Six Reasons Mike Glennon Won’t Play Soon

September 23rd, 2013

Joe hates to quash the dreams of the Mike Glennon Mob, but here’s a bunch of reasons why the New Schiano Order won’t turn to the rookie anytime soon.

1) Playoffs: Joe and many fans might think the Bucs’ playoff hopes are gone. However, the coaching staff absolutely can’t think that way, definitely not at 0-3. That’s a great way to get fired. Right now, the Bucs can still get back into the mix with two consecutive home wins against teams with losing records. Josh Freeman plays great against teams with a losing record. 

2) Readiness: Glennon may not be ready. The guy didn’t exactly look great in the preseason. That’s no slight on Glennon. He’s got a very traditional skillset. And in a quarterback driven league, Glennon wouldn’t have lasted until the third round if he was considered NFL-ready.

3) Josh Freeman’s trade value: Freeman can be traded before Week 8. Before you laugh, you don’t know what injury might befall a starter in the league. Also, there still may be teams that consider up-and-down, 25-year-old Josh worthy of a shot, especially if he has another couple of “up” games in him. All it takes is one team. If Freeman were on the market in 2006, don’t you think Chucky would have made a move for him when Chris Simms went down? Once Freeman is out of the lineup, his trade value plummets.

4) Job Security: A permanent change at QB means Team Glazer gets involved in the decision-making process. Team Glazer might not react kindly to Greg Schiano telling them he just can’t win with Josh — in September. Team Glazer might harken back to when Freeman led the Bucs to a 14-8 stretch under Raheem Morris and wonder why Schiano can’t succeed with more talent.

5) Fan Outrage: Right now, Bucs fans are on the verge of insanity. A move to Glennon, and Glennon struggling, could have boos hurled at him by his first halftime. The fan base is that much on edge. Joe suspects the reaction to Glennon would be far more peaceful in, say, early November.

6) Mutiny: Only Bucs players collectively know how much they may or may not respect Freeman. And it’s unknown how much confidence Schiano has openly expressed in Freeman to his team. Yanking Freeman too soon, in the minds of the players, might not go over well. Players ultimately need to perceive the change is fair and in the best interest of the club. Nobody can argue a move to Glennon when the team is officially eliminated from the playoffs.

68 Responses to “Six Reasons Mike Glennon Won’t Play Soon”

  1. snookau Says:

    Russell Wilson disagrees with #2.

    Oh and Freeman looked worse in pre season.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    All depends on this week. A win likely gives Freeman a few more weeks. A loss, and with more play like the first 3 weeks, and its gonna be hard to justify keeping him in. 60% completion is considered average and Freeman hasn’t gotten over 50% this season, and dating back to last season has 5 of his last 8 games are under 50% and the other 3 aren’t above 55%.

  3. YourMom Says:

    We can’t be any worse at QB. Glennon will start Oct 13th verse the Eagles. Our first game back after the bye week. We won’t be any better with Glennon, but at that point Schiano will be desperate because he’ll know his job is hanging by a thread. If he’s going to go down, he’ll go down with “his” guy.

  4. YourMom Says:

    Trading Freeman doesn’t make sense because we’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him by just letting him walk. We won’t get better than a 3rd round pick for him at this point.

  5. snookau Says:

    Trade value??????


    Josh is worth a bag of footballs in a trade right now. If hes benched, that’d be lowered to a bag of flat footballs.

    Give me a break. See Einsteins quote on doing the same thing over and over.

    Josh sucks. He’ll suck next week. He’ll suck in week 10. He’ll suck in week 16.

  6. NY Buc Says:

    Another Freeman/Sullivan turd and Schiano might be forced to turn to Glennon, and if the season gets out of hand we may see the Glennon/McNulty era next year. People mocked the ‘Rutgers Defense’, but it looks good so far. Maybe the ‘Rutgers Offense’ can do better than the current ‘Giants Offense’ that it seems D coordinators have figured out?

