Quarterback Drama

September 16th, 2013

A Bucs beat writer calls Schiano a “micromanaging, type A dictator”

The chieftain of PewterReport.com, Scott Reynolds, is increasingly disgusted by the direction of the Bucs and, beginning in a column last week, expressed his frustration with the Bucs’ coaching staff. Today, in particular, Bucs commander Greg Schiano was targeted.

The Bucs’ impotent offense of 2013, Reynolds believes, can directly be tied to Schiano.

Schiano, a micromanaging, “type A” dictator, prefers a “type A” quarterback. Freeman’s laid-back personality boggles Schiano’s mind and irritates him. That has created a tense work environment for Freeman, who hasn’t helped his cause by missing the team photo prior to the start of the regular season by oversleeping, and wasn’t named a team captain for the first time since his rookie year. Schiano didn’t rig the captain’s vote, but must shake his head at the notion that the players didn’t vote the QB he’s not entirely fond of to be a team captain. …

Rookie Mike Glennon, who will likely get a shot at replacing Freeman if the Bucs offense can’t get out of its funk and put points on the board before the bye week, completed just 47.1 percent of his passes (33-of-70) for 397 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions, including a pick-six, in the preseason. Glennon has some potential over the long-term, but if Schiano turns to him this season because the former North Carolina State star is his guy, it will only spell disaster for the entire team.

The Bucs find themselves in a dilemma. At no time in team history has Tampa Bay rallied from an 0-2 start to make the playoffs.

But this team is built to win now. Or next year. Reynolds has a solid point in that if the Bucs try to install Glennon as the starting quarterback, then there may very well be an upheaval in the locker room.

That’s why Joe is convinced as of today that the Bucs will try to acquire a veteran signal-caller in the offseason. It sure doesn’t seem Freeman will return to the Bucs in 2014.

76 Responses to “Quarterback Drama”

  1. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Yesterday I hated the refs more than anyone/anything else.

    Today, I actually hate the LOCAL SPORTS MEDIA more than the refs.

    Wow, that was unexpected.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    I have to disagree. If you want a Vet you might as well keep Freeman. I just looked at the 2014 QB free agents…. not impressive, at all.

    We are going to have to draft a QB if Glennon is not the answer.

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Buc Fan #238
    It was frustrating watching that game because of the refs. They called EVERYTHING they could get away with on the Bucs, and let the Daints get away with nearly everything…including an attack from behind on Penn.

    So far as the media, have you noticed they never quote credible sources?

    The story on Freeman requesting a trade was a complete lie, but no one is holding any of these guys accountable. They’ve mounted a war of attrition on the Bucs, and by doing so they are trying to force the team to act in the manner they wish.

    There is a LOT wrong with this team. Freeman is just a small part of it. The penalties ending drives or extending them for other teams are what’s causing the Bucs wins.

    That cannot be denied with an ounce of common sense.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Bucs almost won that game despite the refs though.

  5. SteveK Says:

    Today’s NFL requires production, consistency and drive sustainability from the QB position.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sure we made other mistakes….penalties, dropped passes….blown plays…..but there can’t be any argment that Freeman is a huge problem for us.
    I have been patient….hoping that Freeman would perform…but he is folding under pressure and all of the statistics show that he has always folded under pressure….the times he came from behind were usually game where he started slowly and actually helped to create the scoring defecit.
    Josh usually only does well when he is cut loose and there is no way Schiano will do that…it isn’t who he is.
    Greg Schiano has a five year contract and has made massive improvements with the Buc defense. I am absolutely he has the confidence of the Glazers and will get more than a fair chance to make the Bucs winners.
    Neither Sullivan or Schiao chose Freeman and its my guess that they will replace him when the time is right. When the season is lost…we will play Glennon and develop him into next year’s starter.
    I believe that Josh just isn’t that bright as a Football player and that is why he can’t think well on his feet and fails to make adjustments when necessary on the field.

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    If freeman catches fire like he did last year then he will be back next year. The season is not lost and freeman is still the starting QB.

  8. Morgan Says:

    Buc Fan #238 Says:
    September 16th, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    Yesterday I hated the refs more than anyone/anything else.

