Greg Schiano = Richard Williamson?

October 14th, 2013

Greg Schiano hasn’t lost like this in 11 years, not since he took over a dregs-of-society Rutgers program and went 3-20 over his first two seasons (2001 & 2001) before making Rutgers a winner.

Joe knows Penn State never lost like this when Schiano was its secondary coach. The Bears didn’t lose this bad when he was there, and the Miami Hurrigangstas were a powerhouse with him as the defensive coordinator.

Schiano, as Bucs coach, has a 1-10 record in his last 11 games and is on a five-game losing streak. Just ugly.

Overall, Schiano is 7-14 with the Bucs since being hired last year. Good guy Chris Fischer of WTSP-TV Channel 10 crunched the numbers and found a disturbing fact. There is but one coach in Bucs history who has a worse winning percentage than Schiano.

@ChrisFischer07: Here is the only #Bucs coach with a lower winning % than Greg Schiano .333

On his Twitter account, Fischer attached a photo of the notorious Richard Williamson.

That’s how far the Bucs have sunk. Schiano is encroaching on Richard Williamson territory.


30 Responses to “Greg Schiano = Richard Williamson?”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    At least Williamson was likable…

  2. jb Says:

    While Williamson was a terrible, terrible coach, at least he wasn’t a lying, bully, and actually coached a wretched Bucs team that could at least score offensive touchdowns in the second half of games………with a quarter of the talent Schiano has.

  3. Meh Says:

    I think Schiano’s worse than Williamson to be honest. I can’t believe we hired a worse coach than Morris, a coach so bad he might be our worst coach ever. That, my friends, is one hell of an accomplishment.

  4. Says:

    Williamson was a players coach

  5. Patrick Says:

    Let Schiano continue to coach so he can officially be the worst Bucs coach in history. Lol!

  6. joseph mamma Says:

    I can’t believe we have a coach that thinks half time adjustments are “over-rated.” Are you freakin kidding me?

  7. Splengo Says:

    Just one big difference. Williamson never had the talent that Schiano has. I’ve been telling you guys that Schiano just doesn’t understand the current NFL game and he’s too stubborn to change.

    Case in point. He idolizes Belichick, but there’s a vast difference in gray matter. The Patriots beat the Saints yesterday mostly because Belichick shut down their primary weapon. He put Talib on Jimmy graham man to man and he didn’t catch a single ball when Talib was in the game.

    We supposedly have the best cover corner in the NFL and Schiano is forcing him to play zone. That’s just one example of why this guy wil never win. He is mentally incompetent.

  8. JonBuc Says:

    Schiano thinks half time is for dropping a deuce and eating orange slices…can’t imagine why the team is always a limp chimp in the 2nd half. This is junior varsity stuff…

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    It’s time to turn the HC duties over to Butch Davis and fire Schiano. Then give complete control of the offense to Sully. I drove 8 hours to see that mess yesterday.

  10. Meh Says:

    I hate to defend Schiano because he’s awful, but I will say Revis has now been burned twice for TDs in man coverage in the last 2 games. Revis just isn’t his old self quite yet.

  11. JonBuc Says:

    Agreed Meh…think The Bucs paid sticker price plus for Revis as well. The Bucs were bidding against themselves basically…I guarantee the Jets don’t regret this trade now….drafted a good DT, have a 3rd or 4th coming next year and saved a pile of $ in the process.

  12. Bucworld Says:

    @Splengo Spot on.

    STUBBORN is the key word. Schiano refuses to change his approach which is really outdated. He believes that his system is the key to winning games. In my opinion your personnel should determine your system. I don’t think I saw Revis play press-man coverage one time yesterday.

  13. Morgan Says:

    Chris Fisher=penalty for piling on.

  14. Meh Says:

    Well you can’t call the Revis trade bad quite yet. He is coming off a serious knee injury. Expecting him to be old Revis immediately isn’t really fair.

    But we sure did pay an awful lot in both picks and cash, so I sure hope he returns to 100% soon.

  15. Bob Says:

    Maybe Leeman Bennett is available.

  16. Splengo Says:

    Scott Reynolds at PR has called for Schiano to be fired. So has Sander Phillipse at BucNation. How long before Joe joins the party?

