“A Signal Of Panic”

September 25th, 2013

It’s not just Bucs fans who are scratching their heads over the news today of franchise quarterback Josh Freeman being benched for rookie third round pick Mike Glennon. So too are the co-hosts of “Movin’ the Chains,” Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Miller flat out calls the move, “A signal of panic.” Kirwan believes this is not Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s call, but a move directed by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

Hear Kirwan and Miller’s interesting takes by clicking the orange arrow below.

99 Responses to ““A Signal Of Panic””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    When you don’t do your job. You lose your job. Josh was throwing under 50% for 3 straight games. It’s that simple. Josh was dragging this team down.

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hopefully the defense will step up to the plate and win this one for Glennon.

  3. Cmurda Says:

    Its a signal that coach needs to start winning games and Freeman wasn’t cutting the mustard.

  4. Illuminati Says:

    Benching a QB who hasn’t completed 60 percent of his passes or logged a QB rating above 80 in eight straight games isn’t a sign of panic; it’s a sign of the desire to win.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Uh, yeah it’s a signal of panic. It’s a move of desperation. Doesn’t take a football expert to know that.

    I had a friend text me today and ask if this was a good move or bad move. I responded that’s it’s a necessary move. Ask me in a couple months if its a good or bad move, but something had to change. We can’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. This team isn’t going to the playoffs with Freeman. No one can argue that if they’ve seen him play this year and in years past (minus a good year in 2010 against a very easy schedule). Glennon probably won’t either, but how will you know unless you give it a shot. We do know that without a doubt Freeman won’t, so you might as well give the rookie a shot. I’m not interested in going 7-9 with Freeman. I’d rather see what we have in Glennon and figure out what we have to do from there.

  6. BFFL Says:

    Saying this move was instigated by Dominick not Schiano is absurd….Have these guys been paying attention?

  7. CC Says:

    If true. Substance abuse is a destructive bitch.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think this move happened by the Glazers or at least they told them to do something. And they did, good call. I’m happy and ready to give Coach another shot, because I want to win. We all do, I look forward to seeing Glennon on Sunday.

    I really hope the players are on board and realize how critical this is. We fans know.

    Go Bucs!!!

  9. ctord Says:

    We will know who’s move it was at the end of the year when either dom or Schiano are fired. this move has put someone’s butt on the line. The one thing that owners of any business will not tolerate is losing MONEY. That means that the winning must begin now. If the bucs continue down this losing road, one or both will be gone.

  10. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Dom, at the heavy urging of Raheem Morris made the Huge mistake of drafting Freeman and has given him every chance to be successful. The NFL quarterback is the most important position in pro sports and a team cant be successful without one who is at least decent. Bucs are bringing in a lot of high priced talent that wants to win now, and if your QB is a weak link it isn’t going to happen. Bucs realized that they will never be a contending team with Freeman leading the offense so made this move to Glennon to see if he can be the man, and if not then address that in the off season. I agree with Hawaiian Buc, the move was necessary

  11. Harry Says:

    I think the “moving the chains” take is ridiculously off-base. Quick, name two of Brady’s receivers… Ok, so Free is not Brady. So how about naming two Jets receivers? My point is blaming a few drops for Josh’s problems is stupid. I am NOT a card carrying member of the Mike Glennon Mob, and I honestly don’t think he is our future, but I hope I am wrong. More so, is there anyone out there who thinks Free is going to get his head out of his butt for 13 straight games at this point?? 1, 2, 4, maybe even 8 games at the outside (if your smoking the good stuff). Is that what you want for your franchise QB? In my opinion, it would be irresponsible not to FULLY assess what Glennon brings to the table, and it would take more the 4 to 6 games to do that. I want that high 1st round pick to be used prudently, If Glennon is our man, lets get some DE or WR help, and if he is not, it looks like a good year to pick a QB. Please people, Josh is not ever going to be a franchise QB, lets move on.

  12. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Joe – “Kirwan believes this is not Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s call, but a move directed by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.”

    Kirwin said the opposite. He said, “This is a statement about Mr Schiano that he’s in charge of everything.”

  13. Pete 422 Says:

    Time will tell. I don’t care who the QB is, I just want to win. Every QB has drops, but there were too many key drops the past 3 games, but good Qbs don’t seem to get those too often. Freeman has the talent, that’s why I have always been pulling for him, BUT I’m not against the change.

    The good news is, because of this defense, Glennon (or whoever the QB is for that matter) just has to be good & consistent, not great. Make good decisions, hand the ball to Martin & the running game should be huge.

    Something that was reiterated today on either the Animal of the Fan is something that Phil Simms said last week. It was about working hard, doing all the right things and forcing the coach to make the decision to start you. Maybe that is what Glennon did. He is obviously smart (3.9 GPA & a masters degree) plus GMC said Mike is always studying.

