“It’s A Debacle”

October 14th, 2013

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Greg Schiano may be the most hated man in Tampa Bay right now, and it is a shocking slide from grace, as quick and as bad as Joe has ever seen.

Just three or four weeks ago, Schiano was still respected if not embraced by Bucs fans. They loved his “toes-on-the-line” mentality and how he demanded players stay in line or get your arse to TIA before sundown.

After the chest-bumping ways of Raheem Morris when trailing by three touchdowns, the New Schiano Order was refreshing. But the bloom off the flower finally wilts when there is loss after loss after loss and the fire and brimstone ways, as the losses mount, begin to feel more like a crazed junior high PE teacher than an NFL coach.

Joe will explain later this morning why Joe has changed his mind about Schiano’s (lack of) future in Tampa Bay. But there is one man who thinks Schiano may not see Halloween as Buccaneers coach, and that is Tampa Tribune humorist Martin Fennelly.

It’s a debacle. I exclude the MRSA mess, which is no laughing matter.

Schiano’s record, that’s a laughing matter. He can’t survive 0-8 if it gets that bad.

I’d call this a circus, but I’ve stopped doing that out of fear of litigation that actual circuses might consider it libelous to be compared with the Bucs. Hey, don’t think guys with seltzer bottles don’t have lawyers.

Hhhmmm. Joe always associated seltzer bottles with The Three Stooges, but that’s another story for another day.

Joe is still somewhat of the belief that Team Glazer will keep Schiano through the end of the season, and Joe is OK with that. Team Glazer has never made a coaching move midseason. And let’s be honest: As the losses mount, the better the Bucs’ shot of landing Teddy Bridgewater or Jadeveon Clowney.

Now Joe was talking with some fellow sports scribes yesterday, and the consensus do not agree with Joe. One vaunted journalist told Joe, “You have to be able to hang a ‘W’ next to your name at some point.”

56 Responses to ““It’s A Debacle””

  1. Morgan Says:

    I was at the game, spent 3/4th of the game standing w/ fellow fans in the plaza watching the game. Didn’t hear but one or two comments about the coach’s decisions. Don’t know if “hate” is the right word.

  2. Kevin Says:

    It’s the best thing to do…Let Schiano finish the season and look even worse, he will drive himself out of the league. Get the number one pick and find a new HC/GM combo. Schiano is a Tard

  3. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Oh well.

    Who’s next?

    Better no be Lovie Smith.

  4. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I completely agree with you Kevin. Let him hang himself and let us get some high draft picks. I’m sure the new coach/GM will appreciate having those high picks to choose the guys they want. I honestly don’t see this team winning more than 2 games, and that’s me being optimistic. The Glazers ( the moron twins, not Malcolm ) need to stop trying to prove to the world that they are “football” people because they ARE NOT!!!! Go out and pay Cowher, Billick, Smith, even Schottenheimer whatever it takes and let actual REAL football people right this ship. Right now it’s the Titanic and it’s going down fast!

  5. jb Says:

    I believe at this point the Glazer boys KNOW they’re going to jettison this tyrannical dipstick, but figure they’ll wait until the NFL and/or the NFLPA do a complete investigation into Schianopolean’s leaking of Freeman’s federally protected health info to some players, thus giving them the ability to fire him cause so they won’t have to pay this miserable S.O.B. another dime!

  6. Paul Says:

    Got a good risk of losing the team and seeing a repeat of the most disgusting thing ever in 2011 with players flat out quitting on the field if we limp through the rest of the season with a lame duck HC that isn’t going to be rehired. Intern may stave that off for a couple more games…But we need to focus on draft position I guess..

  7. Paul Says:

    Clowns spray ppl too. Seltzer bottle or fake flower… lol

  8. Eric Says:

    I never liked the toes on the line mentality.

    Looking at the schedule we have slim chance at one win against maybe Bills or Panthers. 0-16 more likely. We need the number one pick for the new coach.

    Might as well keep him till the end of the year. The key to any hopes of a future is to jettison Dominik too.

    Dude is a total loser. He is the jack ass that found Coach Nut Case to begin with. Did you see anybody else rushing up there to hire the fool?

