“My Way”

September 27th, 2013

Patrick Welter of TBO.com and Tampa Tribune humorist Martin Fennelly discuss the benching of Josh Freeman over pancakes in this TBO video. In short, Fennelly in no way believes this was a panic move by Bucs commander Greg Schiano, and instead, was planned from the moment Schiano walked in the door to One Buc Palace in January of 2012.

20 Responses to ““My Way””

  1. Eric Says:

    Nut cases like this like exercising control. Makes em feel important.

  2. Walter Says:

    I definitely believe Schiano wanted Freeman out from the beginning. Dom too. He wants to be Bill Belichick 2.0, but he’s not smart enough or experienced enough to pull that off. Schiano will run this team into the ground.

  3. Jim Says:

    The last coach the Bucs had that used the ‘My way or the highway’ approach was Ray Perkins. Perkins did not like Steve Young and we all know how that worked out.

  4. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    wow, what a brilliant and informative video! /sarcasm

  5. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    “Schiano will run this team into the ground.”

    uh, where was the team before he came in?

  6. Brent Allen Says:

    You asked the question, “What happened? You don’t have the stretches that Freeman has had if he doesn’t have something.”

    Here’s what happened- there’s a rift between the coach and the QB. The QB didn’t want to play for Schiano anymore, nor did he lead the team to play well. Remember Raheem? The team gave up on him. Oh that’s right, Freeman was there for that one as well.

    It’s the same thing we saw with Gruden and Sapp, only less public and way more passive aggressive. Unfortunately, once Sapp was traded, the Bucs lost their attitude, and we’ve been on a roller coaster ride since.

    What Tampa needs more than anything right now is a leader on the field, that is bringing the attitude of a Buccaneer, that will rally the team around them into a cohesive unit. Right now, all we have is 53 guys wearing the same color.

  7. Walter Says:


    We were already in the ground, so maybe I should have said something like: Greg Schiano will run this team into the core. Or something along those lines. Anyways, I just don’t believe in Greg Schiano. I feel like if we keep losing the team will quit on him a la Raheem Morris.

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    Freeman may get demoted down to 3rd string according to Rick Stroud.

  9. Couch Fan Says:

    And if we start winning will you admit that you are wrong and Schiano is the right guy for the job? Something tells me that will be a No… Only time will tell I guess.

  10. Tampamac Says:

    Brent Allen,

    And therein lies the problem. No matter if you like the coach or not, as an NFL QB there are 52 other guys you play for week in and week out. Hell, not just the NFL. From pee-wee on up, even if you don’t like your coach, you play for your teammates. Which I believe is why his teammates turned their back on him; he’d rather sulk and pout to force his way out of Tampa rather than give his all for his team. It’s not hard to tell he has no passion for the game, at least not in Tampa.

  11. flmike, is back... Says:

    Reality is, this team is built to win today, put points on the board you win, if you don’t, you don’t, and unfortunately our QB couldn’t, maybe the next one can, while blaming Schiano for Freeman’s failings is within reason, the blame should truly rest with Freeman, though he isn’t perfect for the system he was placed in he was able to run it with precision and accuracy for a 6 week stretch, then boom, which is typical of his career. Whatever happened in the past, it’s over, Freeman is gone, move on, winning cures all ills in the NFL, so Just Win Baby…

  12. Walter Says:

    @Couch Fan

    I came into this season expecting, at the very minimum, 8 wins. Glennon has 13 shots to hit 8 wins. That is my bar that I set for Schiano, Dom, and Freeman. I’ll drop the bar to 6 wins now that Freeman is benched. Schiano needs to win 6 games to save his and Dom’s jobs. Glennon needs 6 wins to earn a competition with this upcoming 1st rd QB that we select. I think that’s reasonable considering the offseason acquisitions we made. I just doubt we get to six wins. My bet is 4, maybe 5, and 2 wins would be my absolute worst case scenario.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    All this “saving jobs” talk is pure nonsense….Schiano will get at least until the end of next year & so will Dominick.
    I agree that this is what Schiano wanted from the beginning…with one caveat…”if Freeman didn’t perform” and….HE DIDN”T. Freeman had every opportunity to proove Schiano wrong.
    We need a true leader in the QB position….Josh gave up.
    Stay on Schiano’s back if you wish…but you may look back and think….wow!, was I so wrong….

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Even a win against the lowly Cards might boost this teams morale. I think pulling Freeman for this game was good idea. It’s what this fan wanted anyways last Sunday night. I actually gave up on him after what I saw at the Saints game. So atleast I’m slightly ahead of the curve. Schiano also said after the Pats loss, that there was schematic problems. My answer to that was a simple two words that I posted in here. No sh!t. Let’s just hope he was talking about the offense and fixing it. If these plays like bombing the ball down field on 3rd and 1 in the Pats game is Sully’s idea. Then the Bucs not only have schematic issues, it’s a playcalling problem. It is very telling though how it seems the NFL has caught up to the Giants offense, nearly the same one our Bucs are running right now. It’s also glaring that the Bucs still have no TE and if they did, they don’t seem like they want to use one. Everything is still to early to tell. A loss against the Cards at home this Sunday though I believe will truly put Schiano’s back against the wall.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree 6 wins is reasonable with our D. Hopefully we got lucky for the 1st time and maybe Glennon will turn out to be the real deal. Dam I love new beginnings. Always so full of hope, until they play. Lol

  16. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Freeman messed his own pants. What did coach do for Freeman? He gave him the opportunity, in the last year of his contract, to take the bull by the horns and make a statement about his abilities/skills/talents. And Freeman failed to do enough to put wins on the score board. We can argue that he put the team in a position to win in the first two games and true enough. But what about the other lost opportunities during those very games that could have iced the game long before the last 2 minutes? I like Freeman. I think he’s talented. But we have great examples in the league of what full commitment, complete dedication can produce. Freeman checked out at some point and there was no turning back. So let’s move on.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    “Freeman checked out at some point and there was no turning back. So let’s move on.”

    ATLBucsFan …I fully agree with that statement.

  18. Tampamac Says:

    ATL and 1987- I third that, and his teammates knew it too which is why there’s no bitterness from them.

  19. crazy Says:

    Don’t think so. Schiano, Sullivan and others came here because they thought they had a QB with potential. For a while Freeman looked coachable. Something happened to change that. Bad Josh ran Good Josh off the field. Schiano deserves criticism for a lot of things, but not this one. Josh and his father/agent need a major reality check. He’s acting a lot more like Lohan, Cyrus, Spears, etc than Doug Williams, Steve Young, or Trent Dilfer.

  20. zam Says:

    what a pair of dorks… first they talk about how Freeman must be so great for going 25/6 against a creampuff schedule. Funny, no other team has made an offer for him. Why’s that?

    Then they make fun of the way Glennon looks… like a bunch of thirdgraders.