Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

September 16th, 2013

doug martin 0916

This Monday column is sort of a morning stream of consciousness about the game yesterday, what Joe will write today, and what to look for in the future, along with random non-Bucs thoughts, as well.

Adjusting: The Bucs like to brag they are a physical team and this will not change. Good. Just be smart.

There simply is no way penalties are a good thing. Yet there are some otherwise sober Bucs fans who want the Bucs defense to rack up penalty after penalty after penalty. Why?

Bucs fans love hard hitting. Who the hell doesn’t? The thing is, you can’t go high anymore on an offensive player. Bucs fans don’t want to hear this because they don’t like the rule. Neither does Joe, but Joe is not dumb enough to want the Bucs to get penalties.

The game has changed. It isn’t going back to what it was. No amount of kvetching will change this because the people who are upset are not on the NFL competition committee.

It’s football in the 21st Century. Like we saw with Lavonte David and Dashon Goldson in Week One, if you open the door for an official to think about throwing a flag, then he probably will. The key is, don’t give refs the opportunity.

Darrelle Revis admitted last night the Bucs must and can adjust, yet still be physical. Goldson and Mark Barron seem defiant but at some point if they rack up enough penalties, then they could get suspended. Just what good would that do?

Not a damned thing.

Will he stay or will he go?: Look, Joe thinks the best chance, albeit slim after yesterday’s loss, of making the playoffs is with Josh Freeman at quarterback. But Joe has doubts about Freeman’s immediate future with the club.

Freeman knew all summer that eyes would be on him as he entered the final year of his contract. So far he has crapped the bed. Sure, Freeman has been inconsistent yet clutch, putting the Bucs in position to win on their final possession the past two weeks.

But those opportunities came only been because the Bucs defense has played lights out. If the Bucs were just playing mediocre, then Freeman’s three-quarter siesta yesterday, and his inconsistency last week, would have cost the team greatly and he wouldn’t have had a chance to put the Bucs in a position to win the game at the end.

Joe is starting to fear, now that the Bucs are 0-2, Freeman’s days are numbered, barring a steady turnaround and a playoff run. It sure seems as if this team will be quarterback shopping come February. The Bucs are built to win now; not when Mike Glennon is ready in two or three years.

Doug Martin: Think he isn’t one of the Bucs’ best players? Dude ran for 144 mostly=hard-earned yards. Can’t blame the loss on him.

If not for Martin’s hard running, it is doubtful the Bucs were in that game. What a great weapon to have.

The Bucs would be in a world of hurt without Martin.

Sean Payton: Joe has known him (though not really well) since college. He was a BS’er in college, and he still is today.

Of course, Payton defended Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s decision to kick a field goal, rather than the kill shot of a first down. Naturally, the field goal was missed. Why wouldn’t Payton defend Schiano? As many of Joe’s readers pointed out, Payton’s better off with an unproven coach still in the division.

That may be true, but when is the last time you read or heard an NFL coach mock the moves of another after a game? Coaching is a fraternity and they rarely mock each other, especially in public.

Nausea: How are you feeling this morning? The last two weeks, watching the Bucs kick themselves in the nads in the final minute of each game is frustrating beyond belief. Right now, we are looking at the potential end of the Josh Freeman era with the team on the cusp of losing its first three games and for the 12th straight season, coming up empty in a quest to win a playoff game.

The Bucs easily could be 2-0, atop the NFC South in possession of all tiebreakers. Now, Bucs fans are beginning to wonder if they should start researching next spring’s draft, and it isn’t even October yet.

How horrible do you feel this morning with the ugly reminder that few teams rally from 0-2 to make the playoffs? Joe is about speechless, and is borderline sick.

Adrian Clayborn came to play: Bucs defensive end Adrian Clayborn was literally all over the field last night, mostly playing right defensive end, some left defensive end, and occasionally outside linebacker in an odd formation. Hey, Clayborn even broke up a pass in coverage in the left flat. Yeah.

But his day will be remembered for his personal foul for going high on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, negating a sack/fumble. As Joe has pointed out in today’s NFL, if you go high to hit a player, you are begging for a flag.

That’s one reason why Joe wasn”t outraged over the call. Joe is conditioned to expect flags on hits to the quarterback. Happened last week to Lavonte David and it will likely happen this coming weekend in New England.

You know what, though? On the same drive Clayborn got flagged, and the Bucs received other penalties for unnecessary roughness? It didn’t cost the Bucs one point. The defense eventually had a beautiful goal line stand and got off the field.

