Bucs No. 30

September 19th, 2013

Prickly Pete Prisco has the Bucs at No. 30 in his recent NFL power rankings. He details why in this CBS Sports video.

7 Responses to “Bucs No. 30”

  1. MadMax Says:

    YES! We’re not 32’nd!
    What an achievement!!

  2. Bobby Says:

    Oh! So now the relationship between Schiano and Freeman is predicated on ‘body language’….. Wow! Next thing you know they’ll be consulting physics for the news.

  3. Saskbuco Says:

    More and more negativity, 30th? There’s no way, were 10 secs away from being 2-0 and other than a blown coverage our D shut down Brees and the Aints. Something is going on somewhere, as long as I can remember the BUCS never got any publicity of any sorts. It’s almost every hour now, there is a new NEGATIVE story from some unnamed “Source”, every so called analyst says how bad we are (Freeman) and most picked a tough losing season before it of even started. I can’t wait until we beat NE on Sunday and then AZ and head into the bye 2-2, the offence will start rolling and Freeman will play like we all know he can. These facts are believe and just want more than anything for the team to win and just put all this negative CRAP behind them. It honestly sickens me hear all this bad publicity or poor power rankings about the BUCS, even worse when the fans are part of the probes as well. Believe and support this team, even more so when their playing badly. It’s easy to blame Freeman or coaching, but in reality I think most fans are frustrated with how we lost the first 2 games. I’m frustrated as well, but staying true to the team and supporting them no matter what. Like Freeman or not he’s our starting QB and is NOT THE REASON we are 0-2, it should start with us fans first. Let’s show the media and so called experts that this is a united and LOYAL fan base through good and bad and we don’t care about all these negative “stories” or rumours. So they can go pick on some other team and spread lies about them, because 0-2 doesn’t matter, were not going any where. Rally time BUC NATION, stupid power rankings and opinions of people who don’t love this team don’t mean a damn thing. This team and fans will show all the doubters that the BUCS are for real, and our loyalty and positive passion and support can not be broken and will never waiver, GO BUCS!!!!

  4. Bobby Says:

    You can tell one thing…the media does NOT like Greg Schiano. Funny how guys like Howie Long love Schiano but these yuppy bitch sports journalists think he is too hard nosed.

    Give him time. I think this week will be a break out week for us. I see us winning in New England. I’m not giving up hope. I remember the 2008 Vikings started out 0-2 then 1-3 and ended the season 10-6 and made the playoffs so it’s not like it can’t be done. I agree we should be 2-0 but just that fact alone lets you know if the offense starts to roll we can play with anybody. Nicks coming back will help.

  5. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    That high huh?

  6. kennyc Says:

    30th? lol that is so ridiculous.


    Saskbuco, PREACH IT BRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY STRONG BUC FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!