    Today, I actually hate the LOCAL SPORTS MEDIA more than the refs.

    Wow, that was unexpected.


    I’m with you – throw in bloggers and websites as well along w/ these talking heads on radio (Due-mig).

  9. BucsfaninChina Says:

    What veteran QB is gonna be available in the offseason?

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Shaun King thought we should have already signed Freeman to a long-term contract……
    Do you still think so, Shaun?

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    And there is really no one to trade for either. Matt Flynn? Nick Foles? Meh, not all that interested in either of them.

    Hindsight is hindsight but just imagine where we would be right now if we chose to draft a former NC State QB in the 3rd round in 2012 rather than 2013. We’d be going to the playoffs and dreaming of Super Bowl this season. Such is life.

  12. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Schiano is responsible for the defense – the D has become very good under his leadership.

    Schiano is responsible for the offense, the running game is also very good.

    Schiano is responsible for the passing game, it is poor and inconsistent.
    Schiano is responsible for discipline, there have been too many penalties with many related to QB communication.

    Do you get start a get rid of Schiano movement after just 18 games given the above? Or do you turn the page on an immature, inconsistent, malcontent QB to see if he is the main problem on offense. Remember what Schiano inherited, one of the worst coached teams in NFL history.

    I do not think that Glennon is ready but apparently either is Freeman. Freeman is gone people before week 1 next year – move on.

    I suspect that Reynolds is pissed that Schiano doesn’t give him the access that he wants to make his product better. Schiano needs to evolve but he has done some great things.

  13. Splengo Says:


    What do you mean if Glennon does not work out? Schiano hand picked Glennon. He is going to make him work or destroy the franchise trying. Schiano is always right. If this man is left to his own designs, he will drive this team into the sea. Beware the man that takes himself as his own counsel.

  14. Ryan Gibson Says:

    JESUS! Can you please change this websites name to JOEHATERFAN.COM. This website has turned into the most pessimistic website in sports history lol. It’s really laughable. I might be wrong but isn’t it only week 2. I’m not the best at math but I’m pretty sure it’s only the 2nd week of the regular season. U gotta chill out Joe. I feel like the Bucs are gonna turn it around, you just gotta give it some time.

  15. Bob Says:

    I think the problem is not so much Freeman but the offensive scheme aka Mike Sullivan. How many times is Freeman throwing with 3rd. and long? This offense is way too predictable. Mike is extremely conservative; Freeman is a gunslinger. Damn it, let him play!

  16. MadMax Says:

    Ryan Mallet or Kirk Cousins…..maybe even give Nick Foles a little looksee.

  17. Splengo Says:

    OMG, Thomas 2.2 just knighted Schiano. That is undoubtedly the proverbial kiss of death. If past is prologue, he demeaned McCoy and McCoy became a pro bowler, and consequently if he blessed Schiano, the man will be unceremoniously fired before the season is over. Santeria is alive and well at OBP.

  18. Miguel Grande Says:

    I thought last year, the linebackers play was greatly improved. Bryan Cox was their coach.

    This year the front 7 defensive players are playing lights out, because Cox is their coach.

    I believe the one coach who is shining brightest is Bryan Cox. The Bucs should promote him before some other team snatches him away next year.

    I believe he would make a great Head Coach.

  19. bucfan999 Says:


    Couldn’t agree more. Schiano has been the Head coach for only 18 regular season games, do people really have such short memories in this town that they can’t remember the Raheem era? We was losing games by 30 points consistently. Even the NFL network team was saying that the team had given up on the coach by the way they played. I for one did not see any players on the Bucs (except Freeman) giving up in either game this year. The Defense is playing light years ahead of last year (I can remember many of the fans calling for Schiano’s head also calling for Bill Sheridan’s head last year). Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson and the O-Line is playing real well. Not having a #3 wide out & not having a TE are Mark Dominik’s Fault not Schiano’s.
    We all said before the season started that this team would only go as far as Josh took us and we can see he won’t take us to far. I am close to stopping to listen to 98THE Fan and WDAE, Every time I listen lately all Booger, Rich & Duemig can do is try to start more rumors putting down Schiano. If I can’t believe what they say and all they do is to try to undermine the Coach what’s the sense to listen to false hoods all day?

