Jeff Demps Makes Roster; Stocker On IR

September 23rd, 2013

Joe knows this will make about 15 percent of his readers so giddy they won’t be able to sleep for days. Yet this news is met by Joe with a big yawn.

Track star and part-time football player Jeff Demps was added to the Bucs’ active roster of 53 today, taking a roster spot left open after stalwart tight end and injury-prone Luke Stocker was placed on the injured reserve.

First on Demps, Joe doesn’t get why so many fans drool over him so much. He’s a part-time player who treats football as a hobby. Not sure how Demps is going to turn the Bucs around from putrid to average (good teams contend for the playoffs. This just in: the Bucs are not good).

Now on Stocker, Joe has been pretty adamant about this the past day or so. Having Stocker as your No. 2 tight end behind a guy that has never been a full-time starter in the NFL was inviting disaster. And look what happened.

Joe understands in Mike Sullivan’s offense a tight end is not a primary target, therefore it is a waste of cash to throw big money at the position. Joe gets that. But the front office all but set up the tight end position to fail. There had to be someone out there to sign in the offseason that was as talented as Stocker but wasn’t as injury prone.

Now the Bucs are grasping at straws hoping converted wide receivers (from the passing juggernaut of Rutgers) can haul the load.

Last year, Dallas Clark caught 47 passes from Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman. Those are gone. Clark was a weapon.

Yes, Tom Crabtree has promise but when he got hurt, the team was left to hope that a perpetually hurt tight end could play. That blew up in the faces of the Bucs front office/coaching staff.

Look, Joe isn’t making excuses for Freeman but is trying to be fair. All quarterbacks have drops. Joe doesn’t see people screaming from mountaintops defending most other NFL quarterbacks because a ball or two was put on the ground, surely not when said offense couldn’t muster more than three points in a blowout loss.

But not having a reliable option for depth at both tight end and wide receiver sure as hell isn’t making Freeman’s job any easier. Freeman basically has but three targets: Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams and Doug Martin, and Jackson and Martin have been bitten by a bad case of the dropsies virus.

88 Responses to “Jeff Demps Makes Roster; Stocker On IR”

  1. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Crap, who’s in charge of the roster?

  2. Matthew Says:

    Don’t look now but Joe’s anti-SEC bias is showing again. No one, repeat NO ONE on here has claimed Demps as some kind of savior for this Buc’s team; so let’s refrain with the strawman argument hysterics on Demps. People who watched Demps as a full-time football player at Florida in the toughest conference in the country, witnessed him rip off huge returns & long runs on the regular vs the top defenses in the country. They know he has a skill the Buc’s sorely lack…”Speed”. For a guy who complains and rightfully so about our “lack of depth” the ability to try a guy with a proven commodity of speed into some kind of Hybrid KR/PR slash situational slot WR/3rd RB is a no brainer. I cannot understand why all the negativity vs Demps from Joe when there are so many other Buc’s who deserve it. Joe keeping your love for non-BCS championship winning conferences away from the Buc’s coverage would be nice, but hey it’s your site.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Why are you crushing the Demps move (or at least betraying a lack of understanding/care about it)…guy might be the fastest guy in the NFL, & exceeded playing big-time football before in the SEC. If Demps can turn the return game into an easy score every 3-4 games or so (not to mention field position), this helps immensely, not to mention how much more productive that is than a guy who was perpetually injured anyway (in Stocker). Having Eric Page as the returner, & *blanche*, involved in the offense is the definition of mediocrity. Demps at least seems to be better than that…

  4. Splengo Says:

    This would be a good move if we had some creative playcalling. So not expecting anything more than KRs. Ho Hum!

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    I’d imagine thats the end of the Luke Stocker era in Tampa. Whats everyone’s favourite memory?

  6. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Damn, i need Luke Stocker for some career advice. Three years doing jacksh*t and the guy is a millionaire. Still with another year to go under contract. What a life.