    Here’s to the offense to score some TDs this week.

  14. RBellBuc Says:

    If this team had been left alone all summer instead of all the damn drama, we’d probably be in good shape. This team ‘s moral is fkd and the only way for it to take some semblance of a break is to win. After Coach schiano has made his change then it is Glennon I now stand behind. But if we continue to point fingers it will only get worse. Let’s put all this aside and concentrate on positive thoughts and get behind Big Bird!

  15. Pete 422 Says:

    @CC, is there solid evidence of that?

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Is this the same Pat Kirwan that prior to the season predicted the Bucs would go 6-10 and then began to cite why he thinks that way citing Freeman as basically horrible.

    Kirwan in August 2013 :

    “There’s something about this team that is not in harmony. I like the skills of quarterback Josh Freeman, but he’s as inconsistent now as he was last year.”

  17. PRBucFan Says:

    Whose scratching their head?

    Lol your funny

    Or are we not 0-3 with a more than anemic offense?

  18. Broy3434 Says:

    Joe I stopped reading after you said Bucs fans aren’t the only ones scratching their heads. I consider myself a former “freemanite” but it’s clear he’s not going to ever win a playoff game in the NFL. I’d rather they go 3-13 with Glennon than 5-11 with Freeman. Then we’ll know what we got with Glennon. The rookie stereotype doesn’t exist in today’s NFL. If he throws some dimes shows some touch and wins a couple but makes rookie mistakes, I trust Schiano and Dominik to draft the best QB available if need be. FREEMAN HAD TO GO. I’m actually excited for the game Sunday. I couldn’t careless yesterday

  19. Harry Says:

    …two additional thoughts…

    One, Glennon is going to be either quickly diagnosed as a less than qualified 3rd round pick, or, more likely, he is going to be VERY up and down, lots of picks one game then a hero the next. So he NEEDS all 13 of the remaining games to be fully evaluated.

    Two. We, fans, will get to see more of his hottie gf. Really Joe, you are usually so good at keeping us posted on such important issues, I only remember you providing one pic for the future Mrs Glennon. Whats up with that?

  20. Broy3434 Says:

    For the record love the site. Wouldn’t read about the Bucs anywhere else.

  21. BucsFan007 Says:

    I’d be scratchin’ my head if Freeman wasn’t benched.

  22. Pete 422 Says:

    @Harry, I think they brought in Brent Musburger to do the Bucs game Sunday, so that information can be addressed properly.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes Joe that is a good point everyone is making. What Buc fan is scratching their heads. I’ve only seen like 2 so far in here all day long. Even most Freemanites agree with the move. I gave up on him after seeing it front and center from my seat in week 2 and I was a pretty big Freemanite. The thing that assured me the most that I was not just seeing things, was the guy in the seat next to me wearing an orange Freeman jersey and cursing out Freeman’s name, because Josh never saw open receivers. He never even looked their way. It happened a lot during that game. That’s why I gave up on him. The TV does not show you everything. Good seats at RJS shows you a lot. Of course a TE and a decent #3 receiver might have help him out, then again judging by what I saw. I doubt it.

  24. Mark G Says:

    @ Joe Buccs fans are NOT “scratching their heads” about this move, we are inline with the Buccs team captains, coaches, front office and ownership. It is Joe that is searching for clews to the obvious. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and read every post, but you were/are off base on this move away from Freeman. When you are saddled with the worst QB in the league you make a move. . . period.

  25. Eric Says:

    If Dom and Greg were so down on free coming into the season I find it hard to believe they would have a third round rook as their only contingency plan.

    And three games into the season is a bit early to change and state basically we want nothing else to do with this guy, ever. Usually a coach will say we’re starting so and so this week, it’s not necessarily permanent, etc. to light a fire under the guy.

    So there is some strong vitriol there somewhere, not just performance based. Maybe the Glazer Boys insisted? I could see that. We must be operating without the full story.

  26. Dan Says:

    You Joe are the only person surprised by this move. You are so biased towards Freeman it makes you look like a joke. I will not be visiting your site or listening to you on your radio spots because you are incapable of honest journalism. It’s sad that every article is trying to serve your agenda. You can’t believe that Freeman has the ability to play qb at this level. Watch any game in his career and you wil see an inaccurate Qb. You sir are an idiot.

    Despite the inaccuracies and insults, Joe will allow this comments. It’s just too funny. And feel free to tell Joe what his “agenda” is. Joe honestly has no idea what you’re referring to. -Joe

  27. Eric Says:

    Count me as surprised as hell.

  28. Harry Says:

    @ Pete 422, LOL, I love to hear Brent Musburger call a game, he keeps the male fan into it. Its almost like you are there, or at least wished you were.

