Listen To The Bucs

September 8th, 2013

doug martin 0906

Yes, it was an ugly, brutal loss for the Bucs. A stinging loss. But Joe’s good friends at WDAE-AM 620 and the Buccaneers Radio Network have all sorts of audio from the primary players in today’s game, as well as Bucs coach Greg Schiano.

Included in the audio clips are wide receiver Mike Williams, linebacker Mason Foster, safety Mark Barron, cornerback Leonard Johnson, linebacker Lavonte David, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, safety Dashon Goldson, linebacker Dekoda Watson, offensive tackle Donald Penn and quarterback Josh Freeman.

In addition, there are press conferences from Freeman and from Schiano, as well as Schiano’s one-on-one interview with the Buccaneers Radio Network.

All audio courtesy of Joe’s trusty¬†recorder,¬†WDAE-AM 620, and the Buccaneers Radio Network.

8 Responses to “Listen To The Bucs”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    Speaking of listening – anyone heard from the Freemanites, a.k.a. the JFro Jock Sniffing Mob, a.k.a. Rose Colored Glasses Wearing Buc Fans?

  2. RBellBuc Says:

    Wow, you’re actually revelling in our misfortune. What a fan!

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    No reveliing, just wondering where all those who mocked and ridiculed me during the offseason are. They can dish it, but not take it I guess.

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    Did you expect anything different? Lol, We already know BucFan is a hider.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    See CouchFan, this is our dilemma! We are right about the Bucs, as we’ve said all off season. But now, instead of being a hater, we will be accused of reveling and being giddy at the Bucs misfortunes. Like I said this morning, I hope all the goober smoochers are right, but today showed they probably aren’t.

  6. pewterpirate99 Says:

    lightningbuc and Couch Fan, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  7. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m right here. Bring it on lightningbuc. Please tell me just how Freeman single-handedly lost this game? Please inform me of how it’s his fault a ball is snapped by the center when he’s not looking or ready? Or how he’s at fault for the sub-3 yards per rush? Please explain how Geno Smith outperformed him when they both play offense and aren’t on the yield at the same time? Didn’t Geno outperform GMC, Clayborn, LVD, Johnson, Barron, etc?

  8. BucSnob Says:

    Freeman also hit Geno Smith out of bounds and put them in field goal range. Once again Freeman put us in position to win with seconds left and we manage to lose.