

    So says the Buc fan that lives in Hawaii.”


    You left out the part that says a Buc fan that lives in Hawaii that goes to goes to games every year. The guy who lived in Tampa and still keeps in touch with friends in Tampa. The guy who has seen first hand how great the fans of the Bucs can be (when not given crap).

    Why didn’t you read that article again?

  161. PRBucFan Says:

    No, I woulda taken “average” or “game manager”, but he couldn’t even manage that.

    Nice try though, Dom

    For the record, I want Cowher here next season. Or Lovie..

    Just the Freemanites always crack me up.


  162. DomsAdvisor Says:

    How is it possible for a team to exist in an era like this with instant information?

    Lets hope the Glazers are ignoring the noise.

    You can’t just fire a coach because he benched a sorry as QB.

    J Free was 0-3 coming off an implosion at years end missing the playoffs.

    Schiano does having the defense playing well.

    This whole ruin Schiano mantra has been fueled by Frees agent and Stv Dmg.

  163. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Bullsht… Schiano is tbe scapegoat because the black guy got benched.”


    Absolute BS. Schiano is the scapegoat because he is to blame. He employs college coaching tactics. He treats the players, fans, and media like crap. (I stayed in the same hotel as the Bucs for the Broncos game last year. My daughter likes to get autographs and pictures with the players. The hotel staff told us that the Bucs have requested that the hotel not allow the guests to ask for autographs or pictures. Mind you, there were like 3 other fans – total. Even the staff kind of shook their head as they were telling me. That’s all Schiano, because it wasn’t like that in the past). He tries to control everything, including the temperature of the room and what type of noodles they use. You can go ahead and blame Freeman (who is half white by the way genius), but we’ll see how this all turns out.

  164. Teenbuc Says:

    What is a Freemanite .. someone who doesn’t hate his guts?

  165. Cmurda Says:

    @87. Under normal circumstances, I think the inexperienced or (new) coach deserves at least full years to start building a resume. However, in Schiano’s case I vote “no”. Schiano has maintained no control. The team has not bought in and the product is showing on the field. In addition its been an absolute 3 ring Circus at 1 Buc Palace. Distraction has not been controlled and by all means, it appears as if a silent mutiny has evolved in the locker room against Schiano.

  166. Raphael Says:

    If Schiano is a defensive mastermind ? Why are we playing so much zone with the best cover guy in the league .. Lol

  167. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Did you people not watch the game against a TERRIBLE Arizona team (a team that hadn’t won on the road since the year of the rat)? A team that was down more than half their defensive starters. Freeman didn’t play, and we able to score a whopping 10 points (7 of which was off of a turnover, and 3 on a miracle 50 yard FG). You still think it’s all on Freeman? Give me a break. As bad as Freeman is, Schiano is a million times worse. Look at all the leaks. Look at the lack of control of this team. No player is supporting him. They’ve probably been ordered off of Twitter. They can’t even give interviews without authorization by the Bucs. Ever heard of another team doing that? Open your eyes people!!!

  168. Cmurda Says:

    …deserves at least 2 full years…

  169. DomsAdvisor Says:

    The Glaziers hired Schiano because, BECAUSE OF RAHEEM MORRIS.

    They WANT discipline numbnuts.

  170. DallasBuc Says:

    Was benching Freeman worth it? From a football standpoint?…monetary?…team?…PR?

    What a sh/t show!

    Can anyone in retrospect argue that we are better off a week after benching Freeman?

  171. DomsAdvisor Says:

    At least Schianos team plays for him.

    Raheem had dudes straight up quitting on him, giving up 40 pts a game.

  172. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Oh, that’s Sheridan’s fault for not playing man. You have to know the rules. All the bad stuff that happens to this team is someone else’s fault (Freeman, Dominik, the Glazers, Sullivan, Sheridan, the media, Freeman’s agent, the fans) but the one and only bright spot (not challenging for the worst passing defense of all time again) is a result of Schiano and Schiano alone. So let’s ignore everything else, including our 0-4 record and the volatile situation going on at one Buc, to give Schiano more games to show his brilliance. Sounds like a great idea. Super Bowl here we come, we got rid of Freeman!!!!

  173. PRBucFan Says:

    And??? Your point???

    We would have scored 3 or 6 or 7 or 9 points with Free playing lol.

    Less than 10 if you didn’t get the picture. 😉

  174. PRBucFan Says:

    Says someone who has been “excusing” Freeman for how many years now?

  175. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Raheem had dudes straight up quitting on him, giving up 40 pts a game.”


    How many 10 win seasons does Schiano have?

  176. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Raphael… ever since my racial comments… my ads have been about dating single black women. SWEAR TO GOD.

    Damn you internet cookies!!!!!!

  177. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s NEVER Free’s fault!!!!

    I can play that game too lol.

  178. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “The Glaziers hired Schiano because, BECAUSE OF RAHEEM MORRIS.

    They WANT discipline numbnuts.”


    Is that what you call this fiasco that is going on at One Buc? Discipline? I’m sure this is exactly what the Glazers want.

  179. PRBucFan Says:


  180. Teenbuc Says:

    No offense but that’s not true PRBucFan

    The playbook would not have been watered down with Josh at QB. The Cards would not have stacked the box which would have opened up the run game. Schiano lost that game because of he’s in over his head. again no offense

  181. Eric Says:

    I’m still shaking my head over the absurdity of Schiano sayings its the players wanting to do the dumb ass dive play during the kneel down.