    I also have wondered for a while, why did the Bucs not trade for Alex Smith.? KC gave up a 2nd this year and a conditional in 2014. That means we would keep Revis, but loose Banks (could have signed Brent Grimes to make up for that). With the talent that is on this team, Alex Smith would be great, and he is only a middle of the pack QB. Why can;’t Dom find us that level of QB?

  29. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Dan, is your last name 1987?

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Usually a coach will say we’re starting so and so this week, it’s not necessarily permanent, etc. to light a fire under the guy.”


    That is absolutely, without a doubt, completely untrue. I have never once heard of a head coach benching a starter for a rookie and then turning around and saying it’s not permanent. It doesn’t happen, especially in the final year of the starter. Anytime a starter is replaced, it is always stated “from here on out”. What kind of confidence would that be giving the new starter?

    I’m totally with you that we should have had a better contingency plan than Glennon (unless he sets the league on fire), but don’t just make stuff up. That just drives me crazy. I’d prefer you just make your typical smart arse remards, because they are at least mildly funny at times.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t think Alex Smith fits our defense at all. We all know this coaching staff refuses to adjust the scheme to the players. In football, having the player in the appropriate system is so important, and I really don’t see Smith as working (can’t and doesn’t even try to make those deep throws down the field). He would, however, probably be a perfect QB for Gruden or Greg Olsen’s offense.

  32. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    what this change will do, is show us who really deserves blame, and credit. now that our #1 whipping boy is out of the picture.

    god I hope our offense gets better, not for Glennons sake, nothin against him, but because I know the MGM will go straight to Sully with the blame.

    the MGM was already sold on Glennon by Schianos praises, cause they couldnt possibly have been sold on him by his preseason performance. so its only natural that they bypass Schiano and start whipping on Sully…who has one of the best resumes on this coaching staff.

    anyways.. Dont fck up Glennon! Go Bucs!!

  33. Eric Says:


    Got any examples of this happening elsewhere? At this point in the season.

    I can’t recall it.

    Chucky switched em back and forth quite a bit. Vinny got benched. Then came back more than once. Throwin Samoan.

    And organizations usually just say they are going in a different direction. The statement from the Bucs is tantamount to “this guy sucks”.

  34. andres Says:

    @BFFL pretty much not… they read a headline then speculate… it’s garbage.

  35. ed Says:

    Just complete 60% keep the chains moving and don’t turn it over. Glennon is a smart guy I just hope he is a quick decision maker and gets the ball out quick. Use deception, look off dbs and find the second or third option, something Josh didn’t do. Remember Brady was a 6th round pick. Montana was a low round pick. Maybe Dom finds a diamond in the rough.

  36. Couch Fan Says:

    the MGM was already sold on Glennon by Schianos praises, cause they couldnt possibly have been sold on him by his preseason performance. so its only natural that they bypass Schiano and start whipping on Sully…who has one of the best resumes on this coaching staff.


    Or could it be they were never sold on him to begin with but rather they were sold on anyone who wasn’t named Josh Freeman?

    No, no. Let’s stick with the assumption theory in stead of facts.

  37. Danimal Says:

    Whats funny is how joe blogs ‘6 reasons why freeman doesnt get benched”
    The next day he is benched and joe says I was talking about something else. Joe only knows what big dog tells him.

  38. Saskbuco Says:

    It’s somber day for Bucs fans, the once glimmer of hope of finally having a franchise QB is down the drain. I have been a Freeman fan and will continue to be where ever he ends up. It’s funny because I wasn’t all for the drafting of Freeman at the time, I wanted the bucs to take Harvin. I was skeptical, like I am about most rookie QB’s, but none of his scouting reports were amazing or made a person think he was a can’t miss franchise QB, if there ever is such a thing. Then 2010 came and it was a vision of this proud franchise that had finally found what we lacked for so long, it could of been argued that Freeman after 2010 was the best QB of the class and had a better start to his career than the 1st overall pick in Stafford.

    Even last year was up and down, but he still set franchise records for yards and TD’s, While clearly his time in Tampa is over, still a sad day for me and should be BUCS fans, knowing that our franchise QB is still out there. I’m sorry but I have my reservations about Glennon, if the team is plagued by the same inconsistency and penalties, it will get ugly very fast. I will cheer him on and hope for the best.

    Feels like Schiano/Freeman marriage was doomed from the start, we needed an experienced offensive minded coach, who could of brought in a good QB coach, to help piece back together the mess from 2011, his shattered confidence. I’m not sure what lies ahead for Freeman, but hope he does well. Who knows could be Williams, Dilfer, Young and win a super bowl. Not sure where the bucs go from here, problem is this team is built to win now, if the season implodes as many predict it will then what? Draft a QB and wait 2-3 years?? By that time our salary cap will be a mess, VJax, Joseph, possibly Goldson and Revis could very well be gone by then. I’m just scared the Glazers will back off their aggressive approach and go back to not spending any money or being able to bring in an FA’s. This move, I feel will blow up in their face and set our franchise back 3-5 years. I’m eternally optimistic, but realistic at the same time. I will cheer the same whether it’s 2-14 or 14-2.