  7. Patrick Says:

    Insanity Joe??

    You don’t think Glennon can’t do better than Freeman? I don’t think that’s an unreasonable assumption at all. You can’t get much worse than sub 50% completion and a 59.3 passer rating. Those are worse than Bruce Gradkowski’s stats!

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    It’s a conundrum, can’t win with him, can’t win without him.
    The G Boys will see attendance plummet either way, but for the record, I’ll never attend another Buc game with the current QB under center.
    We’re past the point of no return.

  9. Splengo Says:

    No! No! No! Ignore those valid reasons to stay with Freeman a bit longer. Put Glennon in now. Schiano, Glennon, and Tim Wright will take us to the playoffs straightaway.

    Learned students of the game like me, Couch Fan, and former Freemanite Buc1987 demand this change be made now. Super Opie is the man. Let’s do this thing.

  10. Patrick Says:

    The Vikings might take Freeman. Christian Ponder is playing pretty bad right now too and people outside of Tampa seem to think Freeman is alright for some reason.

  11. Meh Says:

    Playoffs? Hahaha.

  12. snookau Says:

    No one has said this yet?

    “Playoffs??!?!?!?!? Playoffs? “

  13. lightningbuc Says:

    Ray Jay is gonna be a ghost town on Sunday

  14. Splengo Says:

    Some people just don’t recognize or appreciate good sarcasm anymore. Whew!

  15. flmike, is back... Says:

    I have broken up with girl-friends, I have broken up with good friends, I have broken up with other couples who were friends, but I have never broke up with a sports team, that is until now. Good-bye Bucs, I loved you once, but my love has waned, oh no, it’s not you, it’s me. I just think I need some alone time, time to find myself, please don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t anything you did, per se. No I think we need a clean break, please don’t call, text or email, maybe I’ll feel different next season, but for this year, I need some space, I’m sure you understand…

  16. Ruggyup Says:

    Joe,your writing is starting to get old, trite, silly and irrelevant. Keep up the good work.

  17. Bill Says:

    His trade value goes down? Even if a team loses a starter, what is he worth? A solid 6 that falls to a seven if he is on the bench?

  18. ryan Says:

    “No one has said this yet?

    “Playoffs??!?!?!?!? Playoffs? “


    if you just look at the records, somehow being 0-3 isnt a death blow right now. 1-2 gets you the last playoff spot in the NFC.

    Now dont take it that I’m saying this team is a playoff caliber team but you just cant give up on the season as a team when youre only 1 game out with 13 games to be played.

    Kinda funny looking at it, before the season everyone talked about how good the NFC was. Now you have 0-3 teams still in the playoff hunt. Yikes..

  19. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    if they start free after the bye week I am done with this team.

    something needs to be done to bring a spark, even if it is an implosion!

  20. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Season is done. Move on. Wilson and Kaepernick proved that you can switch QBs at the start of the season and still do well

  21. Architek Says:

    I disagree with your theory. Why would Schiano not pull Freeman and opt to see Glennon in live fire?

    If nothing else they can determine if Glennon has a legit future as a starter or will he be a professional backup.

    Leaving in 16 games is valueless and it’s obvious the team and others know he will play. I just can’t subscribe to the thought of counting on Freeman to rebound a reeling team.

    I’m not saying Glennon is the answer but in a draft loaded with good QB prospects there is more to think about than just the coach saving his arse or a loser QB for a starter.

  22. Patrick Says:

    Send Freeman to Dallas for Kyle Orton. Tie in a 5th or 6th round pick to that. DO SOMETHING.

  23. Pete I Says:

    A rather pointless article actually. Little substance, little reality.
    Is the Arizona game blacked out yet?