  9. Meh Says:

    Fire Schiano. Fire Dominik.


    Not tomorrow. Not at the end of the season. TODAY.

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    Count me as one who has swung his opinion of Schiano. Yesterday, with two weeks to prepare, was abysmal. I’m glad he has rid our franchise of Freeman, but it now appears he and Dominik need to follow Freeman out that same door.

    I am so tired of sitting in RayJay, outnumbered by visiting teams fans who incessantly chant their stupid chants, while my team is laying a steaming loaf on the field. It’s embarrassing.

  11. T in Orlando Says:

    I have no problem with the idea of a coach being a disciplinarian, but that better be reflected in the performance on the field, and I don’t mean Wins (although those are important too), but the team had better be disciplined in the way it plays, and this team just flat out doesn’t and hasn’t since he’s been hear.

    Too bad, as I was really hoping he would work out, I liked how he came and tried to “clean up the mess” left by Raheem. Now the question is, who’s coming in to clean his mess up?

  12. flmike, is back... Says:

    Paging Mr Davis, you are wanted in the GM’s office….

  13. buc4lyfe Says:

    I come to your sight daily and probably more times than could count in a day so I feel I’m qualified to say I think you have more than enough followers. So HURRY UP AND GET A PHONE APP ALREADY

    Don’t agree I think he needs to go now. dudes insane, take your clown posse with you. I think he actually thought he’s a good coach and changing qb would automatically fix things. We are at the point that if we dump him now the team will either begin to win and play like we expected or the interim is worst and we absolutely lose every game. We already know what schiano is so why keep him knowing he’s gone whether they turn it around or not

  14. mark2001 Says:

    I don’t doubt that unless things do a 180 the rest of the year, Shiano and his staff are gone, and rightfully so. But in the ire of fans, I wonder how many of them have ever been near the top of an organization and had to deal with such a situation? If they have, they know that sending Shiano packing isn’t enough. Dom must go with him. Why?

    1. He hired Rah. He hired Shiano. Obviously he showed poor judgement in those cases. And why should the next HC be different. Do you really want to start over again with a GM that has shown no ability to evaluate and hire a new HC? Can we take another four years of this?

    2. He has had his share of High draft picks, and with those picks hasn’t shown better than average at best results. How many pro-bowl guy has he drafted?

    3. He has signed a couple of pro-bowl guys who have played like it, during a few periods of time. But other than Jackson and Revis, how many of them are playing at that level now. Yes, they have been injured, but even MRSA excluded, how long does Nicks have on that toe?

    4. A new veteran coach will likely want a different GM. Would you want to stake your career and reputation on what has happened in those areas beyond your control the last few years?

    I think the first step is to find a new GM and allow him to hire the new coach. As they say, a fish rots from the head. And as the Glazers have allowed Dom to develop this organization, he must go or the chances are, based upon history, we can expect more of the same unless he leaves with Shiano.

  15. Joe Says:

    @buc4lyfe — Actually, Joe has a spectacular app in development. Hopefully, it will meet Joe’s specs and be ready to roll out in the next six weeks.

  16. buc4lyfe Says:

    Fire schiano now because those idiots are only gonna take to long like last year. Atleast if they fire him now they can start head coach gm search immediately. Dom isn’t a general manager, he needs to go up to executive and watch glazers money, he’s just a cap guy. Since this organization is so awful at choosing HC hire someone else outside that’s looking at the team from a outsiders view

  17. Meh Says:

    Dominik didn’t hire Morris. They were both hired by the Glazers. That one isn’t on Dom.

    That doesn’t mean Dominik should stay of course, just correcting the facts.


  18. buc4lyfe Says:

    That’s what’s Joe it’ll be like unveiling new buc uniforms from the cream sickle

  19. Hector Says:

    I’d rather get Taj Boyd but that’s just my opinion.

  20. Kennedy Says:

    It’s pretty sad that the thing I’m most looking forward to is when they call me to renew my season tickets and I tell them to kiss my ass.

  21. madmacskillz Says:

    Joe, you were incorrect about Freeman (staying as the QB) and you are incorrect about Schiano finishing the year (he won’t.) I think the thing to discuss at this point is who will they select as the interim head coach. Will it be Dave Wannstedt?

