“Like Having A New Toy”

October 28th, 2013

Today the leader of the New Schiano Order explained one reason why the Bucs are throwing the ball so much, busting records for passing attempts for rookie quarterbacks.

In part, it’s because Mike Glennon plays so maturely. But that’s not good for Glennon, Schiano said today at his afternoon news conference.

“I think we’ve put Mike in a bad spot, you know. We’re throwing the ball, he’s throwing too many passes,” Schiano said. “And even last game, you say, ‘Well at the end of the game we had to throw every.’ Yeah, we did. But within the first three quarters we should have ran the ball more. And I’m disappointed in myself for not making sure that happened.

“We shouldn’t put him in that spot as coaches. So we’ve re-evaluated that and we’re going to try to play a little more balanced. You know, I think what happens is we are very comfortable with the way Mike reads things out. So it gets you excited and you want to do things. It’s like having a new toy. But, you know, it’s not the best thing, I don’t think, for us winning football games.”

Schiano took a moment in between those quotes to make it clear he wasn’t being critical of playcalling, though it surely sounded that way to Joe.

As for Glennon being a new toy, well, Joe’s not sure what to make of that. If Glennon is that good at reading the field, then it’s a darn shame the Bucs have so few talented receivers to throw to now. If the Bucs’ brass feels that way, then Joe wouldn’t be surprised by the Bucs trading for a receiver before tomorrow’s NFL trade deadline.

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  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When you get behind and the other team stacks the box daring you to throw…you throw….so its not the number of throws but its when and where and the results that count.
    I believe our top two recievers lack the speed necessary to get the YAC and to make touchdowns. MW19 hasn’t been effective for some time & it seems that VJ is always covered deep.
    This points out the need for speed.
    There have been several plays over the last couple of years that VJ should have scored a TD. Not saying they aren’t good…just saying we need to add some speed to our reciever corps.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    ” And I’m disappointed in myself for not making sure that happened.”

    How many times is Schiano going to continue to say crap like this before someone higher figures it out that he’s no NFL coaching material? If he’s disappointed in himself after every single game. How do the Glazers think we the fans feel? And do they even care anymore?

    ” And I’m disappointed in myself for not making sure that happened.”

    Should be followed with “I’m getting sick and tired of having to say stuff like this after every game, so I’m going to resign.”

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…your right Jackson burns NO ONE anymore. I’m thinking VJ would make a great #2 or #3 on other teams rosters. Instead he’s the Bucs #1.

  4. bigpoppabuc Says:

    We could probably get Britt from the titans for cheap. What glennon really needs is a we’d Welker type of guy. I think by seasons end more if you will be sold on glennon.

  5. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Wes…nod we’d

  6. Macabee Says:

    “I think we’ve put Mike in a bad spot, you know. We’re throwing the ball, he’s throwing too many passes,” Schiano said. That might be a recognition of the fact that Seattle has arguably the best secondary in the NFL with 11 interceptions.

    So we’re probably going to run the ball more without Doug Martin. against the one of the best run defenses in the NFL.

    Ok. I think I got the game plan now. We’re Doomed!

  7. SKelly Says:

    Problem is, Schiano’s right – they are putting Mike in a bad spot asking him to throw that much but he can’t exactly say “we’ll, since our 100 million dollar offensive line can’t open a running lane, we have to throw a lot.”

    Is it just me or has someone dialed down the jerk meter on coach in his press conference’s lately. I think they call that a little humble pie….

  8. waterboy Says:

    That report says “The Bucs organization” feels Freeman’s camp leaked the information.

  9. bucfan062798 Says:


  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking of speed…I hope Demps recovers…we need him in some 2 back sets & lined up in the slot….at least Glennon can hit him with short passes & anything is possible after that with his speed.
    I’d like to see Sherman in the wildcat…..he can run, throw & catch….I don’t know why he’s on the team if we can’t use him in the offense.
    The only silver linings to a lost season is development of younger players & higher draft position.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One really good reason to fire Schiano now is that he has no interest in next year like we do and the Owners do…he is only interested in this week (One Game Season).

    The problem with replacing him is what motivation will an interim have unless he sees the possibility of coaching in 2014?

  12. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I don’t think they are ever going to find the source of the leak. And I don’t care. It only makes a difference if it is proven that Schiano is the source. And if there was any major evidence at all we’d still be in the media circus from weeks ago. If Schiano was found to be the source that would a felony, no? So not only would the Glazers not have to pay him, we are talking jail time. If there was something to uncover don’t you think we’d uncovered it by now? Then again, knowing the U.S legal system……….

  13. White Tiger Says:

    Don’t doubt for an instant that the Bucs allege that it was Freeman’s camp responsible for the leak – also just as reliably – don’t doubt for an instanrt that that the NFLPA say the Bucs/Schiano were responsible party for the leak.

    The travesty in all of this is A) Why did it take a week for the Buc owners to address this (i.e., they’re working with a PR agency to do some damage control over what the pretend coach, too-married GM, and DOLTS-for owners have created here in just a 60 day period.

    B) Why did the owners allow Freeman to get away if the possibility existed AT ALL that Schiano was W-R-O-N-G inhis assessment in the guy they’d just invested $36 million dollars in – and one they had to be coerced into supporting.