    Please stop comparing Schiano to Belichick, does anyone honestly think he would still be coaching if they didn’t fluke into Tom Brady. 38 seasons as a franchise, MG will be the 33rd starting QB (not counting 1987 strike season). NONE have made it to 2nd contract as per Joey Johnston TBO.

    I hope all the fans who wanted this change, realize the magnitude of it. I guess I’m just not ready to move on from the idea we defiantly don’t have a franchise QB, but that is the reality of it. I miss Freeman and wish him all the best, I enjoyed watching you play and lead game winning drives, I really hoped you were the answer to the 38 year old search. All we can hope for going forward is the veteran players don’t totally turn on the coach and Glennon plays decent and give us a chance to win.

    Sad day, go Bucs………………

  39. Cmurda Says:

    How many people are thinking I can’t believe Joe let Dan’s comment ride? I’m raising my hand. It was amusing though. Glad Joe left it for entertainment purposes.

  40. Patrickbucs Says:

    A lot of really, really good points on this post. I am most interested to see the online and other offensive players react. They going to battle or they going to be flat. If the later we have to look at the guys with the headsets. If Glennon comes in popping a few and the supposed healthy line does what we think maybe were going to be good. Who knows? Be there on Sunday as always but a bit more puzzled this pre-game then most.

  41. Eric Says:

    I don’t think there is another coach in this league that makes this move. It reminds me a little of Josh McDaniel running Cutler out of Denver so he could get Tebow.

    It’s egomaniacal.

    My best guess is this guy went ballistic over the team pictures and whatnot and thinks he can mold Glennon into his image.

    Same thing that got Winslow, Blount, Talib out.

    My way or the highway Ray Perkins style.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    “so its only natural that they bypass Schiano and start whipping on Sully…who has one of the best resumes on this coaching staff.”

    Well now let’s take a look at Sully”one of the best resumes on this coaching staff”.

    Sullivan previously served as the Giants’ wide receivers coach, before moving to quarterbacks coach in 2010. His coaching was cited as a major reason for Eli Manning’s success in 2010. Manning set franchise records with 339 completions and a 62.9 completion percentage, as well as his second season with over 4,000 yards, but also threw a career-high 25 interceptions.

    On February 10, 2012 Sullivan was hired as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator. On December 31, 2012.

    So it’s WR’s coach to QB coach to 1 yr as the OC for the Bucs. I guess that passes as one of “one of the best resumes on this coaching staff” for some people. Just not me. If Sully really is that good. Judging by what he did for Manning (which obviously has nothing to do with Eli’s last name or anything)how come he could not fix Freeman?

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t recall Gruden ever saying when he benched Brad Johnson, for example, that he was going back to him. In fact, he put him all the way to third string and got rid of him. Once he benched a guy, he didn’t come back to that guy in my memory. Certainly not when benched for a rookie in the veteran’s contract year. But feel free to think otherwise.

    But if you want more examples, how about when the Cowboys benched Bledsoe for Romo? How about when the Cardinals benched Leinart for Warner? What about when Josh Johnson was benched for Freeman? How about when Hasselbeck was benched for Jake Locker? What about when Jacksonville benched Leftwich for David Garrard? Should I go on? I can do this all day.

  44. Harry Says:

    @Dan, you make a good point. Joe definitely has a hidden agenda. Joe only writes all of these good articles until Joe is able to ponce on his ultimate goal. And I believe goal to be the sexy Rachel Watson. This is why we are deprived of pics of the future Mrs Glennon. It is all a conspiracy

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I just gave you about 10 examples, but the stupid filters on this site apparently don’t like when you use names. I’m sure it will pop up eventually though.

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m shocked you think this is a bad move. Do you think Freeman was going to turn it all around? What exactly have you seen that would lead you to believe that? I wasn’t aware that you were all of a sudden a believer in Freeman. Why not give the rookie a shot (even though it’s about as likely he’ll succeed as you’ll ever say something positive about this organization)? We obviously aren’t going to the playoffs without a few plane crashes, so what’s the problem? Clearly Schiano is desperate, and clearly if it backfires he’ll be gone. Sounds like a win-win, don’t you think?

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    First of all, you don’t draft a QB in the early rounds unless you:

    A) have a true franchise QB already in place and a championship roster in place to where you have the luxury of using that early pick on an investment for the future, or…

    B) you have a starting QB that you inherited from a previous Head Coach and aren’t completely sold on.

    Deep down I think Schiano probably knew this would happen, but he let ownership’s prior investment play out for them to see.