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    Keeping Schiano , until the investigation confirms what we already know- is a good idea. At this point- watching the Pasta Nazi get humiliated every week is the only joy a Buc fan has left!

    But Dom needs to be fired today. It would be hard to have done a worse job. He needs to go, and we need a new GM in place.
    Heck , he can start interviewing Coaches soon after the hire. Gives us an advantage in hiring a good coach- instead of leftovers like Schiano.

    I think this team has talent, but has no depth, and missing weapons in the passing Game.
    Obviously, a QB is first. Phillys defense is horrendous, 31st in the league. If you can’t beat them- no need to waste more time on you
    But almost as desperate, is TE and Slot Reciever. Schianos stupid Rutgers offense sucks. You have to attack the center of the field.

    3 desperate needs. Dozens of backups needed. No third round pick.figures.

    Yeah, Dom should be fired today.
    Schiano- let him keep getting humiliated for a while.
    Schiano’s coaching may help us land Bridgewater!
    It would be the best thing he’s done here!

  23. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    As long as the team hangs together, I see no reason to fire Schiano in mid-season other than to feed him to the lions.

  24. 911bucs Says:

    if he gets fired now we can see how the players respond on the field. If we get half a season with an interim coach it may not be a total rebuild again next year. This just a thought, what if the Glazers honor Schianos contract and keep him the entire duration?

  25. Meh Says:

    I’m fine with feeding Schiano to the lions. We’ve got to do what’s best for the team.

  26. ImissAlstott&Lynch Says:

    FIRE HIM TODAY!!!!!! Take the remainder of the year to S-C-R-U-T-I-N-I-Z-E every applicant. Most of all do not listen to Bill Belicheat who recommended Schiano for the job. Belicheats son played at Rutgers, surprised he is not starting for the Bucs now. FIRE DOMINICK also. Morris and Schiano was his picks, both failed.

  27. Meh Says:

    Again, to repeat, Dominik did not hire Morris.

  28. ImissAlstott&Lynch Says:

    Just a reminder, we have not scored a single TOUCHDOWN in the THIRD or FOURTH quarters this season. TEN quarters without reaching the endzone. Has Sully given an excuse / explination for this?

  29. MadMax Says:

    Well, I’d like to start this off by saying that we DO NOT have a talented team! Not this year. All of the stories I read and the comments I hear on the radio and tv about how we have a really talented team, its all just a bunch of hogwash to me now! Our secondary sucks again, and so does our O line (and we had a beasting O line last year, wth happened?). The only bright spots Im seeing right now are Glennon, Spence (even though he made that stupid penalty) and now Tim Wright. That guy should be used all the time now as our 3rd option….but Im sure the detrimental coaching and management are too blind to see that.

    No, we are not a talented team. Our winless record says so. And our horrible coaching, play calling, and front office management is just going to allow all of this crap to keep going for more losses!! Ive never been this sick to my stomach in disappointment with my Bucs. Something aint right!! But whatever….if they want to keep losing, then just stick with the same crap.

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Count me as one who has swung his opinion of Schiano. Yesterday, with two weeks to prepare, was abysmal. I’m glad he has rid our franchise of Freeman, but it now appears he and Dominik need to follow Freeman out that same door.

    Welcome to the club lightningbuc. It’s refreshing to finally see you come around on Schiano. It seems you realize that just because one is anti-Schiano doesn’t necessarily mean one is pro-Freeman. Honestly, there just comes a point where one can no longer defend the indefensible.

  31. Draft Marty Schottenheimer Says:

    With our current offensive weapons and a veteran QB, Scottenheimer can make us contenders, fast. Coach change should happen now. No guarantee a top draft pick QB will work out (Leaf, etc) and current players aren’t getting any younger. Don’t be patient for picks, be assertive now. Fire Schiano and Draft Marty.

  32. AmbushBuc Says:

    No to Schottenheimer. He’s in his 70s and hasn’t coached for nearly a decade. The game has passed him by.

  33. Draft Marty Schottenheimer Says:

    Incorrect, he wrapped up at least one title in CFL 2 years ago.

