Stats Are For Schiano

October 22nd, 2013

A famous motto of the Raheem Morris regime was “stats are for losers.” Raheem insisted all the popular statistical data was for reporters and fans and it wasn’t going to waste space in his “gray matter” or the brains of his players. 

Buccaneers players bought in and repeated the line publicly. It seemed to keep the team focused on winning for a good while.

But the anti-Raheem, Greg Schiano, appears to love quoting stats. Mired in a stretch of 11 losses in 12 games, Schiano is going hard to the stat sheet to justify his team’s alleged progress.

Schiano quoted all kinds of stats yesterday on his radio show on the Buccaneers Radio Network and WDAE-AM 620. Below is one example. A frustrated fan, “Aaron,” called in to vent and about the New Schiano Order’s coaching ability and more. After a rant, Aaron was prompted to ask a question. Schiano responded with all kinds of data.

Fall Caller “Aaron”: … Why is the team looking worse and worse every week? And why aren’t we improving? And why is there so many excuses going on week after week of why the team is doing this and why the team is doing that? So that’s my question.

Greg Schiano: Well, Aaron. I understand your frustration; that’s for sure. I’ll try to address the points. I don’t agree with you that we’re getting worse and worse. We’ve lost some tight ball games, some tough ballgames. And a lot of the reasons we’ve lost them is things that we’ve done ourselves, penalties and, you know, we’ve been even in the turnover margin in every single game, which is almost unheard of.

It’s weird, usually someone wins, someone loses. But when you’re even in the turnover margin, usually you’re kind of even in your record, whether it’s .500 or a game under or a game over. We have shot ourselves in the foot numerous times with, you know, penalties and things like that. I do put the responsibility on me and the coaching staff. As I said to the media and I also said to our squad, it’s a lot of the same guys that last year were 11th [best] in the league in penalties, which is not a bad spot to be. You never want to be top-5; I think you’re not trying hard enough if you do that. You want to be somewhere between five and 10th best, 11 last year was decent. I had no reason to believe that we wouldn’t do the same thing [in 2013]. We have officials every day at practice and we really stress it. But for whatever reason we’re not getting it done. So that’s what I mean when I say we got to get better.

There’s a lot of good things we’re doing. Offensively, I think the emergence of Mike Glennon is really been something to get excited about. I look at him and in his three starters he’s gotten better and better and better. He’s performing at an NFL-quarterback level. He’s only going to get better as he gets more comfortable. Defensively, you know, what we’ve done the last two weeks is giving up really what amounts to five big passes. Earlier in the season we weren’t doing that.

But, you know, there’s so many areas that I look at that we’re improved. Our third-down defense, we’re tenth in the league in third down defense, we’re 10th in the league in third-down defense, getting better, better, better than last year. You know, we’re fourth in rush defense, which keeps us in the top-5 in rush defense. We’re in the red zone, we’re playing really good red-zone defense. I think we’re fourth or fifth in red-zone defense. So there’s a lot of things that I look at as a coach that I have to evaluate.  Ultimately, there’s only one thing that matters and that’s wins and losses. But as a coach I have to look at the process. How are we doing? We’re not doing well in the penalties. We’re getting better on offense. Defensively, we’ve given up four or five balls over our head, which we weren’t doing early in the year. And that’s really how we’ve lost the game, between penalties and giving up some big plays the last two games is what cost us. But, you know what, I don’t see a team that’s not making improvement in certain areas but it’s not consistent in all areas.

Notice how Schiano is inconsistent about when he chooses to compare things to last season, like saying the offense “getting better,” but Bucs fans know it’s nowhere near last year’s 9th-ranked unit.

Regardless, this is a window into what helps keep the head coach positive in the face of losing stretch worse than that of his predecessor.

39 Responses to “Stats Are For Schiano”

  1. meh Says:

    Here’s a stat: 0-6

  2. meh Says:

    Hey Joe, you think you could convince the Glazers to follow your advertiser data recovery service’s example? They only charge if they recover. How about we only pay for the tickets if they win?

