Greg Schiano Is “Under Siege”

October 5th, 2013

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Joe was talking with his good friend Justin Pawlowski, of WHFS-FM 98.7 fame, and Justin believed not Chucky, not Raheem, had nearly the entire Bucs fanbase enraged like it is now.

Justin may have a point (though had Raheem been brought back for the 2012 season, Team Glazer would have had to have One Buc Palace ringed by armed security). Today there are few people Joe can find, whether hardcore or casual Bucs fans, who seem to be firmly in the corner of the Bucs commander Greg Schiano. It all turned so suddenly; Joe is shocked.

Even the Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, seems taken aback. He spoke about the fan unrest in his weekly appearance with the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio.

“I have never seen a coach under siege like this. Every day Schiano is getting blasted. You have to think some of this is coming from Freeman’s camp, his agent. You know how these things work Chris. It is bad. It is really bad. Every day the soap opera gets another chapter. I don’t think the Bucs leaked [Freeman’s drug program involvement] and if they did, they deserve all the wrath they get.

“Tremendous — tremendous! — anti-Schiano backlash down here in Tampa. Nobody wants to hear what he did at Rutgers. He has a 25-man coaching staff and they look poorly coached. There is talent on this football team.”

As John Madden was famous for saying, winning is the best deodorant. Win and the masses calm down (though for the Bucs’ drafting needs, losing is the best path). Joe would expect if Schiano goes 6-6 the rest of the season, then he would be safe.

128 Responses to “Greg Schiano Is “Under Siege””

  1. Jrock Says:

    I’m never going to root for us to lose, but if the Bucs end up going 2-14 and we get the #1 pick, and Schiano gets fired… well, I won’t be complaining.

    Season is already shot, I honestly don’t know who we’re going to beat this year. Philly next week? heh

  2. Patrick Says:

    A 6-10 season is still a failure and warrants a firing.

  3. Bobby Says:

    If the move to get rid of Freeman came down from above, which I believe it did, then Schiano is given a pass by the Glazers for this year. He has to show improvement but I don’t think they have a win loss record tallied as long as he keeps the team competitive and we don’t get blown out in any games. If Glennon turns out to be a total bust then that scenario could change because both Dom and Schiano pulled the trigger on this kid. I believe Glennon is going to show that they made the right move in drafting him. My prediction is that Schiano stays but Sully may get the axe.

  4. BucfaninMi Says:

    Don’t care about draft position!! Loser talk! F*** that!! WIN!!!!!

  5. Walter Says:

    6-10 saves nobody.

    Pathetic that we even have to set the bar that low.

  6. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    “Schiano Under Seige” wow! Thats news to me…

    Thanks for keeping me informed….this will be my last post on this article because there will be absolutely nothing new.

  7. Tye Says:

    Wow, it has been a long week as a Bucs fan and we have yet another week to go before we can see them play again…. Hopefully, somehow, someway, the Bucs have a successful plan they have come up with to come out of this bye week and get on a winning streak….

    This team has had enough failed season the last 3+ decades and enough is enough!….
    May the coaches be humbled by this experience, change for the sake of the players and fans, get Glennon coached up well and get the team on a winning way!

  8. JT Says:

    The offense is predictable. After The Bucs started 6-4 defenses knew what they were going to do. Schiano has yet to make any adjustments. There’s no way this offense scores 30 points in any game this season. The Bucs will be lucky to finish 1-15.

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    Good thing the Glazers have the only say so

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    Sully is the OC, not Schiano

    If anything Schiano needs to take responsibility for not getting a new OC in here.

  11. JT Says:

    Sully is doing exactly what Schiano want’s. Schiano is too ignorant to realize that it’s not working and it will not work. And because he is so hard headed, we are wasting the best defense Tampa’s seen in ten years.

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    Yea yea yea,

    No, its Sully’s offense. HES THE OC, HE CALLS THE PLAYS

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Indeed winning cures all. C’mon Coach. Start with 1 win and take it from there.

  14. JT Says:

    Which will equal a #1 pick..Jacksonvilles lack of talent or Tampa’s lack of coaching?