  7. Kryq Says:

    Does stocker even have a career 10 catches I never really seen him play. Oh that’s right he was a waste of a draft pick like Myron Lewis always injured good job Rockstar GM. As for demps he may not be the savior but the kid will be fun to watch.

  8. Joe Says:

    I cannot understand why all the negativity vs Demps from Joe when there are so many other Buc’s who deserve it. Joe keeping your love for non-BCS championship winning conferences away from the Buc’s coverage would be nice, but hey it’s your site.

    Maybe if a guy would, you know, show up at training camp, Joe may have a little different perspective. Football clearly isn’t his priority in life. That’s OK.

    Why, this Demps is such a valuable commodity, Bill Belicheat threw in his rights as an afterthought when trading for LeGarrete Blount.

  9. Stranger Says:


  10. Splengo Says:

    Never can have enough speed tho. At least Al Davis thought so. His partner, Chris Rainey tried out for the Chiefs today, ran low 4.3s, one 4.29. Left without a contract. That old Gator one-two punch would terrorize DCs, but we have an all choirboy rule so fugitabitit!

  11. Meh Says:

    It is a disaster from Dom all the way down.

  12. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I might actually agree with Meh.

    I like Schiano, but, it’s looking bad. But, if Freeman got all those years, and Dominick got even more, I’m apt to give Schiano at least 2 full seasons.

  13. Joe Says:

    Chris Rainey tried out for the Chiefs today, ran low 4.3s, one 4.29. Left without a contract. That old Gator one-two punch would terrorize DCs, but we have an all choirboy rule so fugitabitit!

    Funny thing. 31 other NFL teams are also looking for speed. Yet Rainey is still walking the streets. Odd, isn’t it?

  14. Joe Says:

    Here is the sad, hard-to-swallow truth about the NFL: When you are 0-3, there is not one person walking the streets that is going to be a life preserver.

    Better to lose big, let the malcontents weed themselves out, and position yourself for a good draft slot.

  15. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Joe understands in Mike Sullivan’s offense a tight end is not a primary target”

    Then how do you explain Dallas Clarks ~45 catches for ~450 yards last year???

  16. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    nevermind. I should have kept reading.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree that Demps would be a good addition if we have a clue as to how to use him.
    Maybe use him to run up the gut on first down….just to save Martin for the run up the gut later in the game.
    We have another player….Shepard that has potential but again, we need to be creative enough to use these guys.
    I think we should use Demps at KR and that will free Page for more WR duties. I liked what I saw of Page Sunday.

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    On the plus side,

    After a few seasons of frustration, I really like McCoy.

    Barron is starting to come on.

    Clayborn was a great pick. I like him.

    Doug Martin give his all every single play.

  19. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Joe –

    “Maybe if a guy would, you know, show up at training camp, Joe may have a little different perspective.”

    exactly. I dont see the other players respecting this guy who wasnt grinding it out with them in the crazy heat all summer.

  20. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Crap, who’s in charge of the roster?”


  21. Nick2 Says:

    bucrightoff- memories????? who’s Luke Stocker? Did he ever play for the Bucs?

  22. Kryq Says:

    We need a TE, slot receiver. Page showed great hands and yard after the catch on one play.

  23. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    If we’re 2-1, 3-0. We dont give this guy the time of day. But this is clearly a desperation move.

    I’m not totally against it, because it’ll free up Page to battle for that #3WR spot.

  24. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @Kryq, we def need a TE. I wonder if Dom can work his magic and find a diamon in the rough. Having Tim Wright in there was just embarrasing.

  25. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    current TE corp: Danny Noble, Nate Bynham, Tim Wright.

    cmon Dom! go huntin!

  26. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Wasn’t it Dom’s magic that gave us this set of TE’s? Schiano doesn’t sign anybody. I have been told that many times on here: Dominick is in charge of signing all personnel and hiring of coaches. That’s his job title.

