Bill Sheridan Invites Input From Fans

October 17th, 2013

bill sheridan

A common perception of the Bucs defense is that defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, under the watchful gaze of Bucs commander Greg Schiano, has all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis playing much more zone coverage than man-to-man.

This is not completely accurate (or inaccurate). Revis has played zone, true. But some fans, for whatever reason, are under the misguided notion that Revis is playing more zone than man coverage.

It seems Sheridan is tiring of this perception and wants to help Bucs fans out. In fact, he’s even open-minded to getting fans’ suggestions to better the Bucs defense. Sheridan, during his weekly press conference this afternoon at One Buc Palace, invited fans to sit in with defensive assistants to craft a gameplan.

When asked about fans’ perception that Revis is playing mostly man, Sheridan flashed an ear-to-ear grin and said:

“What are they chirping about? Tell me what they are chirping.

“What I invite them to do is, join us. I get here about 5:20 a.m. every single morning. And they are more than welcome to hang around until 11 p.m. for the first four nights of the week and they can help us put the whole gameplan together.

“We have all the free Cokes you would want in the building. And we’ll be happy to take their suggestions on how we could better use Darrelle. Trust me when I tell you we painstakingly game plan how to best use all our personnel. Not just Darrelle.

“But I appreciate the chirping.”

The smile never left Sheridan’s face when he invited public input. His remarks can be found here at the 4:20 mark.

Joe has to give Sheridan a lot of props. Many thin-skinned coaches would have blown up. Sheridan was good-natured and had some fun.

At least someone isn’t wound too tight at One Buc Palace during these dark days for the franchise.

88 Responses to “Bill Sheridan Invites Input From Fans”

  1. Bucfan40 Says:

    I like Sheridan. Going into the year I thought he was a weak link but we’ve seen a lot of growth from the defense.

  2. Gavster17 Says:

    But revis is in zone a lot more than man.

  3. JonBuc Says:

    Shiano is going to get a Schiano Shake Down after that goat show.

  4. JonBuc Says:

    Sheridan that is ^^^^

  5. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I have no doubt some people might take him seriously.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    Free Coke and JFro still wanted to leave?

  7. Macabee Says:

    A Buc coach inviting counsel on how to win? Schiano has Sheridan out behind the bleachers as we speak cutting him a new one for that kind of heresy!

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    nice job lightningbuc it was just a matter of time before that came out. lol

    why would sheridan be uptight he is running mighty mouses defense he has a get out of jail card. he is just a title. no disrespect meant to him but it has been widely reported it’s schiano’s defense and he makes the final say.

  9. bucs55 Says:

    They get paid hundreth of thousands of dollars to do what he loves from 5:30 to 11 pm im defenetly down for that he makes it sound like its hard labor please anyone would love to do what he does

  10. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Zinger of the day to lightning. Touche

  11. Warrenfb12 Says:

    You think they would actually let some fans in for that?

  12. Meh Says:

    I don’t drink coke, but would I get his paycheck?

  13. bucs55 Says:

    You see how the pats are using aqui talib excatly how we should use revis

  14. Andrew 1 Says:

    lol wish he was serious because I would definatly take him up on that offer, not necessarily to correct him on anything, but to just have an opportunity to learn how a defense operates from a real NFL coach. that would be an opportunity of a lifetime for me.

  15. Adam L. Says:

    I honestly would go.

  16. gulfcoast Says:

    Grin, talk, invite at 5:20am all you want…… Still, need Revis in less zone. Nice deflection. Wheres Butch????????

  17. Greg Says:

    Sure looked to me like both of Jackson TDs Sunday revis was n some sort of man coverage

  18. MadMax Says:

    God if only I lived in Tampa….Im up early too and would GLADLY try. Tell him to read these boards JOE! I was all over it, “chirping” how we need to double team Graham 5 days before we played them…..and they hardly covered him the entire 1st half!!!!

    I’ll take my damn chirping over his ANY day of the week!

  19. Greg Says:

    Mean zone*

  20. gulfcoast Says:

    Some little kid that plays Madden needs to school his ass…..from 520am to 11pm.

  21. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    I’d like to ask Sheridan how much the bounty was on Jimmy Graham….paid Black then cut him?
    Coke at 5:20 am….wow….how about a lude….dude?

  22. Morgan Says:

    Gavster17 Says:
    October 17th, 2013 at 3:37 pm
    But revis is in zone a lot more than man.

    Be quiet. JBF never makes mistakes.

