Leonard Johnson And Mark Barron Are “Better”

September 14th, 2013

Darrelle Revis is a massive upgrade from anything the Bucs had at cornerback last season. (Ain’t that an understatement.)

Dashon Goldon also is a significant upgrade to Ronde Barber at safety.

And, per Greg Schiano, Mark Barron and Leonard Johnson are “better” players in 2013, so Schiano said this week.

“They’re better, yeah, considerably,” Schiano said of the secondary. “They got some great leadership and examples back there, too. So I think there’s a little kind of chemistry back there with that crew.”

That’s great to hear, and one would hope that “better” secondary is on display against the Saints on Sunday. It has to be, otherwise the Bucs will be 0-2.

In the Bucs-Saints game in Tampa last season, Eric Wright led the way with seven tackles and two passes defensed. But in New Orleans, the Bucs got creamed with only Anthony Gaitor as the only cornerback to register a pass defensed on the stat sheet.

Now if Schiano would just pass on the damn three-man rush against Drew Brees, then the Bucs could give Brees some fits.

11 Responses to “Leonard Johnson And Mark Barron Are “Better””

  1. Free's A Boob Says:

    WTF! You constantly defend Freeman who has done nothing to win , has a demonstrated poor work ethic, and take a cheap shot at Ronde, one of the 5 best Bucs ever and the classiest by far. How shameful.

    So saying Goldson, a two-time Pro Bowl safety in his prime is a better safety than Barber is a cheap shot? Lay off the whiskey.–Joe

  2. Free's A Boob Says:

    Also proof your posts. Gaitor was a CORNERBACK!

  3. Walter Says:

    @Free’s A Boob

    Shut up man, there was no shot taken at Ronde. Right now, Goldson is better than Ronde. Also, Joe doesn’t need to have a hard on for bashing Freeman, Joe has stated many times that Freeman needs to improve in order to be in Tampa next year as the starting QB. So just be quiet, you make yourself seem so ignorant and foolish with every comment you post.

  4. Free's A Boob Says:

    Your opinion and mine, sir. Ronde could separate a receiver from the ball without drawing a 15 yarder. Nothing against Goldson but Ronde earned his stripes.

  5. Keith Says:

    Not sure Johnson is better. Barron better be better. He probably is.

  6. Walter Says:

    @Free’s a Boob

    We all know that penalty was bullshit, that was a clean hit. Ronde didn’t have the range that we need in order to allow Barron to play to his strengths. Yes, he is one of our best players ever, yes, we loved watching him make plays, but he decided that he was done, and the timing was right, every year he became a little slower, a little less explosive. It’s just the way it is, players age. Ronde fought off Father Time extremely well though, kudos to him on that, it was very impressive.

  7. buc4lyfe Says:

    Damn schiano really has an eye for talent…but he put the guys name out there and even the rookie was smart enough to target leonard johson when they needed a completion….2nd year but no way LJ should have earned the right to start over banks. LJ isnt faster than banks, he isnt as long as banks, i think he batted down one pass last week and its been awhile since he’s done anything noticeable…lol this guy doesnt learn and we’ll see it again when they bring a 3 man rush for brees as if it ever worked

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I actually think Johnson has improved….he started to show progress last year.
    Nothing against Ronde Barber….he was a great Buccaneer CB…but as an older player and out of position as a Safety…he is no match for Goldson.
    As for taking a reciever’s head off…I think doing that once in a while is good for us.
    Our secondary is improved but is thin…..
    I think we will see an improved Gorrer when he gets back also.

  9. Eric Says:

    If they rush three they need to all pack their bags and find another line of work.

  10. BUCTOOTH Says:

    come on guys can’t we all just get along just once for today’s game against the saint’s. i don’t don’t know who’s right or wrong with you comments and iv’e watched nfl football since i was small and now a old fart at 66 years old and i still get so excited i can’t sleep or wait for sunday’s match up with our beloved tampa bay buccaneers. thanks everyone for your time and patience now lets raise the jolly rodger battle flag fir the darn cannon’s and fight ”tooth” and nail for a victory win. thanks buctooth.

  11. teacherman777 Says:

    I love Leonard Johnson.

    But he is NOT an NFL starting CB.

    He has all the intangibles. He has a big heart. He works his tail off. Hes a team first guy. Hes awesome.

    But hes a #4 CB. Not a starter.

    And if we keep starting him next to Revis.

    Then we will have a rough season.

    PS-Schiano plays favorites. (LJ is an example of this)