  20. Eric Says:

    The defense isn’t good.

  21. blackmagic00 Says:

    The defense is awesome.

  22. buc wilder Says:

    At this point, I really wouldn’t mind seeing Jay Cutler here next season

  23. trusomaroff Says:

    Goldson suspended 1 game

  24. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    @Eric, did u say the defense ISN’T good? Wow, I see u don’t know sh!t about football. The defense has SHUT DOWN to offenses the first 2 games. They had Brees throwing INTs and they also scored for us. Revis island is a fact, our safeties have to control themselves hit-wise, but we aren’t giving up nearly as much big plays this year thus far. The problem is the offense…QB, that is.

  25. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    The conservative play calling is Schiano. He tells the offense whether to run or pass and Sullivan selects the specific play.

    Schiano may have righted the ship on defense but his meddling in the offense is what will cost him his job in the end. Too many gut wrenchingly close losses caused by playing scared football.

    I do agree that Freeman will be seeking employment elsewhere in 2014 or sooner. I just don’t believe it will be entirely his own doing.

  26. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    As you have stated many times Joe, the NFC is stacked right now to include some surprise 2-0 teams. This season (though early) may already be a wash at 0-2.

  27. bucrightoff Says:

    Merriweather is gonna get fined only, you watch. And it will (rightfully) drive the theory the Bucs are being targeted.

  28. Tony Says:

    I think Schiano was probably a complete d$ck last year, but by all accounts, has really mellowed out. I feel like the media was just waiting for some failure to crush him because he doesn’t cater to their needs. Very tough to do that to a coach in year 1 of the plan, especially when they had some success. Just look at our draft the past two years under Schiano’s watch…this team is drafting very well. Yes, we have added a few key pieces in free agency (only one of them played last year, VJ), but we are so much more talented than we were during the Rah skid. I’m beginning to think these leaks out of OBP are from Bowers, just a hunch.

  29. Raphael Says:

    Schiano was right about one thing today, and that is fans just don’t know …

    How true is that .
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Freeman signs a 5 yr extension in the offseason.that would be awesome

  30. zam Says:

    All this controversy only exists in the media’s mind so they can sell newspapers and web ads. Anonymous sources, speculation, blah blah blah

    Woodward and Bernstein you people are not.

  31. lightningbuc Says:

    Scott Reynolds is a K-State grad, same as Freeman, so consider the source

  32. tonytwocents Says:

    “Type A”. Thats EXACTLY what he is! Too stubborn to accept 100% responsibility. Never humble in defeat. He HAS to be the big swingin D!CK! This stems from insecurity.

    Ive known plenty of “Type A” personalities, loud talkers, they crave the top spot. In the meanwhile, I’m in the corner flirting with his girl, makin her wet, while all he does is make her roll her eyes.

    Dudes a joke. I see right through him… And so does half this team. And hopefully the Glazers.

  33. Raphael Says:

    OT : dang merriweather out for the year ? Dashon out 1game …

    League is for pansie football

  34. Eric Says:

    The defense was given an opportunity to win two games if they just hold the lead vs. opponents with little time and no time outs.

    Blew it twice. Once vs. rookie with a truly awful supporting cast.

    Not good defense.

    Not at all.

    Yea they are currently ranked 13th overall but that is skewed by playing the jets (who managed ten points in second game) and catching Bree’s with a bad day for him in bad weather. Even so saints racked up 21 first downs. 179 yards for their tight end. If Drew doesn’t hit Foster in the gut with that pass the Bucs aren’t even in that game.

    You will see as season progresses. By the end they will be bottom ten in the stats.

  35. tonytwocents Says:

    As much as Im convinced that Schiano never has and never will win big, Ive come to terms with letting Freeman go.

    Its what he wants…..as long as Schiano is around. And I wish he finds an offensive minded coach who can “maximize his talents” ~ as Dungy would say.

    If Schiano wants to put in Glennon, so be it. This season will be wasted…. With alllll the talent around the QB position.