  23. bucfanjeff Says:

    Calling Steve White, come in Steve White…Sheridan needs you.

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    Anyone who watches knows that claim is bogus, Revis is in man far more.

    Last weak toward the end of the game her got hurt and was not put in man again.

    But I could understand how he got under some peoples skin.

    Well played Sheridan 😀

    Not a bounty TBBF when you talk to much shiite like Graham, people bite back

  25. Bobby Says:

    Sheridan would probably love to school the Bucs fans on why you don’t take a player like Revis, coming off of an ACL and put him in man the entire game when he is not yet back to 100% confident. Also, it’s real easy to second guess using Revis in zone because of Revis Island in New York. What you have to remember is although they had a great pass defense they were horrible against the run. Usually when you commit 100% to one thing and the opposing OC knows that a player is always going to be in man coverage, they will find a way to exploit that. It’s like saying we had the #1 run defense last year. Well yeah but look at our pass D. We keep talking about Sullivan being too predictable on offense and that’s never a good thing. Same on defense. I don’t mind them using Revis in zone read as long as it’s only 25-30% of the time. If they use him more in zone than in man then it is a waste of money.

  26. PRBucFan Says:


  27. SteveK Says:

    Jokes, jokes, jokes…. This team is a joke.

    When will we win?

    lightningbuc, lol nice one.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    3 words SteveK…..I Don’t Know.

  29. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    @Bobby Revis isn’t 100%? Are you serious? He flipped Lesean McCoy over his back last Sunday!! Sorry but the Jets played man a majority of the time and had Success BECAUSE of Revis. Keep drinking that Schiano Kool aid…

  30. bucforce Says:

    Did anyone else take this as condescending to the fans? Kinda like when Joe Maddon gets annoyed when any fan questions his 162 different lineups every season. “I know more than you do” attitude.

  31. Morgan Says:

    @ Bobby — great response. Of course, Revis wasn’t 100% in the first several games of the season and the Bucs had to use zone, but don’t tell the know-it-all Buc fans who second-guess everything.

  32. Drew Says:

    I’m on the next plane from CA to Tampa to take him up on his offer. Help is on the way Bill! We’ll put together a No Fly Zone, No Run Zone game plan the likes of what the World has never seen.

  33. OAR Says:

    “Schiano Kool aid”?…..I thought it was coke.

  34. Rob Says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to wake up early and go sit in on those meetings. I’d be all about it.

  35. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    @OAR Or Adderall lol. @Morgan Please tell me how you know Revis isn’t 100% Because he said so before week 1? Dude has been running with recievers all year when in Man coverage. GREG COSSELL:“This is not a defense that all year has played much man (coverage) and they certainly didn’t against the Eagles,”

  36. kevin Says:

    after these comments and gregs comments about the fans, the bucs have lost me untill they clean house. there is no way in hell they would let anyone in to “help”them out. its just vary condescending of this staff. i advise you guys hear greg casell on 987 the fan and see what he said after watching the game film. 6% man 94% zone for the past game where philly sucks vs man.

  37. kevin Says:

  38. Jason77 Says:

    What a F ing smart ASS!!

  39. NY Buc Says:


    I didn’t take it as condescending. I thought it was actually kind of humorous since even if Sheriden is mid-pack of NFL D coordinators he still knows way more than I do. I’d wager he knows more than most if not all of us here on how to game plan at an NFL level. If it were as easy as some fans seem to think then we’d find winning NFL coaches/coordinators at every bar, Walmart, and strip club across the country.

  40. kevin Says:

    I believe it to be asinine to ever question publicly what the “fans” are seeing. I don’t think it is that hard to decipher between man coverage and zone coverage, yet this coach thinks fans are that dumb to not know the difference?

    “We do use his skills differently than some other guys because he has the ability to cover one-on-one,” Schiano continued. “Does he do it every snap? No, there are times where you give him a breather and let him play zone, but there aren’t very many.”

    Perhaps fans are not smart enough for Greg Schiano, but NFL Films’ senior producer Greg Cosell has watched more NFL film than most people alive. Cosell disagrees with Schiano’s assessment.

    “This is not a defense that all year has played much man (coverage) and they certainly didn’t against the Eagles,” Cosell said of the Bucs secondary coverage.

    “Actually, they hardly played any man (coverage),” Cosell said of the Bucs secondary coverage. “We watched that tape over and over and they hardly played any man, it was almost all zone (coverage).”

