A Case For Greg Schiano

October 27th, 2013

Now Joe understands why many Bucs fans wanted Bucs commander Greg Schiano gone last week, or before. Losing gnaws on Bucs fans and with 12 losses in the last 13 games, Bucs fans have had enough.

That’s understandable. And at this point, Joe isn’t sure how Team Glazer can retain Schiano’s services for the 2014 season after all that has transpired in the past few months — even without factoring in all the losing.

It’s pretty much common belief Schiano is a dead-man walking. But Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune isn’t fully convinced Schiano’s days are number. He points to several factors why Schiano is still in the employ of Team Glazer, and maybe, why Team Glazer could keep Schiano for the foreseeable future.

Was it Schiano who dropped the perfectly thrown third-down pass that quarterback Mike Glennon delivered to Vincent Jackson on the third play of the game against Carolina?

Was it Schiano who unleashed the two uncatchable third-down shotgun snaps that derailed a pair of potential scoring drives while they were still close enough to the Panthers to beat them?

Was it Schiano who muffed the late third-quarter punt that was the game’s only turnover and the one that Carolina quickly turned into the touchdown that all but put that game out of reach?

Cummings also notes how the team has not quit on Schiano, at least not yet. Players quitting on their coach, Cummings noted, is a big reason why Team Glazer jettisoned Raheem Morris.

In addition, Cummings notes how Schiano wasn’t the guy who late-hit Geno Smith in Week One, handing the Jets an improbable win.

Joe sees all of Cummings’ points and understands where he is coming from. The only way Schiano saves his job, in Joe’s eyes, is if he and the Bucs finish the season with a 6-3 run.

Does anyone believe that has a chance of happening?

68 Responses to “A Case For Greg Schiano”

  1. Meh Says:

    There is no case for Greg Schiano unless you are a Saints, Falcons, or Panthers fan.

  2. Meh Says:

    And I don’t care if he wins the last 9, there is no case for him. None. That he hasn’t been already fired is just a middle finger to the fans direct from the Glazers.

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    And still no talk of the terrible job of the pop-star.

  4. Ruggyup Says:

    If you were a Glazer clone and had Schiano and Dominik as your lead guys who would you fire first? My vote goes to the Rock Star, an incredulously awful record over his Bucs career and, by the way, the easiest to replace at this time of year while positioning for next year.

  5. buccanAy Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, that one of our “brilliant” local media would make that argument, especially, Cummings. First, are we gonna fire VJAx, or LaVonte David, but MUCH more importantly is the lack of “scheme” and the unwillingness to change what’s not working. Could go on and on about the horrible scheme’s on both sides of the ball. Not spreading the field out, but instead bringing in everyone into the box and trying to run right at it, and the overuse of “stunts” and lack of playing to players strengths, but instead shoving “his way” down the teams throat, with NO positive outcomes. he seems, totally unwilling to change his schemes, to better fit our players’ strength. What a fool Cummings’ appears to be…I mean…he sounds like a complete clueless hack…oh.. that’s what he is.

  6. Eric Says:

    They could keep him with two wins.

    Glazers already accepted the argument that it was all on Freeman. Glennon has looked decent – that may validate Schiano in their eyes.

    They could very well give him another year. Especially with rock star pulling for him.

    They have proven to know very little about pro football. Plus they get filthy rich each year on the t.v. money no matter how the team plays.

  7. Young buc Says:

    Those reasons weren’t good enough for
    But there good enough for schiano lol

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Again, I think there is plenty of quit. We just got trounced at home by the panthers. 31-12. Should have been 31-6. We r worse than the jags. No joke.

  9. Keith Says:

    Schiano only stays if two miracles happen — Glennon turns into a stud fast and the Bucs win six against a brutal schedule in their last nine.

  10. Kennedy Says:

    Cummings must be bored and had nothing better to do than insult thinking fans. Schiano is long gone. .

  11. Doc Says:

    Coach Raheem Morris, was a better coach then this coach. Joe keep saying the player’s have not quit yet. Look at this team there are more way to quit. Coach Morris was not given an opportunity to sign superstar player’s. Look at other teams and tell me this team is playing hard. This coach has his quarterback and they are still 0-4 under his new quarterback. This coach needs to stop cutting and trading away players just because they disagreed with him. You win football games with pro talent and not yes sir men and keep camera’s off your players during the game. Coach Ego.

  12. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Keeping the controversy/subject alive is in the best interest of the media….but not the Bucs…..the Bucs can’t really concentrate on the future with Schiano in place….Even interim coaches will do their best to impress.
    Its time for us to develop our young players and see what we have going forward.
    I believe they will let him go after the Seattle game.