    We all know the ending here. Can’t we skip a few chapters and get rid of this guy. It’s total embarrassment now.

    It’s on a Bo Jackson decided to play baseball level of humiliation. C’mon Glazers you can’t be happy with this. Just pull the plug. Everyone will totally understand and applaud the move including the entire team.

  182. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Rah had a 10 win season in 3 years sandwiched between garbage.

    Give Schiano 3 years.

  183. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Schiano has given us 2 years of garbage. Why would he deserve 3?

  184. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You know it’s bad when I agree 110% with you. That right there says it all.

  185. PRBucFan Says:

    Haven’t you heard DomsAdvisor???

    Schiano is the spawn of Satan, he must burn..


    They will never admit they are wrong, or that he deserves another opportunity.

    He got rid of their “precious”, he MUST be a monster!!!

  186. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Rah got 3 with blow outs.

    Schiano should get 3 with a promising, competitive defense and a new promising QB.

  187. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, he doesn’t deserve another opportunity. This organization is torn up, all on his watch. We weren’t anywhere near this dysfunctional under Raheem! Combine that with the fact that we are 0-4, and we have yet to win a close game with him as coach. He is in direct control of EVERYTHING within this organization – he has said that himself. As a result, he takes the blame for the sh!t that is coming out of it.

    And I notice that instead of anyone actually arguing these points, they like to make excuses, and blame others, or even worse compare him to Raheem Morris. I have a little rule: any coach that is comparable to Raheem Morris shouldn’t be a coach.

  188. Teenbuc Says:

    That’s funny, let me get this right,

    the MGM got rid of Freeman, and the Freemanites got rid of Schiano.

    Makes perfect sense! lol

  189. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Rah got 3 with blow outs.

    Schiano should get 3 with a promising, competitive defense and a new promising QB.”


    Wow. Did Raheem Morris have a Revis, Goldson, Jackson, Martin, or McCoy in his prime? Did he have Lavonte David? No, he had Sean Smith, EJ Biggers, and Arrelious Benn. He had Stylez G. White rushing the passer.

    And when did Mike Glennon become a promising QB? Was that before or after his 2 picks in 3 minutes? Was it after his miserable performances in preseason? I’m just trying to figure all this out.

  190. PRBucFan Says:


    Geeee, that sure does sound familiar…

    I’ll support whatever our organization decides after this season.

    Unless before than your conspiracy theory comes to fruition and some actual fact or truth is presented, than I may change my opinion.

  191. Teenbuc Says:

    PRBucFan is in denial.

  192. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Did you feel Raheem should have gotten 3 years? When would you have wanted him fired? After his second year, he had a 10-6 season and finished second in coach of the year. Should he have been fired then? Do you think Schiano is going to finish 10-6 and second in the voting for coach of the year? So if we finish say 4-12 (which would be a miracle by the way and an identical record to Raheem’s last year), you think he should get another year? You don’t think it matters that he has lost the locker room, and he has caused us to be the biggest laughing stock in the league (Jacksonville is very appreciative)? Okay buddy.

  193. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    make no mistake about it, this is Schiano’s defense. he even said it himself, he has more of a hand in the defense than he does the offense. sure Sheridan calls the plays, but you can bet its part of Schiano’s overall defensive philosophy. and as for having a lot of talent player on defense, that doesn’t automatically mean your going to have a good defense, all you have to do is look at the others side of the ball where we also have a lot of talent but not the production.

    is Schiano to blame for the offense? sure. but he is not as terrible as you make him out to be. plain and simple.

    you just sound like a bitter bucs fan.

  194. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    make no mistake about it, this is Schiano’s defense. he even said it himself, he has more of a hand in the defense than he does the offense. sure Sheridan calls the plays, but you can bet its part of Schiano’s overall defensive philosophy. and as for having a lot of talent player on defense, that doesn’t automatically mean your going to have a good defense, all you have to do is look at the others side of the ball where we also have a lot of talent but not the production.

    is Schiano to blame for the offense? sure. but he is not as terrible as you make him out to be. plain and simple.

    you just sound like a bitter bucs fan..

  195. Andrew 1 Says:

    sorry about double post.

  196. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @PRBuc fan,

    Proof? Do you think our organization is in a good state right now? It doesn’t really matter who did what, it’s the end result. When the guy in charge of everything has the organization in this state, he is responsible. If Freeman is that big of a cancer, cut him. Suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. You don’t think if he really had proof of Freeman being a cancer he wouldn’t have already done that? Of course he would. If he wouldn’t, that’s almost worse. So even if Freeman is the reason for all this turmoil, then why is he still on the team? For a measly draft pick? Do you really believe that?

  197. PRBucFan Says:

    Andrew 1, well said

    The defense being his baby is not even debatable, any credible football head would agree.

  198. PRBucFan Says:

    You couldn’t sell your conspiracy theory any harder, I get it by now, believe me..

    Again, I’ll wait to see if any actual fact or truth comes forth before I decide if Schiano is actually the monster you make him out to be.

