Breakout Game, Learning Time For Tim Wright

October 13th, 2013

It’s time to stop weeping in your beer and banging your head against the wall for a few minutes and celebrate the Bucs’ No. 1 tight end.

Undrafted rookie tight end Tim Wright from (all together now) Rutgers had a heck of a day today. Wright was all over the field making tough catches and finished with seven receptions for 91 yards. Hell, Wright has 13 catches this season, five short of Tom Crabtree’s career total!

A converted wide receiver who looks more like an NBA shooting guard than a tight end, Wright flashed toughness and good hands, but je let a ball hit him in the chest in the end zone and fall to the ground.

Joe watched the play closely live, and the replays, and Joe believes Wright abandoned catch mode when the ball was coming and began to try to break up what could have been an interception on the jumped route. The defender didn’t get to it, and the ball hit not-ready Wright in the chest.

What a tough learning experience for the rookie. In New England, Wright let a Josh Freeman touchdown pass go through his hands. 

That’s the difference between pretty good and great: making plays. Hopefully, Wright can make the leap.

Joe also wonders whether it might be worth looking at Wright at wide receiver. Joe would be surprised if TE Wright isn’t the third best wide receiver on the roster right now.

20 Responses to “Breakout Game, Learning Time For Tim Wright”

  1. Kreator Says:

    No 3 wide receiver? That’s scary

  2. ctord Says:

    Good call joe, hopefully he will pan out. He is a matchup problem. Too big for corners too fast for linebackers.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    But how is his in-line blocking?

  4. Robbie_G Says:

    not try #17 in the slot? What the hell are they waiting on? Give Page a try in the slot. CUT Underwood for the 15th time!

  5. jb Says:

    He played for Coach Clown @ Rutgers…which is more than likely the only reason he’s on the roster. You have to hand it to the kid for making the most outta his opportunities…..until he reaches the endzone.

  6. Captain Buc Says:

    I’m over it. I pay a lot of money for the euphoria of winning. What a waste. It does not matter who the 3rd receiver is because our coach sucks. By the way Eagle fans are trash!!! I will never go to another Bucs vs Eagles game again. I should cancel my season tickets. I pay to watch football not a circus.

  7. Robbie_G Says:

    Cpt Bucs YES THEY ARE I live near Philly, they are ALL drunk goobers with no class.

  8. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    If you are looking for just a very small silver lining….its the play of Wright and the development of Glennon.
    If the season is lost…and most believe it is…then we have to develop as many players as we can going forward. QB & TE are huge needs for the Bucs.
    If Wright, Crabtree & Glennon develop…it will give us much needed depth.
    I agree that Page should get more touches…I believe he has shown he has good speed & hands.

  9. Buc1987 Says:


  10. Harry Says:

    Wright was one of the very few bright spots today; Wright, Glennon, VJ (who has been MIA lately)… that is pretty much it. But at least it is something.

    The talent is there for the most part, the problem is in Coach Shitzano. To me, the flashing red light, and screaming siren that says we need a coaching change are the signs that Shitzano is NOT going to adjust/learn from his mistakes – the biggest one is attaching the “victory formation” a SECOND time. Really, do we not have enough crap going on? Cannot one learn from their mistakes? Guess not…

  11. Capt. Tim Says:

    What was Glennons passer rating? 75 or 80?
    He had half the snaps since training camp. He has been working with the first string offense as much as anyone has.
    He’s 0-2. And he just played against the 31st ranked defense in the league!
    And lost to them. Against a real defense?

    He’s started two games, against bad teams- and lost to both of them
    Let’s see what he does when he plays a good defense

    Wright is 210lbs. Guess we aren’t asking him to block.

    How long will this streak get to be. How many people will continue to try to make excuses for this terrible regime??

    It’s an embarrassment.

  12. Splengo Says:


    I’m here for ya man. You just need a hug bout now. This isn’t your fault, you just got mixed up with the wrong company and they led you over to the dark side.

    Come on out from under the porch and join the rest of us. As soon as we get a new coach you will be surprised at what this team can do. By the way Couch came out today and called for Schiano’s head so no harm no fault.

    I got warm milk and dry clothes waiting for you. We want you back in the sunshine! See you soon!

  13. Nate Says:

    Wright played great! That play in the endzone would have been a really tough catch. Dude had a hand full of tough catches, especially on 3rd down so I’m not going to get on the guy for not catching that tough one in the endzone. My main gripe with this team right now is our offensive line in the run game. The pass protection has been ok, but the run blocking has been awful! Davin Joesph is a shell of himself, Zuttah is holding more than than a DD bra, and Larsen is a practice squad player at best. These guys are getting man-handled and get zero push up field. If the O-line doesn’t get it together, we’re screwed. (not like we already are.)

  14. Jeb Buc Says:

    Capt Tim. I’m sorry you got fired by the bucs. You and Eric should go find a different team. Even with the positive of Tim wright you make up stuff to tear a guy down you don’t even know. You should research wright, read websites, I read the guy has gained 15 -20 lbs.

  15. Capt. Tim Says:

    Her, sorry to ruin you happy party!!
    In glad you are feeling so good about our 0-5 team!
    Are you planing a celebration party later this Evening?

    But Eric and I live in reality! And have followed this team since it’s conception!
    This series of Rookie coaches , along with a rookie GM- has been nothing short of an embarrassing Fiasco. On going for 5 years.

    I’m a lil to tired of this endless losing- to get all pumped up over a skinny TE!


  16. zam Says:

    He showed some promise. Need to see if it’s a one-game fluke though. It certainly felt good having a tight end catch a ball for us.

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    And who was throwing Wright all of those catchable passes?

  18. Bucky23 Says:

    Lavonte David brings it every single game. He’s my favorite Buccaneer and proud he’s on our team.

  19. White Tiger Says:

    @Mr Patrick

    Who was throwing all those catchable passes to Wright?

    I dunno – who dropped all those catchable balls from Freeman?

    What is really weird – everyone wanted to talk about how bad Freeman was, I believe including you, but suddenly no one is focusing properly on the GOOD things you see from the guy you were cheering for all along!?

    Did you happen to notice, we lost.


    Same coach, different QB – TWICE in a row now – same result.

    Guess what? It wasn’t the QB.

    It appears the Bucs have a bit more too teach you. Don’t get too close to this QB – we may have an opportunity to draft the next ex-starting QB!

    You know, AFTER the guy whp’s coing it currently – gets benched/cut by the NEXT head coach.

    ‘cuz, in case you missed it…it wasn’t the last QB either.

  20. ScoobyDoobyDoo Says:

    Rut Ro Raggy, It’s Rutgers! “He may be the 3rd best receiver on the team.” Just kick me right in the jimmy next time. Guy has talent sure. Are his hands better than K2? Is his inline blocking better than K2? Will a little film study show this? And weren’t we all celebrating when we kicked K2 to the curb? Just me? It was the WORST defense in the league. They’re supposed to score points. They couldn’t even get into the 20’s in a league that wants you to score in the 30’s!! Where’s Thelma, maybe she can get a clue.