  13. Eric Says:

    We’re going 0-16 anyhow but if he could win two it is not a done deal they fire him.

    These are the folks that thought hiring Rah and this guy was a good idea to begin with.

    Their thinking is fundamentally flawed. And the rock has them under his spell.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The reasonings by Cummings are beyond ridiculous. So are we assuming that if Jackson picks up that first down we are going to drive 70 more yards and score? Really? We would have just committed a penalty, backed ourselves up, and punted from the same spot anyway. I’ve seen enough this year to draw that reasonable conclusion.

    It’s reaching to excuse every bad play as not his fault. What about all the in-game mistakes he makes? Why are those not mentioned? Is it the players that continue to call zone on defense, despite success in man to man? Is it the players that make absolutely no adjustments as the game progresses? Is it the players that are embarrassingly predictable on offense? No it’s not, it’s the coach. We have good players on this team. There are pro bowls to prove that. However, why aside from Lavonte David, is every single one of them regressing? Does anyone honestly believe they just all turned into average to below average players at once? Of course they didn’t. There is no excuse for Schiano, and no reason why he is deserving to lead a NFL team.

  15. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    Joe, you failed to mention that it is Schiano’s fault when you have the best man to man cover corner in the NFL & you’re playing zone half of the time!! That falls on Schiano. And don’t give me the BS about he’s not healthy enough to do it!! Just look at his last game!! Our defense STILL sucks despite the money that we put into this seconday. Tired of the BS excuses. We are just getting out schemed every week!!

  16. chipbuc Says:

    Im sorry but i dont trust either Schiano or Dominic with the future of this franchise anymore. If the Glazers had any brains they would feel the same way. Bring in real professionals to run this team, as a 25 year season ticket holder im fed up!!!!!!!!!

  17. stratobuc Says:

    Good article from Wah Cummings. Leave it to over-reacting fans to ignore the truth. They wanted Gruden’s head – they got it. Now, they want to trade one set of problems for a whole new one.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If he wins the last nine, Meh, he would get us into the playoffs possibly. That would be a complete turn around regardless. That would make him worth keeping in my book.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Keith Says
    “Schiano only stays if two miracles happen — Glennon turns into a stud fast and the Bucs win six against a brutal schedule in their last nine.”

    Gleenon does not have to turn into a stud. If the Bucs manage to minimize penalties consistently and finish winning 3 of 4, I could see Schiano staying. And the #1 draft pick would be his franchise QB.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Cummings is right, but none of you want to admit it. I’ve been saying the same thing for a couple weeks now. The penalties are NOT Schiano’s fault. The dropped balls are NOT Schiano’s fault. LVD in week 1 is NOT Schiano’s fault. Then there are some fools that like to say he needs to teach them how to not commit penalties and how to catch the ball better. That’s just idiotic talk. Fire Schiano and you’ll have the same penalties and dropped balls that are killing this team at crucial times in each game. Firing Schiano won’t solve those problems. Your a moron if you think it will. THAT’S right I said it!

    I’m not saying they should not fire the coach either. Just saying he’s not the ONLY problem on this team. Ra-phael Freeman still sucks and he always will from now on so get over it Young buc.

  21. WalkdaPlank Says:

    HA! Schiano winning 9 games in a row to finish 9-7?? Schiano won’t even win 9 games during his total tenure as head coach of the Bucs.

  22. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Lost 12 of last 13 games. Getting worse instead of better. That’s the case.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    The team IS losing because of DUMB penalties and turnovers at the wrong time. It happens so much it’s almost like it’s being done on purpose. Jackson catching that bomb TD from Freeman in the Saints game and it getting called back because of a a penalty. The Bucs win that game with that TD. LVD on Geno penalty. Bucs win that game too. It’s not excuses either. It’s facts. I want him gone too, but that won’t fix the mistakes being made by the players.

  24. Eric Says:

    Players screwing up always comes back to the coach.

    Was it Chucky’s fault the guy dropped the perfectly thrown td pass to tie the game in 05 vs. skins? No, but he took the heat for one and done.

    Now this Schiano character didn’t start this skid this year. They went 1-5 down the stretch last year.

    1-12 in last 13 can hardly be explained away by some player mistakes. Or bad luck.

  25. Rob Says:

    “There is no case for Greg Schiano unless you are a Saints, Falcons, or Panthers fan.”