  27. Kryq Says:

    Oh yeah, that ball was thrown perfect and it went right through his hands I don’t know how he made the roster period. I didn’t see nothing from him in the preseason to make the roster.

  28. Yeah It's me! Says:

    So….. don’t try to add any talent because were 0-3? That makes sense Joe. lol

  29. buc4lyfe Says:



  30. Kryq Says:

    Speaking of Tight ends, the saints are going to have cap issues with jimmy graham.

    They will have to work some serious magic to get under the cap. They are already sitting at over $121 mil for 2014 with their free agents (like Graham) off the books. Brees ($18.1 mil), Jahri Evans ($11 mil), Ben Grubbs ($9.1 mil) and Colston ($8.3 mil) have sizeable cap numbers for 2014. That’s almost 40% of their cap spent on 4 players.

    They will be challenged to come up with a way to squeeze the $10 + mil a year that Graham is going to require. They can only rob Peter to pay Paul so long, but eventually this catches up to you (like it’s doing to the Steelers).

  31. Adam L. Says:

    I would like to remind all of the Dominik apologists that Mark Dominik TRADED UP FOR LUKE STOCKER. He actually looked at Stocker and said, “That talent WILL NOT LAST UNTIL OUR NEXT PICK” and decided to move up to get him.

    “Rock star.”

  32. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Oil –
    “Wasn’t it Dom’s magic that gave us this set of TE’s? Schiano doesn’t sign anybody. I have been told that many times on here: Dominick is in charge of signing all personnel and hiring of coaches. That’s his job title.”

    Probably, but Im pretty sure Tim Wright was Schianos call. Thats just common sense. Its not like Dom wont let Schiano make a few personell decisions.

    But I’m not here to defend Dom. He’s had a lot of busts, but also a lot of studs. He’s a hell of a lot better than his predecessor. And even Rich McKay, who drafted us the greatest defense ever(IMO), but he made a ton of busts especially on offense.

    So you gotta take the good with the bad. And you gotta be happy with Dom’s good picks, Doug Martin, MW19, AC, GMC, Spence (hes gonna be a baller), LVD, Mason Foster, Barron, Banks(has potential).

  33. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    If we have a high draft pick, I’d use our #1 on a TE. Just so we wont have to pay a veteran TE that FA money, we can spend the cash on a Top 10 QB in FA or via a trade.

    wishful thinking though.

  34. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    A Top 10 QB, with 3 stud recievers and Martin, thatd be dangerous….but we’d have to do something about our OL.

  35. Kryq Says:


    Agree penn is decent love his attitude towards the team, he’s a team player but has been giving up sacks in each game we played so far.

  36. buc4life24 Says:

    We need a solid and healthy TE!! All the competitive teams have one, but for some reason we go against the grain?!

    Hope we snatch one up next year……ASJ comes to mind!!

    QB, TE, LT is on my wishlist!

  37. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Just asked Coach Schiano a question on 620, awesome!

    “Coach, you have changed the culture of this football team, and while we may be 0-3, it is not for a lack of heart or effort. What is going to take for this team to play loose?”

    Say what you want about the coaching this year. We are 0-3 by a a smaller margin then we were in 2011. We don’t have Haynesworth leading the LOAF PARADE any longer.

    We can find a way to win this week, and we are right back in the hunt.

  38. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    We should PAY JIMMY GRAHAM the money to be our TE next year, and use the draft to get some trench talent in the 1st.


  39. JonBuc Says:

    Stocker…two 4th round picks(which equal a 3rd rounder if you go by the trade “chart”) and this is the whimper he goes out on?! Too many draft whiffs by Dom- time for him to log onto

  40. SSG Mike Says:

    Oh how we miss the days of Karl “The Truth” Williams and Dave Moore. Jerevicious was a pretty good 3rd WR option. Can’t remember any other solid TE from the last decade or two that was a solid key that we had. K2 was a cancer. Man how the mighty have fallin.