    I know, fat chance, but a guy can dream.

  3. DHutch Says:

    absolutely ^^^

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    Here’s another stat

    Yeah other than that annoying” winning” thing- everything is great!
    Really, I don’t know what we are bitching about!
    He’s got it all under control.
    The rooms are all 71 degrees.
    They threw out all the Spagetti, and replaced it with linguini.
    Everyone’s toes are on the line

    What the heck do we want from this guy?

  5. ctymniak Says:

    I like the third down stat. That really sets the tone for a team that is 0-6. Who does he think he is? Its really amazing. Its like a guy who shoots a high golf score and then recaps the round with the foursome over cocktails. I would of done better if I sank a putt or two.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Say what you want about Morris’ coaching skills, but unlike most Buc coaches, he earned himself a spot amongst rare company. The Bucs have had 9 HCs, only 3 of them other than Morris have won 10 games in a season (McKay, Dungy, Gruden) and only 2 have done it more than once (Dungy, Gruden). And but for an NFL-acknowledged bad referee call (Detroit game), Morris would have made the playoffs in 2010.

    And as inept as Morris was, he did it with no free agency, no right guard (Davin Joseph on IR), a turnstile at RT (Jeremy Trueblood), a gimpy turntable-loving TE (Kellen Winslow), a Cadillac with two bad wheels, and the same inconsistent QB that has been banished from the Bucs. So what is Schiano’s excuse?

  7. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Joe…he’s comparing the offense against earlier in the year….it is getting better….and he’s compairng the defense against earlier in the year “long passes”…..

    I expect our coach to be as positive as possible….if he isn’t, he’ll lose the team. I can fault him for results, but not his positive spin. What would you say if you were him?

  8. Young buc Says:

    Schiano is not a good game manager
    Raheem would win with this team I
    Know it

  9. ctord Says:

    Throw all the stats you want. This team has regressed. so much so that the bucs went from having 5 pro bowlers to maybe one, David,.

    You are what your record says you are. 0-6.

  10. adamant Says:

    Lavonte David is the only true pro-bowler on the team this year. V-Jax may get some love too if he keeps rolling up double digit catches and TDs. Davin Joseph is not the same guy, Carl Nicks has done nothing because of injury, Dashon Goldson has been a bit of a disappointment and Revis is still getting healthy. This team has “next year” written all over it.

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    Schiano will get fired after the Panthers game if we lose.

  12. Splengo Says:

    What would you say if you were him? Uncle!

  13. BirdDoggers Says:

    Regardless of where the defense ranks or what the turnover margin is, the team is 0-6. The penalties, bad offensive play calling and poor execution are the consistent themes of each game. Schiano hasn’t figured out how the fix it. I’m sure it’s not for a lack of trying. However, of answers won’t be found on the stat sheets.

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    If I were him, if say
    Splengo!!! Your toes are not on ze line!!
    Vhy Splengo?? Vhy?? And ze AC is at 72!!! Ze AC MUST remain At 71!!!
    Vhy are you laughing, Splengo!! I am your Fuh . . I mean your Coach!!!
    Obey me- or you vill end up in Minnesota!!
    Toes on Ze Line!!!

  15. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Young Buc – Raheem couldn’t win a coin flip with a 2-headed nickel. Guy was horrible, just like your boy Freebow was last night

  16. Young buc Says:

    That’s funny because greg hasn’t won

  17. Ed Says:

    Heres the questions for Shiano-

    Why no pass rush when you have 2 #1 draft picks on the d-line?

    Why is Leonard Johnson and Jonathon Banks covering Jimmy Graham and Harry Douglas while Revis is covering decoys?

    Why couldn’t you coach Talib and Winslow to be contributors. Your buddy Bill and Rex have no problems coaching those guys. You sure could use Blount now too.

    How can you have no reliable back ups in your offensive line when you have had a history of these guys going down?

    Why would you ever kick a field goal trailing by 14 points with 5 minutes in a game?

