Inconsistency Put Glennon Into Third Round

October 9th, 2013

Longtime Redskins and Texans general manager Charley Casserly, now an NFL Network analyst, spoke this morning on the The Sports Page on WDAE-AM 620 about the good and bad of Mike Glennon.

Ironically, Casserly painted a picture of Glennon being rather Josh Freeman-like in college and said Glennon’s baffling inconsistency at times is what made him a third-round pick. Casserly also gets into the Eagles’ “option game” and their unstoppable running game outside of the red zone. Casserly also compares Nick Foles and Michael Vick within Chip Kelly’s offense. Enjoy!

48 Responses to “Inconsistency Put Glennon Into Third Round”

  1. trusomaroff Says:

    When we drafted him all of the scouts said he could make any throw and had great arm strength but was inconsistent… I ask this question now as I did back then… Why in the world would we draft a less athletic josh freeman? Why not draft a QB who’s main positive is consistency. SMDH

  2. Splengo Says:

    If we want to win Sunday, we have to get the lead and stay in front. Besides being a rookie, I noticed this about Glennon in the Arizona game. His accuracy and pocket presence faded when he had to play from behind. If this kid has to press, we’re doomed.

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    As I said before, NO QB will look good in this horrible offensive play system

  4. mvermulm Says:

    Just because someone has the same arm and inconsistency as Freeman doesn’t mean that he IS Freeman. The difference between the two is that Glennon can read a defense and hit receivers accurately. And don’t hold his accuracy in the first game against him, as he had zero practice time with VJ and Williams (he was extremely accurate to the guys he was used to throwing to in pratice, however). Ultimately, I think Glennon has much more potential in this offense than Freeman had because it fits him better than Freeman.

    As for being bad when playing from behind, I’ve only seen him play from behind one other time, and that was when he brought NCSt back against my Noles’ incredible defense last year. Sullivan put him in a bad spot numerous times last game for numerous reasons (first game, Sully is a terrible play-caller, etc.). Hopefully they have a better plan for this game, and can make the right adjustments needed for once.

  5. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Glennon wants to be here, is committed to this team and wants to get better.

    He is already going to be better than Freeman ever was.

    Freeman goes down a a Franchise Killing QB in 2012 and 2013, thanks for nothing SELFISH GOSH FREEMAN.

    Traded up to draft a dud, oh well. At least we got rid of that pansy.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    Difference is 5 years later Freeman is still that same inconsistent momentum kllling QB he has always been. I HIGHLY doubt Glennon will still be the same in 60+ games.

    Figures the 1st time we hear something about Glennon, its an article comparing him to Freeman.

    Joe is like a love sick puppy. Go to let him go joe’s. Got to let him go.

  7. Capt. Tim Says:


    What the hell are you basing all that B.S. On??
    He looked like Crap last week, and lost to a horrible team.
    He looked Horrible in the a Preseason!
    He looked bad in college!

    What, are you dreaming all these great traits? Every singl commentator/ article I’ve seen said he looked terrible last week!
    Show me one good review!

    I thought he was drafted in the Third round- because of Schianos love affair with him since Rutgers!!
    The scouting reports I have, rated him as a late 4th/5th round pick.
    Schiano likes him, and reached for him!
    And we all have seen that Schiano knows almost nothing about football!

    He was a fifth round QB, because he is immobile, inaccurate, inconsistent, and looks like Beaker, from the muppet show!!
    I keep expecting them to hire Dr. Bunsin Honeydew as his new QB coach!!!
    Meep meep!!

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    YouTube “beaker and Bunsen”
    You’ll have to admit- the resemblance is uncanny!!!

  9. Walter Says:

    Hopefully he improves.

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    He looked like Crap last week, and lost to a horrible team.
    He looked Horrible in the a Preseason!
    He looked bad in college!


    And so did Freeman but your lips are still clearly on his @ss. What is your point?

  11. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lips on ass?? Lmao!
    Aren’t you the same clueless moron that swore Glennon would ” Win out, and lead us to the Playoffs””
    ” this is a playoff team with Glennon as the QB”
    ” Winning with Glennon”

    You are as clueless as you are consistent. I’ve come to believe that you ARE Mike Glennon- or someone close to him.
    With the ongoing delusional love affair- probably REAL close.

    Nobody else could watch the kid, and think anything but QB of the scout Team.
    Or, Beaker in a remake of the Muppets!!lmao

    Your predictions for him have made you look stupid so far.
    Get used to it- probably 10-12 more weeks of it!! Lol

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Blah blah blah

    Through all the name calling and insulting you just did… you failed to answer the question….

    Again I’ll ask what is your point? You seem to hold Freeman on a pedestal when all he did was lose game after game. And looked bad doing it…. but your lips are still on his @ss…. why are you judging Glennon after 1 game?

    Take your time to think about it. Thats assuming you can think right?

