Biting Criticism Of Bill Sheridan

October 31st, 2013

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White (1996-2001) has penned a massive Xs and Os analysis of what’s wrong with your beloved Bucs.

Writing for, White weaves from offense to defense, where he spends a lot of time on defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. Here’s one nugget on the man White repeatedly calls an “idiot:”

Fire Bill

I’m going to give you two great examples from the Panthers game that show you why Sheridan has to go.

First play of the second half, the Panthers have two tight ends in the game and one running back: DeAngelo Williams. The personnel tells the Bucs to keep all of their linebackers in the game. The formation of tight end trips (tight end and two other wide receivers to that side of the center) forces the Bucs to walk their linebackers away from the box (inside the offensive tackles) leaving their run gap responsibilities open. This is the perfect time to check to one of those line stunts Sheridan loves so much so that the defensive line exchanges those gap responsibilities and makes the ball bounce somewhere that the linebackers can be a factor if the Panthers decide to run the ball. Hell, the Bucs used to do it all the time back when I played.

However, the Bucs do not check to a line stunt and thus when Williams runs a draw and cuts back to the A gap inside Gerald McCoy, who is doing his job well in the B gap, there is nobody there to tackle him because the linebacker who should be there is still out covering the tight end.

This is football 101 folks, and Sheridan has made the defense remedial.

The second play I’m going to point out speaks to players finally getting fed up with the BS.

The very next drive the Panthers have on offense, they work the ball down the field from their own 47-yard line all the way to the Bucs’ six-yard line. I have a feeling McCoy had had enough of going sideways and being Clayborn’s crash test dummy on all of the Quick Tex-es. So although Quick Tex is what appears to have been called, instead of running through his B gap then working outside of the left tackle for contain, McCoy shows what he could do if his defensive coordinator just let him rush and beats the guard inside with a rip move (yellow circle). Unfortunately, because Clayborn is at that same point all the way in the B gap (red circle) on the other side of the center, there is nobody to keep Newton in the pocket so McCoy can sack him.


Newton calmly escapes to his left (red arrow) and then easily runs in from six yards out, untouched, for the touchdown. If I were his coach I would grade McCoy down for that play, but then again if I was his coach I would probably also either be a dumbass or a hostage being held against my will.

All I’m saying is Bill Sheridan is, you know, an idiot.

I also have a feeling they are ruining Clayborn because he used to be a guy who could beat offensive tackles one-on-one with good pass rushes, but now he just looks to go somewhere where nobody is blocking rather than beat a guy to get pressure. Over the rest of the season that isn’t going to work out well either.

It is for this reason and many others I believe the Glazers, who own the Buccaneers, should have fired Schiano immediately after the loss and instructed the interim coaches to make changes. I understand why they want to show “stability” and not appear to be making knee-jerk reactions, but this coaching staff may well ruin some of the team’s young players if they are allowed to coach the next nine games. I say that without a hint of hyperbole. The film doesn’t lie.

If you love Xs and Os, click on the above link to read much more. White details why Mike Glennon is regressing and many more unhappy thoughts. As always, reading White’s work is an education.

17 Responses to “Biting Criticism Of Bill Sheridan”

  1. Justin Says:

    White has been killing Sheridan for a long time. And for a long time White has been right.

    That play were Clayborn did the QT stunt and left Newton with a runway to the endzone was a microcosm of our season. A disaster.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    There is a reason he was only a DC for 1 year in NY.
    There is a reason he should be fired right now.

  3. knucknbuc Says:

    Anyone still blaming this team’s suckage on the players at this point is an idiot. 90 percent of this team’s terrible seasonis on the coaches. Who are suppose to pit players in a position to succeed while this staff has put our players in position to fail because of their “proven methods and schemes” this team sucks cuz the coaches suck. Point blank.

  4. BirdDoggers Says:

    Interesting stuff. It’s good to see analysis from a former player and someone who seems to know how to dissect a play. I never liked the idea of all the line stunts and would rather see the game play north and south.

    The coaching staff deserves to be replaced if they can’t fix the problems. It could be Schiano’s scheme that Sheridan is forced to run or it could be all on Sheridan. Either way, it’s not working.

  5. chickster Says:

    Warren sapp said the same thing on national tv about that play I coached for 10 years and your d ends should never crash like that

  6. Bobby Says:

    Agree 100%. Both our OC and DC are terrible.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Oh what is this, another expert saying coaching changes should be made immediately?! I don’t see anyone in the draft worth having to endure this anymore.

  8. chickster Says:

    and he will keep stunting the d ends until he stunts himself out the door this is the worst I have ever seen and they think a win in seattle will shut people up it wont an they will get blown out and gleenen will have his rookie game of the year

  9. Richmondtxbucsfan Says:

    Can we change out king’s takes for more Steve white? This guy is awesome.

  10. []_[]Buc Says:

    You mean someone is blaming someone other than Schiano?


  11. 1976Buc Says:

    White is always spot on with his X’s and O’s. This is elementary.

  12. SteveK Says:

    How can be so bad as a D-Coordinator?

    All he does is show up early, drink all the cokes at One Suck Palace, and makes funnies to the fans.

    Our fans have more of a clue than this current regime.

    Rid ourselves of the clown squad.

    Glazers, please beg father Dungy to be our GM/talent evaluator.

  13. []_[]Buc Says:

    That would be genius SteveK

    Imagine Gruden back as HC

    And Dungy as GM


    But it would never happen lol

  14. Paul Says:

    Sherridan is as stupid as Bates was. You could make a case for Sullivan having no o-line to work with and poor depth at receiver and TE though.

  15. k1ngadroc Says:

    my comments may be gone but the TAPE DON’T LIE!!! Only a matter of time and a good draft pick away from being competitive again… GO BUCS

  16. jo mama Says:

    Steve who?

  17. mord Says:

    Steve White for DC