  199. DallasBuc Says:

    I am shocked that the Glazers have allowed this team, organization, city and it’s fans to be embarrassed this badly as a direct result of poor management and coaching.

  200. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Andrew 1,

    I’m glad you posted twice. I want you to read it twice. You said, “Schiano even said it”. Do you not see the problem right there? He’s taking credit for it, yet he doesn’t take credit for the offense (which by the way is nearly identical to what was run at Rutgers). Interesting, don’t you think.

    Let’s talk about this defense. Why have we given up 3 game winning drives? Perhaps because we go into prevent, often rushing 3, when we haven’t done that all game. Who do you think has a hand in that? But as long as we are competitive, we should all be happy, right?

    I’m not a bitter Bucs fan, I’m a realistic one. I cheered just as hard for my Bucs on Sunday as I did 10 years ago. I’ll cheer even harder next Sunday. But that doesn’t mean I’m so stupid that I don’t see an explosion waiting to happen. I love so much about this team. Always have, always will. But I do not believe in this coach. In my 25 years (roughly) of cheering for the Bucs, I have never once cheered for a coach to get fired. I knew many deserved too, but I never screamed for it. People who have been on this site for a while no that about me. That has changed this year. This guy has to go. He’s the worst coach we’ve ever had, and much of that has nothing to do with the product on the field.

  201. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Give Schiano his 3 years… 🙂

  202. Elijah Says:

    Teenbuc Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 9:50 pm
    What is a Freemanite .. someone who doesn’t hate his guts?

    Schiano sunk his ship.. he’s out of his league

    His bush league micromanaging doesn’t work in the big leagues

  203. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I just finished dinner with the Glazers and they told me that they are happy that Schiano is doing exactly what they expect. They want him to rid the team of all of the troublemakers and malcontents.
    They expected turmoil and told me that its their money and they will spend it the way they please.
    I asked them what about all the fans that want Schiano fired?
    They said…they were sorry that fans are upset but that is what they expected would happen and that it will pass once the team starts winning again,
    I aske them if they monitored Joe Bucs Fan and they asked me what that was…

  204. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Damn my grammar was bad on that last post. I think you get my point.

  205. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, lets give Schiano another 28 games. The first 20 have been a blast.

  206. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Tampabaybucfan… LOVED IT.

  207. DomsAdvisor Says:

    You gave Rah 3 years of excuses… may as well give Schiano the same… that’s fair.

    Hell we gave Freebird 5.

  208. Raphael Says:

    The defense is not all that….last I checked we are 0-4

  209. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I thought we could use a little levity…things are getting a bit tense.
    Lets lighten up a bit and enjoy the bye. Just look at the bright side….we won’t lose this week!!!

  210. Elijah Says:

    If Schiano can keep his locker through all this then he may stay but they lose to Philly and everyone outside the org. goes nuts again he may lose the locker room then anyway.

  211. Elijah Says:

    no matter how you see it Schiano is on the proverbial “hotseat”

  212. DomsAdvisor Says:

    The defense is fixed. Mission accomplished.

    The offense regressed. Why?

    Because Josh Freeman is a failure. He is and was not franchise material.

    Now we have a multi-million dollar offense with a rookie QB… thanks Freeman. You had five years of excuses.

    Now all of a sudden he wants to get serious?

    Bro missed his window of opportunity… he had 5 years.

  213. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    dude, very rarely will you see a coach that is a master of both offense and defense. most of the time a head coach excels in either one or the other and relies heavily on a coordinator to handle the other side of the ball. only coach that I can think of that is a master of both is Bill Belicheat, and even then his defenses tend to struggle. Schiano is a defensive guy first, and as such has a bigger hand in the defense. so your anger is a bit misplaced, it should be directed more towards Sully if anything. you cant possibly believe Schiano is any worse the Raheem, because if you do I dont even know why Im wasting my time debating this with you.

  214. ben Says:

    I give dominick credit for the defense,we had no pass rush in the same scheme,the dbs he brought in is whats made the him right now when you have two weeks to transition, kiss grudens ass,let him write his own check , put back in freeman who ran his offense under olsen and lets roll. We would win games, this is embarassasing as hell

  215. Elijah Says:


    He’s gone .. get over yourself

  216. Andrew 1 Says:

    our team flat out quit on Raheem. as of right now our team has not quit on Schiano, so no, there will be no explosion as you dramatically put it so long as that does not happen.

  217. mpmalloy Says:

    OH the drama!
    I think I’m going to swoon…catch me

  218. DomsAdvisor Says:

    They aren’t quitting because Revis, Golston, the oline, the million dollar WRs may never get contracts as big as they are now ever again. Those guys won’t quit. They want and need to protect their salaries.

    ThATS the difference.

  219. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yep, this is all going to get fixed. As soon as we get rid of Freeman. I can feel it.

  220. PRBucFan Says:

    *extends arms*

    I got you!

  221. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ DomsAdvisor

    ok, if that really is the case, then thats a good things. there will always be hope so long as the team does not quit.

  222. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Freeman is gone….Schiano has at least the rest of the year….so what do we as fans hope for.
    Glennon’s development
    Team sticking together
    Offense improving (adjustments)
    Demps (possibly a steal)
    Development of younger players(Spence/Banks/Gholston/Means/James/Johnson/Gorrer/Page)
    Staying healthy
    2014 Draft
    Whether or not Schiano stays is out of our hands…all we can really do that feels good is to root hard for our team.

