Gerald McCoy Knew Better

September 8th, 2013

Joe is getting inundated by Bucs fans who are crying that Lavonte David is not at fault for handing the Jets the upset win. Instead, they claim David did the right thing by shoving Jets quarterback Geno Smith out of bounds, drawing a late-hit penalty, which gave the Jets a chance to kick a game-winning field goal.

Joe is covering the game in New Jersey and was just chatting with good guy Peter Schrager of, who told Joe to watch the replay of the play in question because Gerald McCoy understood the circumstance and pulled up on the play.

Indeed. In this video, at the 2:30 mark, you can see that GMC clearly had an angle on Smith as the Jets quarterback was headed out of bounds to kill the clock, and GMC pulled up on the play as to avoid getting flagged for a personal foul, which is exactly what happened to David.

The difference was GMC used his head on the play.

23 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Knew Better”

  1. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:

    I thought you knew better Joe. One player doesnt lose a game. And if they do, isnt Zuttah to blame for 2 points? Doubt you’d argue that.

    Bucs lost this game with its horrible playcalling. Period.

    Lavonte made a huge blunder. But he didnt hand the Jets the game. This game shouldn’t have even been close.

  2. Raphael Says:

    Pretty sure it was freeman who pushed him out …

  3. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:

    Did Schiano and Sullivan hand the Jets the victory by playing conservative on their last drive? That’s more logical. Score a TD and the game is over.

  4. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Trying to think of something positive about this game. Goldson and Revis looked good. The punter did well. That’s about it. Go Bucs.

  5. Gus Says:

    @Hairband Thats what I’m saying! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

  6. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:

    Blaming a loss on one player. Im still shocked.

  7. Joe Says:

    Blaming a loss on one player. Im still shocked.

    That’s what happens when your bonehead play allows the other team to win.

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Blaming David for this loss is like blaming the toilet paper for skid marks in your underwear!

  9. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:

    Zuttahs boneheaded snap gave the Jets 2 points. Which techically gave them the win. But you wouldn’t dare make that dumb argument.

  10. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:


    The other team won bc they outplayed the Bucs on offense. Period. Our offense sucks. Are you drunk?

    You’ve mocked people before on here for blaming losses on one player.

    Get real.

  11. MadMax Says:

    The O shouldve never had this game this close….thats where I am!!

    He!! of a game eh Sean, haha. I got hit by a few jets fans right after you walked out….not bad, they didnt try to rub it in, just looked at me and asked what happened….I said Josh and the Offense…..and weve got the Saints and Patriots next (while shaking my head).

  12. Illuminati Says:

    Anybody who thinks Smith wasn’t already out of bounds when David shoved him is either a blind homer or just plain blind.

    It was a boneheaded play on David’s part.

    But it’s still unfair to hang the loss entirely on him. There are a lot of plays in a football game, and any one of them could be the difference maker if the score is close. But people always want to place all the blame for a loss on the last person to make a mistake.

    I blame the coaching and management more than anything else. Our offensive game plan was entirely too bland and predictable. Relentlessly pounding Martin up the gut when we knew the Jets’ number one goal was to stop Martin? No carries for Leonard, Hillis, or James? Not even getting in field goal range in the third quarter, even though we held the Jets scoreless in that quarter? Not taking enough shots downfield to stretch the Jets’ defense? Or how about making absolutely no effort to bring in a decent third receiver or tight end in the offseason?

    True, we might have won if David doesn’t make that mistake. But the fact that the game came down to this play isn’t David’s fault.

  13. Mark Sanchez's Hairband Says:

    Or Vincent Jackson getting run down by a LB????


  14. lightningbuc Says:


    Lavontae made an interception late in the 2nd qtr with the Bucs up 14-5. JFro subsequently made a bonehead throw 15 yard overthrow of VJax, which the Jets took down the field for a touchdown right before half. Bizarre you can blame the loss on one of our best players today because of one play, but a guy (JFro) who sucked all day long gets a pass.

  15. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Joe can’t wipe the crap out of eyes keeping his head so far up his ass.

  16. BucsQcCity Says:

    Ok LVD made a mistake, that 384 less than Freeman. The difference between the 2 is that LVD will never make it again

  17. tonytwocents Says:

    I may be wrong, but it seems like both Joes are posting tonight, and each has a different view on what went wrong. I think the Joe that called out the coaching and playcalling is dead on. Where the other Joe is down on LVD…. I dont buy that. On paper, we’re setup to win. But after today, the coaches set these guys up for failure. They couldnt adjust at halftime or in mid-game to put their team to rest.

  18. ATLBucsFan Says:

    That play occurred because of undisciplined play. Pretty much what most of the Bucs players demonstrated. They have to own that but in my mind it’s the coaching that led up to the game that caused it.

  19. David Colwell Says:

    he was in bounds when contact was made!

  20. MT Tom Says:

    That BS about G McCoy pulling up in a previous post is crazy, he didn’t pull up because he was “disciplined”, he was beat by at least 4 steps. I believe LVD did the best thing he could at game speed, especially against a QB that burned us on a fake “out of bounds” earlier in the game. They lost long before that play. They lost in the pre season with the poor coaching preparation. I’d rather they lose a game by being too aggressive than letting Geno juke and run 15yds further for a Folks FG. Joe’d be complainig LVD has to play “sideline to sideline” if Geno juked a “slowing” LVD for an 15 extra yards and a Folks FG with 1 second remaining. Can’t win against arm chair observers.

  21. Buc_The_World Says:

    I find it odd that a player who consistently performs at a high level makes one mistake so many people are ready to throw him under the bus. It doesn’t matter if smith was in or out, a penalty was called. However, David was playing to win and he played hard all game. He made one mistake and he was heartbroken over it. That is how much it mattered to him. Josh has made far more mistakes I have never seen him cry or act like he even cared, and that goes for the offensive line as well. See when people make David the scapegoat they ignore all of the other problems that led to this embarrassing defeat. There was no excuse for the putrid play of the offense, I don’t care what Josh did at the end of the game. That’s not good enough, 1 good drive in the entire 2nd half does not exonerate a game full of mistakes and bad play. Joe you should know better than to blame David’s one mistake for this game. Maybe tomorrow when you have calmed down you will feel differently.

  22. Joke Says:

    Joe, this is even dumber than your other post. McCoy is nowhere near position to make a play.

    Might want to check your vision and reading skills. –Joe

  23. Espo Says:

    That man could’ve still turned upfield for more yards like he did earlier. Lavonte made a game speed decision and got burned by a call that could’ve gone either way. Bottom line is that we shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with.