Greg Schiano Taking A Beating

September 21st, 2013

The folks at BSPN are building a Greg Schiano implosion watch.

In this video, the NFL Live crew dives into Bucs leadership and locker room issues with some intelligent takes from Teddy Bruschi, Damien Woody and Jerome Bettis. On the BSPN website, this video was wrapped around a story titled, Bucs’ Top Problem Is Greg Schiano.

16 Responses to “Greg Schiano Taking A Beating”

  1. GTDigger Says:

    Just more of the same vapid opinions

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Typical national media take. Basing their opinions on half a$$ rumors that have already been dis-proven. No super stars….really? Bettis’s take on JF5 not being a leader has a little merit I feel however.

  3. Eric Says:

    Some well reasoned points but in addition to Greg we have a rock star with a Matt Millen like winning percentage.

  4. Bobby Says:

    Hey, nice to have you backing the team Eric. So good to read your positive take and optimistic outlook. Always a breath of fresh air…

  5. Joe Strummer Says:

    Wow, if anyone remembers, the press said the same exact things about Coughlin and Belicheat the first few seasons of their current tenures, this s a culture change, culture changes take time, hard work and patient, give this time and you’ll see the fruits of the hard work, this franchise became a bastion of losers thanks to Chucky and Allen for blowing up the cap and destroying what should have been a dynasty, generally cap issues, especially the one the Bucs found themselves in take a few years to clear up, you had dead money issues as well as bad contract issues, and yes Dom is partially at fault, but when your team sucks and you’re working with limited resources you will have to overpay to get players to sign, so yes, Dom is at fault too. We may or may not see a new qb next season, remember is took a neck injury and a concussion for Brady to get his shot, otherwise Bledsoe would have been the starter for another 5 years in NE.

  6. Joe Strummer Says:

    Go back and see what the press said about Coughlin and Belicheat, you can pretty much cut and past it and change their name for Schiano, this is a culture change and those take time.

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    At least we arent the Lions and getting fined for wearing the wrong colored socks…. That team is completely out of control.

  8. mpmalloy Says:

    They need to keep the stories flowing 24/7.
    The need content.
    Maybe someone high-up wants to give the NYJ a break
    from whipping boy status for awhile?
    The other big one as far as Schiano is concerned,
    and this may be the crux of the issue:
    Schiano brings the old school hard-hitting defense that
    the NFL (New arena Football League) wants so desperately to avoid.
    The Ravens & Steelers do it too but they’ve been grandfathered in.
    Schiano is a early-second-year college coach w/ no NFL experience.
    An outsider.
    It’s like the old Southpark episode:
    “We don’t take KINDLY to college coaches around here!”
    “Now Skeeter, he ain’t hurtin’ nobody”
    “No! No! Tell me somethin’ Mr College Coach…”

    Personally, I like Schiano.

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    Even the ref’s gave him a hard time last year! Hard to break into the good ole boy network. Only winning will give this team a break and a win this week will really get things going in the right direction.

  10. Tampamac Says:

    Can’t wait until we string together 5 or 6 wins in a row to give the national media the proverbial middle finger. Chadiha wrote that story Joe referenced, and I’ve never seen this guy write a Bucs story before in my life.. Just another media parrot that wants to pile on for story clicks.

  11. Smitty Says:

    What B.S….repeating ‘alleged’ and ‘reported’ stuff that the players, the coach, and the team have all been debunking all week.

    The ONLY thing they MAY be right about is that the QB has to be the leader that buys into the coach’s system…Although, that would be more of a benefit to FREEMAN than to Schiano. I think, at this point, the defensive stars ARE getting it, they are playing very well.

  12. Nate Says:

    Bettis sounds like a complete idiot that has no clue what he’s talking about. There are no superstars on the Bucs that other players can look to for leadership? Really!?! 8 probowlers,icluding the best CB in the league, one of the best WR’s in the league, and an explosive RB… but no superstars!?! C’mon man!… And yes, it would be nice if Josh was the leader of this team, but for Bettis to say it HAS to be the QB (JF5) or else this team won’t win is ridiculous… I want to ask Bettis if Ben Roesthlisberger was the leader of the Pittsburgh team that won the superbowl his rookie year. I guarantee he was NOT. These guys just say stuff to make noise.

  13. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I don’t listen to any of these network talking heads. It seems many of these washed up has beens are troll like. There are too many of them, blah blah blah. I go by what I see, the Bucs are coming together. Schiano is and will be a good coach.

  14. teacherman777 Says:

    I think they love selling drama.

    I think “anonymous” sources are ridiculous part of journalism sometimes.

    I mean, I could make up anything and say “anonymous sources” close to the situation.

    Thats so illogical. Question sources people!

    I for one think our defense looks UNBELIEVABLE!

    If we can do to Tom Brady, what we did to Drew Brees?

    Watch out!

    Here comes Tha Heat!

    Go Bucs!

  15. Broy3434 Says:

    While these losers don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re actually right. Schiano’s coaching is the only reason this team isn’t going into Sunday 2-0. 73 yrd catch called back cuz he doesn’t know how many guys go in the line?!

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Schiano is making mistakes. A lot of them. But I think he will learn from them. I like the guy, and I guess I’m willing to endure a couple more losing seasons-so that Schiano can get his type QB in here and at the helm.

    Eric is gonna beat me up accepting more years of rebuilding! I probably deserve it! Lol. We’ve been rebuilding forever!

    Freeman is a talented QB. He will thrive elsewhere. But he is the opposite of what Schiano wants. Schiano wants a cold blooded, methodical killer.

    Freeman is a laid back, scrambling, make plays on the run kinda QB. He is better FREElancing, than pretendeding to be a pocket passer.

    Square hole, round peg. Won’t work together. Either fire Schiano now- or trade a Josh to an experienced NFL head coach.

    Either way- looks like another rough season. If they trade Freeman, the Glennon kid will be like a scam. We will lose out, yet appear we are trying to Train Glennon