Blame Josh Freeman

October 7th, 2013

josh freeman 0629Many Bucs fans are still outraged that Bucs commander Greg Schiano not only benched defrocked franchise quarterback Josh Freeman but cut him.

As it turned out, Freeman not only became a bad quarterback, not only became a distraction for a team scrambling to win its first game, but turned into a petulant child where the Bucs had to run him.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune apparently obtained documents that detailed all the issues Freeman created for himself. It’s a wonder a law-and-order guy like Schiano would put up with Freeman this long. Cummings typed an article and seemed to agree.

It’s a sad tale, this Freeman saga. It might be the saddest and ugliest in the history of a franchise with a long history of sad and ugly sagas. The saddest part is that it all could have been avoided.

Clearly, the Buccaneers tried to avoid it. They gave Freeman a pass after he missed the team photo shoot and cut his fines for the opening-day offenses to a third of what they could have been.

And for three games they stuck with him despite a level of play that had him ranked 33rd in a 32-team league in passer rating and produced a league-low three offensive touchdowns.

So, Freeman blows off a team breakfast the morning of the season-opener, then he’s late for the bus going to the stadium. Then on the first series, in three consecutive plays, Freeman calls two timeouts and the team is flagged for delay of game.

Sure sounds like a guy who was preparing for the game, doesn’t it? A first series of a game, which is always scripted, and Freeman bungled that?

Look, Freeman is no innocent soul in this saga. In fact, he pulled a Terrell Owens. He was anything but a leader, anything but a team guy, which was proven in his final days.

Freeman’s departure may be addition by subtraction. He’s Minnesota’s problem now.

Schiano didn’t wreck Freeman. Freeman wrecked Freeman.

75 Responses to “Blame Josh Freeman”

  1. Meh Says:

    Everybody wrecked Freeman, including Freeman.

    Dominik, Schiano, Freeman – all three share the blame for this fiasco. All 3 need to go.

  2. Chef Paul Says:

    Almost seems like he acted out a well thought out diabolical plan flawlessly.

  3. CC Says:

    Sure sound like there is more to the story that we don’t know about, concerning drugs. How come everytime a player gets busted his excuse is adderal or any other ADD med? i’ll answer that. Because the players do not have to disclose the real banned substance according to the players union contract.

  4. Tampabaybucsfan Says:

    More on Freeman will probably surface!!!

  5. ctord Says:

    Freeman contributed to his fall in Tampa no doubt but coaching is a problem as well. Here is the question: Is Schaino and staff getting the most out of the talent that they have? The answer in my mind is no. Great to good coaching should elevate the talent level of there teams and I am seeing the opposite. Freeman has gotten worse from last year to this and some is on him and some is on coaching. Point is good coaching should have elevated his play. too much talent on this team to be playing like this. All this talk about our strength of schedule so far and the opponents record. Fact is we are 0-4. Good teams find ways to win games against other good teams. We are what are record says we are.

  6. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Time to move on. Freeman and his agents played the game and beat the Bucs

  7. Walter Says:

    Lol stop crying Joe, Freeman is gone now. Talk about Glennon and the Bucs.

  8. Splengo Says:

    Cummings has it right about it becoming an ugly saga. But whose fault is that? Where Woody is wrong is that he gives the impression that this started when Freeman was benched. Wrong! This started at the end of last season. Schiano decided that he didn’t want Freeman and Freeman decided that he was not going to play another down for him.

    This has been carefully orchestrated by Freeman’s camp and miraculously bungled by Schiano and Dominik. Coming off the season Freeman had last year, they could have gotten a high draft pick for him during the off season.

    Can’t all of you see that Freeman got no reps in preseason? You all thought if was drugs or incompetence when the season started. Wrong! At the direction of his camp, Freeman laid down!

    Now who won or better said, who lost? Freeman’s got 11mil and with a team where he has a chance to start. We’re 0-4 with a confident Eagles team coming to town, a remaining schedule that looks like crossing the Rubicon, and a rookie QB with 1 NFL game under his belt.

    You decide who won!

