Sapp Says Bucs “Wasting Gerald McCoy”

October 24th, 2013

Sapp says McCoy is at least as good as he was but the Bucs don’t know how to use him

Warren Sapp, a man who the Bucs will immortalize in two weeks, continues to pound the New Schiano Order relentlessly. This time on NFL Network.

Ouch. Joe can only imagine what Team Glazer is thinking when it hears this stuff.

Today, Sapp was merciless in his assessment of the Bucs’ defensive schemes. In addition to hammering Schiano on mis-using Darrelle Revis, Sapp offered the highest of praise for Gerald McCoy and said the Bucs aren’t getting the most out of him.

“Right now, they’re wasting Gerald McCoy,” Sapp said. “He’s the exact player that I am, if not better and bigger. So let him swing side to side and let him find the mismatch and then, once it starts up front, now you’ve started a fire that runs through the where defense. And there’s not a better back end in the National Football League than what we have down here in Tampa. And we’re not taking advantage of it.”

Wow! That’s incredible love of McCoy from Sapp.

In the segment linked above, former Bucs QB Jeff Garcia also talks about how the Bucs staff is not maximizing the talent on the team.

24 Responses to “Sapp Says Bucs “Wasting Gerald McCoy””

  1. Luther Says:

    I’d have to agree with fat boy. McCoy has been a beast all season.

  2. Rob Says:

    McCoy aint no Sapp.

  3. JMN Says:

    Opposing QB’s feared Sapp. Not so much with McCoy.

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    They dont fear McCoy because McCoy can’t do it all by himself. Sapp wouldn’t of been able to do it all by himself either. I’m not saying McCoy is as good as Sapp but McCoy is very good.

  5. knucknbuc Says:

    Hahahhahhahhaha. Schiano worst coach in the nfl. 32 out of 32. Whose idea was it to hire this bum?

  6. Illuminati Says:

    As Andy Samberg’s Nicolas Cage might say, “That’s high praise.”

  7. JMN Says:

    “They dont fear McCoy because McCoy can’t do it all by himself. Sapp wouldn’t of been able to do it all by himself either. I’m not saying McCoy is as good as Sapp but McCoy is very good.”

    McCoy is great as a run stopper. But he was never good at going after and sacking QB’s, even in college. Maybe if Clayborn would step it up McCoy could get after the QB’s more but I’m not holding any hope out for that.

  8. mvermulm Says:

    Something that amazes me is how stubborn coaches can be. We’ve had people blasting Sullivan and Sheridan’s play-calling and player utilization since last season, and especially for the last several weeks, yet there are no changes. Schiano says that they entire coaching staff re-assesses everything they’re doing each week, yet nothing changes. At some point you have to at least consider what all these outside sources are saying and at least look into whether they are correct or not. Sometimes it takes someone else for you to notice things, and this coaching staff is too egotistical to understand that.

  9. Wade Says:

    This can’t be true because Dueimig says that McCoy is being utilized properly

  10. 1976Buc Says:

    Not maximizing talent? You think?

  11. Tim Says:

    After tonight its time for the Glazers to clean house, including the Rock Star.

    They need to get permission to talk with Eric Decosta, bring him in as a GM and get working on next years head coach. We have a roster loaded with talent that’s being wasted and we seem to release players who go and start elsewhere. (Freeman does not count, the man needs to get his head right and come back next year)

  12. cmurda Says:

    Say what you want about Sapp but the man knows football and the man definitely knows defensive tackle. I respect his view here and completely agree. This coaching staff appears as if it is being run by children. the stupidity is overwhelming. Regardless of the Glazers feelings about Schiano, it’s getting to the point that the charades and media bashing has to end. You have to at least question when players like Bennett start talking real about Schiano. The locker room can’t be a fun place right now. The losses are mounting and that is always the biggest factor. This negative publicity is both frustrating and painful to watch as a fan.

  13. mvermulm Says:

    Wade, I heard that earlier in the week too. Spence is there to tie up blockers and stop the run, and GMC is there to create havoc in the backfield. That can be done by disrupting run plays or sacking the QB. Making plays in the backfield apparently doesn’t mean sacking the QB to BD though.

  14. Harry Says:

    I don’t usually put much of anything into what Sapp says. BUT, when you see all the weird things Schitzano puts into the game, like attacking the Victory formation when even his players hate it, and you don’t see the D-line getting any sacks with a Pro-Bowl NT and 1st and 2nd Rd picks as bookend DE, and see the Falcons 3rd string light up Banks and Lenard with Revis on the other side in zone, it is so depressing.

    Today, I can’t even get excited over the draft pick we might get next year – after all, we only have 5 picks in 2014, and we need a lot of help. Have anymore Bucs Superbowl stories Joe? I am about to tune out on this team and I have followed them loyally for 24 years.

  15. Jim Says:

    With a very high draft pick for a new QB next year and a loaded roster of talent, we just need a coach that can turn this around. Maybe Josh McDaniels needs another shot at being a head coach?

  16. BucFanForever Says:

    “They forgot how to play defense and I gotta problem with that.”

  17. Architek Says:

    Yeah I agree after tonight the obvious maybe to relieve him of his duties, but we can’t mess up and start pointless winning because anything outside of a top 3 pick will not land our QB.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How much more of this do we have to deal with? How many more guys have to rip our team? What’s it going to take? Do I really have to wait until January to get rid of this clown?

  19. Joe Says:

    How much more of this do we have to deal with? How many more guys have to rip our team? What’s it going to take? Do I really have to wait until January to get rid of this clown?

    Welp. It’s either:

    1) Run Schiano and the Bucs may win four games, at best, which are meaningless except for ruining a draft position; or,

    2) Suck it up, get a great pick, and hopefully have a guy to build around for the next decade.

    Joe easily chooses, No. 2.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    But what if in the process we get rid of some good players who put up bad film due to bad scheme/coaching? If you were a new coach/gm, would you want to keep Revis at $16M to play zone? Would you keep anyone on the OL? Would you keep Goldson?

    What’s going to happen if and when players quit? What about players that get overworked and get seriously hurt (ahem, Doug Martin)? Is it worth it to get a higher draft pick? Is it worth being a complete joke of a team? To me, it isn’t.

  21. Joe Says:

    Is it worth being a complete joke of a team?

    Very much so because getting that high pick often means a better chance of no longer being a complete joke.

    Joe remembers one year during the Chucky regime, the Bucs missed out on two dynamic potential Hall of Famers at need positions, two players Chucky openly coveted, but were picked by two teams picking directly before the Bucs, Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas. The Bucs missed out on those two thanks to one long ago forgotten win.

    Instead, the Bucs had to settle for Gaines Adams.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I wasn’t even talking about losing games as being why we are a joke.

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Gotta put up with it. Sucks.

    But as Sapp just said. ” defenses do not win Championships!
    Today’s NFL has the Autobann- right down the center of the field.
    You can’t win in Today’s NFL , without a Great QB!”

    He’s spot on.

    McCoy is the best DT in Football. If we had an experienced Pass rusher, he would be feasting, due to McCoys disruptions!

  24. Capt. Tim Says:

    It was a hellava complement that Sapp dropped on McCoy. Still stunned he said it.

    And he wouldn’t have said it- if he didn’t believe it!

    This team is talented
    Gotta get an intelligent coach
    And somehow- a QB