Michael Vick A Full Participant At Friday Practice

October 11th, 2013

So who will run the wild Eagles offense Sunday at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway?

Michael Vick’s bum hamstring keeps improving and, per the Eagles’ website, Vick was a full participant in today’s practice. Players rarely sit out when they’re full go on a Friday.

Joe’s not sure what’s a better matchup for the Bucs — Vick under center or emerging second-year QB Nick Foles. The way Vick has been inconsistent this season, Joe would rather see Vick out there. And there’s always a good chance he gets knocked out of the game, which one would think might slow down the Eagles a bit.

Anyone remember Vick’s December 2005 trip to Tampa? That had to have been the longest and wildest football game Joe ever experienced, an amazing win in the final seconds of overtime for the division champion Bucs. Damn, “division champs” has a nice ring to it.

26 Responses to “Michael Vick A Full Participant At Friday Practice”

  1. jiom cruger Says:

    it was nice to come to this site and smile for the first time in a looooonnnnnngggg time! Great picture of the good ole days.

  2. MadMax Says:

    Holyhell, Adrian Peterson’s 2 year old son has been murdered!

    Man, thats awful!

  3. Capt. Tim Says:

    Vick sucks. He always has. So pathetically overrated!! Sucked as a falcon. Can’t stay on field as an Eagle

    Foles is more dangerous!

    Hope we can overcome our bad coach/ QB, and win this one. We are sooo much more talented! It would be a travesty to lose to that team

  4. JonBuc Says:

    Not only do I remember the ’05 tilt….but the ’02 tilt was even better! It left Vick mumbling and kicking the dirt while Joey J. mocked the dirty nerd….those were the days indeed! This current product is so awful that I can hardly believe it’s the same franchise.

  5. Bucs2014 Says:

    Its pretty obvious that the eagles are going with their hot hand. Not the injured decoy.

    They may throw him in for a play or two, but Vick wont be a factor. forget Glennon, I just hope our DBs dont get raped. Now that 27 isnt there. We could sure use Ahmad Black now, with all the dime we’ll be playing.

  6. ElioT Says:

    K2 got the old 4 game PED suspension!!! What a douche bag…

  7. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    “Who Let The Dogs Out”….surely not Michael…..GMC should be salivating at the thought of punishing Vick…..I hope he plays…would rather play him than Foles….

  8. MattHorse Says:

    Fantastic picture!

  9. Patrick Says:

    The 2005 season was fun as hell to watch. That wild card loss to the Redskins was heartbreaking.

  10. Bucs2014 Says:


    Thats f-in heartbreaking. Makes you put things into perspective, while we follow this game, real or fantasy, that evil dark crap like this is happening. My heart and prayers go to Adrian tonight…..Forget MRSA. forget the eagles. This is way too realer.

  11. Bucs2014 Says:

    I couldn’t imagine what I would do if this happened to my little man. I’d go Dexter on his a**!

  12. stratobuc Says:

    I remember the game where Ron Mexico was Hi-Lo’d by Quarles and McFarland. He didn’t run very fast after that play.

    !Viva Mexico!

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yea great pic Joe. I can only imagine their conversation on the field.

  14. Rob Says:

    When do we find out whether the NFLPA is going to recommend that the game be canceled or not?

  15. ATLBucsFan Says:

    I think that was when Rice was quoted after the saying “You guys (media) put the (Superman) Cape on him, we just took it off!”

  16. Rob Says:

    Also Gruden’s amazing post-game speech where he said (paraphrasing) ‘all I heard about all week was how is anyone going to stop Mike Vick, but I didn’t hear anyone ask HOW ARE THEY GOING TO STOP THIS DEFENSE?!!’

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’ll take Vick. Bucs figured him out a long, long time ago.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On a side note, Kellen Winslow suspended. Guess haters can’t use him being released as a reason to hate Dom anymore.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Early reports indicated that the NFLPA might request that Sunday’s Eagles-Bucs game be canceled, postponed or moved out of Tampa…”


  20. mac Says:

    That is an absolutely awesome photo… Ahhh the good old days…

    Remember when the Bucs were respected?

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai …thanks man I just looked that up. This season is really getting crazy now.

  22. McBuc Says:

    Crqzy talk. The Bucs fugured out Vick along time ago? Yeah, but no one is left from those days. Also, foles beat a different bucs defence, i woukd rather face. Foles than vick. Vick forces a defender to account for him, foles does not.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Vick is well past his prime. He was never much good to begin with. Before the whole dog thing he got a lot of attention but it was undeserved. He was a glorified RB that tried to throw passes. Once teams put a spy on him he was forced to throw…that’s how you beat him. Because passing is his weakness.

    The Eagles are 2-3 for a reason. Heck, Micheal Vick isn’t even a big part of the offense. In their last win he only had around 104 yards passing and 79 yards rushing. No touchdowns.

    Yet they still scored 36 points.

    He only broke 60 QBR the first 2 games and the only time he broke 50 QBR in the others was 51.9.

    Vick sucks. Period. Foles is a better passer. Not as mobile but then no mobile qb will do well against the Bucs defense. It’s the passers that have beaten the Bucs.

    Give me Vick and it’s a win for sure. Vick got so much press he relies on intimidation. It ain’t real.

  24. McBuc Says:

    Yes but without accounting for vick you can close the running lanes. He alsohas experience and has won the nfl. Dint be fooled becasue the okd bucs schooled him. Our defense is not as good or fast as back then. Also, the bucs are 0-4 for a reason as welm. We are one if the bad teams we keep hearing we should beat.

  25. McBuc Says:

    Damn iPhone

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    We’ll see if he plays. Personally I think the Bucs can beat either one, but I think Foles is the bigger threat.