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    Until HE says he doesn’t and that it is not his offense, has said on numerous occasions that it is in his O in pressers, there is absolutely nothing you can say to prove otherwise.

  16. JT Says:

    And schiano controls EVERY aspect of the team including the offense.

  17. JT Says:

    Why believe anything that control freak Schiano says anyway?

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    Blah blah blah

    Control freak, control freak

    Schiano’s the spawn of satan, BURN SCHIANO, CONSPIRACY!!!!!

  19. Couch Fan Says:


    You shouldn’t waste your time arguing with people who are clearly bias and have to make up “facts” to support there argument.

  20. JT Says:

    Who does an 0-4 record ultimately fall on PRB?

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs could play the Jags 6 times and still not go 6-6 in the final stretch. This Coach is so messed up I’ll be surprised if they win a single game. I had high hopes but after Schiano’s true colors have come out, I can’t stand him. I’m stuck because I’m a fan but I trust the Glazers will pull the plug very soon. It’s just too bad it cost a QB on a first round pick that returned absolutely nothing.

  22. PRBucFan Says:


    BURN SCHIANO!!!!!!


  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Sully must be awfully bored on game days since according to some people, Schiano is the one calling plays, and teaching the offense and all that stuff. Sully must just be there for looks.

  24. JT Says:

    Schiano sucks it’s so obvious. But no he’s just a victim of Mike Sullivan whom he hand picked himself right?

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    Couch your right, So i’ll stop with this.

    Clearly, Bitter is not Better people lolol

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    Yea, clearly Sully is not a man, nor does he have a voice, he must completely lack any shred of integrity.

    Even worse than any crap offense that he’s put out there if you ask me.

  27. Bucs1987 Says:

    David shoved Geno week 1 and Lindell missed the FG week 2.

  28. jose Says:

    I support Shiano, like it or not he’s the coach right now. Who’s to say they can’t go 10-6 and get in the playoffs, I’ve seen stranger things. Besides if you are a true fan you will do the same because if they fire him the season will be over for sure. The way the nfc looks it wouldn’t surprise me if a team could get the wildcard at 8-8 so to me there is plenty of season left.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    Sully must be the unofficial water boy since his official job is being done by Schiano apparently. Make sure that’s some high quality H2O Sully. Only the best for our guys.

  30. hectorvas Says:

    It really doesn’t matter what we fans think of him.

    What matters is what his players think of him. And I doubt they put up another 12 weeks of his “methods”.

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    Must be complete castration Couch

  32. hectorvas Says:

    Out of all the other websites national and local, I think all 12 Schiano supporters have coverged on this site. But hey! Its only human nature to stick with like minded individuals.

  33. PRBucFan Says:


  34. Chris Says:

    No one from that 2011 atrocity should ever be safe. Especially your guy Freeman. My God, you act like they cut the second coming of Peyton Manning. I for one am glad I won’t have to see short hop throws from a 5yr veteran qb this season. Hey, where’s all the teams knocking on his door? If Schiano has done anything, it’s cut the trash that was on that team and made us at least competetive on defense. Hey, how’s Sullivan’s non tight end offense doing in New York right now?

  35. JH Says:

    I think this season could make NFL history with 2 teams that go 0-16…

  36. blackmagic00 Says:

    So…….add more talent so we can lose more? Hmmm, makes perfect sense.

  37. hectorvas Says:

    “Besides if you are a true fan you will do the same because if they fire him the season will be over for sure.”

    Funny you say that. Because MY true team won the SB. MY Bucs were blessed with Sapp, Brooks, Alstott, Quarles, Barber, Alstott, Dungy, Gruden, Lovie, Marinelli. Left my heart with those guys.

    This new team? Nope. Same logo, same city, but I couldn’t give a __ about what our HC and GM have given us this year. Just a clusterf__k. Over staffed, under coached. Ha, theres an article on HC options on this other Bucs site. Looks like a good read. Deuces.

  38. hectorvas Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    October 5th, 2013 at 7:00 pm



    King of one-liners. What’s the matter? Limited vocab? I literally have never come across a comment of yours with more than four complete sentences.