  41. Robert Freithoffer Says:

    Love the culture change, love the discipline and live the front office and coaching staff. Ashley: this is a team in transition. Hello!
    Great pieces being added each draft and through free agency. Obviously there’s a ways to go but be patient you maniac fans. You show as much patience as a virgin sailor getting off  Home from a year at sea and heading to the strip club.
    Chill out y’all and get ready to eat some bird. The Phoenix media thinks the Bucs are an easy win. Chew on dat!

  42. JonBuc Says:


    Patient is thinner than the TE & WR postion with this team. A decade of mostly mediocre to garbage play just isn’t cutting it.

  43. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Joe… your comment sections are turning into streaming tweets.

    Game time comments now top 1,000… crazy!

  44. Couch Fan Says:

    Excited to see what Demps may be able to do. Hopefully Sully can get him in for a few snaps a game.

  45. CC Says:

    Demps can not hurt this roster. If he can run routs and catch the ball I don’t give a damn where he was in preseason. Not sure if it would even matter if we brought in Jerry Rice at this point.
    Freeman 45.7 completion % = worst in the NFL
    Freeman 59.3 QB rating = worst in the NFL

  46. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “We should PAY JIMMY GRAHAM the money to be our TE next year”

    With all our young studs contracts coming up, we can only afford 1 splash signing, and it should be on a proven QB. And we can draft a TE, and 6 offensive linemen.

    I’m sure there will be a good handful of quality QBs who would want to play here, where most of the peices are in place.

    As far as Freeman, I wish him success. He’s still only 25 for fcks sake. If he finds a Offensive HC, he’ll be the next Alex Smith.

    Speaking of offensive HCs,

  47. richardtyson Says:

    All the interviews coming out of 1 buc place are complete BULLSH!T! Excuse after excuse. I would like to hear Josh say he sucks right now or hear Coach say they aren’t getting what they need to out of Josh. Everything else is bollocks. I know it’s a business and like Mcdonald’s they are not going to come out and be truthful of the product they put out there. But to any fan watching this PEEWEE CANDY-A$$ football, they know what is what. It really makes them look worse then they are when I hear these interviews. Quit treating us like idiots(even though this is FL) and start owning up to the truth. YOU SUCK!

  48. JonBuc Says:

    I’m afraid there won’t be any proven passers available this offseason. Phillip Rivers maybe ( rather not )…who else? Anyone…Buehler?

  49. stanglassman Says:

    I really liked Crabtree, he should be back soon and with that and the O-line fully healthy the Bucs are about to turn this thing around. As far as back up TE I would like to see more Danny Noble and less Tim Wright. When he gets a chance he looks pretty good. Demps looked like a real football player last preseason when he got the ball 3 carries for 41 yards vs the Bucs. I’m pretty sure the players won’t resent him for following his dreams of representing our Country as a Olympic athlete. I think he worked out pretty hard in the off season even if it wasn’t specifically for football. He is a running back and it was running.

  50. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    SteveK: “What is going to take for this team to play loose?”

    Schiano: First off, I’m gonna have to lighten the fck up! I can’t help it though! I love beatin the sht out of these guys! Second, I’ll probably have to stay the fck out of Freeman and Sullys way.. But I just cant stand the sht out of them! I never hired them! I want my buddy McNulty to take over this offense, and Ive been watching this kid Glennon since he was in High School! And he’s got the perfect personality to take all my sht and be another Schiano minion.

  51. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “All the interviews coming out of 1 buc place are complete BULLSH!T! ”

    OBP = Cliche City

  52. clafollett Says:


    I think Pen needs to put that weight back on. He played better at his old weight. I could be wrong but I say let that man pork out. Cant be much worse.

