“He’s Going To Take A Beating!”

September 28th, 2013

Will Brinson, prickly Pete Prisco and Pat Kirwan break down the Cardinals-Bucs game in this CBS Sports video. Find out why they feel sorry for Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon.

45 Responses to ““He’s Going To Take A Beating!””

  1. Walter Says:

    Yup, we’re gonna get whooped.

  2. bucstop.com Says:

    Joe..been trying to email you, not sure if your getting them…

    I dont think Glennon will have a problem with protection. This O line is one of the best in the NFL, and both Guards are getting close to their peak.
    They gave Freeman all day long vs New England, yes they did give up three sacks, but for the most part, Free had time to sit back there and ponder life (maybe too much time, but thats another story all together) .
    so I think the O line will do fine, and I think Glennon will have a good game too. I think were about to see what the real problem was in Tampa Bay.

  3. PRBucFan Says:

    Freeman with mobility was worse,


    There’s been quite a few successful QB’s throughput the NFL both current and past that have had similar mobility.

    Mobility is nice, but what he has lacked in mobility he has been for forced to make up in “decision making/reaction time and accuracy” which happens to be what the QB position is all about..

    I’ll take that any day

  4. Splengo Says:

    I’m not going to bash Glennon. This is not his doing. He is a mere pawn in this chess game Schiano started at the end of last season. As a matter of fact, I’m conflicted over wanting to see Glennon succeed and see Schiano run.

    I can’t have it both it both ways, so Nappy Dynamite will have to wait his turn because Schiano has got to git up outta heh!

  5. Bobby Says:

    I agree that the scheme has been terrible because they only go vertical. I’ve been saying that all along. Our offensive scheme is embarrassing. However, there have been check down receivers that are open and if they would get Eric Page involved and at least try to throw to a tight end once in awhile I think it would help immensely. I’m not so sure Schiano is on the hot seat as much as Sully. Schiano is the defensive mind and that seems to be making progress. The offense on the other hand in in full reverse.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    Two complete idiots by the way in this video lol

  7. Luther Says:

    Totally wasted 5 minutes of my time watching that video.

  8. Jim Says:

    PRBuc Fan – Are you related to Schiano? I suppose you feel Freeman is 100% responsible for all 8 losses in the past nine games. The fact that the defense can not hold leads, Freeman was forced to play from behind on many occasions & the team not having any TE’s had nothing to do with the losses. The problems are much deeper than just Freeman.

  9. Paul Says:

    He didn’t look like a statue from the college games that I saw him in.

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    Not interested in more excuses, Free’s history

    Move on

  11. Skelly Says:

    hey jim… freeman was horrible. time to deal with it. 2nd, how does pete have a job. his predictions hit about rarely. he is a total clown who probably spends an hour total the whole season looking at the bucs. what the hell does he know?

  12. RBellBuc Says:

    This stuff is hilarious. The same guys that were calling for Freemans head are now calling Schiano a buffoon for benching Freeman. Now, they admit that the offensive scheme was not conducive for Freeman to succeed. What a joke!

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    and don’t put word’s in my mouth, show me where I’ve said “Free’s 100% responsible” anywhere and I’ll entertain that garbage.

  14. Splengo Says:

    It’ hard to find any real football analyst who thinks Shiano made a smart move including Dungy. Kirwan is no Freeman lover. Interesting how some love him when he bashes Freeman, but thinks he an idiot when he calls Schiano out. Lol

  15. Tony Two Cents Says:

    He’ll be fine… Just stock that locker room full of tater tots, and he’s good to go!

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    Nope, he’s always been an idiot.

  17. Tony Two Cents Says:

    Kirwans take that this isnt good for Dom??? please. Dominik will survive this. He’s an extension of the Billion Dollar Bros. Unless Schiano switches up his style, loosens the fck up, we’re gonna keep on loosing, the players will fall out of favor, and he’ll be on that same deserted island that he stuck Freeman on.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I live in NC now and I asked a bunch of State fans. How does a guy like Glennon not get hurt or sacked a bunch….they said he get rid of the ball very quickly and is smart.