  9. K_bassuka Says:

    Wow Joe. You putting the first series of the season on Freeman, shame on you. If you watch the tape you will see Freeman having communication issues and he call TO. Then he had the same issues but was about to run a play when our top of the line HC decided not to allow him to run a play and called TO (since in college you can call back to back TO without penalty he thought it was the same in the NFL) and you put that on Freeman, please.

    It was time for Freeman to go and I agree with you 100%, but the reason why will show in the upcoming weeks.

  10. Luther Says:

    It amazes me how so many people support Josh around Tampa Bay. MANY QB’s get demoted, how many act like Josh did?

  11. JMN Says:

    Great summary of Freeman! All that went down it is quiet now showing most of the noise was coming from Freeman’s camp. I am just shocked at how many people supported him when he was clearly a big part of the problem. Freeman has been babied his entire life including his entire time with the Bucs and the excuses for him got tiring. You have QB’s coming into the league lighting it up taking their teams to the playoffs. He handled adversity like a child, when real leaders would step up to the challenge, he crumbled and gave up. This is not the type of person you want leading your team. So enjoy Jfro Minnesota. IMO you would be better keeping with Ponder. At least he has some character and integrity.

  12. stvcl Says:

    Aw eff it. No longer a Buc…no longer care. I DO care about the Bucs currently on the roster. Baptism under fire…c’mon MG!

  13. bucfanjeff Says:

    The bucs could have handled it better. Bench him during a game, keep him at #2, all the while shopping him. It surely would have netted them something.

    Water under the bridge now. Looking forward to game #2. I sure hope Glennon is a fast learner.

  14. BirdDoggers Says:

    Freeman didn’t handle himself as a professional in the past few months. That’s on him. I’m wondering why he had such a drastic change in his demeanor and actions during that time. He was never reported as anything less than a professional from the time he was drafted. He seemed to work hard, study the game and commit himself. Either there was a big problem with his relationship with Schiano and/or the organization or he had other issues outside of football.

    I wish Josh well and hope he succeeds. It’s a shame things ended that way they did in Tampa. He looked to be the long awaited answer at QB for the Bucs. Back to the drawing board.

  15. passthebuc Says:

    You said it, Its Minnesota’s problem. So let’s drop all the news on freeman and get back to the bucs. Lets work on the positives not the negatives.

  16. T in Orlando Says:

    So who get’s their first win without the other, Schiano or Freeman? If it’s Freeman, Schiano may want to go into witness protection for the remainder of his time in Tampa.

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I did not know about the opening day incidents until I read Roy’s article. Josh Freebow is now somebody else’s problem and will be sitting with Jamarcus Russell watching NFL games in 3 years. Josh is no longer a member of the Bucs and has now moved on so now I suggest we all do, like to the issue that the Bucs are some horrible late game coaching away from being 3-1

  18. Morgan Says:

    JBF – little late to the party, aren’t you? The week that #5 was benched, cut, you villainized our head coach: it was all his fault. Now you come out with this?

    You read way to deep into Joe’s writings, versus what’s actually written. –Joe

  19. Yeah It's me! Says:

    Amen Joe! I was a HUGE Freeman supporter. Ive lost ALL respect for him after the way he treated his teammates and the franchise after getting benched.

  20. MadMax..original Says:

    Agreed Joe!! And Im glad he’s finally gone!!!!!!

  21. Gavster1221 Says:

    If this is true why haven’t any teammates spoken out against freeman? All I’ve heard is support . If he was such a T.O someone would’ve said something. No basis

  22. givemeball Says:

    Go Bucs!!! who cares about Freeman he is gone, history. I am giving Shiano 3 years to turn this team around from the mess that Raheem left this team in. Defense is almost there and lets see what they can do with the offense now. . Lets support the team and quit being a bunch of sore losers and looking for excuses to fire the coach and gm.

  23. Amar Says:

    So Joe, Warren Moon was right…Josh “hangs out” too much.

  24. MadMax..original Says:

    @Splengo…we won….move on…..

  25. vdubguy Says:

    #5 is laughing at us along with the rest of the country. This teams problems go way beyond Freeman. He made the best move possible by getting far far away from this debacle of a pro? football team.

  26. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I’m just glad I am not reading any more TMZesque articles. As far as what PFT and the other pages are posting, he is Minnesota’s Drama Queen now.