  34. MadMax Says:

    Mike Zimmer or Lovie Smith

  35. Eric Says:

    Ok Dominik did not hire Morris. But he did have a lot to do with bringing Schiano here, although the Glazers have the final call.

    Someone else needs to be in charge of the coaching search, thats all I am saying.

    Dominik was an impediment last time because a lot of the top guys want a GM they have worked with before. Cowher is like that I think.

    Whipe the slate clean and you can get more candidates.

  36. kenny_c Says:

    Dom has done a nice job of bringing in talent. Just last we had a top ten offense and a miserable defense. So dom goes out and gets two pro-bowlers and some better back-ups on defense. This is not Doms fault; Schiano and his 27 coaches are out coached every Sunday. There is no other explanation; this team has talent at every level.

  37. mvermulm Says:

    1. Dom didn’t hire Morris. The Glazers hired him to keep the salaries and financial commitment down in case there was a lengthy lockout.
    2. He’s drafted two pro-bowlers (GMC and Martin), and there are quite a few other really good-looking young players whom he drafted (David, Foster, Clayborn, Barron, Dotson, Williams, and Glennon looked pretty good yesterday and shows some potential). I think he listened to Rah too much his first two years, and has seemed to learn from his drafting mistakes quite a bit.
    3. Nicks got hurt after he signed here, so that can’t be blamed on Dom. Same with the MRSA issue. Goldson and Te’o can be added to that list, as well as some special teams guys who don’t make quite the gameday impacts due to their limited role. The fact that he does not sign depth guys is terrible though.
    4. A coach should not be choosing the GM. I don’t walk into my company and choose my boss, and neither should a new coach.

    I’m not saying I agree 100% with the job Dom has done, but I also don’t think a lot of it is as bad as many fans like to make it look. I would not be upset if he were fired, but I don’t think it’s a mandatory thing either.

  38. Meh Says:

    Eric, don’t confuse me correcting the record on who hired Morris with supporting Dom. I do not support Dom. I want him gone yesterday. He isn’t the worst GM ever, but he is definitely sub par.

    All this “talent” and we still have huge gaping holes. Where’s our backup guard when we know Nicks and Joseph are both coming off major injuries? Where’s our TE? Wright looks good, but that’s just flat out luck. We should never have come into this season with the TEs we have. And Ogletree was the answer for the third WR? And then we cut Underwood so he isn’t even in sync and ready when we need him. You can’t even keep him as the last WR? And where’s our secondary depth? Sure we got Revis, but then we depend on Banks (a rookie) and basically no depth? Where’s our safety depth? We cut Black in favor of Keith freaking Tandy? I mean Black wasn’t anything special, but Tandy is flat out terrible.

    And don’t even get me started on how poor our returns on trades have been. Nothing for Freeman even though teams got into a bidding war for him after he was cut. Only a 4th for Talib. A quarter pounder and fries for Blount.

    I could go on and on and on. Dominik needs to go with Schiano.

  39. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I thought they might have to wait until season’s end to clear house but, this might not wait, after all.

    if you are going to clear house, clear the whole house. Don’t stop at HC.

    Have GM’s been axed midseason?

    Just not sure who you make interim: Wanny, Davos, or Sullivan?

  40. Meh Says:

    Well, definitely not Sullivan. The offense is pathetic.

    I’m not sure what Davis’s contract is like with UNC. Is he still double dipping? If so he won’t coach.

    If it were me I’d probably go with Wannstedt as interim – as long as its clear it is only for this year.

  41. Chef Paul Says:

    I was going to make a comment, but mvermulm said my exact thoughts verbatim.

    Agree completely especially this: “I would not be upset if he were fired, but I don’t think it’s a mandatory thing either”

  42. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    No matter how bad it gets I hope they keep him at least through the end of season. Interim coaches tend to get the job long term and I want better options.

    Heck, Coughlin might even be available.

  43. Chef Paul Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a whole house cleaning EXCEPT Brian Cox. I would very much like him to stay. Even if it means a promotion. Last year his job was run defense. This year his job is pass rush. Vast improvement in both under his coaching.