    I still think Sullivan is skating on extremely thin ice right now too. He probably has another three games to get some points on the board or he will be joining Freeman.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    But yes, he’s a lot more of a Ray Perkins 2.0 versus a Tony Dungy 2.0 (as some people have twisted their minds to believe).

  49. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I want to know if BD’s implication of Free going all “Rick James” on us holds any merit. The media’s apparently too afraid to talk about it… Whatever happened to real investigative journalism?

    Well I guess that would be TMZ… and I think they have a sports division now… has it really come to that?? that TMZ sports is the only news outlet with balls enough to find out if Freeman is dating that “white girl”?

    Or are the powers that be, keeping that confidential for the benefit of the team (trade value, or if he gets reinstated). Cause fans wont want a powdered nosed QB starting for their team. although thatd be hilarious to watch.

  50. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    MakaveliTheDon Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    what this change will do, is show us who really deserves blame, and credit. now that our #1 whipping boy is out of the picture.

    god I hope our offense gets better, not for Glennons sake, nothin against him, but because I know the MGM will go straight to Sully with the blame.

    the MGM was already sold on Glennon by Schianos praises, cause they couldnt possibly have been sold on him by his preseason performance. so its only natural that they bypass Schiano and start whipping on Sully…who has one of the best resumes on this coaching staff.

    the only people who are getting defensive about this, will be the first ones in line to blame Sully no matter whose fault a loss may be.

    I’m telling you, there’s an unspoken loyalty between MGMobsters and Schiano.

    ’87, put this in your archive, and get back to me in December.

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    Kind of like your blind loyalty to Freeman’s Jock? Trying to turn the tables aye? I see what you did there.

  52. Eric Says:


    Chucky did go back to Brad.

    All your examples, except Warner, are benching for a high draft choice guy, or a higher one. This is the franchise QB first rounder being benched for a rook that hasn’t played a down. In the 4th game of the season.

    That hardly compares to Curt Warner!!!! Dude had already won a super bowl and MVP!

    This is bizarre. Of course maybe the kid can play. You never know. But nobody does, not even Schiano. It could also be a total disaster. Then what?

    It’s a wild ass move at this point in the season.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    “87, put this in your archive, and get back to me in December.”

    Maybe, hopefully you’ll be in Denver by then cheering on your Broncos.

  54. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    the MGM was already sold on Glennon by Schianos praises, cause they couldnt possibly have been sold on him by his preseason performance. so its only natural that they bypass Schiano and start whipping on Sully…who has one of the best resumes on this coaching staff.


    Or could it be they were never sold on him to begin with but rather they were sold on anyone who wasn’t named Josh Freeman?

    No, no. Let’s stick with the assumption theory in stead of facts.

    yeah, I agree. lets go with what I said.

  55. Patrick Says:

    It’s a signal of common sense, not panic.

  56. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    “87, put this in your archive, and get back to me in December.”

    Maybe, hopefully you’ll be in Denver by then cheering on your Broncos.

    You know, If I didnt have property to manage in this sh!tty azz trailer trash paradise, I would totally be there in December. I was only out there for two years, but it was literally the best two years of my life.

    Just ask John Lynch why he retired there and not here. I’ll give you a hint….(cause of guys like you)

  57. Eric Says:

    Well maybe the kid will do well. Never can tell till he’s given a game plan, and see how the team reacts to him for a few games.

    Yea I’m all over the lot on this.


  58. Buc1987 Says:


  59. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Kind of like your blind loyalty to Freeman’s Jock? Trying to turn the tables aye? I see what you did there.

    you witty motherfu(ker! look at you!!! “like your blind loyalty….” Thats funny dude! youre….youre on your way man….”loyalty to Freeman’s..” hold on, I gotta text that to my granny! you funny motherfu(ker!

  60. MakaevilTheDon Says:

    Okay guys, I have thought long and hard about this one.

    I have come to the conclusion that Free needed to be benched. I have also decided to give Greg Schiano 3 years, just like Raheem Morris. He needs to get his guy Glennon in there, have another shot at free agency next season. Greg and Dom might even be able to pull off a Jay Cutler/Phillip Rivers type free agent this offseason.

    It really seems to be a win/win here.

    New era in Tampa starts today and i now fully support the owners commitment, Mark Dom’s dedicated focus and actually, yes, Greg Schiano’s approach here. I mean, lets give him and his staff credit for turning the defense around.

    Go Bucs!

  61. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is absolutely not a panic move…it is by design….Freeman went wrong last year…didn’t get a contract extention…we drafted Glennon…gave Freeman a chance with him knowing it was all up to him…he didn’t perform…Glennon comes in.
    He is coming in a bit earlier than I thought he would…but its possible they will try to get something for Freeman in a trade. Anything is better than nothing and if he’s traded, they dump this year’s salary.
    Glennon gets a chance to develop….they spend the money they would have spent on Freeman next year to buy some more weapons for Glennon…
    Definately not panic!!!

