Pass Rush? What Pass Rush?

September 2nd, 2013

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King

Happy Labor Day, Bucs fans! Joe thought he would bring his readers a treat. Last week NBC Sports NFL analyst Shaun King joined former Bucs guard Ian Beckles on WDAE-AM 620 for a full three hours of Bucs talk.

King, one of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC title game, and Beckles are very worried about how the Bucs will pressure opposing quarterbacks. To be honest, Joe really can’t argue much with anything Beckles and King have to say about the subject. Click on the arrow below to hear their takes.

27 Responses to “Pass Rush? What Pass Rush?”

  1. Ron Mexico's K-9 Obedience School Says:

    I hate how you always mention King as one of the QB’s that took the Bucs to the Championship game like he didn’t piggy back on one of the greatest defenses of all time and couldn’t muster a touchdown, gave up a safety, and flat out looked garbage. Shaun King didn’t lead us anywhere, his opinion is just about as good as his play, straight trash.

  2. Tampabaybucsfan Says:

    “Shaun King…one of two Buc Quarterbacks who lost a NFC Championship game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points”

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    Shaun King and Ian Beckles together at the same time… I must be a psychic because I forsee a lot of name calling coming in these comments.

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    Somebody better tell Shaun King that Buc1987 (who knows way more about football and QBing than King) is in his mom’s basement recording his every word.

  5. Gatorbait Says:

    wow, he looks as awful as his play.

  6. Architek Says:

    Why do you all bash Shaun King for his insight and opinion? So far he’s been accurate in most of his assessments. I guess you all know better, right?

  7. Raphael Says:

    Dude has blown up ….dayum ! When he sits around the house …he really sits aroooound the house

  8. Anzac Buc Says:

    Sick of reading that same line qualifying Shaun King. Didn’t the bucks D lead us to the playoff game? I’m with tampabaybucsfan & Ron Mexico. Joe you need some new material. Even if it was true, you use it every time some of his commentary pops up. It’s getting real tired

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    And why wouldn’t King be credited as one of three QBs to lead the team to the championship game? I thought W/L records were a QB thing, that it is the QB, not the team or the defense that gets Ws and Ls. If King is not one of three QBs to lead his team to the NFC championship game because he rode the defense there, then Josh’s record in 2011 should be abolished from his stats (and 2012 should at least have an asterisk next to it showing the worst pass D in team history), which leaves him looking pretty good.

    So, I’d say either accept King as a QB that led the team, or accept that Freeman’s record doesn’t precisely reflect his play.

  10. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Shaun King = more site hits for More power to you Joe.

  11. Anzac Buc Says:

    Point taken Bambam, but do we have to have this lazy throwaway line qualifying his credentials every time King name is mentioned? Every time. I think it’s time for Joe to realise we all know who he is

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, I kinda like the line… it’s comical in the sense that as many comments are about that line as are about the topic…

  13. tonytwocents Says:

    “Shaun King = more site hits for More power to you Joe.”

    yessir. Joes not a businessman.. he’s a business, man!

  14. tonytwocents Says:

    Shaun King has a contingency plan. When the Mickey Ds is closed, try the Wendy’s. When the Wendy’s is closed, hit up the Bell. If the Bell is closed, reach into his built in backseat cooler for a bacon wrapped piglet, which should hold him until he reaches Steak n Shake.

  15. Anzac Buc Says:

    Whatever floats your boat mate……lol

  16. Adam L. Says:

    I heard that live. They told alot of stories about the 90s Bucs. My favorite story was King said before his first game when he was all wide-eyed Trent Dilfer got excited because they were introducing the DEFENSE and it would spare him getting booed at the home opener.

    The two of them told some great stories. They need to do a Bucs Roundtable with a host and 3 or so former players where they just tell stories. I was fascinating.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc Says:

    September 2nd, 2013 at 3:23 pm
    Somebody better tell Shaun King that Buc1987 (who knows way more about football and QBing than King) is in his mom’s basement recording his every word.

    Actually the only analyst I listen to is Greg Schiano. I will watch the Fox pregame shows though because they make me laugh. Now I see where YOU get your great wisdom from, Shaun King and gang. Shoo fly don’t bother.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    I think lightningbuc is in love me. Either that or it’s infatuation. Puppy love?

    Infatuation : is the state of being carried away by unreasoned passion or love: ‘expresses the headlong libidinal attraction of addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

  19. Biff Barker Says:

    It’s not as much what Ian and King say, but more of the whiny pro player, anti-management schtick. Union guys…

  20. buc nerd Says:

    its a constingency plan actually lol

  21. Joe Says:

    Not one comment on what King and/or Beckles said about the pass rush. Interesting. All comments about hating King if not Beckles.

    How about debating the merits of their comments? smh

  22. the_buc_realist Says:

    That would be talking sense to the senseless. They would rather say someone is fat rather than deal with reality.

  23. BamBamBuc Says:

    Not one comment about the Bucs pass rush… the Bucs have a pass rush??? Lol… sorry Joe, just had to.

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  25. buc22 Says:

    these guys are just mad with the bucs cause they were rejects. and shaun king needs to chill out with the burgers dude is huge seriously.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    Reality is….the Bucs have yet to play a regular season game yet. So there is no way to pre-determine what the pass rush is going to look like.

    Reality is…most posters on JBF don’t like Shaun King. I thought that has been already established.

  27. Alan Bucs Says:

    As much as I have disagreed with Shaun King in the past, I have to say that I agree with some of his Assessment here. I want to reserve full judgement until after I see our pass rush against the Jets. I have to agree that Dominik/Schiano appear to have an “all eggs in one basket” approach with the pass rush instead of finding at least one proven veteran who can come in and fill that void if need be. Hope they prove us wrong! Go Bucs!