That won’t happen very often.

Marked team?: Dashon Goldson, after the game, didn’t disagree when asked if he thought the Bucs were a team targeted by officials. Joe can understand why he feels this way, but it just isn’t right.

Believe it or not, if officials screw up, there are consequences with the league. They can either be drummed out of the league or be demoted and get crappy assignments.

No, if anything, the NFL is targeting players who won’t adjust to the new rules. And if Goldson and others are indignant about the new NFL and continue to hit high, fans better get used to more flags.

Joe has to believe one of the, oh, 87 members of the Collage of Coaches that Schiano employs can teach these guys where to aim on a ball-carrier.

Bad odds: How many teams make the playoffs after starting the season 0-2? Try 12 percent. How disgusting do you feel now? Hell, it’s still the middle of September and the season feels lost already.

Trust, belief and accountability: Just who is accountable here on this team? This moniker is something Schiano wears on his sleeve. Who does he hold accountable for not knowing how to tackle? Who does he hold accountable for wide receivers, some who are paid handsomely, that cannot catch the ball? Forget Kevin Ogletree, what about Vincent Jackson? Is it truly Freeman Schiano doesn’t trust, or is it Jackson, who struggled yesterday hanging onto the football?

By the numbers: Joe knows Bucs fans, not all, but quite a few, throw their morning bowl of cereal across the kitchen when Joe brings up the fact that Freeman is now a rotten 6-16 against teams with a winning record, a ghastly 4-12 in his last 16 road games, and is a frightening 5-12 in the month of December for his career, the month when a franchise quarterback should thrive.

Well, it’s time to spread the numbers around a little, courtesy of eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. Since Bucs commander Greg Schiano took over last year, he is 0-5 in games decided by a field goal or less. 0-5!

So unless an opponent needs a touchdown to win late in the game (at least), the Bucs are doomed in the New Schiano Order. Talk about playing scared to win!

Eating pineapple: Last year, Joe thought middle linebacker Mason Foster would be eating pineapple, playing in the Pro Bowl, until he faded down the stretch. Yesterday, Foster had one of the best defensive plays in recent memory with an 85-yard pick-six, looking like James Harrison during his Immaculate Interception for the Steelers in the Super Bowl a few years ago, played on the very same soil.

Joe will have more on this later today, but Foster, being the cool guy he is, credited his teammates for making the play, i.e. blocking.

Please come back, Carl: The Bucs need Carl Nicks now. If the Bucs have any prayer of making the playoffs, then Nicks must return in a hurry.

Yeah, Joe knows the guy just recovered from MRSA in his foot, and he still has that nasty toe, but Joe is nearly ready for Nicks to be shelved for the season if the Bucs lose at New England. Why get beat up and maybe lost for good if the Bucs are out of it? Better to just sit out a season and come back next year fresh and healthy.

Yeah, Joe just typed that.

Strong defense: The way the Bucs are playing on defense, it almost seems like a return to the good old days when the Bucs had zero offense and all defense. You know, when Trent Dilfer was quarterback?

Yesterday’s game looked like the NFC championship game in 1999, when the Bucs played one of its best defensive games in franchise history against an All-World quarterback, only to have its offense shat the bed.

Just how can the offensive players, aside from Doug Martin, look their defensive teammates in the face this morning when the Bucs arrive for meetings at One Buc Palace?

Around the NFL

New England: Joe wants to get excited because the Patriots, the Bucs’ next opponent, look mortal in their first two games. But here is what scares Joe: Bill Belicheat has a week and a half to prepare for the Bucs.

That is not something that gives Joe any sense of confidence the offense will magically appear next week.

Atlanta: Doesn’t seem like the Dixie Chicks are playing all that well, either? They lost a close game to the Saints and didn’t exactly set the world on fire yesterday. It is starting to look like the NFC South is wide open, and the Bucs have already shot themselves in the foot. Unreal.

Baltimore: Man, the Crows need receivers. Guessing Ozzie Newsome is kicking himself for giving Anquan Boldin away for a sixth-round pick.

Buffalo: Either EJ Manuel is the real deal or the Stinking Panthers are a terrible team. Joe’s going to guess the latter. The Ron Rivera Watch is in full bloom.

Chicago: Bratty Jay Cutler and the Bears are playing some good ball. Marc Trestman sure inherited a decent team. NFC Central is shaping up to be a good playoff race already.