    Schiano’s had a hard on for MG since he tried to pluck him out of High School. Well he finally got him, at the cost of throwing away our 2013 season.

  36. RustyRhino Says:

    Okay we are 0-2 our qb has passed for 355 yards on 24-53 passes with 2 TD-2 INT and a 45% completion rate. Show me where we need to improve our QB Play these are good stats for a 5th year Franchise QB right? We hear from folks on jbf that #5 is not the problem the coaches are. How many passes does the OC & Head Coach make during a game? We hear how no one thinks the 3rd round rookie will do any good. If he completed 50% of his passes he has been better than the current QB. Time for a change?

  37. bucbucbuc Says:

    The real problem was drafting Glennon in the first place. If we hadn’t drafted Glennon, and the season really was lost, we could ride Freeman out to a losing campaign and then secure a top QB in next year’s draft. By drafting Glennon, we’ve put ourselves in a terrible position. He’s not ready to start anytime soon, but we’ve committed to him and I’m not sure the Bucs will be willing to use another high draft pick on a QB next year. Just terrible, terrible planning.

  38. tonytwocents Says:

    as much as I absolutely LOVE the Hawk! he can go on the radio saying he’s not gonna change. I knew he’d eventually be fined.

    I muss old school licks as much as the next guy, but we need to face facts, and adjust…Greg.

  39. Oahubuc (Glennon Mob Souljah) Says:


    Why do you suppose Brees made that bad throw?

  40. tonytwocents Says:

    If I was a bettin man, (yeah, I am… Ive got a problem), if we go 0-4,1-3 into the bye, I see the Glazers stepping in and doing something drastic. Just a gut feeling.

  41. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    @Eric…Football is a team sport, what did the offense do to help the defense which put us in position to when the last 2 weeks. We have so many 3 and outs its crazy, this defense is the only reason we were close the last 2 games….like I said before you don’t know sh!t about football. It sounds cute to say the defense blew the game, stats are nice but what was the score? Our defense is great.

  42. tonytwocents Says:

    Id laugh my asss off if Belicheat plucked Freeman from us. Like he’s been using Schiano for player intel. He plucked Blount, Talib (2 INTs last week), drafted all of Rutgers best players while Schiano was left with undrafted Rutgers players to sift through…

    Belicheat, sign Freeman!!

  43. tonytwocents Says:


    our defense is great??? no. Dungys defense was great. they bent, never broke.

    this defense is good….for 59 minutes. they bend, AND they break. with penalties, and especially giving up the game with a lead with 1 minute, and 30 secs to go…

    GREAT defenses close. but I get it, our offense needs to put the game out of reach and help the D until they become GREAT enough to close.

  44. Mark G Says:

    I think this is all nonsense.

    We have lost the last two games because the offense is playing “not to lose” instead of attacking and playing to win. This is from the HC. I just don’t understand why a HC would have an exciting aggressive, fast, attacking defense but then puke on himself by running on 3rd and 6! Or sitting on a lead in game 1 when just one more touchdown would have killed the Jetts! This is like the TV commercials about “And is Better than Or”. I want an aggressive defense AND an aggressive offense. This is why Chucky had to come to town to win a Super Bowl with Dungy’s players.

  45. ctord Says:

    Glennon is going to suck mark it down. Name a starting qb that Schiano put in the NFL out of Rutgers. When Schiano had a good team at Rutgers he had a game manager as qb and ray rice. Rice toted the rock 30 times a game with the occasional pass to Britt or Rice out of the backfield. . No matter who is qb, Schiano has got to get some creativity in his ultra conservative play book otherwise be ready to be bored and have A team that cant win big games. Just like Rutgers. If this team goes down the tubes I hope that Freeman and Schiano both go. I would hate to miss out on one of those big time qbs coming out of college because Schiano wants “his guy”. You know those qbs that instill hope in franchises much like Freeman did here five years ago. I had high hopes for this team. I was thinking division champs with the talent we have. Saints and Falcons are not that special. Very disappointing so far.