  223. Elijah Says:


    Schiano is the Head Coach

    The Head coach is responsible for his team

    Schiano is responsible for Sullivan

    Its Schiano’s responsibility to fire Sullivan but he hasn’t and we are still losing to the tune of 0-4 with a cold chance in hell to make the playoffs or even a 500 record. So ultimately this is Schiano’s fault. If he makes it to the game (it is only the first Tuesday) then he must win against Philly or face the music. I guess he could find away to wag the dog again, but people are beginning to see through his facade.

  224. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Well… that’s what they told Dom when he writing them the check last Friday. I saw it. I believed them.

  225. bucrightoff Says:

    Josh’s big rush to get out is pretty obvious: At the moment he’s in line for a backup job next year, likely in the 2-3 year range for $10-15 million total. Forcing his way out and starting somewhere (which leaves Jacksonville and maybe Tennessee though I doubt it) is the only way he’s going to increase his value. But Jacksonville really is the only place he can start, and really they don’t want him because he might actually win them 3 or 4 games and cost them Teddy Bridgewater.

    So really as much as the Bucs don’t want to lose him for nothing, thats almost certainly the resolution that is coming. Both sides are acting like children, though its more embarassing for the Bucs because they should be above it.

  226. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Elijah

    way to jump in the middle without getting this gist of the conversation. as I said before Schiano is partly to blame, but his is not as terrible a head coach as the flyin hawaiian has made him out to be. even if he does lose to the eagles I still dont see him getting fired. I dont thinks its as cut and dry is your hoping

  227. Andrew 1 Says:

    what happened Hawaiian, cat got your tongue or do you really believe Schiano is a worse head coach than Raheem?

  228. Elijah Says:

    Then we agree to disagree

    He loses to Philly He loses his locker room. Plus if you think things are a circus now lose another game and you’ll see a mass exodus and the Glazers pay for even more seats

  229. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I just had a drink with Josh….he told me that he had to borrow som Ritalin from Ahmad Black because he sold his Adderall to Talib & Wright. He said he leaked the story because he wants to be cut. That way he can keep his Buc salary and double-dip from another team. Also, he thought many Buc fans would be stupid enough to blame Schiano for the leak.
    I said…so you think even though Schiano would be risking his job, career and a huge law suit…some Buc fans would believe he leaked….he said “HEY…..MON…THEY B DAT STUPID!!!

  230. Elijah Says:

    I would like to make a deal with Philly for Nick Foles to either be our starter or Glennons backup

  231. Elijah Says:


    and to think you’re a grown man. sad

  232. PRBucFan Says:


    Take yourself a little less seriously

  233. Elijah Says:

    Have you read your own comments and tell me to relax? ^^^

  234. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh yes cause I have been serious to the nth degree tonight lol

    But let’s play “point the finger” some more 😉

  235. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK….lets cut to the chase…

    Who hopes Schiano succeeds?
    Who hopes he doesn’t?

    I hope he succeeds

  236. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yes I believe he is worse than Raheem. Raheem had nowhere near this much talent. Tell me one position aside from TE that was better under the Raheem era. But again, that’s a bad sign to even compare him to Raheem. Apparently you aren’t watching the games, or listening to the experts. Go onto Pewter Report and read the article about Schiano from yesterday. Buc1987 won’t, but maybe you will

  237. Elijah Says:

    Your pointing fingers .. I didn’t say anything to you .. I responded to your scolding.

  238. bucrightoff Says:

    Well how about the most important one? Josh was much better than obviously. If we had average QB play right now we’d be 3-1. Always comes back to that position no matter what. The QB play this year has been abysmal, the mistakes all painful and very costly.

  239. Elijah Says:

    I want Schiano gone, period!!

  240. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Of course I hope he succeeds. That doesn’t mean I believe be will. I believe he’s going to fail miserably. In fact, he already is. If we could get Lovie Smith or maybe even Tom Coughlin, would you still want to give Schiano another year because you WANT him to succeed?

  241. Elijah Says:

    I want an experienced Head Coach. One that works with his staff and players. Not the micromanaging Alfred E. Neuman.

  242. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Elijah

    He’s not gone… I take it you want him to fail from this point on so he will eventually be gone….right?

  243. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    “Yes I believe he is worse than Raheem. Raheem had nowhere near this much talent.”

    well it looks like this discussion is over then. with a statement like that its pointless trying to reason with you. thats just a flat out ridiculous statement. Ill leave you to your misery now.

  244. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So are you saying the QB play isn’t a result of coaching? I would argue there could be some correlation.

  245. Elijah Says:

    He’s already failed. I don’t see us making the playoffs.. do you?

  246. Andrew 1 Says:

    not that Raheem had worse talent, but that Schaino is a worse head coach than Raheem.

  247. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You’re right, Raheem had far more talent, right Andrew? I’m sure Schiano would have had Raheem’s teams in the Super Bowl.

  248. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    If he doesn’t succeed…he won’t get another year…but the odds are he will survive the rest of this year. Both those coaches and others will be available if he fails.
    I agree that at this point in time he is failing…I have no earthly idea if he can turn it around.
    The key is that you do hope he succeeds and that makes you a true fan.
    Others are hoping he fails because they are so much on record against him. They would rather him fail (meaning the Bucs fail) than have him turn things around….and that to me is not a real fan.