Green Bay: They waxed the Redskins yesterday and Aaron Rodgers just may be the best quarterback in the NFL. The Redskins are also 0-2 and given how cray Redskins fans are, Mike Shanahan will need armed guards to walk the streets in the district.

Houston: Barring injuries, it seems they are playoff bound. Sometimes, luck is better than skill, as the Texans needed overtime to beat the woeful Titans. Last Joe checked, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who threw for 298 yards, was a third round draft pick.

Miami: Big win for the Fish on the road in Indiana. Gee, it sure doesn’t seem like Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is needing four seasons to master the NFL.

Kansas City: The Chiefs squeaked out a win over the Cowboys, but was there a better coaching hire in the offseason than Andy Reid? Mock Scott Pioli if you will for being a micromanager that drove his front office insane, but the man stocked that team with talent.

San Diego: Wait a minute. The Chargers and goofy Philip Rivers beat the Eagles? How? Joe thought this Chip Kelly was the next VInce Lombardi! Joe thought Kelly had reinvented football. He cannot lose. This couldn’t have happened. No!

Arizona: Carson Palmer comes through and beats the Lions. How much longer are the Lions going to put up with Jim Schwartz? Talk about underachieving. With the addition of Carson Palmer by the Cardinals in the offseason, Joe guesses it proves you can find a productive veteran quarterback rather than drafting one.

Denver: Peyton Manning is a freaking machine. But is this season just another run of the mill Manning year? He may be the greatest regular season quarterback the game has every seen. But when January rolls around, he only wishes he was half the quarterback Joe Flacco is.

Oakland: Yes, the Raiders beat the Jags. Whoop-tee-do. Is there a more miserable franchise in the NFL than Jacksonville?

Seattle: They crushed the 49ers last night. And they found their franchise quarterback in the third round. And he didn’t need four-plus seasons to figure out the NFL. Imagine.

Non-football thoughts

1. The Rays seemed to have plugged the ugly leak in their boat and are now in a fight for the wild card. The Rays, led by Merlot Joe, were on the cusp of a monumental choke job. They may still choke but it seems the worst of the collapse is over.

2. Cardinals TV broadcaster and Twitter antagonist Dan McLaughlin Twittered how the Cardinals pitching is set for years and years with its young arms. That may be so, but let’s worry about 2013 first, huh?

3. The Lightning opened camp this week. Yeah, the NHL is back already. Isn’t it interesting that the NHL, which for reasons unknown does not translate to TV at all, has zero issue with attendance at the Ice Palace? But the NFL, a sport made for TV, and baseball, which is a decent TV sport, has trouble drawing flies to games in Tampa Bay?

You do the math.

4. It irks Joe that you get ambushed by airlines when checking in with baggage fees.

5. Saturday was the first time this year Joe got to veg and watch college football from noon to the wee hours of the next morning. Man, there is nothing better than to sit in the Laz-E-Boy and watch college football literally all day. What a country! And did Wisconsin get hosed or what at Arizona State? Man!

6. Joe loves Johnny Football. Dude is so much fun to watch, and oh, yeah, is one helluva quarterback. If Texas A&M had any kind of defense, Johnny Football would have throttled Nick Saban for the second straight year. No quarterback has burned Saban like Johnny Football has while Saban has been at Bama.

Joe has no idea if Johnny Football will be an NFL quarterback but as a college thrower/scrambler, its been a long time since Joe watched such a fun and exciting player. Maybe not since Michael Vick played for Virginia Tech.

7. Best quarterback in college football? Teddy Bridgewater, no question. Johnny Football is right behind him. Is it too soon to put Famous Jameis in this list at No. 3? Wonder if Chip Kelly will try to draft Johnny Football?

8. Once again, Joe pleads, stay out of Syria. America has no business in that mess. Watch gas prices skyrocket once the first American bomb lands in that hellhole.

9. Back to travel: How lucky are we in the Tampa Bay area to have such a wonderful airport at TIA? It may be one of the best, most convenient in the country.

10. Last New York story: Joe forgot to include this element in his recounting of his trip to the Big Apple.

When Joe arrived at Newark airport, he took two trains to Hackensack, the nearest station to his hotel. Upon waiting for his last train at the Secaucus Juncton, Joe noticed a guy in his mid-20s who Joe thought was talking on a Bluetooth.