    But keep that tissue for the wad you’ll blow to your fine auntie’s picture.

  39. Couch Fan Says:


    Common sense is frowned upon in this establishment. Apparently wanting to give your coach a chance to fix his issues after he has already fixed one side of the ball in only 20 games makes you a idiot/moron/ignorant rather than rooting for yet another rebuild which will ensure we suck for at least another 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years.

    Only thing worse than having to suffer through losing seasons as a Bucs fan is losing while listening to idiotic “fans”, if you can call them that.

  40. ronald4bucs Says:

    I will no longer be following this blog. There is too much media hype about Freeman and Schiano. Way too much speculation. I will be going to WTB and Steve White.

  41. Splengo Says:


    You’re raising that dead dog’s hind leg again!

  42. hectorvas Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    October 5th, 2013 at 6:38 pm


    BURN SCHIANO!!!!!!



    How old are you? Don’t you have some homework to do before you’re allowed on the internet?

  43. JT Says:

    Ok Schiano and Sully suck. Is that better?

  44. Couch Fan Says:

    Ok Schiano and Sully suck. Is that better?


    Yes. Much better. Thank you.

  45. lightningbuc Says:

    Freeman still not signed?

    Is his cell phone still broke?

    Can’t take calls from teams willing to sign him apparently!

  46. Splengo Says:

    Going back and looking at games we lost and thinking what could have been is like saying we would be 4-0 if we only had a better coach.

  47. NY Buc Says:

    Seems like some people have made up their minds about Shiano and would hate him even if this team won the Super Bowl with him coaching. I hope Mike Glennon turns out to be our franchise QB, I hope the team wins the remainder of its games, and if both those happen I hope Schiano is here this year, the next year, and more if he keeps winning. Why…because all of that would mean things turned around and we’re a winning franchise (again). As a fan that’s what I care more about than if the head coach is a pasta Nazi or asks his players to break up a victory formation when the Bucs are down 8 or less points. Things didn’t go the way any of us Bucs fan wanted so far, but start stringing wins together and play hard as a team then see how the chips fall at the end of the season.

  48. hectorvas Says:

    “pasta Nazi”

    classic.. He’s got a receptionist, an assistant, an agent, and a pasta guy. smh.

  49. hectorvas Says:

    If Schiano was 5’2″, with a high pitched voice like Joe Pesci, all this would be a lot more tolerable and funnier.

  50. PRBucFan Says:


    Hectorvas *Or whichever username you prefer


    You hurt my feelings :(, cause I care so much what you think of me.

    You sure you don’t want that tissue though?

  51. Splengo Says:

    NY Buc,

    I feel exactly the same way except the part about Schiano.

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    @NY Buc

    Good post. I agree 10000% percent

  53. hectorvas Says:

    lmao Splengo. NY had me going too until it was about Schiano.

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    And yes, that’s much better JT, much better

    But any who I’m off to watch the game.

    P.S. Hectorvas *Or whichever username you prefer 😉

    I wont bother responding or even acknowledging your existence again.
    That is until you switch again, than I’ll be obligated to call your wishy washy ass out again. AGAIN Bitter is not better, it’s you have some deep hurt from getting kicked in the ass so hard so often. It will be ok. I promise ahahaha.

    Peace out

  55. Splengo Says:


    Joe set the bar and the number is 6 wins. All your guy has to do is win 6. Simple! You should be relaxing!

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    I lied, i’ll stay a little longer.


    I have an idea of who I would want in here next year of Schiano tanks the rest of the year. Who are you looking at?

  57. hectorvas Says:

    I was thinkin Lovie Smith, because, he’s Lovie. But David Shaw from Stanford looks like the real deal. And he’s an offensive coach. He could OC/HC, And the NFL is heavy with defensive coaches, so itd be easy to find a defensive staff for this rediculously talented D that should be #1 right now.

    Jim Harbaugh descendant. Knows QBs, which would be good for Glennon.

  58. PRBucFan Says:


  59. hectorvas Says:

    I always liked Mora Jr’s intensity. Plus he’s a guy’s guy. Maybe we could pry him from UCLA for the DC position.

