“We’ve Got Too Much Talent”

September 19th, 2013

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan spoke to the media for nine minutes Wednesday and Joe thought the meatiest take by Sullivan said was simple: “We’ve got too much talent.”

Amid a barrage of detailed questions, Sullivan made the talent comment to explain that the Bucs’ struggles on offense are inexcusable. He went on to say that even if the Bucs were undefeated, there would still be intense “frustration” because the team isn’t performing the way it should offensively.

Joe asked Sullivan to put aside stats and the team record and assess Josh Freeman’s performance, and Sullivan didn’t answer directly, saying there’s been good and bad from the offense and from Freeman and that No. 5 needs to avoid the “valleys.”

Joe agrees that the Bucs have too much talent to score one offensive touchdown, like they did against the Saints. That surely won’t cut it in New England.

8 Responses to ““We’ve Got Too Much Talent””

  1. Josh Free the Man Says:

    Too much talent = not enough scoring????

    Simply put – people aren’t living up to their potential.

    I guess the waiting is over for the Bust……..PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  2. 1jwbucs Says:

    Did the media attendees call Sullivan’s play calling into question? How about whether Schiano’s micro managing style is over riding Sullivan’s better judgement?

  3. Jimmy Says:

    There shouldn’t be any “valleys” for a 5th year QB with a premier O-line, and weapons such as Jackson, Williams and Martin.

    Of course there may be the occasional hiccup, and Josh does lack a decent slot/TE option. But there shouldn’t be huge deficiencies that need navigating at this stage.

  4. MadMax Says:

    After seeing this Richardson trade, Im inspired! Trade Josh to Jacksonville, pronto, get what you can get!!!!!!! (they will have high round picks Dom!!)

  5. Architek Says:

    With this qb and offensive scheme —-> 0-3

    The good thing is Sullivan stock is dropping and he will have reason to stay for continuity.

  6. Adam L. Says:

    You know something? The headline is an indictment of just how stupid this man actually is.

    Look at the output of this team. He acknowledges the talent level and he can’t crack 20 points against 2 horrible defenses and he runs on 90% of 1st downs.

    The media handed him a rope and he hung himself. He might as well referenced a “red line” that was such a dumb statement.

  7. BFFL Says:

    This is code for “my offense would be scoring more points if my QB did not suck”.

  8. TrueBuc Says:

    What happened to our explosive offense from last year? I mean, we still have the big three. We got Joseph back. Same QB.

    Well, We got rid of Dallas Clark, who caught 47 passes for 435 yds. Replaced him with Crabtree (who has yet to play, but I think he makes an impact this weekend).

    We got rid of Tiquan Underwood, who caught 28 pass for 425 yds. Replaced him Ogletree, who so far looks like Michael Clayton II.

    So those were two key safety outlets in Freemans passing game, accounting for almost 900 yds.

    So I’m sorry Sully, but we have less talent and more drama. Ressurect your offense & bury the patsys! go bucs!!!