    Funny, I read a lot of speculation that the unnamed sources who were delivering a lot of the headlines that ended up being untrue were likely people from those very organizations, knowing that if the Bucs blow the whole thing up it’ll be another 2 or 3 years before they can get back to being a threat again.

  26. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Buc1987 – I think you miss the point of what Young Buc is saying. Freeman was given a “no excuses” treatment when his receivers dropped passes and his defense committed idiotic penalties that cost the team games, something he has no control over. And he was ran out of town. Oh but when Schiano’s head is on the line these excuses are suddenly valid for him. No, Freeman was playing terribly even though he didn’t play a part in the dropped passes or his D’s penalties. Same goes for Schiano, he is coaching terribly even though he didn’t play a part in the dropped passes or his D’s penalties. Excuses, excuses. Lmao.

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:


  28. JN Says:

    Glazers are cheap. This season is done so what good does it do to fire Schiano now? Make Wandstedt interim head coach and have to pay him more money. The Bucs might win 2 games. Honestly does that make any of us feel better? Not me. This entire coaching staff is done at the end of the season anyhow. We can get the number one pic next year with a new coach staff. Will be refreshing.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, penalties are always the fault of the players. That’s obvious. It has nothing to do with the fact that the coach openly tells everyone he coaches the players to play on the verge of dirty. He said he never wants to be the least penalized team in the league. It’s funny how people refuse to blame the coaches for the mistakes people make on the field, yet turn around and give the coaches the credit for the things the players do well on the field. Double standard, no? Fact is, well coached teams don’t commit stupid penalties like we do. You can blame the players all you want, but that’s the bottom line. Call it a coincidence, call it a fluke, but it is fact. You never see a Patriots team do that (on a regular basis). But I guess some people believe that we just have stupid players on this team. Keep believing what you want, but deep down I know you know the truth. If you don’t, you’ll find out soon enough. Too bad you’ll either disappear or change your screen name when that happens, because I’ll be right here to remind you.

  30. MTM Says:

    ” A case for Schiano”- a case of Milwaukee’s Best for Schiano. All these scenarios where Schiano stays revolve around some miraculous events. It isn’t happening Bucs fans. The douche needs to go!

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Mr. Patrick,

    Arrogance like that is exactly why this guy has to be gone. Unbelievable and inexcusable, but some will still do it.

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Rest in Peace to good Ole’ Lou Reed. Thanks for the memories brotha, you will be missed.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And to say Schiano is the only one to blame is inaccurate. However, he is the biggest problem. Little problems have a tendency to go away when the big problem is taken away.

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I just my opinion-But I seriously believe the owners are the problem.

  35. Pete 422 Says:

    A team with this much talent bring 0-7 is on the coach. No, the coach doesn’t drop passes or hold on a first down run or rough the QB. The coach prepares his players for situations & to be ready to play. That’s on the coach. Look at the Cheifs. What a turn around! The X factor? The Head coach.

  36. Young buc Says:

    Thank u

  37. Eric Says:

    Man there are some really good QB’s coming out this year.

    Oughta be in perfect position to draft one.

    We really need not to blow this.

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    IMHO Bridgewater & Hundley are the cream of the crop though

  39. DallasBuc Says:

    That’s like asking if it is Gruden’s fault that the defense played terribly down the stretch in 2009 even though he had no say in the defense? By that rationale Gruden is still employed.
    Schiano must take the blame for all of it. It’s the job. If he didn’t want it he should have stayed at that ridiculous program in Jersey.

  40. d-money Says:

    All of these excuses Cummings gives are just the symptoms. They’re just clues to the real sickness which is poor coaching.

    Yes the players are on the field but it’s funny how teams with good coaches don’t have these problems.

  41. ctord Says:

    As a buc fan, I can tell you why I don’t like Schiano moving forward. The NFL is now a passing league. You pass to set up the run. Schiano is old school and to this point has showed he is unwilling to change. We have a solid running back but our quarterback has had some mixed reviews. Let us all face it, Schiano is smitten with Glennon. I feel as though I can’t trust Schiano to make the correct decision for the ORGANIZATION moving forward and our draft position will be too critical to the future success of the team. I don’t want anyone fired but I want someone who will do the right thing. As a buc fan, I don’t think he has done the right thing with Glennon. Sorry but I just don’t trust the guy.

  42. joseph mamma Says:

    The owners are the problem, plain and simple. They must have some idea that they hired two lousiest coaches every to walk the face of the earth in R. Morris and G. Schiano. They don’t know anything about football and obviously don’t care if the Bucs win or not.

  43. blackmagic00 Says:

    Whatever our players want is what I want. Glazers need to send some surveys to the players to see what the locker room tempo is. Anonymous serveys go a long way.