  62. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    just tell me what other coach on this staff has a better resume in the NFL than Sully. If you come up with one, I’ll admit I was wrong.

  63. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    you really think people are gonna buy that garbage as something I’d say.

    I’m flattered that youre posing as me though.

    Immitation is the highest form of flattery. Such a bitter little fu(k arent you. Try being happy dude! Life is sooooo much better that way!

  64. Eric Says:

    As to whether it’s panic that’s a no brainer.

    Of course it is.

    Pull your franchise guy in favor of a rook who has never taken a snap?

    That’s hardly like putting former Super Bowl Champ league MVP Curt Warner in the game!

    It’s one hell of a gamble. With no safety net.

  65. Buc1987 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan…come on man. You can do better than that surely there must be some sort of conspiracy going on here…

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    MakaevilTheDon …whoever you are it’s hilarious. Your going to have to come up with some crazy conspiracy though just to make it even more funny.

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Problem is, Freeman isn’t a franchise QB. Not even close. It’s a gamble, but Freeman was a sure thing. A sure thing to a whole lot of losses.

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    MakaevilTheDon…the more idiotic the better.

  69. Splengo Says:

    Hear ye, Hear ye,

    From this day of infamy forward get Freeman out of your complaining mouths. Schiano says going forward this is Glennon’s team. Now you have to talk about somebody else other than Freeman. Some of you bottom feeders will try to do the same thing you did with Morris when he left, blame him for everything that is going wrong and he’s been gone two years.

    Every time Glennon throws an interception, some mobber is going to say he learned that from Freeman. Get Freeman of your lips and judge Schiano and Glennon by what happens from this point forward. Splengo will be here to call you a got-dat-wrong every time you bring Freeman up again.

    Move on mobbers. You got your man. Now let’s hear you sing the praises of Glennon and keep Freeman where he is – gone for good.

  70. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    let it go man. I called you out. you got eaten by your own words. just let it go. dont go all ex girlfriend on me and become obsessed with me…. couch fan already is. dont become obsessd with me….. cause thats what its startin to look like. and that would be weird.

  71. Buc1987 Says:

    Brian Billick just said on NFL network that there is no way this was just a coaches decision. That it had to be an across the board organization move. He said when your dealing with the starting QB and your a coach in your 2nd year you just can’t make this move without everyone being on board with it. He named the coach, the OC, the GM and the owners being on board with it. It HAS to be a conspiracy.

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    Splengo…of course Glennon is going to make rookie mistakes. It’s to be expected. Josh on the other was making rookie mistakes in his 5th season, that’s not to be expected.

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Watch the press conference of Schiano today. He said all that himself.

  74. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    You are making my point…if its a conspiricy…it can’t be panic…Panic would be a knee-jerk move by a coach who was desperate.
    This was absolutely by design….they saw this coming…Freeman had more than enoug chances over the last 4 years to perform….this began last year…not last week.
    It wasn’t just Schano who wanted Freeman to succeed or bust…it was Dominick & the owners.

  75. Splengo Says:


    You said exactly what I’m talking about. When Glennon does throw an interception, the first thing you will say is OK but Freeman was doing that after 5 years. Get Freeman out of your vocabulary. This is Glennon’s team.

  76. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Of course it is a conspiracy….but not literally….a conspiracy is
    a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

    I guess you could call this harmful to Freeman. But this was a decision made by all. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t instigated by Schiano….or Dominick…or the Glazers….we will probably not ever know who the driving force was.

    I do think it waa one game too early….but perhaps they didn’t want to take a chance on Freeman doing well for one game. I think they want him out as badly as they wanted all the others out. Freeman became not only inconsistant and a liability…but I think he became poison in the locker room also.

  77. Sambizle Says:

    Dave Wannstedt was a head coach of 2 NFL Teams numb nutz!!!

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Splengo…don’t act as if no one said that Glennon would make rookie mistakes if he replaces Freeman. What do you think we all think he’s the next Tom Br-ady? Don’t be sooo silly.

  79. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Pat Kirwan, but why would Mark Dominik bench the QB he drafted!
    Coach Schiano said it was BOTH their decisions, and Schiano is anything BUT a Yes Man.
    Schiano is trying to better our team, I am glad the move was made.

  80. Buc1987 Says:

    Plus I’ve already mentioned my take on the offensive problem the Bucs have. 60% Sully’s scheme, 40% Freeman’s fault. I don’t blame it entirely on Freeman as you can see. That’s why I said earlier that maybe starting this rookie, will force Sully to alter his playbook a little bit. Hopefully for the better.

  81. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Like it are not….we are all the “Mike Glennon Mob” now….

    Its all about 8….

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    Sambizle Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    “Dave Wannstedt was a head coach of 2 NFL Teams numb nutz!!!”

    LOL I knew that too without looking it up. I just chose to ignore JBF’s own angry fool.

