Chip Kelly Is Why Greg Schiano Is In NFL

October 10th, 2013

Yes, we all know how former University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly turned down the Bucs at the last minute two years ago to stay at Oregon and maybe make one last shot at a national title (the Ducks didn’t get that far).

So when Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik was left without a coach, he turned to Greg Schiano to fill the void left by the jettisoned Raheem Morris. We all know this. But what we don’t know is that Kelly is the reason why Schiano felt it was time to leave Rutgers. It was Kelly’s dalliance with the Bucs which made Schiano decide it was time to move on from Rutgers, so Schiano told Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly.

Not until Schiano heard reports of the Bucs’ closing in on a long-term deal with the former Oregon coach did coaching in the NFL feel like his destiny. And he wondered if his fate had twisted in the wrong direction.

“That’s kind of the reason I knew I really wanted the job,” Schiano, the Bucs’ second-year coach said in a conference call Wednesday with reporters covering the Eagles. Tampa Bay plays host to the Eagles on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

“I really loved my time at Rutgers and had plenty of opportunities to go elsewhere, and at the end I just never felt like it was right. One of the things that actually really led me to believe that this was the time was when I thought that Chip had accepted the job, I was angry. I was disappointed, is a better word probably. So that kind of told me that I did want it.”

It is kind of ironic that Schiano was fine with staying at Rutgers until he heard about Kelly and the Bucs. Then, the Bucs called Schiano.

Whether Kelly and/or Schiano can succeed in the NFL is still very much an open question. If the Bucs lose Sunday, then Schiano likely is very much on the hot seat. If Kelly loses Sunday, the highly-impatient Eagles fans will be all over Kelly when the Eagles return to Philadelphia.

9 Responses to “Chip Kelly Is Why Greg Schiano Is In NFL”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Josh Freeman and Mark Dominick are the reason Chip Kelly is in Philli.

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Give him to the end of the season and see where the team is at. If they’re not competitive, give him the boot. No sense in booting him right now. Lets see how his team handles adversity.

  3. K_bassuka Says:

    Yeah, sure coach. I’m sure there were a lot of high schools and D-2 schools that wanted your services back then. Someone must’ve messed up the application papers and that’s the real reason you got hired, I’m sure Schiano was as shocked as the rest of the football world

  4. BUCFAN0627 Says:


  5. Greg Says:

    So Kelly screwed us twice–thanks alot!

  6. chickster Says:

    The bucs should get down on there knees and beg Johnny boy back the owners are just settling for sub par coaching this guys a bum I’ve seen this before if you had an Andy reed here we would be 3/1 no dout now there wont react because they do not wish to pay this bum to discipline his kids at home

  7. chickster Says:

    I had seen this coming last year and they think glenen is an nfl type qb he wont stand up to the hits have you seen him get slamed down by the defensive lineman with one hand and its sad to say the best qb on the roster is dan the man and that will be proven soon

  8. chickster Says:

    and the joke of it is our gm is still here . we have a first time nfl head coach that is out of touch we have a first time offensive coordinator that looks like he should be hosting a kids show and a gm that is a yes man to the owners and the coach wow where are they hanging you have to walk proud and swing those things and the fans have to suffer the results if your a true fan and now I just want these clowns gone and freeman is lucky to get the hell out of here and he will shine in Minnesota and make a joke out this staff and gm

  9. chickster Says:

    One more thing these owners do not like being embarrassed and the are