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    Capt. Tim, he does look like Beaker, I’ll give you that! However, what rookie ever looks good in his first outing when not having reps with the 1st team? I know some Buc fans out there were expecting the second coming of Peyton Manning(who, incidentally, had a horrible rookie year!), but those expectations are just unrealistic.
    As to being a reach in the 3rd, what player isn’t a reach? The “reach” was Freeman and everybody but Dominick and Raheem knew it. That’s old news now.
    I do think that Schiano was looking for a “better fit” for this style of offense. Right now, after one game, we don’t know.
    Schiano deserves the criticism, no doubt, but take a look at the defense. That’s no accident.
    Go Beaker! Beat Philly!

  14. tye Says:

    I can tolerate the inconsistency of a rookie… A 5 year vet – NO!…

    It is said MG is really smart and learns thing quickly, and can make all the throws, so if that can translate on the field in games then he was clearly the better choice… As for the former QB, he was not impressive and forgettable!

    The Bucs were ready to move on from the previous QB because they went after Carson Palmer this off season… If that would have played out then Palmer would have started game 1 and the Bucs may have had a winning record at this time…

  15. patrickbucs Says:


    That’s a lot of exclamation points, Elaine Bennis like:)

    I hope Glennon turns outs well; he has a strong arm but defenses can key on a spot to attack him because he’s so immobile. If he continues to be inaccurate like he was in college then the pick will be for a backup QB. I thought if we were going to draft a QB he would at least be somewhat mobile considering the success of a lot of the recent QB’s in the league. I am not saying we should be running options but at least be more athletic.

  16. Bobby Says:

    If Glennon can get the ball out of his hands quickly and make accurate throws then he’ll be fine. I don’t care too much about mobility. Now, if you stand back there and hold onto it all day that’s a different story. Pocket passers have to have a quick release. Glennon seemed to go through his progressions fairly quickly and was very accurate in the first half. He made some rookie decisions in the second half but no worse than Freeman who is a 5 year vet. Let’s see what the rookie can do before we have him as a bust after 1 game. If he doesn’t pan out he’ll be a good backup.

  17. mvermulm Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    -First off, that “horrible team” is 3-2 and gave up even fewer points to Cam Newton last week.
    -He looked bad in the preseason, yes, but so did our entire team, and what rookie looks good in the preseason? As for college, I saw him play quite a few times at NCSt, and he looked really good more often than he looked bad. Gruden and some other coaches/analysts loved Glennon coming out as a starter a year or two down the road. Unfortunately, we’re rushing that.
    -Glennon didn’t even have a single practice with his top two WRs before his first game, and was facing a very good defense. Through all of that, he made some very good throws before Peterson did his all-pro thing and jumped a route on a throw that never should have been called nor thrown.
    -As for his immobility, I have no idea what people’s obsession is with that. Peyton and Brady are about as immobile as it gets, but they have incredible pocket pressence. Glennon is in no way on their level in that regard, but he knows how to move around in there, and should only get better.
    -No one is claiming him to be an elite QB this weekend, but it’s far too soon to be naming him the second-coming of Blaine Gabbert.

  18. mvermulm Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    That “horrible team” is 3-2 and held Cam Newton to fewer points than Glennon. Every rookie QB is terrible in the preseason, especially when they’re throwing to guys who are bagging groceries the following month. I saw Glennon play in college quite a bit, and he looked good far more often than he looked bad.
    As Bobby said, Glennon has a quick release and went through his progressions, and mobility means nothing with a good o-line. He had zero practices with his top two receivers, yet still had some good throws before the one that never should have been called nor thrown, especially near one of the best young CBs in the game.
    No one is anointing him the next elite QB, but it’s far too early to anoint him the next Blaine Gabbert simply because he looks like a “beaker” and you’ve seen him play 8 or 10 quarters of football.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    “The scouting reports I have, rated him as a late 4th/5th round pick”

    Capt. Tim can you give us a link to the scouting reports that you have?

  20. Splengo Says:


  21. Splengo Says:

    I’ve got more on Glennon. Saving the reports after his Shrine game performance for those hard to convince! Lol.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Thanks Splengo, but I would like Capt.Tim’s link as to where someone said he should go in the late 4th or 5th rnd.

  23. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I posted earlier with about 5-6 different links w draft analysis’, none below the third round. But, it got removed after it was reviewed. (Even the bottom of Splengo’s link has Kiper putting him as the second QB off the board.)

    Which makes little sense, year old draft reviews are not going to take away any JBF traffic, but, whatever.

  24. Splengo Says:

    Yeah, I’m scared now to tell you where to find draft info on Glennon, but I did not see any projections beyond the 3rd round, but did see lots of stuff to keep an eye out for.

    But I’m all for giving the kid a shot. I hope he succeeds in the NFL. It’s the other guy I’m after. Lol

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    ODB…maybe they don’t fit the narrative? I saw the links, clicked them all and came back to JBF. That’s why I want to know who rated Glennon as a late 4th/5th round pick. Oh well. I’ll just wait I guess.