    But seriously, why isn’t this D Top 5?? GMC, AC, Mason, LVD, Revis, Barron, Goldson?

  60. Couch Fan Says:

    I’m relaxed. I’m not the one who is coming here every day expressing my undying bias hatred for the coach Lol. I’m the one sitting back and laughing.

    As far as wins go. 6 wins is not enough. If we dont win at least 7 to equal last years win total then I’ll be fully on board with firing Schiano. But I’m not gonna cry about it all season long.

  61. PRBucFan Says:


    You go first 😀


    Have you thought about who who would want in here?

  62. PRBucFan Says:

    *who you

  63. Couch Fan Says:


    Not really. But I have put in some time looking up David Shaw since he’s been mentioned so much lately. I got to say he does sound intriguing.

  64. hectorvas Says:

    Relaxed? There’s a difference between being relaxed and “drained” once your guy is named starter. Are your legs still numb? So to go from 7 to 6 wins with 200-300% more talent? Thats acceptable to you? Gotcha! You got a little splooge on your…. Hey PR, hook this guy up with your tissue.

  65. BamBamBuc Says:

    Why not, Couch? You cried about Freeman all off-season and Schiano didn’t do a thing about it… I’m sure you could cry about Schiano all season without any difficulty at all…

  66. PRBucFan Says:


    Yea, I’ve heard his name a a lot lately too, I would just be hesitant with another college coach if indeed our current one doesn’t come back.

    The guy I would want in here is Cowher, he’s shared interest in our team and the pieces it has in the past. I like his attitude as a coach. I know most would want a offensive minded HC in here though. There are no doubt a lot of directions we could head though. I do think the Glazers would go all out for a big name though.

  67. hectorvas Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    October 5th, 2013 at 7:57 pm


    Yea, I’ve heard his name a a lot lately too,


    Yeah, from me.. Like 5 minutes ago! SMH

  68. Couch Fan Says:


    I know common sense is lacking with you but here I’ll break it down for you in as few words as possible.

    Freeman = 60 games to come up with a logican assessment of his as a player.
    Schiano = 20 games…

    As you see. A person has plenty of time to come up with a good logical opinion one of those 2. The other not so much.

    But hey, continue with your stupidity.

  69. Couch Fan Says:

    Yeah, from me.. Like 5 minutes ago! SMH


    Not quite though I’m sure you are eagerly wanting/needing credit for that.

    I’ve heard that name mentioned repeatedly the last 3 weeks. Try again.

  70. Andrew 1 Says:

    If Schiano is fired, I like Charlie Strong from Louisville.

  71. Couch Fan Says:


    I wouldn’t mind Cowher. Another guy I wanted the Bucs to sign before Schiano is Mike Zimmer. Plenty of NFL Experience and has been successful.

  72. Splengo Says:


    I don,t want Lovie. We need an offensive-minded coach. This team reminds me of the 2010 49ers – a talent rich team with an admirable, we’ll-intentioned, but hard a$$ coach that was over his head – Singletary. In comes Harbaugh and the rest is history.

    I really like Shaw, a Harbaugh protege with 9 years NFL experience and a winning record wherever he’s coached. I’m afraid of fan backlash because of our previous experience with a college coach. And he will be expensive too. Anyway my quick take. By the way, I would prefer that we win this year. I just don’t see it happening.

  73. PRBucFan Says:


    We were discussing this in a thread yesterday and his name was brought up along with a couple others. It does seem though that it will an offseason with some big name coaches making their return to the league. I hope we land one of them.

  74. jose Says:

    Greg Shiano for presided!!! VOTE FOR GREG! Lol…

  75. PRBucFan Says:


    Yea, I hear ya and that does sound pretty intriguing, I honestly don’t know much about the guy. The NFL experience does ease my mind but yea I would be afraid of the same thing. We would need to get our hands on a duel threat QB right?

    And yea, I would prefer a turn around as well.

  76. PRBucFan Says:


    Zimmer huh, that does sound interesting as well. Hadn’t thought about him.

  77. Splengo Says:


    Cowher will not come here. There is only one job Cowher would take and that’s the NY Giants. And he may get his shot next year because harda$$ coaches have to win.

