Ronde Barber: Revis Not Yet Back

October 19th, 2013

Bucs fans, seemingly trying to ignore how their team is in a woeful 1-10 spiral, all seem to be hand-wringing about how Bucs commander Greg Schiano is deploying Darrelle Revis. Is it zone or is it man?

Bucs fans say zone. NFL analysts say zone. Schiano and his crew invite fans into defensive meetings to help out. Joe thinks the Bucs are doing both, but playing more zone because Revis isn’t yet recovered fully from his knee surgery and cannot handle the rigors of a full game playing press-man.

Well, former Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber has weighed in. After watching the Bucs play last week, Barber doesn’t believe Revis is the old Revis. He is not healthy, so he told the Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

“I don’t think that knee is back to where it was yet, but he still has been playing well,’’ Barber said in a text message Friday to The Tampa Tribune. “Probably not where he wants, but it’s not like he’s a liability.’’

On his weekly radio show on WDAE (620 AM), Revis said his left knee has recovered from surgery, but indicated some of his leg muscles and glutes are still trying to regain their previous strength.

“He’s not being asked to play on the line of scrimmage like they were last year,’’ said Barber, who retired in May after 16 seasons. “I think a lot of people expect him to be shutting receivers out playing man, but that’s not what they are asking him to do. He does on certain third downs and situations where it calls for it, but not every snap like he was in New York. He still has awesome movement and wins at the line when he’s up there.’’

There’s not much better of an authority than that, eh? The more Revis recovers from his knee surgery — remember, Davin Joseph also had knee surgery last year before Revis, and Joseph has been a shell of his former self — the more Joe suspects Revis will be playing press-man.

Besides, the Bucs defense is not the reason the team has yet to find a win in the 2013 campaign.

57 Responses to “Ronde Barber: Revis Not Yet Back”

  1. MadMax Says:

    And Im ok with him not back 100% just yet…. especially now. We have the “perfect storm” for colossal healing for our injured stars……just hope they dont dink and dunk like Bowers has been doing!

  2. MadMax Says:

    In the mean time, Clowney is looking back to his old self 😉

  3. Bobby Says:

    Exactly! It’s about results not Revis playing press man all game long. It’s like people actually believe the Bucs paid Revis all that money and suddenly forgot how good he is in man coverage. Use your heads and it becomes pretty clear that they are utilizing him how they feel is best to bring him back to his former self and then we’ll see more press man. I can absolutely guarantee you that these same pundits and fans would be screaming bloody murder if we put Revis in exclusive press man and he re-injured his knee. They’d be talking about how we put oo much on him too soon, etc. You KNOW it’s true. It’s a lose lose for the coaches. I trust they know what they’re doing with Revis. They get his input and go accordingly.

  4. MadMax Says:

    @Bobby, you’re so right! I, at first, was mad about it during the Saints/Cards games, but then it sank in…..reaffirmed against the Eagles.

  5. PRBucFan Says:

    Exactly what I have been saying 🙂

  6. MadMax Says:

    The most stupid penalty call on a play ever? Intentional grounding after a delay of game…thank God it was ignored!!!!

  7. Bucsfan68 Says:

    Besides, the Bucs defense is not the reason the team has yet to find a win in the 2013 campaign.
    Lavonte David’s (LB) personal foul in the Jets game turned a 17-15 lead into an 18-17 loss. The defense gave up a big pass play in the closing moments of the Saints game that turned a 14-13 lead into a 16-14 loss. The defense is one of the reasons for the team’s winless start.

  8. BucsQcCity Says:

    Maybe we should throw 20M/year to richard sherman to play zone in the flat on the other side of Revis.. We would have the safest 10yards outside coverage in the nfl

    Revis is not the problem here zone/man he get its job done. Offense needs to put points and sustain drives and we need Bank to grow faster than most nfl rookies on other team needs to because we have no depth on that roster.. Plus our safeties needs to be better on coverage. I’m almost tempted to consider i convert Barron as a LB if he doesn’t improve..wouldn’t be much of a change since he’s already playing in the box..

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    The DEFENSE held the Saints to 16 points!

    The defense would not of been in that situation if the offense would have scored on one of the NUMEROUS times they gave the ball back to the offense that game.

    LoL SMH

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucsfan68…yes but the O did not do diddly squat to win the game all 4 qrtrs.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    PRB…some people just don’t get it or they just tuned into the games in the 4th quarter.