  26. Eric Says:

    The difference is this guy will never throw for 4000+ yards and 27 td’s in an NFL season. Or have a 25/6 td/int ratio. Or sniff the franchise record for td passes in a single season and overall.

    Very unlikely he will play for the bucs beyond this season. Equally unlikely he will make it as starter the rest of this season.

    Schiano will have to try to go for a win with his backup at some point as the losing streak extends.

    Replacing Free with Glennon will go down in bucs history as one of the most boneheaded decisions ever. Right up there with hiring Schiano and maybe even edging out hiring Raheem.

  27. Nybucsfan Says:

    Glennon is a back up. We will draft a qb in the first round the one our new coach wants

  28. bucs911 Says:

    “He looked like Crap last week, and lost to a horrible team”

    Not sure about that statement the cards are 3-2

  29. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    No, they were various sites, like, etc that had him with anywhere from 1st to 3rd round grades. Does it matter? No. But, to say that everyone had him at no more than 4th-5th round grade it simply a fallacy. Pure imagination.

    I don’t care how many yard or how many TD’s Freeman had or Glennon does throw. I care about wins. Freeman was bad at that. I think he will continue to be bad at it.

    Let’s see how Freeman does for the rest of his career. This move might turn out to be one of the best moves in Franchise history, to balance out the terribleness of moving up in the first to get him.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    Oil Derrick,

    Those links are still up. You posted on a different thread than this one.

  31. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Name the QB by their stats, anyone?

    GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int

    63 30-33-0 1219 2069 58.9 13743 84 4.1 57

    59 24-35-0 1144 1967 58.2 13534 80 4.1 66

    62 33-29-0 1028 1867 55.1 12092 68 3.6 69

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    @Lightning. Oh shaz. My bad.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont give a crap about what round he was drafted in. And I dont care if he ever breaks franchise records. Can he win more than 6 games a year? Thats all I, as a fan, give a dam about.

  34. Bobby Says:

    @Eric….LOL! That post actually did make me laugh out loud. Eric, you should work for the people at ESP…N. Should we start referring to you as ‘Eric the prophet’?

  35. lightningbuc Says:


    With the crystal ball you have, I’m surprised you’ve never won the lottery!

  36. Illuminati Says:

    @ Capt. Tim

    The scouting reports I have, rated him as a late 4th/5th round pick.

    Do you actually have multiple scouting reports that rate him this low? Or did you just cherry-pick one or two of the most unfavorable reports on Glennon that you could find?

    Because I just reviewed 10 random pre-draft scouting reports. Four had him rated rounds 1-2, two had him a solid round 2, two had him rounds 2-3, one a solid 3, and one a 2-4. So, only one of those 10 even remotely suggested he would be anything less than a round 3 pick.

    Also, we’re not starting Glennon because we expect him to be the next Peyton Manning. We’re starting Glennon because we expect him to be better than Josh Freeman. Anything more will be gravy.

  37. tye Says:

    I am amazed at how some people get into their fantasy world and with such BLIND FAITH believe that the Bucs will hire some great GM next season and he will hire some great HC and they will pick some great QB in the draft and all will be well with the team….

    More than likely it won’t be the GM you want, the HC you want or the QB you want and you will likely be on here next year still complaining!… Life as a fan just doesn’t work that way!… That is why GMs don’t get fired often or HC or QB changes…

  38. Illuminati Says:

    @ Oil Derrick Brooks


  39. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:




    Sanchise in order. But, somehow the Bucs let a HOFer get away.

  40. Eric Says:

    Yea like you guys never make predictions. Bucs are winning Division. Bucs are going to playoffs, etc. etc. etc.

    but, back to Freeman:

    According to pro football reference Freeman was the 9th rated QB in NFL last year, and the 8th the year before.

    Above Aaron Rodgers both years, and Flacco, Eli and Big Ben.

    in 2010 3rd in NFL in comeback wins.

    Oh yea, Mike Glennon is gonna do all that…………great move Schiano. Just fabulous.

  41. Illuminati Says:

    @ Oil Derrick Brooks

    You sure about that order? I know Freeman is the 59-start guy.

  42. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Freeman was the 9th rated QB in NFL ”

    And, that was with the “Rutgers offense”?

  43. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Crap, you are right Illuminatti. I thought I had pasted Freeman’s first. You are totally right.

  44. Illuminati Says:

    @ Eric

    According to pro football reference Freeman was the 9th rated QB in NFL last year, and the 8th the year before.

    I don’t know what criteria you’re going by, but Freeman was not the the “9th-rated” QB last year. He was ninth in passing yards. He was 19th in rating. In 2011, he was 13th in passing yards, and was 26th in rating.

  45. Eric Says:

    Pro football reference has about five different criteria for their QB rankings.

  46. Leon Says:

    He was only draft 3rd because of Schiano, had that not happened he drafted probably 4th or 5th.

  47. Colin Says:

    The funny thing about this article is that Casserly had Glennon as a first round pick in his final 2013 Mock Draft!!

  48. MTM Says:

    Stats are for losers-Rah!