    As for Revis in particular, Cosell was surprised by the Bucs usage of him.

    “We counted 2 plays in which you could truly say Darrelle Revis was playing man (coverage),” Cosell said of Revis’ play against the Eagles. “Revis only lines up on the left side of the defense which makes the defense fairly predictable from a coverage stand point.”

    Greg Cosell believes the Buccaneers are not taking advantage of a big weapon that they have on defense.

    “That’s what the Jets built their entire defense around,” Cosell said of Revis’ ability to play man coverage. “Revis would play ‘cover zero man’ and they would have 10 other players to do different hybrid type things.”

  41. OAR Says:

    NY Buc

  42. kevin Says:

    well then maybe they do need the fans help in there, after all they cant get any worse.

  43. kevin Says:

    then again we are a up and coming team, getting better every day, currently 31st in power rankings and still looking for win number 1.

  44. Bucswin Says:

    Yep, they rarely play man to man. Cosell made him look like as fool.

  45. Andrew 1 Says:

    yea, it was a little bit condescending. but Im not going to take it to personally.

  46. kevin Says:

    and now making the other coaches look like a fool as well.

  47. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes because we the fans know so much more about what’s going on.

    It’s clear that Revis wasn’t 100% last game and I am sure they have their reasons for holding him back.

    HIs health is more important than merely satisfying or humoring us.

    They are not obligated to tell us anything either.

    If they were to come out and say something was wrong with Revis than that would put a target on him for every team out there.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    @Andrew 1

    I don’t blame him, if I had a bunch of other mini-experts who have no idea why we do the way we do things or what other things are factoring into our decisions trying to tell me how to do my job I would fire at them with no regret as well.

  49. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ PR

    good point. I would probably get defensive to. still, it would have been nice if he could have phrased it a little better. I dont take much offense to it though.

  50. kevin Says:

    if revis is not 100% why is he playing? in the nfl most players are not 100% but you have to do your job or get on the bench, and if you say we dont have depth at cb, then that falls back on out staff, making them look even worse.

  51. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh good grief man, get over it

    Players play less than 100% ALL THE TIME

    And coaches game plan around it.

    It’s not rocket science

  52. PRBucFan Says:

    Whether they have depth or not doesn’t change it lol.

    I’m sure they weren’t anticipating so many injuries to their DB’s

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s clear you seem to have all the answers though, so you should take him up on his offer and show the Bucs how to build a super bowl contender.

    But anywho lol, have a good day, ttyl

  54. kevin Says:

    i hope you are not talking about my comments, if you are i shouldent mind you, we can see you cant read. i said lots of players play at less then 100% and if you complain about being hurt sit your self on the bench. and your comment, “I’m sure they weren’t anticipating so many injuries to their DB’s” who at cb has been hurt this year? that could start on other teams?……..yeah i thought so. we came in to the year short at cb and that falls on the staff. no i dont have all the answers but at 0-5 and the team still going downhill fast, it seems the coaches dont have any answers.
    @pr do you watch coaches film? i didnt think so, greg cosell does and i think you need to do some homework. wow i thought bucs fans were more educated then that. sad day in tampa bay.

  55. BucsQcCity Says:

    I don’t really care if Sheridan and friend comes at 5am to 11pm. The results ae still 0 Win and Graham covered by LJ on the Saints final drive.

    Work smart, not hard Bill.. He can cone on gameday only if he can shutdown opposing offenses. I like the guy but this kind of speech is terrible. Almost like if GSP asked to an angry fan to step in the UFC ring to see who’s the best fighter.. Coach you are paid to produce gameplan and organize the defensive side of the club.. Just produce some wins … Until then prepare to be asked unpleasant questions like this all year long

  56. Morgan Says:

    Bucs or Gtfo Says:
    October 17th, 2013 at 4:54 pm
    @Morgan Please tell me how you know Revis isn’t 100% Because he said so before week 1? Dude has been running with recievers all year when in Man coverage. GREG COSSELL:“This is not a defense that all year has played much man (coverage) and they certainly didn’t against the Eagles,”

    Coach Schiano discussed why the Bucs were often using Revis in zone. Ever listen to his Monday call-in show where Buc fans grill him over this kind of thing? You should.