  44. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Meh Says
    “I’m not sure what Davis’s contract is like with UNC. Is he still double dipping? If so he won’t coach.”

    I THINK it ends after this year, but I’m not certain either.

    One thing I hate about coaching changes is that all the assistants usually go. I like our Dline coach personally. The RB coach too.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    What was Raheems salary? I know they are still paying it this season, but, it can’t be that much.

    There’s a smattering of assistant coaches who are good. But, sometimes you just lose them with a new regime. I agree on some, like Cox.

  46. MTM Says:

    Hopefully the Glazers have started the GM/coaching search now. Not after all the top notch coaches have been scooped up. This coach cannot fix this. Its beyond his ability. If Schiano survives by some sort of miracle what would make anybody think he could coach up any high draft pick. This team is done!

  47. Meh Says:

    Cox did wonders with the linebackers last year, and has definitely improved the pass rush this year. It would be a shame to lose Cox, but I think we’re going to need a clean sweep.

  48. BirdDoggers Says:

    I can’t see any scenario where Schiano keeps his job. The fans are livid and the organization has become a target for the media. If Schiano is fired mid-season, the job would likely go to one of the assistants with the rest of the coaching staff and Dominik staying put through the rest of the season.

    The organization needs a massive change in culture. It starts with the Glazers. They have to hire people that can get the job done. The current regime has failed miserably at this.

  49. [THE HANGOVER] The Rays May Be Trying To Sign David Price To A Long-Term Contract | Rays Index Says:

    […] The Bucs are a mess. [JBF] […]

  50. Bucs4Life Says:


    I know your Dom’s state sponsored propaganda machine, but you thought fans embraced Schiano three weeks ago??? He’s been polarizing since he drafted Mike “Beeker” Glennon back in April. Your credibility is getting killed during this slide, too. I’ve seen commenters at Bucsnation refer to your site as “schianobucsfan.com,” so I just hope you’re aware of what you’re doing to your brand..

  51. Capt. Tim Says:

    Kenny C.
    ” Dom has done a nice job of bringing in Talent.”

    Yeah, when I see an 0-5 team, first thing I thing is talent!

  52. WalkdaPlank Says:

    It is unfair to put all of this on Dom. Schiano was not his first choice. If Chip Kelly hadn’t pulled a Brett Favre on us he would be our head coach now. Once he suddenly declined our offer, the Bucs were scrambling to find another good candidate. Like Joe said earlier, Chip Kelly is the only reason Schiano is here. Now Dom has put together a very talented team, one that should be winning. This clown and his college of coaches don’t know what the heck they are doing. So maybe Dom is not so good at picking coaches, but he sure as heck has an eye for talent. Imagine what Gruden could’ve done with the talent these players have, or any real NFL coach for that matter.

  53. Gus Says:

    For O Derrick Brooks — the Bucs have fired a GM midseason — Rich McKay, at the request of Chucky in 2003 — so there is some precedent.

    I actually think the Staph Infection thing would be difficult for any coach to overcome. Whoever is responsible for that needs to go (probably a Glazer, so the team president/exec below the lowest Glazer).

    Fault or no, I think you do go ahead an make a change in November just to get to the head of the line for coaches, whoever that may be.

    As much as we hate retreads as fans, there are two 6-0 retreads doing well. Might want to look in that direction. Gary Kubiak will give you an offense and I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to develop his own QB from scratch.

  54. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Teflon Dom will not survive this. If the coach goes, so does he. Freeman was his first pick ever. He is responsible for the coaching hires. He didn’t hire Rah, but, he let him talk him into drafting Freeman. A fire-able offense in itself.

  55. bucemup Says:

    The next coach will be soft and cuddly. Giving out hug’s and praize. Sure he might break down and cry after a loss. But this is the kind of coach that can motivate the girlymen player’s of today. Player’s don’t have to meet at the hair salon to run smack on the hard nosed coach. Because the soft coach will be there with them. Right after they grab there triple lattes.

  56. dennis Says:

    No. Schiano and everyone else should go now! Let the new gm and coach get used to the players by finishing the year then next year there will be no excuse about “not having time to get used to players and plays”