The dude would ramble about something, be quiet, and begin rambling again seconds later. It took Joe a bit to figure out he was talking to no one in particular and was not on a cell phone. This guy seemed agitated and was pacing wildly. It sounded like he got fired as once in a while he would mumble something about losing his job.

Periodically, he would start to bark out and recite Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address for no apparent reason.

At one point, a professional-looking, twentysomething chick smiled at Joe as she too was amused with this guy’s antics. She told Joe that she also appreciated this guy’s sense of history.

Ah, Jersey.

11. Some Bucs fan had a lousy tailgate experience yesterday. Driving to the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway yesterday from Hernando County on the Suncoast Parkway, Joe noticed, just a mile or two inside the Hillsborough County line, that there was a gas grill in the median near the southbound lanes, standing upright!

Joe is going to guess a tailgater lost his grill enroute to the stadium. What blow that must have been when he/she got to the parking lot. Guess they had to eat cold hot dogs.

30 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah Glennon might suck but the Bucs need to see what they have in him if Freeman isn’t coming back. If he’s definitely not the guy the Bucs gotta find him quickly because as mentioned this is a playoff team with good QB play. I mean we’d be 2-0 with bad QB play instead of horrible QB play.

  2. RCS Says:

    I know alot of fans want look at it this way because they just don’t like Schiano. But the reason I trust him over Freeman is because of what he has done with the Defense it was the weakest part of the team. He came in and fixed the run d, he looks to have fixed the pass d, they have only given up 34 pts in 2 games (the bucs are 0-2 by a mere 3 pts total).
    Maybe if given the chance to put his prints on the offense he could change it also.

  3. Rahb Says:

    However I am a tunnel vision Buc Fan and feel “The Well” was poisoned in the Off-Season by the Head Coach.
    The Talent of the Team has been exaggerated and the impact of allowing the Team QB to blow in the wind when there is clearly a Poor relationship just highlights a LACK OF COMMITMENT by Player & Coach that permeates the lackluster Offensive production.

  4. Mike J Says:

    I appreciate Joe’s attempts to rationalize the flag-calling, & would grudgingly agree–if the game was being called the same way elsewhere. I already alluded to a non-call on an o/o/b play in Rams-Falcs, & I saw another, maybe worse, in the ‘9ers-Hawks; also in the latter, there was a major celebration after a San Fran score, inc. the removal of the helmet, but a flag? Nope, it’s the sacred Forty-Niners.It’s just too easy for the zebras to make hard calls against teams in small markets, & against teams everybody expects to be bad anyway. The NYC media would have demanded a Congressional investigation if the Giants had lost due to David’s Week One play.As I said, I have been seeing this since 1976.
    Notwithstanding the above, Black should be fined for that helmet-to-facemask hit–by the club.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    I was at the game yesterday, so no real replays when bad things happen. What was the illegal formation penalty for on the Vincent Jackson touchdown and who was it on, cuz I didn’t catch the number?

  6. Eric Says:

    Forget about playoffs. This team is improved, and will be a contender in a few years. We have some free agents that will be gone by then, but it’s ok. They will be replaced.

    Joe, I have to disagree with you about the penalties and the Bucs needing to change. Pittsburg has been doing this for years. Every good defensive team in the league has hard hitters and they don’t play scared. And yes, the offense is terrible. Freeman is either a fraud or just slow at picking up the playbook. Think about Eli in NY. Also think about Giants fans with two recent superbowl wins and still bipolar about their QB and coach.

    I live in Northern VA, Racial Slur-skins fans are delusional. Right now they are ingnoring 62 unanswered points in 4 quarters the past two games. Because RG3 gets garbage yards in the second half, he looks good on paper. (Remind you of anything)

  7. Rahb Says:

    Greg Schiano’s comment about needing to review film before deciding next weeks signal caller is yet another Brain Dead response unacceptable in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. He just doubled down on CONTROVERSEY. Imagine if Freeman said he needs to review the play calling to determine if he wants to play next week!?!?

    The Fans can sense the friction and are witnessing it transfering to the field and SEE A TEAM BREAKING POINT ON THE HORIZON.

    Should The Glazers allow this Coach to continue sponsoring team dysfunction and watch all those Millions of $$$ go to waste? Letting Freeman walk away will only fan the flames for future disharmony.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….you missed one crucial element of the Bucs losses in both games and that is offensive playcalling.