  57. kevin Says:

    well said BucsQcCity

  58. buc4life24 Says:

    How great would that be if some folks showed up at the gate tomorrow morning and told the guard “I’m here to help gameplan the D, like Sheridan offered”. Evene better, if they actually let them in…

  59. You Go Joe Says:

    Sheridan, the fellas as Profootballfocus even calls out your stupid zone coverage. Everyone can look at your defense, read it, and tear it apart by the 3rd qtr. The lack of adjustments is another thing you need to hear us fans chirping.

    All I ask for is do your fuc*ing job and utilize the talent, our D line blows compare to the hype (clayborne and GMC do have some exception) LBs are talented, but DBs need help and safeties barely help out unless it’s Barron to TEs.

  60. lightningbuc Says:

    If my last name were Cosell I could be an NFL “insider” too.

  61. kevin Says:

    wow its good to see some bucs fans are educated, wow after hearing that pr guy i was starting to wonder if our fans did any homework or just worshiped our GREAT coaching.

  62. kevin Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    October 17th, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    If my last name were Cosell I could be an NFL “insider” too.
    what????? are you saying greg cosell is not a insider?

  63. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t think you my friend read what I said

    Coaches gameplan around what their best players CAN and CAN NOT do ALL THE TIME when they are less than 100%

    Do not be ignorant.

    If he can play at all they are going to put him out there but they are going to use him based on what he CAN do, not what he CANNOT do effectively.

    Is it that hard to comprehend??? Lol

    Again, if you were that much of a coaching genius, go be an NFL coach.

    If not, don’t bother coaching from your couch

    It’s not their job to care about whether the couch coaches can comprehend why or why not they are doing anything. Get over it.

  64. kevin Says:

    anyone can be a insider if they do there homework and spend decades inside of nfl teams. all others can just inform themselfs with true insiders like cosell.

  65. kevin Says:

    If he can play at all they are going to put him out there but they are going to use him based on what he CAN do, not what he CANNOT do effectively. and playing revis in zone is using him effectively?

  66. PRBucFan Says:

    If they feel he can take the strain of man to man for a certain percentage than they are going to use him in man to man for that percentage.

    Again it really is not that complicated.

    And frankly, it really doesn’t matter if you can grasp the concept or not.

  67. kevin Says:

    and lets see eagles suck vs man, but we use 94% zone. hmm m doesnt take a genius.

  68. kevin Says:

    wow i would love for you to call in to a radio show with that kind of talk, wait a guy did today, it was the funnest thing i have heard all month. this is pritty funny as well. its not about revis being hurt or not hurt. its not like that in the nfl. by no means am i a nfl coach, but i can see how you may think since iam schooling you with info ;-). but you can be as good as me if you stop sucking off this staff and get informed, but dont worry i wont hold this against you.

  69. PRBucFan Says:

    Are you kidding me

    Oh my goodness ahahahaha

    It’s clear you just argue to argue.


    One he CAN DO often (Zone), the other he CANNOT do often (MAN).

    Again not that complicated Kevin 😉

    I am not one to argue just to argue so I’ve said all there is to say about it. Saying anything else would be pointless. On to the next thread.

  70. kevin Says:

    so i guess revis is hurt 94% of the time.

  71. PRBucFan Says:

    You are the epitome of why Coach Sheridan answered the way he did.

    The couch coaches, gotta love em.

    On to the next thread

  72. BucsQcCity Says:

    That ” zone coverage because the knee can only take % of game plays in man to man ” excuse is absolute nonsense. You know that?

    Either he’s ready or not. You do understand that the healthy % of its knee is the same in zone than in man.

  73. kevin Says:

    ok yeah lets beleave a coach who has been caught lying plenty of times is 1-10 in his past 11 and is about to get booted out of the nfl after the players union finish there investigation. your comments just keep getting funner, so keep them comming son.

  74. kevin Says:

    thank you qc.

  75. kevin Says:

    i think he thinks you just stand around in man coverage. you still play as hard in man as you do in zone.

  76. kevin Says:

    and i think the couch coaches could do better then what our coaches have been doing.

  77. BucsQcCity Says:

    I ‘m not sure I could do better, but I would bet I would do at least as good as 0-5 for a fraction of their paycheck and without the damage done to the franchise image

  78. Ed Says:

    What I invite them to do is, join us. I get here about 5:20 a.m. every single morning. And they are more than welcome to hang around until 11 p.m.

    And your defense still sucks.

  79. Red86 Says:

    How about stop stunting McCoy and Clayborn. They are good without stunts. If you must stunt, stunt the other two guys since they are struggling to be pressure. This is using your personnel strength. Only stunt those guys (GMC and Clay) when it clear they are getting man handle.