  53. Saskbuco Says:

    I never understood why they didn’t even look at any decent/reliable TE options. I mean Bennett hasn’t helped Cutler, or Cook helped Bradford………on and on, a TE is security blanket that would actually help Freeman and his (not so good) completion %. How can we complete anything when he’s constantly bombing the ball down the field. Run on 1st, Run on 2nd and lead NFL in distance to go on 3rd. Think about that, Isn’t good coaching about putting your players in a position to succeed? Design and evolve your offense around your players, not keep running the same system and play and keep failing. People always say a TE is not a key cog in Sully game, cause of his Giants day. The G men maybe didn’t a household name at TE (minus Shockey), but they were always productive and could CATCH THE BALL. The offense is big game from exploding, but not if the coaching staff doesn’t evolve and call a better game. Everyone had been bashing Freeman again this week, does he deserve criticism? Yes, he does because at the end of the day its up to the QB to put the team on his back and get wins. The 1st half of the game, Freeman was playing good and any impartial/unbiased fan could not argue that. He was throwing to spots instead of waiting for a WR to get open, which in many cases by the time their open it’s too late to throw the ball. Another note, I was sure hoping and actually believed the BUCS were going to win on Sunday and there should of been 17-20 points on the board, that were not. Even so, going on the road to NE and getting a win is a tough task, a great QB and great coach and 10 days to be ready was a lot to overcome. The game should of been a lot closer, players need to step up and make plays and Schiano and Sully need to be smarter play-calling. Again, you have to put your players in a position to not fail. Thrown the damn ball in the flats to Martin, a screen. Leave Paige in the slot and run slants and use some DAMN MOTION and not MARTIN on the outside, it doesn’t fool anyone and doesn’t put DOUG IN THE BEST POSITION TO SUCCEED, noticing a trend here??? Where are the passes to Lorig that worked so well last year? Freeman’s accuracy is obviously erratic, but come one does he have to throw down the sideline ALL THE TIME, still can’t get over how he can lay it in there perfectly (and it’s dropped) and the next time he throws it 10 yards out of bounds. I’m still holding hope for the season, I think the bucs will win every game, but at the start of the season 1-2 wouldn’t of been so far fetched based on the schedule. The JET lose was unbearable, but there was a glimmer of hope against the Aints and Pats (1st 20 mins anyway). The biggest thing to succeed at this level (IMO) is to be constantly improving and changing up your systems, “customize” to the talent you have on the team. I honestly don’t believe Wilson, KAP even Newton to an extend would have the amount of success if the offense was build around their strengths. If your QB has accuracy issues throw dump offs and to the security blanket (which we don’t have), the TE is a struggling QB’s best friend. The play-calling as for many slow developing routes, therefore Freeman hold onto the ball longer, the slants were working so well against JETS and 1st half against PATS and then when the defense adjusted we had no offensive adjustments??? How is this possible, at any point in the meeting room is not brought up, “Ok when they bring 2 safeties deep, we need to attack a different way, always attacking the vulnerable part of their defense….”When they play 8 men in the box, lets overload the weak side of the field and run the ball out of shotgun, when the switch go back to power I and 3 step drops and have the QB throw a quick throw or WR screen, any HIGH PERCENTAGE THROWN, not an out route along the WHERE ELSE SIDELINE!!!!!! Also, how can a struggling QB no be playing out of shotgun more? Why worry about more footwork with 3,5,7 step drops???? Just watch how the PATS changed during the game and we had 0 answer for them, once they did THE DAMN STUNTING should of been out the window. Revis playing zone is another mystery, oh and how about that cheaper/solid veteran to play opposite him because were under the cap? Grimes 6 mill???? Hell give Winfield a call, Johnson isn’t doing it and Banks is a rookie struggling. All the blame is ALWAYS PUT ON FREEMAN, he needs to better no question, but can’t the coaches be better and help him ad the team out, how do we never adjust?? go back to last year and even the games we won, the team almost always came back on us (OAKLAND, SAINTS, CHARGERS). Schiano needs to learn in game adjustments better, seems like he’s so focused on the details and discipline, maybe it’s difficult for him to process the information and adjust due to his over analytical ways, he’s always “I need to look at the film, look at the film….” Yeah you do because we seem to look clueless when we deviate from the game-plan because the opposing defense figures us out and stops our offense. He needs to be saying ” We were prepared for them to focus and stop the….so we could then implement the variation of our game-plan, the part that is dictated but our execution, lack of execution because the defense honed in on what we are doing, we knew this and countered with……” Sorry to rant very frustrated, It’s not all Freeman, sorry HATERS its not, it’s the entire nucleus, the “brain trust” from top to bottom. Still have hope and believe we can turn the season around, I’ll cheer no matter what, no matter how bad it gets. True fans get mad/frustrated but never waiver their loyalty or love for the team, GO BUCS, BLEED PEWTER BUCS NATION!!!!