  44. Buc_The_World Says:

    Schiano is gone after this season, the only reason he is still the head coach because the Glazers are waiting to see what the PA investigation turns up as far as the Freeman leak. They want a reason other than performance to fire him and a way out of having to pay Schiano his remaining contract.

  45. dee Says:

    I think we need a nfl coach with a qb that can run and throw the ball that will open up the play book these nfl coaches are to good.

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    This team is a complete joke under Schiano. He is now 7-16 no matter how you look at it. This garbage he keeps spouting about games they should have won is just that, garbage. Woulda coulda shoulda blah blah blah. I’m sick of hearing his excuses. They’re all nice guys but who cares? If you can’t get the job done, get someone that can do it. I think they are bonehead stupid for not trying to hire Chucky right now. He is there for the picking and this colleg crap and defense scheme doesn’t work. The NFL opponent have figured out how to beat this defense and it will only get worse. I believe Seattle will put up 50 pts on the Bucs next week. I really hope they don’t hurt Glennon and this may be a 10 sack game. Someone at 1Buc needs to face reality. Things are really bad and getting worse.

    So it isn’t the Coach’s fault. Wow what a brilliant thought. Who cares? You are losing every single game. Let’s just suck for eternity. This is about money and the Glazers don’t want to pay two coaches again. This is beyond stupid in my eyes. Schiano sucks.

  47. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @BigMac – Oh jeez, not looking forward to the game against the Seahawks. Especially since it’s IN Seattle. That place is going to be a slaughterhouse, probably every single Seahawks fan is expecting an easy win, which it likely will be. If the Bucs players’ haven’t given up yet, wait till they leave Washington. If the Bucs could win one game out of this entire season though, I’d want it to be this game. What a statement it would be for the 0-7 Bucs to march into Seattle with a rookie QB and a disgruntled coach and beat the playoff-bound Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Sadly though, I don’t think anybody expects to see that happen. The season is lost and fans are already looking ahead to the offseason not even halfway through the 2013 season. Still, one would like to think that something could happen “any given Sunday” and it’d be even better than the Bucs’ win over New Orleans in 2009.

  48. Chef Paul Says:

    This whole argument about firing Schiano now wont solve anything is just stupid. No one thinks firing Schiano will be a magic pill and they will just win out the rest of the year.

    Sully was a head coach candidate last year. Don’t we want to see what his offense can do with out his hands being tied by a tyrannical nut job? Or even if they are tied or not? Maybe just maybe Sully can be a good head coach. No one knows. But it would be nice to find out for sure now.

    Doesn’t anyone want to what Glennon would be like pre snap with the ability to call audibles on his own without being babysat by a tyrannical nut job. Like he would be able to do with any other coach out there.

    Don’t we want to see how these players play without the fear of a tyrannical nut job acting like the KGB all the time.

    These are some of the questions I would like answered, and they wont be answered with a tyrannical nut job lurking on the side lines.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lavonte David is the loan bright spot on this team. Of the 35 or 40 players drafted since Dom took over, how many are here or worth a crap? Dominik needs to go too, at least as the GM.

    Megatron had 329 yds today and we suck.
    Drew Brees lit up the sky and we suck.
    Team after team and player after player look awesome and we still suck.

    Where’s the accountability? Someone please step up and take responsibility for this mess.

  50. Danny Says:

    Won’t be surprised if Seattle is up 40-0 at halftime.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is arguably the worst NFL team I have ever seen. Now granted I was stoned from 1976 to 1978 so I don’t remember much. But there was this one girl in my high school named Joy Ride and she totally lived up to her namesake. True story.

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree that firing Sh!thead now won’t save the season but it gives them a major head start on next year. You can hire a coach and partial staff when no one else is competing for them. You start implementing proven schemes that actually work and produce results. It may also stop the major regression ( as mentioned above) by 95 % of the players on the team. Look at the results and the stats and this team is getting worse every single week. By the end of the season they should all be about worthless and their self esteem will totally evaporate.

    Anyone that supports this needs to really wake up. I’m as big a homer as anyone but this is just too difficult to watch. It’s so embarrassing you’d think that Larry David was the Coach.

  53. blackmagic00 Says:

    If Seattle is up 40-0 at half time be assured the meetings will be set to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glennon is doing an admirable job but he is not the answer. Mike Glennon will never make the playoffs or a Super Bowl . Glennon was just another wasted draft pick. He’s playing better than Froman but is that really saying anything?