  24. Buc Neckid Says:

    I agree with most reasons except Job Security and Playoffs
    The Bucs are already out of Playoff contention and
    if they go 0-4 heading into the bye
    they would have to win greater than 50% of their remaining games.
    That is not happening with Sully and Freeman.
    Job Security gets a pass this year as Schiano is still playing the hand that he was dealt prior to his hiring.
    Plus, limping into the off season

  25. joseph mamma Says:

    This season has literally gone down the crapper and I for one do not believe Glennon will salvage it. I hope they pull Freeman, for anyone, cause I just can’t watch another performance like this. He looks like he’s crumbling under the pressure. The coaches share some of the blame for that I believe. Maybe it’s the offensive gameplan and Sullivan needs to go, I dunno, this is getting unwatchable.

  26. BirdDoggers Says:

    Schiano will be under too much pressure to make a switch if the team and Freeman continue to struggle. The fan base is already fuming after 3 games. Keeping everything status quo isn’t acceptable.

  27. crazy Says:

    7. Starting Glennon in this mess of an offense would end any hope he might have as an NFL QB. If they start him he’d be wise to get “injured” quickly.

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    I don’t agree with


    Nobody thinks any QB fresh out of the draft is ready to play… that doesn’t mean they really arent ready to play until you put then

    #5) Fan outrage:

    Sorry Joe but this is like a slap into the face of fans. Fans are outraged at Freeman and rightfully so. A turn to Glennon would actually appease most fans. Glennon would be highly unlikely to get boo’ed as most fans are intelligent enough to understand rookies are going to make rookie mistakes… Freeman is the one in my opinion on the verge of getting boo’d out the stadium.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    Put them in and prove they arent ready to play.

  30. teacherman777 Says:


    Have you seen the NFC standings yet?

    So many teams are at 0-3, 1-2, and 2-1.

    Hardly anybody is 3-0.

    The NFC is still wide open.

    The Giants, and Redskins are 0-3. The Cowboys are 2-1 but we know the ‘Boys. They can screw up anything.

    The Vikings are 0-3.

    Green Bay, Arizona, Carolina, St. Louis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Fran are 1-2!!!

    Never say never boys!

    Dont give up now! 3 straight wins and were right back in it!

    Go Bucs!!

  31. snookau Says:

    Playoffs??!?!?!?!?!?! Playoffs? !?!!?!??! We’ll be lucky if we win a game!

  32. Patrick Says:

    @snookau…….that quote is worn out to death. Not even that funny. Just like Iverson’s “practice” rant.

  33. Brewmaster Says:

    Glennon isn’t ready but if you want to guarantee getting Schiano and Dominik fired as well as getting a high draft choice to draft one of the many good college QBs coming out this year, I say go for it.

  34. snookau Says:


    Playoffs?!?!?!?!?!?!? Playoffs?!?!?!?!?!?


    Your mama is worn out.

  35. Vorblaw Says:

    Freeman’s not the answer. They won’t resign him. Time to see what they have in Glennon. I’m sure he can go 48% completion rate just as well as Josh can. Then you know whether to draft a QB or not.

  36. Couch Fan Says:

    Glennon isn’t ready but if you want to guarantee getting Schiano and Dominik fired as well as getting a high draft choice to draft one of the many good college QBs coming out this year, I say go for it.

    Yea because Freeman isnt steering us in that direction as we speak. LOL

  37. Upthegut Says:

    Trading Freeman doesn’t make sense because we’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him by just letting him walk. We won’t get better than a 3rd round pick for him at this point.

    Can anyone confirm this???????

  38. Couch Fan Says:

    A trade to chicago might work, they seem fond of our busts.

  39. snookau Says:

    #4 is also flawed. Coaches want to win. Long term winning = job security.

    Bucs aren’t/haven’t won long term with Freeman.

  40. Eric Says:

    I guess that playoff fantasy is hard to give up on. Kinda like the idea that were talented.

    Teams that are 1-8 in their last nine always snap right back for a playoff run.


    The Glennon thing is irrelevant, were as toast as toast can be.

  41. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont agree with #6 either.