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m so depressed…

    I can’t even bring myself to read anything football anymore, what horrible luck we have as a team. You gotta be a true fan to be able to stick with the Bucs. I guess i should be used to this huh? After all been with em since the “Yuc” days, just didn’t think we’d be regressing back.

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    Dont worry PR as a BucFan we should indeed be use to this. Just got to keep your chin up and be hopeful for the future. Which looks bright once we get rid of Freeman/Sully and maybe Schiano.

  56. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Oh nevermind… of the 1,000 gameday posts, 500 are from MakaveliTheTroll…

    Carry on.

    (one day you will be banned MTT)

  57. PRBucFan Says:

    Thanks Couch, your right.

    Progress will come

  58. Eric Says:

    Kareem Huggins 2.0

  59. Free's A Boob Says:

    Look, Joe isn’t making excuses for Freeman, but is trying to be fair……

    Not making excuses yet, just laying the groundwork for your weekly positional retreat when you get on BD

  60. Architek Says:

    The Giants got by with this offense because they kept solid 3+ WRs and they have a real GM that understand how to build out a competitive NFL roster in Reese.

    Dominik is like Logan’s steakhouse compared to a respectable Outback Steakhouse franchise brand. Whenever the Bucs get serious about building a contender this Bart Simpson clone (Dominik) will be in Washington with the rest of our cast offs.

  61. Barry Says:

    best thing about this is the bucs game will be blacked out sunday

  62. crazy Says:

    The good news is they practice and game plan well. Now if they could only call plays and execute on Sundays they might win a game.

  63. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Is that available in paperback? You need to hit the “enter” button once in a while.

    I skimmed it. Sounds like you think Schiano is making sh!tty game time decisions.

    I agree.

    That is all.

  64. Splengo Says:

    Dang, it’s git’n scary up in here. Couch Fan is making sense and giving good advice.

    PRBucFan, when he was patting you on the back there, did you check to see if your wallet is still there? Gotta love’im!

  65. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    You guys are blind mice.

    Demps will never…NEVER…accept a position as a RB. There is too much risk to his knees. He also will not play as a full time WR. Same reason with the new rules causing players to dive for the knees. Demps will not risk his Olympic career that way.

    At best he will return kicks or punts…at best. That way he is on the field less.

    And Eric Page, honestly, has been doing fine at the job. Most of the kicks have been to the back of the end zone.

    There is only one reason Demps got a roster spot…because Schiano prefers to see how tryouts do in live games. With Stocker going on IR it opened an opportunity to see how Demps does.

    If Demps gets lucky and takes one to the house this week he might get a real off to stay. But otherwise he’ll be cut next week because we need depth at other positions.

    Of course, they could ct Ogletree and I’d be very happy.

  66. Couch Fan Says:

    LoL I always make good points! Nothing I’ve said has turned out to be inaccurate yet.

  67. Pruritus Ani Says:

    The only time I can remember in my lifetime that this was successful was with Bob Hayes, once considered the world’s fastest man. It’s been tried many times since then but never with any success that I can remember. I wish him luck and hope history actually repeats itself….not that man, or in this case, coaches/scouts keep making the same mistakes.

