Davin Joseph Still Mending

September 28th, 2013

davin joseph 0928

Supposedly, a strength of the Bucs is the offensive line. That hasn’t been the case. Had the Bucs had better blocking in the first game against the Jets, not one Bucs fan would be yelling the empty words “game-planning” or “play-calling” as crutches for why the team lost.

The plays (that franchise quarterback Josh Freeman could hear in his helemt) were just fine. The blocking wasn’t.

Part of the trouble is former Pro Bowler is and all around good guy David Joseph isn’t quite 100 percent ready after his knee surgery last year, documents Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

Pro Bowl RG Davin Joseph has been back in the lineup for close to a month after recovering from a 2012 knee injury. While Schiano thinks Joseph has played well, he doesn’t think Joseph has regained his Pro Bowl form.

“Is he back to his old self? I don’t think so,’’ Schiano said. “He just hasn’t had enough reps yet. But I do think he’s playing at a high level and now the job is just to shine it up.’’

Well, here’s the thing: The Bucs better get healthy and in football shape pretty damned quick. There is little to no margin for error any longer.

With Mike Glennon now the Bucs quarterback, his speed springs to mind what former Boston pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee once said about Detroit slugger Al Kaline. “He’s so slow he has pigeon s(p)it on his shoulders.”

Glennon is about as stationary of a target as it gets in the NFL. With Doug Martin almost assuredly going to get at least 25 carries tomorrow — and the Cardinals loading the box to stop him —  the offensive line will have to be at its best, or it will be a long, long, long day for Bucs fans and their punter.

15 Responses to “Davin Joseph Still Mending”

  1. Illuminati Says:

    “David” Joseph? Really?

  2. Jrock Says:

    At least Woody Cummings got his name right in the quote. For shame, Joe, for shame

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    The d is nowhere near the n on the keyboard Joe.

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Yikes I saw that Joe did it twice too. Did a real Bucs fan actually write this article Joe? Fine if it’s a typo, but twice has me wondering…

  5. MadMax Says:

    Just like that guy on the radio show (that Joe goes on) keeps pronouncing “Goldson” as “Gholston” when he talks about him, lol…bleh, no big deal.

  6. Tony Two Cents Says:

    its College Gameday! I’m sure Joe’s knockin these articles out during commercial breaks and inbetween brews.

    besides, our head coach STILL cant pronounce “DAYquan’s” name right.. the guys so stubborn, he refuses to get it right! Its DUH Qwan Greg!

  7. Splengo Says:

    Sooner or later we’re going to have to come to grips with the facts – Davin Joseph is over-rated here in Tsmpa. Seems ages ago that he made a pro bowl and since then he hasn’t been around very much – out in 2010 and out in 2012.

    Truth be told, last week was the first time of our multimillion dollar guards have taken a snap together and it wasn’t pretty. Davin is a great off-field Bucaneer Man, but he hasn’t help us win many games.

    He will be long remembered for throwing the block downfield that sprang Blount in Greenbay, but if Glennon is going to have any chance at all, he ‘s going to need time. It is time for Joseph and the O-Line to step up.

  8. Tye Says:

    If Glennon can read and react quickly and get accurate throws to the right players the line won’t have to battle so much each play as they did when a QB would hold onto the ball taking his time…

    Much like Payton Manning since his blind side Tackle changed… Rushers know they only have an extremely small window of time to get to Manning!

  9. Neil Says:

    I find it odd at times when professional athletes are just considered “slow.” There are ways of becoming quicker and faster, and a better athlete…..just like there are ways of getting bigger and stronger. He’s a big dude, but there are ways of improving other than just settling on that he can’t move around.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    No one is stiffer and slower than Tom Brady. Look how that’s turned out. Just ask his wife Jezebel.

  11. Bobby Says:

    Funny, when I see Glennon’s college tape I see him rolling our and throwing on the move effectively. I don’t think he’s quite as stationary as people make him out to be. He does go through his progressions quickly and he gets rid of the ball on time which is something Josh really struggled with. If the receivers can get open I think Glennon will get the ball to them quickly.

  12. Just A Juggalo Says:

    I’m sure Kid Dyno-Mite can dance out of the pocket.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I have a feeling this QB change will turn into a disaster in a few weeks, but we should win this week simply because the Cards are in worse shape. I expect 4+ sacks again too.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bret Favre

  15. Tony Two Cents Says:

    lamo^^^ yes!! make it happen!