  27. Big Rob Says:

    I can’t understand how some people can defend or still even like Freeman. It’s obvious he was issued a challenge to do better, and instead of taking that challenge and fighting like crazy for his job he folded like a deck of cards. The kid has no balls of any kind. Something that definitely does not makea good QB. He is a quitter. Good riddance.

  28. Gavster1221 Says:

    I don’t understand how you guys can tear down the best Qb in franchise history so quickly and based on situations you have no true knowledge of.

  29. Splengo Says:


    Happy to oblige you. Let’s talk again….. Oh say… Sunday at around 4:00 pm. Lol.

  30. Big Rob Says:


    He created the drama. It was all on him. Good riddance.

  31. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “based on situations you have no true knowledge of”

    So, is there some hypothetical in your mind that excuses the off the field stuff?:

    Missed first day of his own youth camp, said car broke and had no phone (a millionaire said that).
    Missed team photo, blamed alarm
    Missed team meal before first game
    Late for team bus for first game
    Missed multiple team meetings

    And then add in his on the field play, both accuracy, as well as win-loss record.

    Why on earth would anyone need to hear the details? What’s wrong with personal responsibility? That stuff is on him, regardless of any coach, GM, or mistakes by other players.

  32. Big Rob Says:

    Its glaringly obvious Schiano gave him accountability for his play and he tucked his tail between his legs and quit on this organization. Josh Freeman is a baby that needs to be coddled. You can have a QB you have to coddle to play well. You need a man. A leader of men. Someone with thick skin and intestinal fortitude. Josh Freeman has none of that.

  33. Big Rob Says:

    You CAN’T have a QB you have to coddle to play well.*

  34. bucrightoff Says:

    How is Josh Freeman better than Brad Johnson? Best seasons, for the record

    Freeman, 2010, 3451 yards, 61% completion, 25 TDs 6 INTs

    Johnson, 2002, 3049 yards, 62% completion, 22 TDs 6 INTs

    Except of course one guy clutched up in the biggest games and won the Super Bowl. Josh’s record against teams with a winning record is self explantory (i.e. not very good). Is Josh more talented? Sure no doubt. Better? Nah, I’ll take the guy with the results.

  35. zam Says:

    Clearly Dan Orlovsky is a master schemer.

  36. Jason Says:

    You seem to flip flop more than a fish out of water. Blame Freeman? Last week you were blaming everyone. This is all I will say, something changed from last year to this year. Freeman definitely handled his part of the situation poorly, but we do not know all the ins and outs from both sides. And how quickly he got scooped up for additional money leads me to believe this regime is at fault. The issue start from the top and trickle down. The fix is to get rid of Schiano not freeman but that is already done. I think if we lose this week to the Eagles he may be gone (hopefully)

  37. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    But, Freeman is personal friends with Rah!!!

  38. Splengo Says:

    Rick Stroud is reporting that Josh Freeman was pursued by 10 NFL teams before he signed with the Vikings. Two of those teams were the 49ers and the Packers – two teams who know a little something about QBs.

    But I’m going to take the word of the JBF arm chair GMs that Freeman is a bum over those guys. You can tell from their records they don’t have a clue when it comes to picking a QB. Lol.

  39. Skelly Says:

    Good for Josh. I hear there is plenty of “snow” in Minnesota so he can continue to flush his career and talent down the tube. Wonder if that ever comes out. BTW kids. People who are prescribed a drug for their entire life, don’t accidentally take another drug on accident and it doesn’t happen one time. Just saying. Bucs made right move here without question.

  40. Robbie_G Says:

    Please my fellow Bucs fans, say a prayer. Living here near Philly, the Pigeons fans are talking a ton of $h!t. Their 2 wins were vs the skins and Giants, but they are typical, nasty, loud jerks. Please let our Bucs win this game, don’t care how, just to shut these @$$holes UP!

  41. bucrightoff Says:

    Freeman as a backup had to be intriguing to every team except Minnesota and Buffalo. And he isn’t guaranteed to start in Minnesota. He’s gotta learn the playbook and adapt to the new system so he won’t play for a few weeks. And what happens if Matt Cassel wins a few more games. Would they really switch from the guy who’s winning? If they did and Freeman continued his end of Tampa play, he could become the first QB ever to get benched by two different teams in the same year.