    The players get paid a whole lot of money to play the game regardless of who the QB is. The players can not be stupid… everyone knows if you dont win you are in jeopardy of losing your job… Freeman is god awful and he deserves to be benched… let the players cry about it. Hopefully Schiano has some big balls to just do it.

  42. Couch Fan Says:

    Once these guys see how nice it is to catch a pass that is accurate and on time and leads them into the endzone and not the grass, they will forget all about little freewee

  43. zam Says:

    i hate to say this, but at this point, doesn’t Tim Tebow give the Bucs the best shot at wiinning? It ain’t gonna be Freeman, and Glennon’s not ready (and may never be given his mechanics looked as bad as Josh’s).
    If you’re going to have a QB with bad mechanics, at least have one with astronomical intangibles and leadership. He took a 1-4 Denver team and got them to the playoffs. With his fan following they will sell out the stadium so we can at least get rid of the blackouts.
    Write off Freeman, play Tebow, and give Glennon time to develop.
    And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Tebow is an NFL caliber QB, but is Freeman or Glennon?

  44. Biff Barker Says:

    You can’t leave Freeman on the bench, we’ve got to deal him first.

  45. c-spann Says:

    I have had a chance to look at a full game, but what I saw it is all on the playcalling. If the browns can start Hoyer and put up 30 pts. why cant the Bucs. We have the weapons, the oline is serviceable. To me it all boils down to playcalling and qb play. Im like a lot of you, something has to give. At this point I rather go with Glennon, I feel he can do about the same as Free, or hopefully better. I say bench Free, Let Glennon play with Sully calling the plays for 2 games, If the Off is still trash, fire Sully, and have McNulty call the plays. If there is no improvement, TANK FOR TEDDY!

  46. c-spann Says:


  47. zam Says:

    @c-spann It’s actually pretty simple: Josh doesn’t have a correct throwing motion. If you were watching, he’ll miss even very easy passes. And sometimes he’ll make good throws because really nobody knows where the ball is going to go and he has receivers who will win the reception.
    Jaworksi rated him near the bottom of the league on it, and this article details exactly what he does wrong:

  48. zam Says:

    When Schiano came in, the first thing I thought he would do given so much college experience was teach fundamentals and fix Blount and Freeman. Neither benefited, although GMC did.

  49. Bobby Says:

    I’m sure we won’t see Glennon till after the bye but if this keeps up then I’d bet money on Glennon starting after the bye. Why WOULDN’T you put Glennon in?? You know at that point you aren’t resigning Freeman. You need to find out if you have to draft a QB or if the one you drafted last year is going to be franchise quality. How else do you find out but to play him?? The only way we don’t play Glennon after the bye is if this offense does a complete 180 in these next two games.

  50. Mark G Says:

    The Buccs will have to pound AZ for Freeman to have another start. A loss or a close win with Freeman under 50% completion and his era is over. Team Glazer will need to see what they have in Glennon before the next draft.

  51. Capt. Tim Says:

    7) Glennon sucks. He is lacking in all the fundamental QB skills.
    I want him to start soon- so that a) josh can get traded to a real NFL coach( never seen one here!), and can come back and stomp this teams ass. Then I can futher point out how clueless some of these posters are! B) Glennon can show the same incredible skills he showed in the preseason game he started(Lmao!!!). That will shut up the clueless Zombies yelping for Glennon( and give me futher amusement!!), and once everyone sees how bad he is- they will finally run off the Rockstar.

    At this point- it’s all I can find solace in. We will be rebuilding for 3 more years. The NFL is starting to suck so bad- I doubt I can give a sh^* that long

  52. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    8. I stopped putting much thought in Capt. Tim’s NFL QB opinions, when he continued backing obvious lifetime backup Josh Freeman.

    9. If Captain Tim dislikes Glennon, then, he might actually be good.

    Any more opinions, so, that I can choose the opposite?

  53. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Sucky is as sucky does. And Freeman plays suckily. Try arguing with that.