    My problem for Glennon is the lack of TE, FB, 3rd reciever outlets…we have to fix that….With Freeman, it didn’t matter much because he was so inacurate with short passes and he wasn’t smart…couldn’t adjust & think on his feet.

  19. Walter Says:

    @Tony Two Cents

    Lol I wonder if he draws Ligers when he’s sitting on the bench.

  20. Tony Two Cents Says:

    @PR, I was talkin about MG…it was a Napoleon Dynamite ref…nevermind.

  21. Tony Two Cents Says:


    dudes got the Eye of the Liger!

  22. PRBucFan Says:

    Tony I wasn’t posting to your comment, I know what you were referencing lol

  23. Tony Two Cents Says:

    “Lol I wonder if he draws Ligers when he’s sitting on the bench.”

    I just pictured that. Thatd be hilaaaarious. Like ligers circling a stranded giraffe!

  24. Tony Two Cents Says:

    @PR, oh ok. my bad.

  25. Walter Says:

    @Tony Two Cents

    Maybe he can use his skillllls at dancing to avoid sacks. XD

  26. Tony Two Cents Says:

    just let him listen to his walkman while he plays!

  27. Tony Two Cents Says:

    Glennon = Napoleon

    Sciano = Uncle Rico

  28. Walter Says:

    Sully = Tina the Llama lol

  29. Splengo Says:


    As much as I want to see Schiano run, I will be pulling for Glennon and the Bucs to win. But should we lose, I’m sure my reaction will be totally different from yours – for obvious reasons.

    By the way you have changed your name to bright bold red letters. Any significance in that or are you just fired up for game day? You know, kinda like Tiger Woods wearing red on Sundays. Lol

  30. Ed Says:

    This coach has made Tampa the Joke of the week every time he opens his mouth. This coach loves to see his name in print,before the team. someone needs to put a gag order on him. if he spent as much time coaching his team as does he does trying to leak information,he would not have 23 penalty in two games. Coach’s all over the N.f.l. lost respect for this guy last year. He would listen, at coach bill,who would tell him to cut players, and he would turn around and sign them. If they would have hired any coach that has been a N.F.L. coach in the past this team would have been 3-0.

  31. RBellBuc Says:

    ^^^How do you know that? That’s absurd, nobody could predict that, except maybe Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar.

  32. underdogs Says:

    I support the coach. Tired of all the PC crap. He’s a tough old school guy, that’s why the PC crowd hates him.

    I am hoping that Glennon does well, he’s supposed to be smart, that is what has been lacking at the position.

  33. Tony Two Cents Says:

    Walter Says:
    September 28th, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Sully = Tina the Llama lol

    smh. Ive always liked Sully. wanted him to be the interim once they fire Schiano….but the way Sully’s always being called out and bullied by Schiano….

    maybe Sully = Pedro

  34. OviedoBucsFan Says:

    Hoping Glennon does good and BUCS WIN! GO BUCS!!!!

  35. Walter Says:

    @Tony Two Cents

    Yeah, it’s painfy obvious Schiano wants McNulty to be the OC.l

  36. Tony Two Cents Says:

    “He’s a tough old school guy, that’s why the PC crowd hates him.”

    Well welcome to the New School Greg! The NFL is changing. QBs are changing. QBs and WRs are being protected like my cocck last night.

    And btw, another “Makaveli Conspiracy Theory”, I seriously think the penalties on heavy hitting has more to do with the Fantasty Football boom, than it does with concussion lawsuits. A High Scoring league is good for Fantasy Football. And FF is good for the NFL.

  37. Tony Two Cents Says:

    @Tony Two Cents

    Yeah, it’s painfy obvious Schiano wants McNulty to be the OC.l

    watch out Walter, or you’ll be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist like me!

  38. Sharon Says:

    The offense he was watching was mr no audible freeman!!! Game on this week!!!

  39. tim bucs fan Says:

    I got a feeling that the rookie will be fine. He has proved that he can throw an accurate ball with pressure in his face and he knows how to get rid of the ball on time and the reason the offence is only vertical was because of freeman. He is too inaccurate for the short passing routes and stares down receivers. Glennon will shut these haters up after tomorrow.