    Why were you running Doug Martin when the defenses were bringing everyone up to the line, have you ever heard of an audible to throw slants to receivers?

    The only smart thing you have done since you arrived in Tampa is recognize the inefficiencies of Josh Freeman.

  18. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Best Article Ever…

    Thank you JOEBUC…

    Stats are for LOSERS…

  19. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Penalty Yards per game:

    1st: Indianapolis 32.4
    3rd: New Orleans 38.8
    5th: Kansas City 42.4

    32nd: Tampa Bay 86

    Yea Schiano, “You never want to be top 10 because then you’re not trying.”

  20. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Top 5 sorry 🙁

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree with everybody. Let’s fire him soon if for nothing else to give fans hope for the future.

  22. Splengo Says:

    Couch Fan for President!!!!

  23. blackmagic00 Says:

    Maybe this all to throw the season so we draft real high? Thats what I’m going with. It just feels better.

  24. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol careful Splengo

    You might not like that idea because my slogan would remain “Winnin with Glennon!”

  25. ButIt941 Says:

    The one time i agree with Raheem Morris on something… stats are for losers… and Schiano is a loser. He is listing all these stats to help cushion why he isn’t doing so bad. The stats he should be looking at are the Wins vs Losses, Sacks, Plays over 20 yards or more, rank in the running game, rank in the passing game, and rank of the defense. You took a team a year ago was 9th ranked offense, 1st ranked run stop defense, and *cough* 31st in pass defense. To bottom of the barrel in every category except maybe pass defense, but that is solely because of the talent on the back end right now. Some how some way destroyed the team from the inside out.

  26. Brett Metcalf Says:

    Best part about this article is the title.

    If “stats are for losers” and “stats are for Schiano” then…

    Schiano is a loser.

    Well played, Joe.

  27. Splengo Says:

    Couch Fan,

    As Solomon would say “we’ve split the baby”. You want Schiano fired now and I like Glennon now. What a concept!

  28. ButIt941 Says:

    I also really don’t like how we are not using the players the way their skill set is up for.

    Ok so you’re not going to play Revis on man coverage, but PLEASE DO NOT EVER put Leanord Johnson on the #1 receiver while Revis is on the #3 reciever. How many times must you get burned when you learn your best chance for success is to put your best corner on the best receiver.

    Stop for the love of god with the stunts on the D-Line. These opposing QB’s have so much freaking time to throw the ball. This team has invested a LOT of money into pass rushers over the years and you are wasting your talent. GMC’s biggest strength is his burst off the line. that skill is useless if he is going to run laterally.

    Let’s mix it up a bit on offense. I see the most bland offense in Tampa i’ve ever seen… and that is saying alot with Greg Olsen as the OC. Even i know exactly what we are going to do in each situation. When was it ever a good idea to have Martin be the “Deep Threat”? Why is Mike Williams never even targeted? Our O-Line is no where near as good as they were last year and they are much healthier then they were last year…

    All this baffles me as i am sure it does other Fans. He can say what ever he wants… Ya i am all for him trying to stay positive but at some point he has to break and show a little emotion about this. Get angry that we suck as an entire team and make improvements. I hear him talk every week about fixing these problems, yet action speaks louder than words… Right now NOTHING is being addressed or fixed.

  29. Capt. Tim Says:

    As much a I say about him- to piss off PRbuc,
    I have to admit- Glennon is kinda growing on me.
    He’s gotta stop falling apart in the 4th quarter.

    If we don’t get one of the Best rookies coming out- then I would rather stick with Glennon, than draft Tajh Boyd( kinda like a blend of Freeman and Byron Leftwich)

    But is Glennon ever going to be better than Ryan, Breez, Or Newton?
    To win this division, he needs to be.
    I don’t think so.
    But- with a real coach, and real offense. He might not be bad.

    But he still looks like a big Muppet.

  30. simeon 97 Says:

    Considering the talent that Schiano has, he should be considered one of biggest coaching failures in the history of this league. I have no idea how this guy is still employed. His response should be “we are 0-6, there is no excuse for that, put it on me, I will do everything in my power to hopefully turn this around”.