    NFC South :
    Drew Brees
    Matty Ice
    Cam Newton

    It will take at least 3 yrs to get a QB that can come close to those guys. I would say maybe we can equal Cam but he is improving too……. And we still suck.

  55. Ruggyup Says:

    Be careful of what you wish for! You could get Butch Davis replacing Rock Star. Do you KNOW his history? He’s a connected guy but bad things follow him like an STD. Be real careful here fans!

  56. k_bassuka Says:

    And who was the one that made sure those players are on the field? Schiano is responsible for the way the team has performed and being able to keep his job for another week is like some of you pointed out a slap in the face to the fans.

    The team “hasn’t quit on the HC” or at least publicly because they know that if they do bash the HC publicly it will be almost impossible for those that will be released to find another well paying job elsewhere. They learned that lesson with the R. Morris debacle…

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    The only good that will come out of firing Schiano mid-season is that it might cool the tempers of most of the fans until the end of the season. I mean who is going to bash the interim guy for the rest of the season? Then perhaps the fans will turn there attention to Dom next.

    I’m pretty sure we can nominate, the_Buc_realist as the leader and President of the Fire Dominik Mob.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    “And who was the one that made sure those players are on the field? ”

    Answer : Dominik

  59. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Firing Schiano now will permit the fans, press, players & remaining coaches to focus on next year….sure…they have to play games….but there is a big difference playing games with a possibility of playoff & not….when there’s no chance….younger players should get more snaps…injured players rest and there is room for some experimentation.
    We need to develop Glennon, James, Wright, Page, Owusu & Demps on offense….on defense continue with development of Banks, Johnson….Means, Gholsten…..and the next potential Myron Lewis….Keith Tandy

  60. k_bassuka Says:

    Well if Schiano is Dominik’s puppet then that’s an extra reason to fire him now…

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    Well then it’s settled. Since there was so many Fire Schiano signs at last weeks game. I’m making a “Fire Dom Too” sign for the Monday Nighter.

  62. Pete 422 Says:

    If he indeed is the micromanager that people are saying that can be a key reason this talented team is losing. I remember that Marv Levy was jokingly called “chairman of the board” in his days in Buffalo. He delegated & allowed his coached to coach. Lack of trust & taking the teaching out of the hands of the teachers is a bad idea.

    I also remember Dan Reeves say that the head coach is not in charge of the offense or defense etc.

    Most of us have seen micromanagers in work situations & more often than not they get frustrated that the employees aren’t performing up to par. People are on edge and performance suffers.

  63. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    When Dom is fired the Buc Realist will not know what to post….perhaps he will start a “Fire Glazers” campaign.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    WalkdaPlank and Young buc excuses or no excuses Freeman is still going to suck for the rest of his career. I don’t even think he will regain his six flags status. I think it’s nothing but down from here on out for Josh. Down and out of the NFL.

  65. Tnew Says:

    Everyonce in a while I remember the glazers fired Dungy, for Gruden, fired Gruden for Raheem then Raheem for Schiano. Then I think these are the same guys that fired McKay for Allen then Allen for Dominik. Then I think they replaced sir Alex ferguson with David moyes (btw why hasn’t anyone reported on how they must be distracted with the direction of Manchester United).

    Then I think, maybe I could make a billion dollars …..

  66. buc4lyfe Says:

    we went from firing potential hall of fame coaches for not making the playoffs to giving a vote a confidence to a habitual losing coach, were sitting here hoping we finally win one game, the play on the field isn’t his fault but everything else is. theres a reason he’s never won a game decided by a touchdown or less. how can you make a case for someone who’s a loser, we dont lead the league in drops were 9th the muffed punt how many players on our rosters that cant field a punt, he’s the one who brought in these players no one else wanted, it’s his offense, his defense and neither is very good but oh well its your money glazers and i dont know how many times they think the can lose the fanbase….still in rebuilding mode after rebuilding and using up all of our cap money

  67. DallasBuc Says:

    Seeing the good QBs in this league absolutely tear it up like stafford, Brees and Rodgers you can’t help but think our only shot at success in the foreseeable future is to suck the rest of the year and choose wisely come draft time in April. It’s the only thing that will make all this icky shtty pain go away.

  68. scubog Says:

    All teams can point out a play here and there that contributed to a loss. The problem here is that this team is unable to overcome them. Why weren’t we more than two points ahead of the Jets? Why didn’t we go for it on 4th down to close the game against the Saints? Why are we throwing, deep in our own territory, against the Cardinals? Why is Revis not covering the top receiver against the Falcons? Why is our team digressing?