    On Third and long. MAN BLITZ OR ZONE BLITZ!!! Don’t let the qb have time to read an article in the newspaper. Also, only use 3 man down when it the last play of the game and the opponent need a hail mary for the win.

    When a receiver is clearly kicking the 2 and 3 cb, why not use Revis or double team that guy with Barron and other cbs not name Revis.

    Study all the Passing/ Rush attempt stats and Passing/ rush yards pre attempt. That way you can get a better grip of the ratio of pass and rush since it only two way for the offense to more the ball. Also, while you in the booth. Don’t just call the plays. Study the Pass/ rush ratio and see if the team decide to change the ratio against us. Then make you adjustments. Also keep in mind in what situation both the pass and run is used.

    But I doubt you would listen anyway. After all you guys (Schiano and Sherridan) proven with quotes that you’re stubborn.

  80. Red86 Says:

    PS. On third and long have every LBs in coverage guard the first down and Saftey cover beyond the first down before the snap.

  81. gulfcoast Says:

    Dammit folks, I like to read comments, educated comments at that but I have to skip over half of them with the same name because apparently the guy uses commenting as a chat room while some of his comments are actual input and the majority more or less arguing or calling someone out who wasn’t even referring to him in the first place. Jesus dude if you’re not talking football Xs and Os just don’t comment! As for the rest of us, do not feed the troll! Ignore it and maybe it will go away.

  82. gulfcoast Says:

    As I said before….. Butch, what are you DOING up there anyway???

  83. Pete 422 Says:

    A very arrogant attitude.

    @gulfcoast, good question, “Where’s Butch?” Maybe prepping for a HC interview?

  84. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sheridan says he’s playing Revis in Man coverage most of the Time
    Revis had a bitch session with Shiano, because he’s not playing him in man coverage
    The tape shows they aren’t using him in man coverage.

    I think there’s a reason Sherdan was bragging about staying up all night, with all the free coke he wants! Dude wants us to come to the OneBuc party zone!

    He doesn’t know what defense he’s running???

    Can this season get weirder?

  85. madmacskillz Says:

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for Sheridan to make fun of the fans when HIS TEAM HASN’T WON A SINGLE GAME THIS YEAR. Where did he come from? The Giants. Why did they let him go? Because he sucked.

  86. Capt. Tim Says:

    Yeah his attitude was a little Flippant to me also, for a guy who’s defense
    Can’t pressure a QB
    Can’t use the best defender in the league properly

    And most importantly
    Can’t win a game.

    I don’t care how many hours you stay at OneBuc, with your cokes
    Every human being that follows football- knows that you put Revis on a WR, and forget about him. Revis is telling everyone that’s what he wants to do!!

    How can a guy not know that??
    Sheridan doesn’t!!

    Oh, and quit pulling DLine into pass coverage, on passing downs!
    Isn’t that what got you in trouble in New York?

    I can make that call, without sitting around all night at OneBuc, downing Coke!
    Gonna rename that place OneSucks, until the Glazers do some housecleaning

    Bad enough the team is embarrassing, but seems like the Coaches are trying to belittle the fans.
    Anything else they can do wrong?

  87. Christopher Says:

    This guy’s kidding right? The New York Giants, in the midst of being a championship team & a premiere defense, literally couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Here’s the deal Sheridan—YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD. Your “brilliant” all-day game planning is producing things like stunts, zone blitzes, & elaborate zones (when you have the best corner since Deion on your defense…& we’ve proven the other corner (Banks) can’t play man. Zone Banks’ side!).
    I know the Tampa 2 is antiquated, but one thing it DID do was be *simple*. Rush the passer, in your lane, beat your man, 4-5 rushers. Don’t have inferior coverage people (i.e., LINEMEN) drop in coverage, when they aren’t trained to do it & aren’t good enough athletes. So I’ll gladly swing by, Billy, & spend all day telling you to game plan for 3 hours at the most, & let the athletes actually play athletically, as opposed to just being pawns in your semi-competent overthinking.

  88. Moragami Says:

    With the product that he’s putting on the field, Sullivan has NO business belittling fans or being snarky. He’s working so hard, drinking cokes, staying there all day, and yet, he is failing miserably at his job.

    Yeah Sully, let the fans in there to see you work, ha ha, that’s funny. You lose one or two more games, you’ll be scared of these fans, cause they’re going to want to tear your head from it’s shoulders. Idiot.