  68. BigMacAttack Says:

    Nice post, I’m right there with you bro.

    I’ve tried to be hopeful too but my chin is slap worn out. Sunday they pretty much broke my Jaw.

  69. BigMacAttack Says:

    Underwood was better than Ogletree. At what point do you call Stocker a bust? The guy got hurt as soon as he stepped off the plane in Tampa, high ankle sprain or something.

  70. DP4life22 Says:

    Put demps in back field and spread him out wide against LB INSTEad of hamster and he will blow LB away.

  71. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m kind of with Eric on the Kareem Huggins 2.0 analogy. Besides, how exactly is Demps going to get the ball? Freeman can’t hit anyone in stride unless they are 20 yards down the sideline. By the time Demps would reach back and up to grab the ball, he’d be swarmed by defenders. I’ve never seen a QB in the NFL (maybe even college as well) that is worse than Freeman in throwing a simple screen pass. It’s almost never on target. This is a huge reason why he has so many drops. It’s hard to adjust your hands when a ball is coming at you from close range and it’s not where it’s supposed to be (much less time to make an adjustment).

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Put demps in back field and spread him out wide against LB INSTEad of hamster and he will blow LB away.”


    Yeah, lets take our best weapon and second leading rusher in the NFL out and put a track guy in. That makes perfect sense. The Al Davis in you is strong. I’ve seen Demps play in college – a lot. While I like him, he can’t break a tackle. He goes down on first contact. Don’t believe me, watch his highlights. Sorry, but you don’t go untouched in the NFL. You could run a 3.8 40, but if you can’t break a tackle, you aren’t going anywhere.

  73. MTM Says:

    If used properly Demps will do real damage. Demps has world class speed and will dust most defensive players. Sully/Schiano have to get him the ball in space. If they fail to use him it will make the coaching spotlight much brighter.

  74. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sooo, we need a TE and a slot Reciever?

    Who Knew?

    Yeah, let’s play Demps in the backfield! Let’s start him this week, along with Mike”Beaker” Glennon! That’s the key to success!

    Gawd!! The stupid is so thick on here lately, it’s nauseating!!

  75. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Demps will do nothing. Not even in the kick return game. Heck, he only took 1 to the house in college. Eric Page is much better and is willing to play WR. Demps is basically getting a tryout extension because his 2 weeks are up. Nothing more.

    And anyone thinking he should replace Martin in the backfield is too stupid to even deserve to post here.

  76. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Capt. Tim Says: September 23rd, 2013 at 8:38 pm
    “Mike”Beaker” Glennon!”

    Lol. If I didn’t think he was a Chris Simms clone I would agree. Good one.

    I think the desire to start Gleenon some fans have is because they’ve given up already. Quiters who accuse the team of quiting.

    The pats went 1-4 to start years ago amd won the superbowl. The Bucs have a bye-week after the next game. Teams that start rough and turn things around usually have an early bye-week to set things right.

    I’m not freaking out. I know you’re not. Sure, we both know things need to get better, bt we also know its not the fault of any one person.

    The true test will be how they come out of the bye-week after starting 1-3. (Yes, that means a win this week).

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I just caught the “beaker” thing now, lol. Gotta say, there are some similarities in appearance. If Beaker and Napolean Dynamite had a child, I’m pretty sure the child would look exactly like Mike Glennon.

  78. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lol. If you look at the picture, top of this article- the similarity is uncanny!

    At least we can laugh at something, as our ship sinks.

    Just heard the coach on the radio- said the problem is” you can’t reload a roster in two years”

    “Sigh”. More excuses. I guess he thinks the team is loaded with talentless bums. Big slap to The players and Dominick!

    That’s sure to improve morale, and win over the team!