  46. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Some think we will see Glennon, after the bye week.
    I do too, because Coach Schiano will have to do something, to jump start our team.
    I think we will be seeing Josh Freeman’s final games here in Tampa.
    He threw and interception off his back foot yesterday, and missed receivers several times, or threw behind them.
    Yes, he can flash, but he is not consistent, holds the ball too long, and does not seem to be very “cerebral”.

    Did anyone notice he was seen sitting all alone on the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Bench yesterday ?
    WTF is up with that ?
    Why was he alone, and why was he not going over pass protection pictures, with Sullivan, or hanging out with his receivers ?

  47. buc4lyfe Says:


    To be honest im kinda curious to see what mike glennon could do but i cant be much because schiano is a pyscho, see sean payton when they went for it on 4th down laughing about the call as if to say if we get it good if we dont oh well we’ll get it back….calm cool collected but they finally showed schiano talking into the headset when their trying to call in a play

    Schiano is a defensive coach so what does he know about qb’s? IN THE HISTORY OF RUTGERS there were two quarterbacks ever drafted, only one under greg schiano and went in the 6th round to seattle in 2009. he’s not an offensive coach, if mike sullivan had a problem with freeman that would be completely different.

    All the money spent on revis and after 2 games he’s already upset…how who do you think would go first? the future hall of fame player mad because he cant play man to man or the coach who has never done anything…who’s easier to replace that would allow us to keep winning while in transition?

  48. blackmagic00 Says:

    Does anyone care that goldson is suspended?

  49. bucrightoff Says:

    Good God. If not for one blown coverage the Bucs would have held the Saints out of the endzone. Can you crazy people who think the defense is to blame stop for a second and consider that? The team that dropped 35 and 41 on us 12 months ago almost scored zero TDs.

    And if not for a Josh Freeman pick that set up the Jets, they might not have let up a TD the entire season. This defense is legit, just needs some depth but as a starting 11 I think the only two defense I’d definitively say are better are Seattle and San Francisco.

  50. GRIF4FREESUX Says:

    Freeman=little girl in a man’s world.

  51. buc4lyfe Says:

    Well arent you too just as dumb as a bag of hammers!!! really, ex-football players, media insiders and even john lynch put this sloppy play on the qb but no not bucrightoff…seriously if not for one blown coverage? THAT BLOWN COVERAGE WAS THE ONE THAT LOST THE GAME, were you not watching? schiano is no offensive coach so the only one that should be complaining is the gm and the o coordinator. think darrelle revis is happy to play all that zone when all he’s ever done is play man coverage? you actually draw up a defense that puts little L johnson on colston lol what else did you expect from drew brees, the final score is the one that counts.

  52. bucrightoff Says:

    Sorry buc4lyfe but I nor anyone else can take you seriously when you just appear to be ranting angerly. The defense has allowed a whopping 33 points in two games, and if you remove the points caused by turnovers, the number drops to 22. If the Bucs had competent QB play they are 2-0 even with everything else that happened. But the Bucs have below, below average QB play and thus they are 0-2. People who want to blame the defense for 2 or 3 plays this season want to blame them for being 99% right and 1% wrong. The offense is working somewhere in the 90% wrong, 10% right category. But its all the defenses fault, if not for those 2 or 3 plays we’re 2-0. Please….

  53. BucFan20 Says:

    Reynolds? You must be kidding. WHO cares what he thinks? Look at his blogs It is second rate to this one. Has about 10 bloggers. Likes to run stories with no real source.

  54. Eric Says:

    Drew was under very little pressure when he made the last throw.

    I may not know much about football but I wasn’t beating my chest calling for 10-6 and playoffs.

    If the defense finishes in the top ten after the whole season then their good. Do it for five seasons or more like Dungy’s then their very good. Lead to a Championship then they are “great”. NOT after two games where they allowed the winning drives to lose.

    The word great means a hell of a lot more than that.

    Improved so far, I’ll give em that.

  55. Pewter Power Says:

    “Today’s NFL requires production, consistency and drive sustainability from the QB position”.

    This sums it up, we don’t have this today, nor have we had it for the past 5 years with Freeman. Its time to give someone else a try, its time for change.

  56. MTM Says:

    The NFL needs to set up an intervention for teams like the Bucs because of all the stupid decisions made that set the franchise back years. I don’t trust this bunch to find another QB at this point.