    Yoiu may not have liked Freeman – he’s gone now, so it doesn’t really matter – but you sacrificed a pretty decent number one – for an opportunity to see what a completely unknown 3rd rounder looked like. No matter how you frame that question – it sounds just as stupid. Glennon got the opportunity, and you STILL don’t know what you[‘ve got. His completion rate isn’t better than Josh’s – he’s doing NOTYHING to win a game – at best he’s an efficient game manager. By now, Freeman had already led LESS talent to 4th quarter comeback wins.

    If there was a CHANCE that Schiano was wrong, smart owners hang on to their daft picks – our owners act like addicts at the roulette wheel who are down $1000 but are convinced the NEXT spin of the wheel will get the house out of hock!?

    ALL of the drama this year, the indecisiveness, and the FACT that we have one of the largest staff of former head coaches in the NFL tells me THEY weren’t even sure about Schiano coming into this year – but they let him trash any HOPE of succeeding. Don’t give me any tripe about how much you “saw” in Glennon – you “saw” what the coach wanted you and the owners to see…whatever it took to justify starting a rookie.

    Schiano HAS lost the locker room – because this defense has given up 31 points in each of the last 3 LOSSES.

    The owners can’t afford luxuries like Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks if you don’t know who your QB is going to be…

    THAT means – the minute Schiano picked a rookie – he divided the veterans of this team. They knew the concept of “win now” was over. It was time to consider THEIR next contract options….

    FOOLS think otherwise – cheerleaders get mad at the messenger – but fans know this is the truth.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I believe there has to be some intent for it to be considered a felony…and if the reports are correct Schiano spoke to other players about Josh’s condition & it may have been in the form of questions instead of statements….there could be some civil liability…but for that, there would have to be damages….and I don’t think Freeman could substantiate any damages since another team picked him up and paid him in additon to his salary at Tpa….
    I do think it matters and I agree that Schiano should not be tarnished with an act he may not have committed. No matter how much he is hated…he deserves the same benefit we would all want….”innocent until proven guilty”

  15. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    I know your not favor of firing Schiano until at least after the season or unless the team quits, but Im curious to know how likely you think it is for Schiano to be retained. what do you think is the minimum that must happen in order for Schiano to remain our coach next season? 4 to 5 wins?

  16. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I don’t think it was either of them. People hate Freeman and people hate Schiano aside from the leak. Neither of them really had any motive to do such a thing. If Freeman’s camp was the source how does that help Freeman? Did they think people would feel sorry for him and give him roster spot? If Schiano’s camp was the source how does that help Schiano? He had already benched Freeman and started a 3rd round rookie, what does telling people that Josh has ADHD and took Ritalin or whatever do? What about Dom though? Nobody wanted to trade for Freeman, and he had to pay Freeman millions in order to cut him. Perhaps he was hoping Josh would flip out and void the contract and not have to pay him? I don’t know, but either way the whole Freeman debacle was handled unprofessionally by both sides and as a Bucs fan I’d very much like it if it was behind us.

  17. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I certainly don’t look at Schiano like a criminal. Well, other than robbing season ticket holders of being able to watch a well-coached team, haha. I just look at Schiano as a coach who is coaching his way out of the NFL. He’s still a human being though, with a wife and kids. Don’t worry though, whether he goes 0-16 and is fired, or has a never-before-seen turnaround and finishes 9-7 he’s still walking away from this season a millionaire, right?

  18. BK Says:

    This is just downright embarrassing. The Glazer’s dont deserve another penny for this SHIPWRECK of a team. We the fans need to punish them (no jerseys tickets food sales parking just stop it all) for this and the only thing greedy people (like the Glazers) care about is $$$…dont show up for MNF and that should close the Shittanoo coffin.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    My wife got a funny cartoon on her Facebook. It’s a kid that’s at a door trick or treating he looks into his bag and says. “Sh!t more Buccaneers tickets”.

  20. Joe Says:

    @PRBucfan – Joe has asked numerous times for readers to not hijack comment threads by going 110 percent off topic and including links to other websites.

    Joe has banned you from commenting for intentionally violating that rule. Joe’s confident you were aware of it, given that you kindly told Joe he could delete your link if he wanted to. Sorry, Joe has not time or desire to babysit comments. It’s not personal, just a decision Joe made long ago. –Joe

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ JOE

    It’s your business & I repect that greatly…and appreciate what you bring to Buc fans. It with that in mind that I ask you to reconsider on PRBucFan’s banishment….How about a stern warning?
    In my experience on the site, PR is very passionate about his Bucs and respectfull to those who disagree…he brings intelligent arguments to the debates.
    Like I said…do as you wish and I know you must have rules. My suggestion is a specific warning to an individual poster followed by termination from the site.

  22. Architek Says:

    Joe please unsuspend PRBucFan – we will moderate him and manage his adherence to your policies and standards.

    He is a good guy and I am sure this was just an anomaly not trending behavior warranting banding.

    (Making Light) – Thomas 2.2 maybe warranted but PRBucFan is a great poster Joe.

  23. chickster Says:

    He needs to take his new toy and go home

  24. chickster Says:

    Nice job white tiger

  25. Gavster17 Says:

    Glennon is soooooo good at reads that’s why our offense still sucks? We pass a lot because we get absolutely nothing from our ground game. It has nothing to do with Glennon being so good at reads and more to do with we have to pass because it’s 3rd and 9 .

  26. PRBucFan Says:


  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Thank you so much Joe(s).

    I am very grateful for the second chance.

    I apologize for the off-topic link, it won’t happen again I promise.