  78. hectorvas Says:

    “I really like Shaw, a Harbaugh protege with 9 years NFL experience and a winning record wherever he’s coached.”

    Thats the key – 9 yrs of NFL experience….

  79. zam Says:

    I like Schiano.

  80. PRBucFan Says:


    You think? NY does seem more fitting.. That would stink :/ , I really would love him here though.

  81. PRBucFan Says:


    I’m rooting for him to turn this around. I hope he does, he’s learning as he goes too. It would be hard to justify him keeping the job if he tanks the rest of the season though.

  82. Andrew 1 Says:

    I like Schiano too, but if…

  83. Bucs1987 Says:

    Fix the offense keep Schiano.

  84. PRBucFan Says:

    @Andrew 1

    Don’t really know much about Strong either, sorry didn’t see you snuck in a post lol

  85. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ PR

    lol its ight. he was the defensive coordinator at Florida during the Urban Meyer days before moving on to be the head coach for Louisville. hes done wonders for Louisville ever since he took over that program. just a possibility.

  86. NY Buc Says:

    Agree with Couch on the 60 games vs 20 games thing. I’m not supporting Schiano for a 7-13 NFL record so far, but barring the team quitting on him (or any actual proof that he leaked out Josh’s confidential info, rigged the captain vote, or any of the other unfounded accusations about the guy while the HC of the Bucs) I agree with the others here who are saying to give him this this season and possibly next IF both Schiano and the Bucs as a team show significant improvement (and figure out how to win!) over the next 12 games. However if he keeps talking in 3rd person than I might have to reconsider.

  87. PRBucFan Says:

    @Andrew 1,

    Oooh ok, I remember hearing about him now.

  88. Splengo Says:

    As much as Couch would have believe I hate Schiano my post do not bear that out. Schiano may be a fine man, I just don’t think he’s an NFL caliber coach. And that not a bad rap, Lou Saban was not either.

    And I have never said one biased word against Glennon. He’s a rookie QB and like all rookies he’s going to struggle. There are exceptions but he’s not one of them. He’s going to need time and that’s the one thing that Schiano doesn’t have – time. Or patience. He’s helped a lot of young men after football, but he has never developed an NFL QB.

  89. TBLT Says:

    Lets just keep firing Head coaches every two years and see where that gets us!!! People need to stop talking about getting rid of Schiano, give him some time to clean all the pill poppers out of the locker room. Kills me how people have been calling for Freemans head for years and now that he’s gone they have to find a new Buc to HATE!!!

  90. PRBucFan Says:


    I hear ya,

    I’m hoping that the football gods decide to smile upon us sooner rather than later lol.

  91. Splengo Says:

    Fix the offense, keep Schiano. Oxymoron! Like Army intelligence!

  92. Couch Fan Says:


    You just love adding my name to your posts. Lol, Seriously though you have every right to your opinion. I dont knock you for it. I only knock the people who pretend there opinion is fact and act like all the rumors only about Schiano are fact and everything else is BS.

  93. Splengo Says:

    Couch Fan,

    Every good story has a foil and you’re perfect for the role. Lol.

    Now about those facts. There are few here and on those I think we agree. We are 0-4. Schiano has to win at least 6 games, your bar is 7. And you and I both feel that it is ok if he’s fired if he doesn’t do that.

    You see the facts are….well facts and we agree on something. The world should take note!

  94. Couch Fan Says:

    Yes. I can’t dispute any of that.

  95. Eric Says:

    Win six or seven against who?

    Not happening. With this kid at QB?

    Better chance at 0-16.

  96. Eric Says:

    And we’re not talented.