  249. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Why exactly is he a worse coach? Raheem actually won a few close games. Schiano is still searching for thay elusive first one. So he won more, with less talent, yet it’s not even close in your mind? Trying to figure that one out. I know you can’t give a legit reason, so you’ll just say how it’s not debatable. I see right through your lies. Aren’t you the same one who said you didn’t even watch the game? Not exactly the most educated poster if so.

  250. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    no way, the guy who had absolutely no head coaching experience was definitely better and could take this talented team to a super bowl vs a guy who has actually been a head coach, right? sure buddy, whatever you say lol

  251. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I hope our team succeeds. It won’t happen with this coach. I’m still coming to Tampa for 2 games in November, regardless of who is coaching. Don’t talk to me about being a true fan. You have no idea.

  252. Andrew 1 Says:

    like I said, you saying Raheem is a better coach than Schiano is where the conversation ends, because at that point theres no talking any sense to you.

  253. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The debate about Raheem vs Schiano is interesting…actually I think both were successful and both failed.
    Raheem was successful…went 10 and 6 because he had a great QB….Josh Freeman 25TDs/6Ints…..
    Then he failed because his defense practically quit on him

    Schiano had the same success when Freeman was good…and the same failure when his offense couldn’t perform.
    So…lets call it a tie. Whoever has the good QB always wins…

  254. Elijah Says:


    Isn’t that the same question that the Glennon Mob always eluded

    They didn’t want Freeman to succeed but yet claim they were real fans

    weren’t you one of those mobsters

    Wow your a real piece of work dude. You people would get all up in arms when someone said that to you now you’re asking the same question.

    rotten to the core

  255. Andrew 1 Says:

    its just an absurd statement. so with that, adios.

  256. Elijah Says:

    keep watching the news Andrew.. good night

  257. bucrightoff Says:

    No I’m pretty sure everyone wanted Josh Freeman to succeed. Cause you know it sucks having a great QB and going to the playoffs and such…

    But his numbers and play don’t lie, he’s absolutely brutal right now and has just been inconsistent his entire career save the 1 year. People point out what he did in 2010 with worse weapons…yet isn’t that a mark against him? He has better weapons now but is playing worse? Yes coaching has some to do with it, but the same coaching had things looking pretty good at 6-4 last year, and then everything just died it seems.

  258. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    You will not find any post where I was ever critical of Josh Freeman. I supported him to the very end.
    I would support him now if he had said…
    “If I were coach, I would have benched me because I wasn’t performing”..I will do everything to help Mike succeed and if I have another opportunity to play, I will do everything to help my team win”
    He didn’t take that route and that saddens me.
    So, yes I support Glennon now…because like you and every one else that isn’t in control…I have no other choice.
    It is the same with Schiano.
    So you are absolutely wrong about me!!!

  259. zam Says:

    Clearly Dan Orlovsky’s orchestrated the whole thing! He’s the Walter White of football politics.

  260. Elijah Says:

    I agree … it’s time for him to go!

    Hey, what do you think about maybe working out some sort of trade with Philly for Nick Foles and we”ll give them Freeman.

  261. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    listen a$s hole, I didnt watch the game because my verizon fios went out, it wasnt by choice. like I said Ill take a guy who has actually had head coaching experience vs a guy had none, every time. thats my reason you fuking douche. you can call me whatever you want, but when you call me a liar, thats when you cross the line. so go fuk yourself. have fun cring the rest of the season you fuking pu$sy.

  262. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So you didn’t see the game then right? And apparently you can’t read either. At no point did I say Raheem would take this team to the Super Bowl. Let’s see who has more career victories.

  263. Elijah Says:

    you sound like one of those lunatic mobbers. sorry if I offended you

  264. Elijah Says:

    Neither one had NFL Head Coaching experience prior to be hired. They both had prior NFL experience as position coaches but Raheem had the most recent NFL experience.

  265. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    I was being sarcastic. I know you didnt say Raheem would take this team to a superbowl.

    @ Elijah

    none taken. there are many things I can take but calling me a liar is something I wont tolerate especially since I make it a genuine point every day not to. after that you can call me whatever you want. funny you called me a mobber… I am Italian if that helps.

  266. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Elijah
    You can’t offend me…you don’t know me…I have never wanted Glennon to start because that would mean that Freeman was either hurt or failing…and neither would be good for the team.
    It is my opinion that Glennon started one game too early…that Freeman should have been in for one more game. The problem with that is that if he performed or even did average..then he would probably continue and there may be inconsistancy to the very end…then what do you do?…Sign him to a long term contract with that uncertainty….then you wouldn’t know if Glennon could step in…so, what’s done is done with Freeman,
    Even a Freeman supporter has got to be dissappointed in how he has handled this.

  267. Pelbuc Says:

    Hawaiian Buc is on his game. The biggest problem is that Schiano is a TERRIBLE COACH aside from being a micromanaging, arrogant dictator who is burning each and every bridge. As a fan since 76′, I’ve never seen so much fan disgust for a TB coach over such a short period. It’s especially appalling considering the expectations for this team. I don’t know who is more stubborn, Schiano for creating this culture of distrust and intimidation (not exactly the “Trust, Belief and Accountability” he was preaching) or the Glazers for allowing this situation to fester. Don’t feel bad for the players, they get paid well, feel bad for the fans for being reminded of a hopeless future for the Bucs.