  54. Cdog Says:

    Really let’s be real if they switch to Glennon its over for the GM and Coach.

  55. c-spann Says:

    It is a fact that the offense has badly regressed. It was suppose to be the strength of this team. I guess it wouldnt be so bad if we had a dominate defense, but we dont. I have tried to be a Freeman supporter, he seems far different then his first starting game against Green bay 4 or 5 years ago. I not sure if the coaches are handcuffing Free or he is really that bad. I really done with Free. Glennon is not that good either, but I honestly believe he is better at this point than Free.

  56. Derrick Says:

    Reading these replies in glad non of you guys are making the decisions of the Bucs. Some of yiu just truly don’t understand the way the game works. Freeman will finish this season unless come week 10 they aee out of it then u go to glennon. I think we need to calm down and start putting this on the coaches. Hes not getting better under this Schiano Rule. I see the offensive cordinator and game plan as huge failures. Playcallong has been weak. Situational play calling has been poor. To many 3rd and longs they’re not doing a good job of putting players in good situations down and distance play calling. I think running game wise we’re good but the passing offense needs to change. We need dependable Slots and TE and also give josh check down wrs in shalow routes. Every thing is down field 10 to 15 yards and we don’t run curl routes, slant or quick three step routes. Every thing is 5 to 7 step drops those plays take time to develop. So you can’t really blame just Josh I think we have a system in place and it doesn’t fit josh or maybe the wrong type of passing plays are being called cause I saw a better QB with Raheem they seem to know how to utilize Josh. This will fall on the coaches when you start dipping into FA u habe to win now! Rebuilding is ober with! U rebuild with rookies not vets

  57. BucsFan007 Says:

    Heck, Glennon might actually hit a receiver in stride ! YAC with Freeman ? Ha! How often I see our receivers have separation only to have Free negate any potential Yards after the catch with piss poor acuracy on a simple 10 yard crossing pattern. Have you seen Tannehill …… why can’t we do that ?
    These aren’t difficult throws !

  58. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Really let’s be real if they switch to Glennon its over for the GM and Coach.”

    Exactly… So lets make the switch!

    Schiano’s Gotta Go. McNulty as WR coach has been a downgrade from Fleck. Glazers, move Sully to interim HC. Give him total control of HIS offense like he had last year.

    Start Glennon (sorry Josh, but you’re better off with a supportive/offensive HC. Look at Alex Smith). Deodorant only masks the odor. This team needs to be Decontaminated – MRSA style. Bye Schiano. Peace Freeman..

  59. Nick2 Says:

    Joe reason 5 is exactly why a change will be made during the bye week. Fans are tired of looking at this out of synch, completely inept offense and when you have that the first thing you do is change qb’s. Freeman hasn’t just stunk this year. He stunk in 2011 and the second half of last year too when we had a shot at the playoffs. A blind man could make the change that needs to be made. Hopefully Schiano will take his blinders off after next week. My worst case scenario is Freeman somehow having a great game next week and then reverting to old form coming out of the bye.

  60. Nick2 Says:

    Bye the way I am like Ricardo if Freemand starts after the bye week I will not be watching the Bucs putrid offense every Sunday. I will watch occasionally and will always be a Bucs fan but I have seen enough of Freemans bounced passes, passes into the crowd, 5 yard outs that are passed out of bounds, stupid passes that a high school quarterback can throw that he can’t manage to. I love the Bucs but Josh Freeman makes me ill. If he had any amount of fire to him it would be one thing but this guy is pissing away millions of dollars like its no big deal.

  61. BJ Says:

    Your #1 reason is makes no sense really, did you guys not hear the stat
    About starting 0 and 3? What have you seen that makes you think we will win more than 3 games? We have no shot of making the playoff. I don’t care about Mike starting but I’m hoping this is Josh last year as a buc. The guys sucks, he was never a good qb in college and he got him because of Raheem and where is he now? Dominick needs to take a lot of these blames that the coach and Josh are getting. Shawn King was right all along the bucs have no plan of what they really want to do and that’s on Dominick. We have a good core of young talent right now I say let’s blow Josh, Coach and Dominick out of here and bring in some good football minds. Draft Bridgewater and go from there

  62. Illuminati Says:

    Yes, by all means, let’s just keep riding the Freeman futility train until we run completely out of track. Lord, knows, eight straight games with a QB rating below 80 isn’t enough evidence.