  42. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Green Bay also signed Vince Young.

    I suppose that means Vince Young is awesome.

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    Are we ever going to move on from this loser? C’mon Joe. This is just getting fk’n pathetic now. Are you a Bucs fan or Vikings? Let this loser go. Move on to the FUTURE!! WINNIN WITH GLENNON!!!

  44. Splengo Says:

    C’mon Oil,

    Sharpen up your tool kit. Some of us can read. Vince young was never signed to a regular season guaranteed contract like Freeman. Vince signed a camp contract on Aug 5 and was cut Sep 1 before the season started. What trickery!

  45. Mark G Says:

    Lies, lies and damn lies! Future Hall of Famer: Josh Freeman should have been locked up in a loooong term contract! Complete failure by the Buccs!
    Sean King

  46. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    And your point being? Seriously, what difference does that make whatsoever? Does GB just spin their wheels pointlessly in the preseason and make moves that they aren’t serious about?

    Both are former first round picks who have struggled. Both were intended to be a possible backup, unless you think either could unseat Rodgers.

  47. Splengo Says:


    Exactly! You make my point. The Packers are a serious organization and don’t just spin their wheels which is why they went hard after Freeman.

    Serves me right, I’m only suppose to address JBF A-listers like Couch who though is clearly leading you guys astray. My bad just forget I said something. Sheesh!

  48. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, then, let’s hear your honest thoughts on Seneca Wallace, Case McCoy, and John Skelton.

  49. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Because, if you are trying to make F_reeman somehow on R_odgers or Kap’s level, or somehow attaching the historic traditions of the teams, simply because he was offered, the reality is, F_reeman is rather on the level of VW, and the backups that they have. Meaning he was offered as and would be a backup, just like they are. That’s just the facts of the matter.

    If you want to beat your chest over that, than yes, Freeman got offered by SF, and GB!!! WoooHooo!!! That somehow means something!!

  50. White Tiger Says:

    The mere fact that we have a “insiders list” documenting how Josh is to blame – after Josh is gone – tells me quite a lot.

    It means the fire is so hot on Schiano – someone on the team had to come up with some flame retardant under garments for him. Anyone still making excuses for the debacle is blame shifting. The problem is – the coach is just as petulant – because this isn’t the first issue we’ve seen where once the coach decides it’s time to teach a lesson – the lesson options are “get with the program or else” and some professionals decide the “OR ELSE” is a better option – then go an play lights out – somewhere else.

    Woody and EYE-RAH can keep spinning for THEIR followers – they just look like Perkins Apologists – but at some point even Tom McEwen decided it was definitely the coach….get with the program guys…the majority f the fan base has learned the lesson youve taught us from Gruden’s firing…

    “…it’s the COACH, stupid”

    Get with the program.

  51. Bobby Says:

    @Splengo says:

    Rick Stroud is reporting that Josh Freeman was pursued by 10 NFL teams before he signed with the Vikings. Two of those teams were the 49ers and the Packers – two teams who know a little something about QBs.

    But I’m going to take the word of the JBF arm chair GMs that Freeman is a bum over those guys. You can tell from their records they don’t have a clue when it comes to picking a QB. Lol.


    You don’t have to ‘know a little something about QB’s’ to know that Freeman was not a good QB here. Whether he becomes a good one somewhere else is up to him. Maybe someone else will treat him like the golden goose when he lays a tin egg but Schiano wasn’t that guy. We have a coach that wanted results. I think some of you supporting Freeman grew up in this culture that thinks everyone should get a trophy just for playing. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by judging on performance….

  52. NY Buc Says:

    While watching some of the Texans-49ers game it struck me that Josh is similar to Matt Shaub in some ways. Both these guys have a lot of talent, but when adversity hits them they just can’t seem to find a way to mentally overcome it and move on to the next play. I do wish Josh the best of luck, but I believe Vikings fans will see what we did…flashes of brilliance sandwiched between too many ‘what the hell was that!? moments. I very much wanted him to succeed with the Bucs, but based on his 5 year roller coaster ride NFL resume ‘6-Flags’ was a fitting nickname for his play at QB. Hopefully Glennon steps up and become the QB we need, this is his chance to show us if he can be the guy or not.