  268. Andrew 1 Says:

    btw that was the first bucs game I missed in a looong time, and I was none to happy about it. but what are you ganna do, sh!t happens.

  269. Elijah Says:

    I would rather Schiano had gotten a win first. All this crapstorm wouldn’t be happening if we had won. After that sit Josh down like a man and tell him straight up what their intentions were. Schiano is clearly in over his head and he cost us a game with a vanilla game plan while the whole time Dominik remains hidden.

  270. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Pelbuc

    “feel bad for the fans for being reminded of a hopeless future for the Bucs.”

    I, too, have been a fan since 76…..and there is no such thing as hopeless as a Buc fan.
    From 0-26 in 76/77 to hosting the NFC championship in 79
    Winning the Superbowl
    I share your frustration but it too will pass…so there is hope!!!

  271. Elijah Says:

    If that helps Pelbuc,

    I’m on a week to week bases like Schiano.

  272. Cmurda Says:

    Andrew. Be glad you missed that game. With all my cursing in front of the kids, my wife wishes I didn’t see it either.

  273. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Andrew 1

    I don’t know what got your panties in a wad, aparently you take offense to being called a liar. You’re an internet tough guy, huh? I’m shaking in my keyboard!!!!!

    But you did EXACTLY what I said you would do. You didn’t answer why he was a better coach, you just said it wasn’t debatable. That’s a punk move, from a straight up punk.

    But, pu-pu-please don’t be a pain in the arse to me!!!! I beg of you. I just don’t know what I would do if that were to happen. It would be horrible.

  274. Rahb Says:

    #1. The Buccaneers have far more talent on the roster now then when Raheem Morris was coach yet Youngry Raheem Got 10 wins out of the team and got run because of that teams immaturity (Youngest Team in NFL 2yrs w/ave age of a mere 24yrs). No leadership other than Ronde who was older than the coach.

    #2. Schiano fixed the Defense? Not Coaching Dummies (2 First Round Picks, Barron and Revis and a second round pick for Banks). There is also the investment of more the $100Million for Revis and Goldson YEAH WHAT A COACHING JOB.

    #3. Why didn’t Carson Palmer come to the Buccaneers? Because he wasn’t Promised the Starting Job DUH! Freeman was Marky D’s Draft Pick and he wanted to resign Freeman, but Schiano objected. NICE QB COACH BTW sarcasm

    #4. Lets develop a young QB? Hell Glennon is 24 and Freeman 25, but Freeman has won 10 Games and has 3 seasons tossing more than 25 TDs. This without any coaching continuity or a QB coach worth a damn. Why didn’t Schiano think to develop a 24yr old Freeman, Oh BECAUSE HE WAS PASSING FOR 4,000yrds & 27 TDs. Why would a Rookie HC hate that out of a 24 yr old QB?

    LAST BUT NOW LEAST – Who Controls Every Facet of the Team? FREEMAN?
    Who orders Knee Bombing of opponents when a loss is at hand That spurs apologies from the Defense to Opponents? Freeman? Who breeched the KEEP EVERYTHING IN HOUSE MANTRA? Freeman? Who orders US Citizens to supress their rights to Free Speech and Violate NFL Policy? Freeman?


    THE ANSWER IS GREG SCHIANO…..Hence the Responsible Party for all that has Transpired is GREG SCHIANO…….

    An average Starting QB earns roughly $8 Million/yr and Schiano earns $3Million/yr. WHY DOES THE QB EARN MORE?


    Responsible Party = Greg Schiano

  275. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    yes, as you can see, I take extreme offense to being called a liar. why is he the better coach? Ill give you three reasons

    1. he actually has experience being a head coach at some level. experience is important. that in turn gives him a slight edge over Raheem.

    2. he has completely turned around this defense, something Raheem could not do. I can still remember a time where we were giving up 40 points by half time from Mr. Raheem Morris.

    3. This team has NOT quit on Schiano as of this moment like they did Raheem Morris. that to me speaks volumes as to why Schiano is better coach than Raheem. the players, for whatever reason, are still playing hard for Schiano unlike what they did with Raheem.

    I have more, and thats why IMO its is a ridiculous statement. if you believe that, then you are on completely different waive lengths than me and that is why it would be pointless for me to try and get you to see where Im coming from. it is not a punk move, its just pointless.

    my last comment wasnt meant to scare you or anything, its just something I would do. that is how much I take offense to being called a liar.

    you know… you used to be a cool guy. I can remember a time when we both agreed and were disgusted about how Joe would was making fun of Manti Teo, but I can see all this drama has made you a complete jerk. feel free to ignore whatever I say from now on, because I know I will be doing the same.

  276. Andrew 1 Says:

    the one any only thing that we are probably in agreement on is that both have losing records and that is not acceptable. then again Schiano’s reign is still not over and I believe before it is all said and done Schiano will have surpassed him in that category to.