  83. Buc1987 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan…I’m happy. I’d be happy with Mickey Mouse in there at this point.

  84. Splengo Says:


    You are not Buc1887, you can’t be that dense. Of course Glennon will make mistakes. All I’m saying is when he does. Don’t bring up Freeman. Leave Freeman out of Glennon’s successes or failures. Sheesh, this can’t be that difficult to understand. But then again, you are Buc1987. Lol

  85. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    I’m not happy…but I am hopeful…but I would have been hopeful if Freeman was still there….
    I agree that it is time to move on….we can forget about Blount, Talib, Winslow, Wright & now Freeman.

    Oh…I guess I am happy…we can also forget about Myron!!!
    And…perhaps Stocker. I am so done with players not performing or behaving badly for our beloved Bucs.

  86. Splengo Says:

    Apple Roof,

    Schiano is trying to save his job and he just bet the farm. Let’s see if he can cover his bets.

  87. Buc1987 Says:

    Splengo Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 11:48 pm


    “You said exactly what I’m talking about. When Glennon does throw an interception, the first thing you will say is OK but Freeman was doing that after 5 years. Get Freeman out of your vocabulary. This is Glennon’s team.”

    Oh yah I got you now. Of course I’m not going to bring up Freeman as an excuse as to why Glennon threw a pick. I was just stating our reasons for wanting Glennon in there, it was because he can’t do no worse than Josh.
    Freeman is done. I’d like to stop bringing him up as much as possible, but it is Freeman benching day on JBF today.

  88. Buc1987 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan..no Bucs fan is happy about the team being 0-3 and neither are Giants fans, but according Coughlin on the podium today. “this seasons not over yet, we still have 13 games to play”.

  89. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We can’t do worse than Freeman….I think Dan O would have even given us a better chance in the first two games.

    Glennon will make mistakes….so…what else is new? Glennon will throw interceptions…last time I looked Brady & Breese threw them against us.

    The point is the future…Josh has his chance…its time to move on.

  90. MakaevilTheDon Says:

    Lets all look at the obvious reason here gentlemen.

    The Glazers do NOT want to spend the money on Josh Freeman. There is no way that this is their desire after this 0-3 start and last year’s collapse, despite having the #1 rush defense in the league, brought by Coach Schiano and his defensive staff. Do not forget Coach Schiano coached in the NFL before with the Chicago Bears AND Coached with Butch Davis at the University of Miami when they were still strong. Coach Schiano has his responsibilities under control.

    Heck, Coach Schiano even said Freeman was his QB. Problem is, the owners told Dom to tell Coach Schiano that Josh Freeman wasn’t getting a contract at years end, regardless of his play moving forward. They didn’t want to risk Freeman turning it around.

    They tied Coach Schiano’s hands behind his back on this one.

    I actually feel more sorry for Coach Schiano having to take the bullet for Freeman in a financial move coming from the top, than I did earlier for Freeman himself losing his job.

    Gotta give Coach Schiano credit on this one. I yield the floor to Mr. Buc1987 on this one.

    //signed MTD aka TonieTooCentz

  91. Buc1987 Says:

    This team has been pulling out Raheem weeds since last season. Glennon is the man from now on. No one knows how he will turn out. That’s why I’m excited to go to this weeks game. The team is 0-3 and I want to watch the kid play. Glennon gives me even more of a reason to go to the game this Sunday. Win or lose. I want to watch the kid play. Of course lose would suck just the same as it has been. O-4 or 0-5 I still want to watch the kid play. It’s like finishing a really crappy book, then turning to another one hoping the new book will be better. No one knows.

  92. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    @the poser and/or ’87. you fool(s) are obsessed. I’m flattered!

    hey ’87, I thought youre married with kids, go be with your family. at least I’ll leave this site for a day or two when I hook up.

  93. Sambizle Says:

    aka numb nutz

  94. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    oh fuh shizle sambizle?? what is this two thousand and thrizzle. wow. this place gets too weird at night. have fun winners!

  95. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @MakaEVILTheImposter, Regarding your most recent post in the 1st article. (you thought you could slip a late night post past me, but Im single with a kush job that gives me the luxury to fck around different NFL sights at any hour of the day)

    But like Vito in Part 1, “I should have known. It was Barzini all along.”

    @MakaEVIL. Ive realized that youre a lot more eloquent than 1987, so that rules him out. And even Couch Fan for that matter… You sure mention Schiano and the owners and management alot. You even come across as if you have some inside knowledge, or maybe you just think you do. Hell, you could be Greg, Joel, Brian, Dom, or someone else in the organization, a player, or just a HUGE Schiano supporter on JBF.

    But one thing is clear MakaEVIL, youre aware of my frustrations with Schiano, and you always fall back to how hes a great guy. So youve gotten crafty with the misleading username, and are trying to negate my negative opinions on Greg.