  53. Tye Says:

    “He’s Minnesota’s problem now.”

    Oh, how true it is…. GO BUCS!

  54. Bobby Says:

    “Exactly! You make my point. The Packers are a serious organization and don’t just spin their wheels which is why they went hard after Freeman.”


    They did? They went ‘hard’ after Freeman? And you know that how?? They don’t have him so they must not have gone after him that hard. We’ll see next year how he does because I doubt if he plays this year.

  55. White Tiger Says:

    You actually do have to be an expert to determine that – because “experts” are the guys you call in after something is so broken it’s beyond the “average joes’s” ability to figure out.

    …because experts look at the facts that INCUDE the statistics and accomplishments in determining WHY there is such a VAST disconnect between the 27 TD’s/6 INT’s, 4000 (+) yds of passing and a first EVER (in Franchise HISTORY) TOP 10 finish in offense (for the ENTIRE NFL)…and a QB who can no longer seem to get out of his own way.

    Then you get COACHES who ADMIT they’re teaching offensive ROCKET SURGERY – that has NEVER proven to work…and after an accomplished NFL starting QB could not get it – we’re going to do BETTER by teaching it to a 3rd round ROOKIE – and we are NOT going to simplify it.

    …and you tools say keep insisting it’s the QB?

    When you keep doing the same thing, the same way, with different people…yet expect different results…that is the very definition of INSANITY.

    Please don’t insult our intelligence – some of us have actually been watching this a LOT longer than others have been writing about it.

  56. Bobby Says:

    @NY Buc….

    “While watching some of the Texans-49ers game it struck me that Josh is similar to Matt Shaub in some ways.”


    I thought EXACTLY the same thing! I kept thinking to myself “Schaub reminds me of Freeman with his decision making”. The difference is that Schaub actually has been to the playoffs but he does remind you of Josh in a lot of ways. I’ve always said that if Freeman gets in the right system and they let him use his legs and throw on the run and do away with trying to make him a true pocket passer he could flourish. He has most of his problems when he is sitting in the pocket staring down receivers. When he is moving he just sees the field better. Still, all of that will not cause him to make the right decisions. He’s like Tony Romo with way less accuracy.

  57. White Tiger Says:

    If it was Perkins fault – and not Steve Young’s, Vinny Testeverde’s fault – then it is Schaino’s fault.

    If it was Gruden’s fault, and not Meshawn’s – then it’s Schiano’s fault.

    If it was Raheem’s fault and not – the entire defenses fault – then it is Schiano’s fault.

    See how logic works?

    I mean, afterall, it is what YOU have taught us…just keeping things LINEAR…

  58. White Tiger Says:


    silly logic – I can switch it on you: how do you know the Packers DIDN’T go after Josh hard – they didn’t end up with him, ipso they didn’t want/try?

    See how that sounds?

    There are reports that they did go after him – but as a back up to Rogers – what if Freeman turned it down?

    Far more likely – this was a mid-season Lebron James type free-agent look around VERY interested teams. They must know something that you refuse to acknowledge…

  59. Bobby Says:

    @White Tiger says….

    because experts look at the facts that INCUDE the statistics and accomplishments in determining WHY there is such a VAST disconnect between the 27 TD’s/6 INT’s, 4000 (+) yds of passing and a first EVER (in Franchise HISTORY) TOP 10 finish in offense (for the ENTIRE NFL)…and a QB who can no longer seem to get out of his own way.


    Hmmm. See, that’s interesting. You ‘experts’ dissect all the little nuances and stats and we lay people just see a QB who sucked for 4 years with 1 good year sandwiched in between. We just figure “You can either throw with accuracy or you can’t. You can either make good decisions or you can’t.” Not rocket science really.