  277. buc4lyfe Says:

    Schiano sucks as a coach that he cant coach this talent we have. The team didnt quit on raheem, they realized how little talent they had on the roster and werent gonna win regardless who was coaching that bunch of misfits….Mccoy also 2 season ending injuries during his time….we were calling for raheem’s head but he was given zero talent and zero control.

    As a GM you make this guy be a first time coach and defensive coordinator all in his first year. you wouldnt let him keep cadillac, wouldnt give him the defensive coordinator he wanted so this dumb gm goes and gets a defensive coach that didnt last 5 weeks and an offensive coordinator that didnt last through the offseason…

    I’ll say this much…people scouting like mel kiper and others liked freeman but didnt think he was a 1st round talent and thats fine but he was just cut by schiano for a guy that people thought he reached for in the 3rd round….last in arm strength, vertical jump, shuttle run and all these test they use to measure a player DEAD LAST in more than one category and his arm strength was considerably weaker than the other qb’s at the combine which is why he’s so accurate in short to mid range throws but has absolutely no deep ball accuracy so if you think this guy is gonna come in and do any better than freeman when in his first game throwing short throws he still could barely get over 50% he’s thin so if he keeps getting hit like that he’s gonna die or become a vegetable, that boy needs to eat more seriously…whats the point of being 6’7 if your passes still get batted down. i sure hope all this in schiano and glennon works out because I AM one to say i told you so

  278. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, having head coaching experience is actually normally a deterrent for coaching at the college level. For every Jimmy Johnson, there is a Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and Bobby Petrino. That is a fact. Most successful NFL coaches came directly from assistant jobs (albeit normally as a coordinator). And again, Schiano has been terrible at game management. That was his knock at Rutgers too, by the way.

    He has turned around this defense because he has All-Pro’s everywhere. At all 3 levels. We have the best safety tandem in the league. We have the best CB in the league (certainly the most versatile). He has an absolute stud in Lavonte David. He also has the best DT in the league (in my opinion, but certainly top 3). It’s easy to be labeled a great coach when you have great players.

    As for the quitting on him, the Eagles quit on Andy Reid last year too. Does that mean Schiano is a better coach than him? I don’t think so. Players quit on Raheem in year 3. I’ll bet you money they quit on Schiano before that, if they haven’t already.

  279. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    you know what… I dont even care anymore. you have your opinion, and I have mine. I said why I believe the way I do, and if you cant except that then thats your problem. your not going to get me to change my mind and Im not going to change yours!!! if you think Im wrong, guess what, I dont care!

  280. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not being a jerk, but this team is in disarray. Schiano is to blame for this for at minimum not making it go away. If Freeman is the cancer many believe, then why is he still on the roster? Funny how Freeman never had the reputation of being a cancer before this year. In fact, quite the opposite. I’ve met him a few times. And while he has about as much personality as a park bench, I don’t see him as being a cancer. Obviously I don’t know him and I could be wrong, but I’ve never heard one report of him being any different. I can’t say the same for Schiano.

    I don’t see any way we get out of this with Schiano. Not one way. If I did, believe me I would be defending him. I don’t want to start over with a new coach and QB, but it is a necessity. This situation is completely out of control, and it’s never going to get fixed. Go to PFT and see what Donald Penn said. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Stay there and read what Jerome Bettis said. Read what Jay Glazer has been tweeting. Read the article by Pewter Report. Read the quotes by the players that are no longer on the team. Read what other players on other teams think about him. Look at what other coaches think about him. Read the article last year by Michael Silver about his “hospitality” while he was at Rutgers. There is story after story after story. Perhaps I could look past a few, but we are talking about literally tons of stories. How many does it take before you have to start thinking there could be some truth to these stories? I would even look past it if we were winning, but that’s a negative too. What exactly is leading you to believe he’s going to turn it around? Would you rather have Lovie Smith coach this team or Schiano? If you say Lovie, then that just shows how much (little) confidence you have in Schiano.

  281. PRBucFan Says:

    Not a “cancer”, he’s just not the answer at QB, that’s evident enough.

    Way before any of this drama

  282. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Andrew 1,

    Okay, that’s cool. Ignore the facts all you like. We’ll revisit this soon, when the lunatic is coaching UConn to a third place finish in the Big East.

  283. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I totally agree he’s not the answer at QB. Absolutely no argument from me there. I wish he was the problem with our team, but he’s not. The problem is still there.

  284. PRBucFan Says:

    As someone dealing with the actual disease itself I find it hard to ever really put that label on any person.

  285. PRBucFan Says:

    I hear ya, I’m just waiting for this season to play out before I actually make any further opinions on Schiano.

    But Cowher and Lovie sure sound enticing lol

  286. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    you know what… I dont even care anymore. you have your opinion, and I have mine. I said why I believe the way I do, and if you cant except that then thats your problem. your not going to get me to change my mind and Im not going to change yours!!! if you think Im wrong, guess what, I dont care!”


    Says the guy who has been defeated like a Greg Schiano-led team.

  287. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    the fact is, and I dont know if you think this or not, I dont necessarily think Schiano and Glennon are joined at the hip. if we could just get that qb position right, say during the off season with a veteran qb or during the draft with one of those top qbs, then I still think we can turn this thing around. so when you say it will never be turned around, thats why I feel differently. as long as that position is in disarray, so to will this team be, regardless of what Schiano does or doesnt do. that needs to be priority number 1.

