“I Was Surprised”

September 25th, 2013

Today’s news of Josh Freeman’s benching was not expected in the Bucs’ locker room. Joe talked to many players and unless they’re Oscar winners, there was genuine shock in their reaction about the move to Mike Glennon.

“I was surprised, but this is a performance-based league. Coach’s decision is coach’s decision,” Davin Joseph said.

Players, of course, acknowledged the business side of the move, as well.

“We knew it was a business when we walked in this morning,” Kevin Ogletree said. “Change is inevitable. We’re trying to win a ballgame and we’re going to everything we can to have the right guys out there.”

10 Responses to ““I Was Surprised””

  1. Walter Says:

    I thought the “captains were on board” with the decision??

    Fire Schiano & Dominick

  2. Kryq Says:

    First off Olgletree shouldn’t talk because we can’t hold on to a pass for nothing. Last person I want to here from he can even catch bubbles. He’s drop so many wide open passes he should be next to go.

  3. JonBuc Says:

    That’s rich, Oglevee..You should be playing arena league at best right now.

  4. D-Rome Says:

    I thought the Captains were on board with the decision? Since the news broke so early this morning it would make sense that such a discussion would have taken place with the Captains yesterday.

  5. RCS Says:

    Yes fire a coach every 2 years and that will fix our problems !…..
    Ooo wait…….

    Once again Schiano has reworked the Defense to his image and it has worked. Let him do the same with the Offense

  6. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Walter’s got a valid point here. Why can’t we get truthful statement from OBP.

    My question is, why wasn’t Josh traded pre-draft when he could have commanded a #1 draft pick or a package of players and picks?

    If they had made the correct move, when I suggested, Dom & Dumber could have bought themselves a couple more years. Now, the days are very numbered.

    Some know it all’s need to apologize to me for the harassment I received last year. I was right, you were wrong. That’s why I am magnificent!

    Belicheat has continued to pick the pockets of the Bucs yet we still haven’t been able to grab Mallett, who Bill listed as his #3 QB two preseasons ago.
    He put him out there as trade bait.

    Imagine, Jadaveon Clowney opposite Clayborn? The JCP is on!!!!

  7. Mixxx31 Says:

    Ogletree, you are next. Popcorn fart.

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree with RCS. Let’s trust Coach Schiano to rework our team.
    Glennon is gonna blow some minds here in Tampa.
    He is an accurate passer, with touch on the ball. Our receivers are gonna love him.

  9. Cmurda Says:

    I am excited to see Glennon in action. Anyone that says Glennon is not ready etc. is talking out their butt. It is anybody’s guess whether he is ready. The one thing I didn’t see from Glennon is major mistakes such as throwing pics into traffic. He deserves a chance and if the season tanks, well at least we know we need to draft a QB. Blaming Schiano for everything is ignorant. Schiano didn’t push Geno Smith out of bounds with 7 seconds to go. Schiano didnt miss an average distance FG.

  10. Rahb Says:

    Wow, I remember when Josh was portrayed as a “Hard Worker”, who can make all the throws. A 4,000yrd Passee w/27 TDs 4 yrs experience and merely a year older than his rookie replacement.

    Smh! I’ve had enough of this Ragtag Franchise! If the Bucs were built to win now, why are they evaluating a Rookie QB after 3 weeks?

    If Freeman is such vile vermin CUT HIM! Just Cut him and I’ll believe he is as useless as the Buccaneers Portray him