    Josh was inaccurate in college and continued to be inaccurate as a pro. Russell Wilson, accurate in college…accurate as a pro. Didn’t need ‘coaches’ to overhaul him and suddenly make him something he wasn’t. If after 5 years you are fundamentally as unsound as you were in year 1 then it’s hard to believe every QB coach Freeman had just ignored his glaring defects and left him alone. If you are a pro you work to correct your flaws. You are aware of them and you don’t need a coach hounding you to get you to correct them. It is the pinnacle of stupidity to think that the coaches are to blame for Freeman’s demise. If he came out of college with a 65% completion and was setting the world on fire then I would say you had an argument but I think the Bucs took him on thinking they could fix his flaws and he has proven that they are unfixable. Maybe it’s the ADHD, who knows. Bottom line is, in a performance based league Freeman has been given many opportunities to perform and he has proven to be like many QB’s in this league…inconsistent. That is a death sentence at a position that demands consistency.

  60. Bobby Says:

    @White Tiger……

    Freeman sir, is no Lebron James.

  61. DP4LIFE22 Says:



  62. PRBucFan Says:

    Sounds about right he should be sought after as a “back-up”

    This means what exactly?

  63. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Lebron James”

    Thanks for the laugh. It will be 2017, and people will be talking about 2010. He will never ever approach that year again. And it will be everybody’s fault but his own. God forbid someone’s behavior and performance are their own responsibilities.

    What I want to know is, since all his poor performances have been someone else’s fault, can’t we give someone else credit for 2010? I know, I know, it doesn’t work like that, right?

  64. Eric Says:

    Time will tell.

    Schiano has his guy, so we shall see how the bucs do minus Freeman.

    Freeman has a new team, and we shall also see how he does.

    My money is on Josh, and coach Schiano will be further exposed as the nut case and not ready for prime time bush league coach that he is.

    Ive known that since the day we hired him. More evidence forthcoming…..starting Sunday.

  65. PRBucFan Says:

    It just goes to show why there is no use in discussing this with some people because they actually, honestly, believe in their minds comparisons such as that one are legitimate…(Lebron and Free)

    It’s a lost cause lol.

  66. PRBucFan Says:

    It was never about who was behind Josh Eric, it was about Josh not being the right guy.

    Regardless of what Josh or Glennon does it does not change the fact that it was his time to go.

  67. Bobby Says:

    @Eric says….

    Time will tell.

    Schiano has his guy, so we shall see how the bucs do minus Freeman.

    Freeman has a new team, and we shall also see how he does.


    How did we do WITH Freeman????? Do you honestly think Freeman was suddenly going to turn into Drew Brees if we kept him?? Have you ever at any time prior to now done anything other than bash Freeman?? I’ll answer that for you…NO. As far as seeing how Freeman does in Minnesota, that won’t be this year. We could see him next year but it will take more than a few weeks to get Freeman ready to play in Minnesota and if Ponder gets healthy then Freeman will remain a backup.

  68. MadMax Says:

    Giants get their first win against the Vikes if they choose to play freefree…put money on that one!

  69. Eric Says:


    Not true I have said many times that Freeman was the least of our problems.

    Do you fail to recall we set a bucs record for points allowed, and came within an eyelash of the longstanding NFL record for passing yards given up during Freeman’s tenure?

    That makes it awfully tough to win.

    Well perhaps it will be next year before we know about Free, but we got a twelve game dose of Glennon coming up.

    Id play Freeman right away if I am Minnesota, he is miles better than Ponder. Minnesota knows that or they would not have signed him. Freeman beat them up in Viking land twice, once overcoming a 17 point deficit.

  70. Buccaneer79 Says:

    I can’t help but think this whole thing could have been handled differently, but it doesn’t matter now. Their “insurance policy” was drafting Glennon, if they could foresee trouble. It was a bad strategy because the weight of the burden does heavily lie on a rookie, but all the targets are on the ones who drafted him. If Freeman was such a problem that Schiano lost the locker room, as this & the Ronde article kind of suggest; then, the Bucs organization failed themselves, even if the “cancer” is gone.

    Some people seem to be glad that Freeman is gone, but to the casual observers, many of whom could be Freeman fans, it makes Schiano look like the problem. That is fine, IF the team is winning, which they may not be doing a lot of the rest of the season. It may not be fair; the owners will take everything into account, but the only thing that matters is wins. Like my comments don’t mean jack, neither does a lack of quality planning & control. Had they been able to sign a quality veteran who can step in & control this offense, it might have saved Schiano & Dominik from their hot seats.