    Brilliant strategy.

  63. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    sorry Joe, since this isnt being addressed, I gotta throw this out there:

    I saw us down by 17 with 13 minutes left, at the NE 33 yd line, it was 4th & 13. And we GO FOR IT??? Instead of kicking a 47-49 yd FG???

    Who do you think makes the final decision to go for it on 4th down??? Sully?? Please…

    Did Schiano really like our chances of converting 4th & 13 better than kicking a 47-49 yd FG?? Where we could have cut it from a 3 score lead, down to a 14 point lead with still 13 minutes on the clock??

    Schiano had a moment of insanity, or straight up quit at the end of the 3rd quarter.

    The guy was 4th down happy with 2 previous attempts, and he had a moment of insanity and went for it on 4th & 13! ….And don’t give me sht about not trusting the kicker. When youre still in the game, you have no choice but to trust your kicker! We could have kicked a 47 yd FG to cut the lead to 14! How often does our team convert a 3rd/4th & 10+???

    And even if we MISS the FG, at least it would show that Schiano was still playing to win, and that he wasnt giving up yet. But he did give up. After just 3 quarters.

    Schiano’s Gotta Go!

  64. Capt. Tim Says:

    That picture cracks me up. His neck and head are the same size!!! It’s like a pencil sticking up out of his shoulder ads!! Lol!!

    He’s “Beaker” from the “Muppet show!!! Lol

    I want Josh Traded to an experienced Coach( never seen one here!), and then start Beaker!

    We are a lock for o-16 then! Bring on the new Coach, GM, and QB!

  65. BamBamBuc Says:

    Truth is do the coaches think Glennon or Freeman give us the best chance to win. Doesn’t matter what fans think at this point because it is guaranteed that one of the 11 teams that are 1-2 or 0-3 are going to the playoffs. Nobody bails at this point. It’s fight for the 2nd wild card. If we go 0-4 or 0-5 then it might be time to see what the guy the coaches didn’t think was ready or good enough has.

  66. jojo Says:

    I don’t understand how ppl can say glennon isn’t gonna do much better when he hasn’t starteda single snap in the regular season lets see him in action before we make an assesment on him can’t be any worse then freeman

  67. jo mama Says:

    ) Playoffs: Joe and many fans might think the Bucs’ playoff hopes are gone. However, the coaching staff absolutely can’t think that way. WTF WHY THEY HELL NOT. WE ARE NOT EVEN HALF THE TEAM WE WERE LAST YEAR.


    3) Josh Freeman’s trade value: Freeman can be traded before Week 8. WTF 4TH ROUND PICK AT BEST. BFD

    4) Job Security: A permanent change at QB means Team Glazer gets involved in the decision-making process. WTF AND STATUS QUO MEANS WHAT AFTER 3 MORE LOSSES.

    5) Fan Outrage: Right now, Bucs fans are on the verge of insanity. A move to Glennon, and Glennon struggling, could have boos hurled at him by his first halftime. WTF WE HATE THE QB NOW. TOM BRADY HAD MORE RUSHING YARDS.

    6) Mutiny: Only Bucs players collectively know how much they may or may not respect Freeman. WTF They demoted him from team captain.

  68. Capt. Tim Says:

    Uh, Jojo- they have this thing called College. Glennon was bad there.
    Then they have this thing called preseason. He totally sucked there.

    Just trying to help you out there Buddy. But you are representing the Glennon clan proudly!!

    Psst, that “college” football comes on the TV on Saturdays. Pre season is in July and August.that should help you out!