    We targeted the RB,FB & TE only once yesterday….and last week it was less. What kind of offense was that…..we went to the well with the run too many times on first downs. Like coaches before we don’t allow our QBs to throw on 2nd and short.
    One of the reasons Freeman does so well in a comeback mode is the change of gameplan for him when we are behind. That also works marching down the field until we slam on the brakes with 3 running plays at the end.
    We are prediciable with not much creativity. We are successful when we roll Freeman out but rarely do it. We need to take a close look at how we are managing our Offense during games.

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe….you missed one crucial element of the Bucs losses in both games and that is offensive playcalling.

    If the Bucs had any decent blocking vs. the Jets you wouldn’t have heard one word about playcalling.

    We targeted the RB,FB & TE only once yesterday….and last week it was less.

    Why in the world would you target Luke Stocker???

    Like coaches before we don’t allow our QBs to throw on 2nd and short.

    That just documents coaches don’t trust Freeman.

    We are prediciable with not much creativity. We are successful when we roll Freeman out but rarely do it. We need to take a close look at how we are managing our Offense during games.

    After four years, don’t you think if Freeman could do it he would by now? Maybe the offense is predictable because Freeman cant handle a complex offense? So coaches should call an exotic play, even though the quarterback can’t handle it, just to satisfy the PlayStation Warriors in the crowd, only to see it blow up and maybe result in a turnover?

    The pattern is too thick to ignore

  10. SteveK Says:


    Thanks for sharing the thoughts and observations. I agree about Johnny Football, just behind Bridgewater, and a helluva lot of fun to watch. Watching Johnny Football was awesome entertainment, almost like watching a Buc game in the 4th quarter of 2010…. That was eons ago.

    We need a QB, this time is damn good for the exception of QB. If our mentally weak QB wants a trade, call Minneapolis.

  11. SteveK Says:


  12. Couch Fan Says:

    And the excuses for crappy #5 continue I see. Smdh

  13. SacBucs Says:

    When I said the officals are dictating our games some fans said I smoked crack. I said we are marked like the Raiders. When the zebras throw flags on us they normally hold on other teams thats a CONSPIRACY. Now you flip floppers wanna change up.

    I said this college coach is making the bucs into his old rutgers football team I was accused of ramblimg again.
    I see sh!t is reforming in the tampa area. Get rid of leperchan now.

    Josh performs well when he runs the offense out of the shotgun duhh. Josh johson was our pistol qb who schaino released. Its a shame!

    KNo whats amazing! That in Buc history the Gruden years is the only offense worthy of being spoken of. With all the offensive gurus out there Freeway had these elementary OC for his football career. Write about how we cant get a good offense to save our buc lives.

    I guess im on crack again you scabs. I know you mad fat nerds who hide behind smart alec remarks in the conveince of your home like a lil girl. I begining to think you flip floppers need some guidance. I think yall some grown ass lil kids.

  14. Tampamac Says:

    Joe, speaking of distrust..
    Did you see that shot of Schiano on the sidelines pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration when Freeman skipped a 3rd down pass to Ogletree’s feet? To me that was very telling. I believe at that moment Schiano lost trust in Freeman, at least for the remainder of the game and why he took the ball out of Freeman’s hands on that crucial 3rd and 6. He felt more comfortable letting Doug try to get a 1st down to salt away the game than to let Freeman make a play.

  15. McBuc Says:

    @SteveK…Iam with you. The time has come, I am now part of the Glennon mob. Let’s see what he has, or try and trade for a vet to manage the game. I am officially off the Freeman bandwagon. I have been defending him for years. The play calling may not be great, but the execution was worse. Missed throws and all. Even if you count in the handful of drops, he still would be under 50%. It looks to me like the players do not trust him either. They do not get fired up on the field for him. Maybe they rally for Glennon, or bring in Dan O. We have a 12% shot at the play-offs as it is, so let’s switch this thin up a bit. I am coming around on Shiano based on the defense, but the penalties need to be reduced. Also, I think he may be too involved in the offense, and I beleive he is a defensive mind. This is a talented offense that is not playing for their so called leader. maybe the first message from the team was sent by not making him a Captain. Cut our losses and move on.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    Gosh darn, enough with the Glennon talk. The Bucs have nothing in Glennon. It’s very rare when a backup QB can become the starter and lead his team to the playoffs or Super Bowl. I would bet most of these Glennon goofs wanted Rob Johnson to start ahead of Brad Johnson in 2002. After yesterday’s reports between Freeman looking for a trade and friction between “Rock Star” what is the common denominator with all the issues at One Buc?