  79. Capt. Tim Says:

    There is something seriously wrong internally with this team

  80. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan – “Which looks bright once we get rid of Freeman/Sully and maybe Schiano.”

    just as I predicted. now that Freeman is all but gone. theres a good chance that Glennon will struggle.

    so the MGM is already preparing themselves to blame any and everythingon their new whipping boy, no not Glennon….SULLY! smh

  81. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Buc Fan #238 Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Oh nevermind… of the 1,000 gameday posts, 500 are from MakaveliTheTroll…

    Carry on.

    (one day you will be banned MTT)

    500? yeah, that sounds about right. banned though???? with all the traffic I’m bringin to JBF?? and all the knowledge Im dropping on trailer trash part time fans like you??? please. JBF wishes he had a dozen more like me!

  82. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah Josh is gonna end up in Oakland. Makes too much sense with Greg Olson, plus if Pryor is actually the guy you can develop Freeman to trade.

  83. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan – “LoL I always make good points! Nothing I’ve said has turned out to be inaccurate yet.”

    as the founder of the MGM, you might have single handedly kicked off the biggest QB attack campaign in Tampa since the Dilfer days. If it wasnt for you and your followers, who in turn got the attention of the media, Freeman might be playing with confidence and winning games instead of having one foot outside of Tampa right now… huh. impressive.

  84. Couch Fan Says:

    Oh yes its all my fault that Freeman sucks LMAO

    You sound more dumb every day my silly friend

  85. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan –

    “Oh yes its all my fault that Freeman sucks LMAO

    You sound more dumb every day my silly friend”

    I was actually saying how impressed I was that you might have singlehandedly ruined Freemans chances.

    But go ahead, get defensive. Thats what baby dicc losers do.

  86. Couch Fan Says:

    Im laughing at your stupidity which gets more amusing with every post. If you really believe its my fault then… Ok? I’ll gladly take pleasure in getting his garbage azz out of Tampa

  87. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I saw something on Michael Bennett, how he’s already got 2.5 sacks in 3 games and 7 tackles. And his Seahawks are 3-0. Well I did some fckin around on Google, and came up with this GEM of an article from non other than……JoeBucsFan:

    Bennett explained why he’s skeptical of New Schiano Order tactics and said he doesn’t believe it’s an ideal method for grown men

    “The coaches are very different. You know, Coach Schiano is more hard-nosed, military-type guy. And Coach Carroll is so laid back, it gives the guys chances to not be on their back but still coach them at the same time,” Bennett said. “Because I think a lot of players, they’re adults, too, and when you treat them like kids they get offended by that. You know what I mean? Because players, you know, they got their mortgages, they got their kids, they got wives, they got family, they got things they can do.

    “So they know it’s their job and they know when they make mistakes. But it’s a coach’s job to keep them honest, you know what I mean. But when a coach is just too much on them, I think the players rebel. Because, you know, they’re going to be like, ’Why is he on me like this? It’s my fifth year in the league. I know more than him.’ Guys are just like, you know, it just becomes a big conflict, I think.”

    None of this surprises Joe. However, Joe is troubled hearing it come from Bennett, who is a very level-headed guy. Bennett also appeared to be the textbook Buccaneer Man under Schiano. He was hard-working, versatile and he played through an injury and took on a tremendous number of snaps.

    Current Buccaneers surely share Bennett’s attitude. But Joe has no problem with that. You don’t have to love your boss. Numerous hard-nosed NFL coaches have achieved greatness, including Tom Coughlin winning two Super Bowls recently. Schiano’s tactics can work. Joe’s more skeptical of Schiano’s ability as a game-day coach. (You can hear the Bennett audio below.)

    @Coach Schiano,

    If youve somehow stumbled across this page, really take a good look at that post, and what Bennett is saying.

    And just assume that every single player thinks this same way. I’m sure that there are some that don’t. But just assume that they ALL do. Then maybe you can re-evaluate your own tactics, do your best to adjust and save this season. There’s still 13 games left.

  88. King Diamond Says:

    At this point we need a proven nfl coach that can adapt to their players strengths than blindly ignore them. Shiano must be really stubborn or highly ignorant.