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    LoL Clueless

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes I and many more peeps were saying that during training camp Revis has basically no help out there in the secondary. The Bucs were relying on a rookie Banks and Leonard Johnson. Safeties are fine, but Banks and Johnson do not cut the mustard.

  14. Bobby Says:

    Banks will get better. He’s a rookie and still learning. Very few rookies come in without growing pains.

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    I think both Banks and Johnson will develop quite nicely

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    My point was the Bucs did not need a learning rookie opposite of Revis. I still think Banks MIGHT get better by next season.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Like I said in the summer, there were FA DB’s out there. The Bucs chose a rookie and Johnson and thought that would be good enough with the Pats and the NFC South on their schedule. I like Banks too and Johnson is adequate for now. I’m just saying right now it appears they are weakest link in the secondary this season. We were told Revis Island was coming to Tampa and that he takes up 1 side of the field so that would make things easier on the rest of the secondary.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Then again I also said in the summer that Freeman was going to light it up this season. So what the ef do I know?

  19. Bobby Says:

    Again…we have a top 10 scoring defense. Offense is the worst in the league. Where do you think the problem has been? Banks and Johnson??? Hardly…

  20. cometowin2 Says:

    Seems like Joe is one of the few on the same page as me. Here is a comment I wrote yesterday on and

    I know we want to bash Schiano at every opportunity, but can we at least wait to criticize on not using Revis correctly until he’s 100%? He’s said several times on his radio show that he is not there yet. Lot more stress on the knee playing man to man all game. Give it a little more time before you “chirp” that they’re not using him correctly. Come on man! by cometowin2 on 10.18.13 2:29pm

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Did I say the D was the problem? or That Banks and Johnson are the problem? Everyone and their mother in Idaho can see the Bucs offense is the problem Bobby.

  22. Bobby Says:

    Then why complain about something that isn’t the problem???

  23. MadMax Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    October 19th, 2013 at 1:18 pm
    Then again I also said in the summer that Freeman was going to light it up this season. So what the ef do I know?

    Its ok to play/guess though. Just dont take it personal….some players here….they know chirp chirp 😉

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    I just don’t think that Banks or Johnson are the problem either.

    Banks had a rough game last week but it’s not like that has been the case most all year.

    If anything I would say that Baron needs to make sure he rebounds this week.

    I think our D is just fine, if they can make sure that those long TD passes are a one time thing and don’t become a habit than they have nothing to worry about.

    I am glad the two young guys are getting so much experience. We will be better for it in the long run.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Duh, and he might never Be right, he’s a corner back-recovering from major knee surgery..GETTING PAID A MILLION BUCKS A GAME….WTF!!!

  26. Buc1987 Says:


  27. Bobby Says:

    On a side note…Vanderbilt beats Georgia! Talk about an overrated team in Georgia….

  28. Morgan Says:

    Glad to see JBF finally discovering what many Buc fans have been posting about Revis’s recovery. Welcome to reality.

  29. MadMax Says:

    And Famous Jameis needs to save my saturday because I just woke up to see my Gamecocks went down…AGAINNNNNnnn….unFNbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    As happy as Bobby, PR, and Maddy are- it’s hard to believe we are 1-11.
    They just sound some serene. Everything’s great, coaches are making fantastic coaching moves, players are just wonderful

    Man, you guys are really stoned- or you are all Schianos kids, trying to keep pops on the payroll til his Christmas shopping is done!!!

    If so, at least somebody in that family has some kinda strategy!!

    Yeah, he’s the real deal. Despite all your dumping glitter on it- this team is a large, steaming pile. We have horrible coaches ,who hold both Fans and Media in sustain. We have no depth, and injured players forced to play. We have great players, being misused. We have a limited rookie, trying to do his masters bidding. Unfortunately- that plan ain’t working!

    So, amidst all your back patting, blind Shiano love, try stuffing yer turkey with that pile!

    Any loving spin on 0-16?

  31. WalkdaPlank Says:

    yeah i watched the Georgia/Vandy game and it seems Roger Goodell’s refs made it into that game. That 4th and 4 “personal foul” on UGA’s Wilson was a clean shoulder to shoulder hit but the refs wanted to play sissyball instead of football and it played a huge part in the outcome.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Whose talking about Schiano?

    Lol Play nice, I have been 😉

    I’m tired of Schiano’s name getting tagged onto my posts like I have said anything about the man lol. I haven’t.