  17. D-Rome Says:

    Gosh darn, enough with the Glennon talk. The Bucs have nothing in Glennon. It’s very rare when a backup QB can become the starter and lead his team to the playoffs or Super Bowl. I would bet most of these Glennon supporters wanted Rob Johnson to start ahead of Brad Johnson in 2002. After yesterday’s reports between Freeman looking for a trade and friction between “Rock Star” what is the common denominator with all the issues at One Buc?

  18. thegregwitul Says:

    EJ Manuel is looking like the real deal. That was some finish in Buffalo. The young QB shows poise and patience, looking over his reads before running with the ball. I hope the long suffering city has finally found their QB.

    Although, I’m not hearing about any mutiny talk after the Panthers late collapse, and isn’t it interesting that Kuechly hasn’t been raked over the coals for his costly penalty which wiped out a game ending interception to setup the game winning play? And remember, this Panthers team has yet to have a winning season with Cam Newton.

    Just found that interesting is all…

  19. Free(Agent)Man Says:

    Lol, wasn’t kapernick(however that is spelled) a “back up” Wilson was like a third round pick Dalton was a second round pick, matt schaub was a third rounder. All out performed free, except maybe kapernick, but he has a super bowl appearance so it’s cool. But why would playing Glennon not be a good idea? After four years you still want to see how free does? What ever free was going to do for us o guess he’s done it already. I’m ready to let Glennon in and see how he does. This is a playoff team with a decent qb. Clearly free is not the guy. Give Glennon a shot…

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    Some of you are so 2 face . I am hard on Freeman But. A dumb ass lineman cost us a 73 yard FREEMAN to JACKSON pass.. 7 points. 14. Lindell misses a 47 yd 3 point FG. Had he made it you would be saying great call, I would have done the same thing. But he missed so now it’s a stuid call. Freeman would have give given you 14 plus position for 17 total. Saints STILL LOSE without Foster’s . Martin’s total came on a FEW long runs. It was not like he ran all over the Saints. He also dropped passes, was stuffed, then after his runs a pass to Jackson would be dropped or the line would allow pressure and Freeman had to throw it away. Tell it like it was. Brees was rattled and had 2 ints 1 TD. Freeman did not lose this game. IN FACT FOR not 2 STUPID plays would have WON it.

    Ckeck the score around the NFL. Most of the games were close. Kap lost. RGIII Lost.

  21. Joe Says:

    Did you see that shot of Schiano on the sidelines pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration when Freeman skipped a 3rd down pass to Ogletree’s feet?

    No. Joe was at the game.

  22. bucbucbuc Says:

    This team is built to win now, like it or not. Is Glennon a quarterback who can win now? No, he’s a project. We’re throwing in the towel if we plug in Glennon mid-season. Can’t afford to waste precious prime years of players like VJax and Revis.

  23. Smitty Says:

    SacBuc: No we say you are on crack because you TYPE AND SPELL as if you were on crack.

  24. SacBucs Says:

    Hasselback Vince Young or Tebow.

  25. SacBucs Says:

    Shitty Smitty I bet you smoke crack. I didnt know it was a certain way to type bztch boy. I wasnt aware they had a crackhead manual for typing. Agent Smith!

    Go argue witcha b!tch if you got one. Nerd

  26. SacBucs Says:

    Smitty and you so perfect nerd

  27. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Non football thoughts response to #8. You hit the nail on the head with that comment Joe. The sports things pale in comparison to the insanity of the neocon push to war. The people have spoken loudly, probably to be ignored again.

  28. Tampamac Says:


    Figured that. Thought someone may have pointed it out to you already and didn’t know if you record the televised games also.

  29. Dan Haya Says:

    As Joe wrote, the Bucs are built to win now. So, who does Dominik (if he’s still employed here) go after at QB for 2014? Cutler seems to be the only potential free agent worth targeting, but he’ll most likely end up resigning with the Bears. I don’t see anyone out there who will light the world on fire. Maybe he trades a #1 pick for someone like Phillip Rivers? Whoever the GM is, he will have to make a bold move with the QB position to keep this team competitive in 2014!

  30. HotRod Says:

    Looking back: the grill in the median was the highlight of my day yesterday. We all had a good laugh driving by thinking about the unfortunate soul that lost it. The rest of the afternoon/evening was too much of a roller coaster of stomach turning disaster.