  17. Brewmaster Says:

    He is worse than Williamson. The proof is his use of Revis. Only a doofus would use Revis in zone coverage. The Glazer boys need to clean house, get a new GM and let him hire the new Head coach.

  18. Eric Says:

    Williamson never had a chance, he was in the Culverhouse era post Williams.

    He had a nice career as a receivers coach in the NFL and was OC for the panthers when they were good. Developed Steve Smith.

    He shouldn’t be judged on his record for the team he inhereted from Perkins. Nobody could have coached that group up.

  19. Jason De La Torre Says:

    Er, Leeman Bennett was 4-28 .125 winning pct.

    Ray Perkins was 19-41, .317

    Sam Wyche was 23-41, .359

    Not defending coach S but facts work better.

  20. jb Says:

    Jason De La Torre Says:
    October 14th, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Er, Leeman Bennett was 4-28 .125 winning pct.

    Ray Perkins was 19-41, .317

    Sam Wyche was 23-41, .359

    Not defending coach S but facts work better.

    Don’t give the Glazer boys any ideas! They may just start looking to see if Bennett might just be available!

    Has there EVER been anyone so bad at trying to find competent people?

  21. D-Rome Says:

    I can’t believe we have a coach that thinks half time adjustments are “over-rated.” Are you freakin kidding me?

    For as much as I think Greg Schiano is not the man for the head coaching job I think the idea of a so-called “halftime adjustment” is silly so in that respect I agree. Halftime is 15 minutes and I’d guess 3-4 of those minutes are spent actually walking to the locker room. So, what do you expect a coaching staff to do in those 11 minutes (less time if Schiano has to do #2). Do Mike Sullivan and Bill Sheridan walk all the way downstairs to the locker room to have a discussion on adjustments in that time frame? I highly doubt it. They don’t have time to watch and breakdown film in ten minutes.

    Schiano is right that you’re supposed to adjust as the game goes on. Clearly the Buccaneers are failing at doing that but there isn’t anything that a coaching staff can do at halftime other than, maybe, yell at their players.

  22. Meh Says:

    Funny how good coaches can use that 15 minutes to adjust schemes and kick our ass in the second half.

  23. simeon 97 Says:

    While it seemed like a good idea at the time, isnt it a bit ridiculous that we paid these big time free agents huge money to come and play for a coach with no NFL coordinator/HC experience knowing he potentially could be a huge flop.

  24. Warthog Says:

    I went to the circus a couple weeks ago. I saw a bunch of skilled professionals who show up and perform and get the job done, night after night, week in and week out to earn their paychecks and keep the fans entertained.

    The Bucs ain’t a circus.

  25. Chance Attaway Says:

    Get him the F out of here. If you have ever played football you know it starts with the HC. We had a QB that threw for 4,000 yards and 26 TDs and we released him for a rookie that had hardly any success in college. Schiano did that to try and get the heat off his own A**. Yea Josh Freeman was not having a good season but they were setting him up for failure. Perfect example at the end of the half against New England you run the ball on first down so ok were goin in to half time. But no then you throw a deep out on Talib and he picks it off I mean thats just bad coaching. It is embarrassing and I don’t blame the players I blame the coaches. It is just really frustrating and we need a change before Buc nation goes insane.

  26. Eric Says:

    You mean hiring a mediocre coach from Rutgers wasn’t a good idea?

  27. Bobby Says:

    They can fire Schiano if they want. It won’t matter. Nobody is going to be able to do anything with this offensive line. They are terrible. Really overrated and really under performing. Still, yesterday’s loss was on the defense. Missed tackles, blown assignments, etc. We finally get the offense half way going and the defense goes south. What a season so far….

  28. Joke Says:

    I never thought I’d see a worse-coached football team than Richard Williamson’s efforts. The man seemed completely out of his depth running things.

    I don’t know about this Williamson being a “player’s coach” thing, though. Chris Chandler was constantly sniping at him in the press.

    Anyway, I’m not sure I’d put Schiano down at his level yet (for the most part we’ve been very competitive in our losses). But I can see it happening.

  29. JMOON87 Says:

    Bennet and Perkins had worse Pct …at least put CORRECT FACTS ..dont get me wrong they got Fired and so should Schinao.

  30. Splengo Says:

    Guy’s a loser!