  97. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Leadership stars at the Top……

    Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. —Harry S. Truman

  98. Gruden and Bea Arthur's love child Says:

    One big penalty in the jets game and a fg missed against the saints and we would be 2-2 right now. The game against the Cards was very winnable, we let that one slip away in the last five minutes. there is too much anxiety and panic, yes this team is a win now team. A few mistakes that cost a few games and we are ready to give up on Schiano-Sullivan etc. Hopefully they get things turned around and hopefully next year use the pre-season to get into regular season mode and not a player evaluation tool. They looked sloppy on offense the first three games and that is a sign of much needed practice. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  100. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah, Couch… Let’s disregard the 11 year college record of 68-67 in a lesser conference to go with the 20 games in the NFL. Why not? People like to nitpick stats to suit their point. Truth is, he’s not a very good coach, he hasn’t had any success with any QB ever. You and he can drool over the guy he thought was good in high school and only started because Wilson transferred.

  101. Gruden and Bea Arthur's love child Says:

    win 6 or 7 games per the comments above – The eagles are horrible on defense, we should be more than ready and beat them. I am not sold on the panthers and Falcons. Bills still coming to town, thats four winnable home games. Dolphins look very mortal after their beatdown last Monday night, could go either way when we host them next month. possible five wins in our next five home games. The only road game I see us having a chance is St. Louis. So six wins is possible, get lucky on the road – Atl-Carolina seven has a chance. All speculation but I have faith in the Bucs. GO BUCS

  102. Gruden and Bea Arthur's love child Says:

    IF Schiano is so bad then why did the Glazers hire him? You had coaches apply that have proven NFL success and Schiano gets picked over them? How? Why? Anyone please,

  103. Patrick Says:

    This will be the first season where we witness two 0-16 teams. And both of them will be from the same state!

  104. BuccaneerBrutus Says:

    Schiano was on the bears staff

  105. Bobby Says:

    @hectorvas ….

    Josh….is that you????? Don’t be bitter buddy. It was time to pull the plug. By the way Josh, your poster rating is about 48.5. You’re one hopping a lot of ’em dude. Hectorvas…hmm…clever name. Is that Latin for adderall?

  106. Bobby Says:


    Yeah, Couch… Let’s disregard the 11 year college record of 68-67 in a lesser conference to go with the 20 games in the NFL.


    Of course, half those losses were in his first four years. His last 7 he went 56-33 with 5 bowl game victories and received coach of the year award in 2006 but hey…why mention that. It doesn’t fit your agenda.

  107. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Today there are few people Joe can find, whether hardcore or casual Bucs fans, who seem to be firmly in the corner of the Bucs commander Greg Schiano.”

    Count me among the few. I always felt Schiano was the right man for the job.

    It isn’t him that is tearing the team apart…it is the media and the so-called fans. If Schiano turns things around after all this he could well be the best coach we’ve ever had.

    Don’t give up just yet, people. It might well be that 8-8 could win this division. Or 9-7. That would give the Bucs a 3-4 game cushion. It IS possible.

  108. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Bonzai

    bravo man, just bravo. you can cant me in as one of those few as well.

  109. Chris Says:

    Me also. All of you against the coach, did you read any, any, preseason pick of a winning record ? Why? Everyone pointed out the failings of Freeman as the weak link as the reason why. And….. they were right. Now, to justify your claim, you point at our last loss as it being on Schiano.. and his boy Glennon. Nah, blame your boy Josh for torpedoing their season. Furthermore, who do you think held out all hope for Freeman not to be a failure….blame that on Dominick.

  110. Patrick in VA Says:

    6-10 is not ok. He wouldn’t be safe because there’s too much money and way too much talent for regression. 10-6 I’ll be happy with. 9-7 and I won’t be angry if they keep him. At or below .500 and he’s gotta go. 0-5 and he doesn’t get any more chances to get any worse

  111. Buccaneer79 Says:

    Hey, you can count me in, too, IF they win, at least, 8 games AND Josh Freeman never takes a team further than Coach Schiano takes the Bucs. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet against them both. That doesn’t mean I’m against the coach, but when Schiano, Dominik & the owners all treat their recent starting QB like a bum, who they’re paying & getting nothing in return for, all preventable, it doesn’t add up. Either something happened that crossed a line that they deem as a reason(s) to part ways, which doesn’t necessarily justify burning the bridge between the two, or these cats have some masterplan that we will see unfold in the next 12 weeks that, obviously, involves a rookie starting QB. None of it adds up. I’m still confused as to how this team, especially on the offensive side of the ball, will wins games this year. Now, they’re going to unleash the offense? Is that it? Bring it. We’re waiting. This fanbase is predictably ready to unleash its wrath, if you don’t win, sometimes even if you do, but I think it can be too impatient when the accused may need more time, & too patient when the problems still exist.

