Time To Stop The Streak

September 13th, 2013

What streak, you ask?

Well, Adrian Clayborn is on a six-game run without a sack, dating back to his final two games of 2011, three last season before he got hurt, and last week against the Jets.

Yes, Joe’s shining a big negative spotlight because a streak like this can’t continue from a first-round pick at defensive end.

Clayborn plays hard and fast. He’s a very likeable guy, but he must produce, especially pass rushing alongside a Pro Bowl tackle. Clayborn would be the first to tell you. The rust on him should be completely shaken off after a full training camp and preseason, and opening day.

The Bucs likely need manbeast defensive performances from their key defensive players on Sunday to force turnovers and rattle and stifle Drew Brees. Clayborn is one of those guys. That’s what they’ll have to do to win.

16 Responses to “Time To Stop The Streak”

  1. Adam L. Says:

    a FOURTH rounder shouldn’t go 6 games without a sack. That means you’re on pace for 2-3 a year and your GM is probably shopping for a replacement.

  2. Nick2 Says:

    Joe you might as well throw Bowers in there. Those were Dom’s bookend DE’s that were supposed to tear up the NFC South. I like Clayborn but come on man!!!!

  3. Scott Says:

    Clayborn was in the Jets backfield play after play. If it were Drew Brees back there instead of Geno Smith, he could’ve easily had 2-3 sacks on the day!

  4. Skelly Says:

    AC played great last week. Agreed, he needs to start showing up in the stats but if he can play like he did last week those will come. Much more worried about the lack of pressure coming from our other side.

  5. James in Memphis Says:

    This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever written Joe..

    Joe take that as a fantastic compliment. Thanks. –Joe

  6. Northend Says:

    No,No,No lets quit making excuses.Time for our “superstars” to start playing like they are worthy of where we picked them.Joe is 100% on point here. look at smith in SF he is a sack machine and AC was supposed to be much better.

    And on Another note,Kudos to Joe and Joe great work on Radio today with Ian and the other day with Ron Lane. Top notch Insider stuff.I am over on the East Coast in Jupiter and have to catch snippets on Iheart radio so I appreciate the info.Please keep the goods on this most interesting start of a season. It is sure to be nothing less of exciting after this weekend.

  7. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Sacks are wonderful, but I have no issue with AC’s production because he consistently brings heat! So long as I see the QB running for his life with the dreaded one in hot pursuit, I’m good!

  8. BFFL Says:

    He’s not an elite pass rusher so stop putting pointless expectations on the guy. I agree he was not worthy of a 1st round pick, but that’s you rock star for ya

  9. tonytwocents Says:

    with virtually no other pass rush support, AC is a 1-man line. And he creates havoc on a hell of a lot of plays.

    Those may not be sacks, but they collapse offensive plays, disrupt flow. AC is doing this solo, on 3 man fronts. And he’s only gonna get healthier. I actually thought GMC was out with an injury at one point cause he was never around the rush or the ball. (sorry GMC, I like you, but other than AC, youre all the line has.)

    ACs a QB predator…. he’ll get his.

  10. Keith Says:

    Full-time ends like Clayborn need sacks. They have to come from somewhere.

  11. BucsQcCity Says:

    Stop the stunts and you’ll have your production

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    Adrian is a solid 1st and 2nd down DE.

    He is tough, strong, and high energy.

    However, hes not a fast pass rusher.

    We need a nickle DE, a third down DE. A guy who takes Adrian out on 3rd down.

    So both guys stay fresh.

    The NFL is about depth. Its moneyball. Its math.

    We should have signed Elvis Dumervil and/or Dwight Freeney

    Imagine both of them. Only playing passing situations?

    Imagine that depth? And let DaQuan rotate in their. All around.

    Dude. Thats the kind of openminded approach we need.

    Outside the box. Like Seattle.

  13. tonytwocents Says:

    ^^^ moneyball was the sh!t…. Is that Superbad kid still out there?? Cause we need to hire that fat fu(k pronto..

  14. richardtyson Says:

    He would of had a sack if he wasnt held. I think drawing a holding penalty against the Jets will do even though we lost that game.

  15. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Adrian Clayborn ‏@AJaClay 3h

    If I were bucs fans I wouldn’t pick up a news paper or read the Internet because its all BS.

  16. Bobby Says:

    Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh. Adrian Clayborn was all over the field Sunday. He hit Geno multiple times and hurried throw after throw. We got 5 sacks and my guess is that without Clayborn eating up blockers we don’t get near that many. Again, those that understand the game know the game is not about the stat line. I don’t care if Clayborn goes sackless all season long if he continues to play like he did last week. Others will get the sacks and the glory just like they do when GMC blows up the play and doesn’t get the tackle but he redirected the runner right into the tackle.
    Joe….you do understand this game don’t you?? Are you trying to say Clayborn had a poor game because he had no sacks? I don’t get your point.