    Thanks, don’t do it again.

  33. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Bobby – Georgia has 6 of their best players out with injuries and the refs screwed them in the Vandy game. I dont like using injuries as an excuse but when 6 of your most productice players are out its a huge factor.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Max I’m expecting to have good Saturday FSU wins big, the Red Sox go onto the World Series. If the Bucs win tomorrow it will be a trifecta. Then if Freeman bombs on Monday night that will be the sugar on top.

  35. WalkdaPlank Says:

    the real overrated team is Louiseville blowing a huge lead to UCF. They play nothing but scrubs all year so of course they look like an actual Championship team until they get a decent opponent.

  36. PRBucFan Says:

    Why on earth would you be as Sox fan?


  37. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Screw the Red Sox and their nasty beards

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    I grew up in Mass. and went to Fenway many many MANY times as a kid. Yup the beards are ugly but they do have a meaning to them and so far it’s working.

  39. MadMax Says:

    @Capt., whose Maddy? If thats a reference to me Bro, you couldnt be further from the truth!

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    On my mini-van I have a Bucs decal, FSU decal, and a Red Sox decal. On the side windows I have Buco Bruce on each windows left and right. Oh and I hate the Pats, because I think Br-ady is a little punk bitch.

  41. MadMax Says:

    Yeap Buc1987, enjoy what you can…..its all falling down around me right now, lol. I at least had my Gamecocks to fall back on, but even they’re done now …..smdfh!!!

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    I stick by my teams…I had more than enough chances to drop being a Bucs fan back in the 80’s, and they gave me plenty of reasons to do so. I’ve lived in about 7 different states and always brought my Buc gear along with me.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Yep your Maddy.

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Max…I’m sorry to hear that, but being a Noles fan I grew to hate Spurrier so I have no sympathy for him. I always root against him.

  45. Bobby Says:

    @Private Tim…..nobody is happy about the team being where they are at, I’m just not moaning like an ex-lover about Freeman getting shipped out. I’m also not stupid enough to think that a guy who did in the pros exactly what he did in college is the product of ‘bad coaching’. That’s YOUR dept. As far as Schiano, as long as the players haven’t quit on him why should I? Just because you have? Be miserable about Freeman if you want….I’m going to pull for Glennon. He already looks better than Freeman did in his first three games this year. I’m also going to pull for Schiano to turn things around. If he doesn’t he’ll be gone without me crying like ‘Private Tim’ the rest of the season. Yeah, you got demoted for conduct unbecoming an officer.

  46. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, I was never a fan of him myself, but he has brought in some talent and brought us some decent years…..I just hate the way he talks down about the players when they’re doing good (like last year)… he’s a weird one, coaching practices shirtless and barefoot…oh well, thats him though, lol!

    I hope the Noles BEAT THE SNOT out of clemsux tonight…..and Im 20 minutes from that game!

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Wow Bobby, from captain, to lieutenant, to private now. Yah that’s about where I’m at with Schiano as well too. I have to pull for him to turn it around. What choice do I have? Bitch and moan about him for the next 2 1/2 months? Nah why bother?

  48. MadMax Says:

    Damn Buc1987, you still havent caught on yet? No prob Bro… will eventually 😉

  49. Private Tim Says:

    Be that as it may- I’m still entirely right!!

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh my ahahaha

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    Max…what have I not caught onto yet? Schiano? I know he’s gone at the end of the season if the losing continues. Are they losing on purpose to get a QB? Max what have I not caught onto yet? Fill in the blanks for me.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    Atleast before 8 though because I have something pretty big to do at 8 O’clock.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t think they are going to throw in the towel if that’s what you mean.

  54. MadMax Says:

    I’ll get back to you man, Im watching too….basically a total house cleaning starting with Dom….we’ll discuss later 😉

  55. MadMax Says:

    Alright, filling in the blanks_____________________

    I’ll start with this “are there really blanks there”?

    Look, Im not going to go on a bashing spree, but as a fan you should see it, at least in the stubborn running Doug when the box is overloaded…..and the D not covering star TE’s…..

    dude, I havent EVER been this sick to my stomach with this staff!!! And it starts with Dom, (because he allowed it) and trickles down to sciano.

  56. MadMax Says:

    WE NEED LOVIE OR MIKE ZIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. scubog Says:

    I ever took you for a mini-van guy Buc1987. Please tell me you don’t have those little stick figure stickers showing the family and pets on the back window.