    This sounds like a guy who has done a lot of homework to be able to defend his job, which he is terrible at.

  31. SteveK Says:


    Where is “the talent”?

    We haven’t had a 10 sack guy since Simeon Rice.

    Our BEST SEASON EVER by a QB was gifted to us last year with Freeman.

    Right now, GMC, LVD54, and V-Jax is our “talent”.

    Where is all of this “talent”.

    You should be directing your pointer finger towards the beloved Rock Star.

  32. simeon 97 Says:


    Our “talent” which is much wider than the guys you named, is greatly underachieving under this coaching staff. You can not argue on paper this team looked loaded 6 weeks ago, best run D last year, 2 huge free agent signings in the off season in pass D, number 9 offense last year which allegedly takes time under sullivans system.

    The finger i point at the rock star, and the Glazers, was the experiment of dishing out tons of money on free agency and then hiring a coach with no NFL head coaching experience and a couple coordinators who have never called plays until they landed in Tampa. Putting the cart before horse, no? Doesn’t sound like a smart business decision to me.

  33. Jim Says:

    Glad to see Martin did not suffer a severe leg or knee injury. Hopefully he is out for the year so Schiano can not permanently damage him and ruin Doug’s career.

  34. PRBucFan Says:

    Keep taking those steps back Tim

    It doesn’t surprise anybody 😉

    You see that Couch??? He likes Glennon now ahahahahaha.

    I’m not going to cry if you don’t like Glennon like you cry if someone doesn’t worship Freefall.

    If Glennon doesn’t end up being our guy than so be it lol, I’m all for dumping him to the curb than too.

    I’m not as shallow as you tim, I don’t root for or against somebody just to try and piss people off.

    The irony about it is that your the only one that has ended up pissed. BWAHAHA

    Back to Glennon, I’m sure he as more talent than Free so he would atleast be a serviceable back up ;).

    Couch and Splengo I agree with you both!!! LoL

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s perplexing how we have managed to be soooo inept at D-line for so long. It almost seems like other team’s players trip and get 10 sacks! Outside of D-line, I, like many Bucs fans, had high hopes for this team at the start of the season. It looked like we were on the up and up…and then….
    How does that quote go? “You are what your record says you are”? Yeah, you can point out improvements here and there, but…0-6. It’s like saying that those were moral victories!
    Open letter to the Buccaneers:
    1. Get better scouts.
    2. Shop for GM/HC if we keep losing.
    3. Block somebody!
    4. V-Jac, catch the damn ball, seriously!!!
    5. Get pressure on QBs please.
    6. Stop with the penalties already!
    7. WIN GAMES!!!
    Is that too much to ask?!

  36. buc4life24 Says:

    Love the title Joe!!

    Even though he is the coach and needs to speak positive about his team, I truely believe he is delusional and doesn’t see this team regressing!

    He said a few weeks ago that this team was a “laughing stock” when he took over….no Coach, it’s now a laughing stock!

    I still watch the games every sunday, the difference is I am not surprised when we lose and I take solice that our team will be in position for a good draft pick, hopefully a new coaching staff. We could be the Chiefs of 2012 this year w/ all the talent we do have minus two key elements to make us competitive again!

  37. John Says:

    The radio show is worth listening to just to hear TJ Rives’ voice tremble whenever a caller says something negative about the Bucs. Guess he’s terrified of losing access to the inner circle. I’m sure no one round these parts can relate, right?

  38. adamant Says:

    I cant stand TJ Rives. Terrible.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    He sounds like a losing coach, on the defensive, making up excuses that don’t add up to wins. I’m so tired of listening to any Schiano comments. Blah blah blah, excuse after excuse. He is broken record. If Schiano can’t fix it, find someone who can. To heck with waiting until the end of the season. I’d fire this clown on Thursday night, right after his next loss. I truly believe we have a zero chance to beat Carolina, and that sux, just to feel that way sux. Schiano sux.