  57. Pete 422 Says:

    Interesting that many here are now jumping on the local media. Hey why not, it was irresponsible to start slinging around the whole “trade request” rumor the morning of game day.

    It also seems that the local media takes on the same basic personality of the fan base. “The sky is falling or we are making a championship run.” I’m not originally from this area, but I’m a converted Tampa fan all the way.

    Teams have started 0-2 but have rebounded to have good seasons.

  58. Drew Says:

    @Thomas 2.2… there are cases where I read your comments and scratch my head. However, I have to agree with you on the statement you made earlier in the thread. Schiano is not the problem.

    Kudos Thomas 2.2!

  59. Drew Says:

    With respect t the media… I believe some of reports are created out of animosity for Schiano. I believe Schiano limits media access to the players and limits the type of information the media has access too about the team which pisses the media off.

    That’s like me reporting Penn is pregnant and expecting a baby girl. How ridiculous is that report?

  60. Pete 422 Says:

    Right on Drew. The media has lost some credibility this past weekend.

  61. Illuminati Says:

    @ Joe

    This team is built to win WHAT now, exactly? We can’t win a game in the regular season, so what exactly are we built to win?

    You keep insisting this team is built to win, and yet, we don’t ever win.

    Freeman stinks. Yesterday marked his seventh consecutive regular-season game with a QB rating below 80. That’s nearly unheard of for an NFL QB not named Blaine Gabbert.

    Start Glennon and take our lumps and move on. We will not be any worse off if we just go ahead and start Glennon next week.

    God, Bucs fans are such clingy, needy, pussies. Cut your ties with Freeman now.

  62. Joe Says:


    This team is built to win WHAT now, exactly? We can’t win a game in the regular season, so what exactly are we built to win?

    Dominik didn’t go out and get Goldson, Revis, Vincent Jackson, Nicks to win five years from now. So you are suggesting the Bucs should have a complete and thorough housecleaning? Cut/unload all the veterans and rewind the clock to 2009?

  63. Illuminati Says:

    @ Joe

    No, I’m not suggesting a housecleaning. I’m suggesting a QB change. All of those pieces you mentioned that we are building upon are useless as long as we have an ineffective QB.

    We are not winning with Freeman. Why not start Glennon? He’ll make a shit-ton of dumbass rookie mistakes, but he’ll still be better than Freeman.

    If we are built to win, as you say, and we cannot win, as is evident, then there is only one major suspect position: QB.

  64. Harry Says:

    You know Joe, I think we are being a little naive thinking there is nothing going on between Freeman and Shiano after all the negative innuendos the coach threw around all offseason. I mean how would we feel with such negative comments from our boss?

  65. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m choosing to post this on this thread, since the topic is most appropriate. I haven’t posted since the game, so I could have a chance to watch the game over, not as a fan, but from a more analytical perspective.

    Now, I intended to watch this game to see how much of the 9/22 was Freeman and how much was receivers, etc. Instead, I found myself fascinated with a couple other things.

    First off, the two turnovers by Freeman. I would really like for people to go back and look at the sack fumble by Freeman. Originally, I thought he simply held the ball too long and there’s no way he can get protection that long. While that’s not entirely untrue, there’s another side of that play. The Saints blitzed a linebacker, sending 5. The Bucs were in heavy protection with the 5 linemen and the RB, so 6 blockers. 4 receivers went out in routes, with 6 DBs covering. Remember, this is 3rd and 10. Now, not one single route was underneath. Not one. Not the TE, not Ogletree. Not a single WR came underneath, they all went deep. With 6 DBs (basically one for every WR and 2 over the top), there is no way any Bucs WR is going to get open. Martin, if he chips and gets upfield, would have been wide open with room to run, but that wasn’t the plan. Freeman had nobody to throw to, nobody was coming open, Penn was actually beat pretty well, although it took time to get there. Did Freeman hold the ball too long? Yeah, he did… but he wasn’t given many options considering the playcall.