  288. Andrew 1 Says:

    “Says the guy who has been defeated like a Greg Schiano-led team.”

    says the person who says hes not acting like a jerk. riiiight mister no-it-all.

  289. Andrew 1 Says:

    fact is you eat up that media driven BS like you do pineapples.

  290. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Media driven? Ha ha ha ha ha! Did the media put Josh in timeout against Arizona? Did he not realize what that was going to do to the frenzy? That’s even worse!

    And by the way, we don’t eat pineapples out here. We ship that crap out to you guys. Get your facts straight, but I realize that’s impossible for you. You’re the internet tough guy, you don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

  291. Andrew 1 Says:

    ut oh looks like a struck a nerve with that pineapple remark. dude im done wasting my time on you. this team isnt hopeless… you are.

  292. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Seriously now, go to Pewter Report. Read about our QB coach and all of his QB’s he’s “tutored”. Look at his track record, it speaks for itself. And guess who hired him (and loves him), that would be Mr. Schiano. And even if we had Peyton Manning as our QB, who is he going to throw the ball to? Who’s our TE? Who’s our slot WR? Why didn’t we go out and get one in the offseason. We spent money on our secondary, why not on our offense? We have tons of cap room, why not? You will probably blame Dominik, which is fair, but don’t think for a second that if Schiano wanted more weapons they wouldn’t have gone out to get him more. You don’t spend $16 M on a CB and refuse to spend a couple million on a slot WR or TE. No QB is going to be successful with our lack of weapons. It’s too easy for a defense to stop 2 guys.

  293. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Schiano or Lovie Smith, for I believe the third time now?

  294. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And it truly is the mark of a coward and loser to not argue back with facts. I’m giving you fact after fact after fact, yet look at what you argue back with. What a child.

  295. Fritz50 Says:

    “he has completely turned around this defense,”

    You say this about the Defense that gave up the winning drive in 34 seconds to a team with no time outs 2 weeks ago? The same defense that gave up 10 unanswered points BEFORE that stellar Glennon pick ? You might be sure that Schiano has turned the Defense around, I’ll be convinced when they can hold a lead in the 4th quarter. He has improved the Defense, but with the people he has , it would be hard not to. But even if the D turns into the purple people eaters, what he’s done to the rest of the team has soured me on ‘the Little General’.

  296. Andrew 1 Says:

    I given you everything I believe to be the truth. if you want to take up this little discussion tomorrow, ill be here and we can keep going. but for now its 2:30 in the fuking and Im going to bed.

  297. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Fritz50

    sure, its not perfect. but its definatly an improvement from our 40 points a game we used to give up. good night.

  298. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s obvious you’ve never played sports beyond the pee wee level. That’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very obvious. You don’t understand the dynamics of a locker room, and it shows. These guys are about to implode, and it is going to get very ugly. You just don’t get that we are only 1/4 of the way into the season!!! There’s 12 more games to go. Freeman is ruined, Glennon will be too, yet you want to let Schiano get his hands on another QB?? LMAO.

    Perhaps you should go back and read about his history at Rutgers. He changed QB’s for fun. Ever heard of a QB coming out of Rutgers? Can you even name one? But yeah, lets invest heavily into another QB, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll prove me wrong. Sounds like the right thing to do.

  299. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Gonna take a stab at it and say you would choose Lovie Smith. I rest my case.

  300. PRBucFan Says:

    Alright everybody.. ease up Andrew 1, in the end we are all Buc fans.

    Let’s sing Koombaya and remember that for a second

  301. PRBucFan Says:

    ease up on*

  302. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    well well well

    mister no-it-all is completely wrong. shocking. for your information I played high school football. but yea, its completely obvious to you. lol. I will say exactly what I said during the Freeman debate. I will back Schiano so long as he is our head coach, because that is how I honestly feel about it. if and when he is gone, I will do the same for the next coach. thats all im saying tonight. good night.

  303. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I will back this team too, but I’m not a believer in Schiano. You won’t find a bigger Buc fan than me, trust me. But I see where this is going, and I want if fixed before it gets worse. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind this is going to get much worse. No doubt. I voice my displeasure because I don’t want that to happen, for fear on the long term effects of this team. I’m afraid we are going to lose some great players. I fear we are going back into rebuild mode, when it’s not even necessary. We are ready to win now. We aren’t perfect and have obvious holes, but we are a million times better than 0-4. We are a couple pieces (albeit very important pieces like QB and head coach) away from being a serious contender. I’ve seen enough of this clown to know he’s not our guy. He’d be great at UConn though. They would be thrilled to finish 4th in their division.

  304. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t take anything personal. Anyone who argues until late at night is a true fan. Make no mistake, these debates are what make this site great and why I spend far too much time on it instead of working. But I don’t ease up on anyone, and I don’t expect anyone to ease up on me. I have apologized twice to Eric and Capt. Tim, because they had this lunatic figured out way before me. I was an idiot, and I have no problem admitting that. Andrew will come around. I’ll give him a little grief for it, then we’ll be buddies again in no time.

  305. White Tiger Says:

    For you Schiano turd polishers – here’s an OLD load from your coach:

  306. PRBucFan Says:

    He’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach last time I checked?