  40. Walter Says:

    ^^^^^^ aaaaahhhhhh, now Glennon has “haters.” LOL

    This is too funny.

  41. flmike Says:

    I was standing behind the set when they were taping this the other day and actually laughed out loud when Pete told Schiano to call his realtor. Then I offered Brinson Stephen Hill for Glennon in our office 24 team fantasy league.

  42. MegaDaveUK Says:

    No-one seems to think Glennon might get the ball about within 3 seconds?

  43. lonz39 Says:

    So what does these two assholes think about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady…… last time I checked they didn’t run 4.3 40s…

  44. Buccaneer79 Says:

    I want Glennon to do well. I want the Bucs to win. But both Schiano & Dominik should be fired after this team finishes 3-13; I will be shocked if they win more than 5 games this year. Will they be fired? Probably not, since the owners signed off on the move, too. It’s too early in the season to make such an irreversible decision. Freeman’s gone & will go to a team that builds around his strengths. Schiano has a mindset that limited Freeman’s ability to scramble & make plays. Look up the numbers, Freeman’s best year, which I think everyone can agree was 2010, he rushed for 364 yards, the most so far; his 1st year under Schiano, 139 yards, his lowest rushing total but certainly not his worst year as a Bucs starter. So, let’s get this straight, this coaching staff maximized Freeman’s potential to help lead this team to victories? Yeah, sure they did. Glennon fits their offense, which Schiano refused to shape around Freeman, & that disturbs me as a fan because Freeman has talent that didn’t get used effectively.

    Why will Glennon NOT be better than Freeman right now? It should be obvious: he’s a rookie. All rookies have growing pains, but I expect NFL Follies to be using a play or two of tomorrow’s game in the future; Glennon better hope he has 3 seconds every time he touches the ball, but he will fumble, at least, once. Keystone Kops comes to my mind. He did nothing to impress me against backups in preseason. It’s funny how so many are convinced he will do well without ever taking a regular season snap, yet. I expect an ugly loss to the Cardinals, 23-7, or something like that. Please, prove me wrong. I welcome being wrong. But let’s say he does OK. They actually win 6 games, & Glennon, Schiano & Dominik are there for the next 4 years; is there anybody out there who really thinks that marriage is going to take this team to the Super Bowl? Well, just like you can’t predict Glennon will succeed, how do I know he will fail? I don’t know, but this could have been handled differently, just seems like it’s gonna come back to haunt them in more ways than one.

    I respect Pat Kirwan a lot. He knows football better than any of us do but is open to & encourages a fan’s perspective on Movin’ The Chains. In fact, if it weren’t for his presence on SiriusXM NFL radio, I wouldn’t listen nearly as much as I do. He’s right. It was a panic move. And Prisco just may be right as well. Schiano’s claim that, “Glennon gives them the best chance to win” is absolutely laughable, as laughable as the Glazers hiring of an assistant coach to be the head coach (although most of us were fooled by 2010), & I love Raheem Morris as a person, but I see this move being the beginning to a long, awful season, much like the taste we all got when the Bucs lost those last 10 games in 2011. I was a big supporter of Schiano, Sullivan & Dominik until this season, but I foresee bad times ahead; they themselves called Freeman a “franchise QB.” Giving up on him now after 3 games, what does that say to every player on this team? I would have given him 7 games to prove himself, in a contract year especially. If the season’s lost after that, you make the change. This leaves the team with 2 QBs that don’t equal the potential Freeman had, who, by the way, broke almost every important franchise QB record in less time than Testaverde, Dilfer & Williams. Schiano quit too soon; it could & just might cost him & Dominik their jobs, UNLESS I am totally wrong, which I truly hope I am. I will gladly get back on here & admit it. I’m ready to eat these words & look stupid for typing them, please! Make it happen, Glennon & Schiano, because you all are married now!

  45. holymoly Says:

    Typical desk jockeys, probaly never played a sport, running their mouths just to hear themselves. I will be there today, I will root for my team, and hope Martin has a big day on the ground. If Doug and the O-line do their job, Glennon will be just fine.