  71. Ed Says:

    Freeman,is gone and will make 4 million dollars, from the Vikings,funny how they did not have a problem. No one has talked about this G.M. this guy only winning season was with Coach Morris, Coach is right about this team being the laughing stock,because of this G.M. I do not blame this coach or Freeman for this sad state of the Bucs. If you are going to base jobs on job performance these guy need to look in the mirror.

  72. larry Says:

    I think Josh started downhill right after his good year, there were rumors back then and now I kinda believe them. I think even that year he was so good because the teams we beat were so bad, I think only one had a winning record at the end of the year. His last year under Morris was god awful and it was Schiano that put that offense together that put him and us on the map last year. And although I’m no fan of Tarkenton or Jaws they kind of had him pegged from the get go. Sorry Josh but best of luck

  73. Bobby Says:


    “Do you fail to recall we set a bucs record for points allowed, and came within an eyelash of the longstanding NFL record for passing yards given up during Freeman’s tenure?

    That makes it awfully tough to win.”


    So what was his excuse this year?? I know the defense made it difficult to win games last year but that does not explain his inconsistency and his meltdown at the end of the year. Drew Brees had a horrible defense but he still played at a high level even if the team didn’t win. This is a business Eric. What are the Glazers supposed to do? Freeman had shown nothing after 3 games to intimate that he was progressing. You know at that point you are NOT going to extend his contract. IF you play him for the rest of the year then what do you do in the draft? Do you take a QB when you don’t know what you have in Glennon? Isn’t it smarter to let Freeman go and start Glennon immediately to see what you have in the kid. If he doesn’t pan out then you know how to go in the draft. If he does pan out then all sorts of options open up for you in the draft. It was a smart business move other than having to pay his salary for the rest of the season but Freeman’s camp forced that issue with all the misinformation they were spreading to force the Bucs to trade him. It was well played by the Freeman camp but very foul tactics. Most agents have no scruples and care only about the money.

  74. Pewter Power Says:

    “MANY QB’s get demoted, how many act like Josh did?”

    Exactly, childish for sure. 5 years was enough, go Mike!

  75. White Tiger Says:

    I’m sure any moron – well maybe not ANY moron, most morons here – could tell that the Lebron reference was to the free agent tour Josh went on at the expense of the Glazers and because the coach screwed the oooch.

    At the stubborn things about facts are, they keep showing up.

    Like those 5 fourth quarter come-backs, those wins he got under a coach who wanted him to do well – instead of the trying to set the stage for.

    Nothing against Goennon – seeing as how he’s all,we got – I hope to be surprised. I don’t expect it – I just hope for it. Seem I know the statistics for how many 3 R&D round draft picks defy the odds to become quality starters in the NFL. That’s the funny thin about stats – they’re like shortcuts to telling you there’s more/less talent than folks like to give credit for.

    I’m not gonna bust you too bad – Mostly because I don’t think you’re of those “band wagoners” I think you were against giving Freeman a chance from the beginning. I’m just gonna bust you because if you’re not incorporating stats into your analysis – then it’s like pi$$in your pants while wearing dark pants. You get a nice b mr feeling but nobody notices.

    …and nobody cares.

    I watched a kid come from behind 5 times – in the 4th quarter – and WIN games. That is a rare talent. You figure out how to make that work, you don’t hide a camera on the sidelines in order to tell him his posture was poor while waiting for the defense to get off the field.

    I understand folks saying they don’t like a guy – and then leaving it at that – just don’t try and make a case for Jish’s stats NOT being important.

    Otherwise, we’ll all just have to come over to your house to have you tell us how you feel about who starts at QB.

    If you want to use wins & losses – we’re going to use all of them – including how many your boyz lose this year and your coach’s losses from LAST year and THIS year are counting.

    See, the only stat you can measure a coach by – is wins and losses.

    Because if you don’t you end up with a worthless coach – for a LOT longer than you’re willing to continue defending him.