    Freeman is free, good for him. The Bucs have a situation that leaves more questions than answers.

  112. scubog Says:

    For 38 years I’ve rooted for everyone in the organization to succeed and given them the benefit of the doubt as long as possible. Through each of the coaching regimes I remained hopeful and willing to give them sufficient time to implement their plan. But for some reason, probably because Schiano comes across as a bully, I just have had enough of this guy. His record here speaks for itself. Some are blaming Mike Sullivan but our offense was ranked 9th in 2012. What happened? The defense is absolutely good enough to win games but falter when the game is on the line. Why? Schiano has cast Josh Freeman as his scapegoat and no doubt # 5 deserved some of the blame; but he can’t blame Freeman for that bush league kneel down play. Anyone actually proud of that one? He’s too stubborn to know how “college coach” that makes him look.

  113. Fritz50 Says:

    “Yea, clearly Sully is not a man, nor does he have a voice, he must completely lack any shred of integrity”

    Come on, this is getting childish. Do you seriously think Sullivan is going to call more than a few plays that Schiano doesn’t want called ? Sciano hand picked Sullivan, same as he hand picks the pasta the team gets. Aso both have stated that when Sciano wants a particular play, he has Sullivan send it in. What you’re saying is that Sullivan calls what he wants, regardless of what his boss wants him to do. Truth is, it’s prolly a collaboration between the two in the planning stages, with Sullivan doing the game day execution, for the most part. However, as the top man, head Mofo in charge, Boss, & so on, it all ULTIMATLY falls on Schiano’s head. If Sullivan can’t get it done, it falls on Sciano’s head to recognize that & get rid of him, and try something else. I don’t feel, at this point, that Sciano is flexible enough to do that. We’ll see, but if he can’t get it turned around, this circus will continue in the offseason

  114. MadMax Says:

    Its all about the play calling and being unpredictable!! Its not that hard to figure out!

    You have Glennon now who can make the short passes. So stop running our Doug to death…run him after opening things up with the pass. And wth were you guys thinking in not covering Graham in the NO game? I said 3 days before that game that they should be double teaming him….and they didnt put a single body on him until late in the 2nd!!!!!!!

    Its all about the play calling. I LOVED the Goldson run on the fake punt last week….thats what Im talking about. Be unconventional. But sometimes, especially now with the rookie Glennon, you have to be conservative near the end of the game. We wouldve probably won last week if Coach had stuck to the running plays and punted in the end.

  115. MadMax Says:

    Also, if all else fails with Schiano as HC, get someone else and keep him on as DC!! Im ok with that!

  116. Greg Says:

    Schiano is coaching the way all coaches should coach in the NFL. These players get paid a bunch of Our money and should be held accountable.
    Do your job players and earn the big money you get paid.

  117. King Diamond Says:

    Is Tim “Rutgers” Wright still active?

  118. Fritz50 Says:

    “Schiano is coaching the way all coaches should coach in the NFL”

    Bold statement. So, coaching makes no difference, & what play is call has no bearing on the matter. I ‘spose the players should run whatever play they want, cause they should just know what to do. After all, they make a lot of money, right? If you think coaching & play calling make no difference, then you’re just naive, but what I THINK you’re trying to say is that you like the supposed discipline that Schiano has brought to the team. I, too, like the idea, but just don’t think any of it has shown up on the field. There are still way too many stupid penalties happening. We’ll just have to see if coach can get that corrected, first, & then get some wins, second. Like Madden said, winning is a great deoderant.

  119. Meh Says:

    Six wins? Six wins is not acceptable. This “not rebuilding” is total crap. Six wins is the bar in tampa now? No. Morris earned year 3. Schiano can go get his 10 wins if he wants a year 3. I’ll be furious if we end up with only 6 wins and don’t clean house.

    Set the bar higher Joe. Don’t push this 6 win nonsense.