    The second turnover was equally as interesting. When first watching this play, I couldn’t believe even Josh would throw the ball into coverage that tight… until I watched again and saw what happened. This was a play action pass (which the Bucs love to run, though I still think they should work on the pump fake as an alternative). Now, to sell the run, the Bucs load up at TE and RB. Everyone sells the run. Of course, the play action takes time to set up, so now there is limited time for the throw. Interestingly, there is ONLY one WR on a route. Freeman has ONE option to throw to. Now, it’s hard to tell from the TV broadcast, but the throw may have been just a hair too late (due to the play action sell), and by the time the ball got there, the coverage was incredibly tight. Either way, it was either force the throw or throw it away, or take the sack, because there was only one option to throw to and he was covered. Also, Freeman has his back to the WR until the last second on the play action sell.

    In both these circumstances, I have to say that I didn’t see the play design and call give him much opportunity for success. It was either boom or bust. Both times ended up bust, but that was also good play by the Saints against a play design that wasn’t exceptionally good. It would be different on the fumble if we had a viable TE or #3 WR. Then when the Saints cover over the top on VJ and MW, the TE or #3 could work open underneath…. but we don’t have that option.

    One more interesting note from the game… the illegal formation when all 5 WRs were off the line of scrimmage was just bad by the WRs, two WRs and the TE never moved, so should know if they’re on the line or not. The second illegal formation call against Dotson on the long TD to VJ… I have to say, I paused the play before the snap on every play leading up to that call and Dotson was lined up in EXACTLY the same position (so was Penn) on EVERY play leading up to that call. If he was off the line (his helmet was at the waist of the Center, which should be legal, his foot was WAY back behind Freeman’s foot… so was Penn’s). To me, this is just BS… of course, the flag was thrown before the TD pass, so I can’t say the ref’s just threw it to call the game in the Saints favor (how would they know it was going for a TD?), but the consistency is pretty bad. Maybe they had told Dotson he was “close” to being illegally lined up a couple times before finally calling it, I don’t know. Just doesn’t make sense. He even lined up the same after that call, and there wasn’t another flag.

    Basically, all I’m getting at is there were a lot of things I didn’t like in the game, and Freeman’s performance wasn’t the worst of it. The D giving up 200+ passing yards before the half wasn’t exactly good. Goldson on Graham didn’t work. LJ on Colston didn’t work. Revis in zone worked, but didn’t utilize him as well as we should have. Coaching is still horrible, as we’re still taking way too many penalties (and now a suspension) for stupid things. The plays don’t help.

    On a positive, the pass rush looks to be much more effective and they’re not stunting the D-line AS much. The LBs are looking better in coverage, based on Foster and Watson getting picks.

  66. tonytwocents Says:

    Thanks again BamBam for the awesome analysis! I just got done downlding the HD torrent, but didnt have the stomach to go through that again.

    ….so Thank You!

  67. tonytwocents Says:



  68. BamBamBuc Says:

    I can’t back you on the Sully for HC though…. look who’s playcalls are so horribly designed.

  69. tonytwocents Says:

    Well I have my reasons….. And Im on a motherfu(kin mision. To wake you sleeping half interested fans the fu(k up!



  70. tonytwocents Says:

    ^^^^ so shortsighted. but thats not your fault.. its your parents and our public education system’s fault.

  71. tonytwocents Says:

    sorry for being harsh bambam, I like your contributions.

    but Ive played this scenario in my head over and over. and Im convinced that Sully and Free give us the best chance to right the ship.

  72. tonytwocents Says:



  73. BamBamBuc Says:

    I truly resent that comment. I’m done…

  74. tonytwocents Says:

    well BamBam, Im sorry that I offended you. because I enjoy your tape analysis.

    but the tape that you study, Ive watched live, in real time. And Schiano was without a doubt giving Sully an earful while he was trying to call a play…. And that was only one instance caught on tape.

    again, I’m sorry that youre offended. but thats your problem. I hope you deal with it. In the meantime, thanks again for your analysis…. but if you missed that exchange between Schiano and Sully, then your analysis wasnt as thorough as I thought it was.

  75. tonytwocents Says:

    oh yeah…



  76. McBuc Says:

    Sapp always said “give us 17 points and we will win”. If that was true the dungy defense may have lost these games too.