    Am I close??

    Well, to take that edge away from you, TonyTwoCents is back. Your little tricks have been entertaining, but its over.

    And until one of the Joe’s tells me to ease up on the Schiano talk, Im not holding back. The Glazers don’t write my checks! Hell, I’ve written THEM checks!

    Well I hope youve had fun with your short lived stunt. And Im flattered that youve gone through all that trouble to try and trick these JBF readers into thinking I was you.

    @Glennon, go out and get us your first win on Sunday! You dont have to carry this team, just stay consistent. Youre our new QB, and I’ll support you 100%

    “You don’t have to be loyal to your Head Coach to be a good fan (or player). You just have to be loyal your TEAM!”

    ~ TonyTwoCents

  96. jbskiff Says:

    To all on the Freeman band wagon, even Big Dog (one of Freeman’s best friends and supporters) admitted today(Wednesday) that something was wrong going on with Freeman. Unfortunately, just yesterday he said he was going to do all possible to get Schiano run out of town. So much for unbiased reporting. The other radio host in the afternoon has also been beating up one Schiano and today tag teamed with Dungy to express their outrage of this move taking place.

    it is my belief that it was Mr Brynn Glazier that Dominik to meet with Schiano Tuesday night and both of the to meet with Him Wednesday morning. They told their new coach when he came to get rid of the cancers in the locker room and Josh was on the outs there which is one of the reasons he lost his captianship. now I know he will bitch more about Schiano. Remember, Schiano was the Glazier’s choice. If he has been stiring the pot behind the seens, that will make it harder for him to be traided.

    Joe, will you let us know the names of current team members who have expressed displeasure with this move. (my thoughts are it is limited to at most three players).

    I wish nothing but the best for Josh and hope by God.s grace he can get another chance to prove his critics (me included) wrong. I ask him in 2011 if he needed some help with his confidence and motivation, and there was momentary silence on the radio while he and big dog got to get their thoughts gathered to po-po such and idea. Then today there was a statement of desire for Josh to get the help he needed.

    Can’t wait till Sunday get beer spilled on me as the crowd erupts when we score our first touchdown. I look for a good attendance if the weather cooperates. GO BUCS!

  97. Jeff78280z Says:

    The only people scratching their heads are the talking heads in the media that say Freeman is a good young quarterback with lots of “talent”. I think they are confusing talent with potential. When ever I hear someone in the media talk about Freeman they make him sound like he is on the cusp of being something special. He has had plenty of chances to make the leap from an inconsistent “talented” Qb with lots of potential to a winning Nfl quarterback. The amount of excuses made on his behalf has been astounding. From coaching changes, learning a new offense, not being surrounded by enough talent, to the defense couldn’t keep us in close games, Dropped passes, the play calling. No matter what happens in some peoples eyes its never his fault. I remember thinking at the beginning of this season he has no more excuses.

    I personally think he has some mental issue that makes him play not to screw up when the game is close. But put him three scores down and its as if he says to him self “Hey self we are three scores down. We have pretty much lost this game. We have nothing left to lose here.” That seems to change is mindset. Then he has one of his come from behind performances that end up being to late in the game to win anyway. Either way we lose.

  98. Pete I Says:

    The only prople scratching their heads are those with lice or dandruff.

    Joes agenda is to be a real joutnalist and the main source of news about the bucs. He’s well on his way.

    But scandal and hyperbole and outlandish statements lead to reactions and sells newspapers. Usually normal journalists rarely get called out for either inaccurate or outlandish reporting or op ed’s as the readers have moved on to the next big story.

    A whole lot of joes site is op-ed stuff on the bucs with some national inquirer type stuff thrown in. Real news simply isn’t enough to make it in the biz.

    Joe was simply wrong about the benching of freeman. Nothing else to see hear.

  99. Buccaneer79 Says:

    Well, don’t be shocked that I think this is a bad move because I fully agree with Jim’s & Pat’s take on this. Totally a sign of panic. I was happy to hear Kirwan’s sympathy for us fans. Woo hoo. I do appreciate it, Pat! I’m extremely disappointed with this decision for their very first point, as Coach Schiano stated, “Glennon gives them the best chance to win”? It’s insanity. All the dropped passes. Pass protection has been an issue at times; Freeman might be starting again just to tell this organization to fly a kite at season’s end. Come on. Freeman’s cold streak could have ended this Sunday, but this is like signing your resignation. I am pretty sure they will find out how saying, “Hey, Josh, we made a mistake. Do you want to start for us again!” isn’t as easy to do as they anticipated. All of a sudden “a request for a trade” now seems imminent. Was this really thought through? You’re gonna put your NFL head-coaching &/or general manager positions on the line for an unproven rookie who didn’t look all that impressive in preseason against #2’s & 3’s? Good luck with that!