  120. Eric Says:

    If we’re soooooo talented why is 6-6 our last 12 the best we can hope for in our wildest dreams?

    I always though talented teams made the playoffs and stuff like that.

  121. jb Says:

    Greg Schiano Says:
    October 6th, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Schiano is coaching the way all coaches should coach in the NFL. These players get paid a bunch of Our money and should be held accountable.
    Do your job players and earn the big money you get paid.
    LMAO!!!! Whatever you say Greg Schiano. I’m sure ALL NFL coaches want to go 0-4 to start the season, and make themselves look like nothing more than a buffoon that likes to throw his weight around like he was able to in college.

  122. NY Buc Says:

    I do agree that 6 wins for a team with a lot of talent is a low bar, but when you factor in that right or wrong we’re moving forward with a rookie QB (AND we still have 5 division games plus Seattle and San Fran on the schedule) 10-2 in the last 12 is a tall order. With all the turmoil the Bucs have dealt with so far I’d actually think 8-4 (or better) over the next 12 games would be a sign of significant improvement and warrant another year (with the understanding that 2014 would be playoffs or pack your bags) for Schiano. In the end it’s whatever number the Glazer’s have in mind that will determine Schiano’s fate.

  123. Kalind Says:

    It’s very interesting reading these posts. Many of you want Schiano gone, for one reason or another. The others are going full Josh Freeman and blaming everything under the sun except Schiano.

    My issue is that Schiano is who he is. He’s a micro-manager. He controls the temp in meetings. How can there be people out there who think Schiano doesn’t poke his head in on the offense? Never mind that Schiano and Dom hired Sully BECAUSE he ran the offense Schiano wanted to run. Don’t overlook that.
    Schiano might be a good disciplinarian. He is just NOT a good NFL head coach. The evidence now is overwhelming. There is no argument to be made contradicting me.

  124. MadMax Says:

    You’re right NY Buc…..and really, I just want 1 “ONE” win right now. The play calling has been atrocious, especially near the end of games we are winning.

    Time to adjust that and my patience is running thin with HC/OC/DC in doing their jobs properly! Things will improve or they’re gone!

  125. crazy Says:

    Which way is the team going under Schiano? The team and the brand belong to the Glazers. Once they decide Schiano’s hurting the long-term value of the brand they’ll look for a better option.

    Schiano must have interviewed well and presented a thorough turnaround plan or they wouldn’t have hired him. So how’s he doing against the plan? Only the Glazers know but it’s hard to believe he’s on plan.

  126. Patrick Says:

    The Glazers never have had a clear mind when it comes to the coaching search. Remember, they wanted Spurrier before they chose Dungy. They only ended up with Gruden because they were in desperation mode. Raheem was a joke of a hire and Schiano was chosen over Schottenheimer, Philbin and Sherman.

  127. Capt. Tim Says:

    Walterfootball has an uncanny record for accuracy.
    They show us with the second draft pick. Hard to believe, but there say Jacksonville will be even worse than the Pasta Nazi!!’
    Glad I don’t live in Jacksonville!

    Show us drafting A QB (Tajh Boyd) and a LT in 2nd round whom we can groom at RT for a few years.

    It will take Boyd a few years to adjust to NFL. We can Trade V. Jackson, Revis, Goldson, Joseph, and Nicks – and replace them with young players. By the Time Boyd is ready for a playoff run- the young guys will be at the top of their game.

    That is, as long as we fire Dom- along with Schiano

    Thanks to both of those jerks. Between Dom’s Plethera of wasted picks- and Schianos prehistoric Rutgers offense, they have wasted years of this teams progress!!!
    We are STILL rebuilding!!
    The Falcons, Saints, and Panthers ought to send them thank you cards!!

    Fire Schiano and Dom!

  128. White Tiger Says:

    For all those who stated that because Freeman had not signed anywhere yet – it must mean no team wanted him – Jay Glazer is reporting that Freeman informed him he will make a decision tonight:

    Several teams have shown interest – they did not mention it for fear of setting off a controversy with their current starter – so they did not make their interest public.

    It’s going to make me sick – but I’m happy for Josh…