All In On Mike Glennon

September 19th, 2013

Adam Schein

Joe always chuckles when he hears and reads locals whine about midday radio. Joe always tells them SiriusXM Radio has a wealth of strong options.

You can start with the King of All Media, Howard Stern, then Tim Brando (produced by Big Papi), then there is NFL Radio and, lastly, “Schein on Sports,” hosted by popular sports radio and TV personality Adam Schein, heard exclusively on “Mad Dog Radio.”

For Joe, Schein is a breath of fresh air. He brings a New York attitude to non-New York sports in a thoughtful way. It is so, so, so much better than the tripe like the Dull Patrick Show many outlets ambush and force feed to innocent listeners.

Schein comes across as a closet Bucs fan. He really likes Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik (who will occasionally pop up on his show) and believes Bucs commander Greg Schiano will turn the Bucs’ culture around. But there is one Bucs element that Schein does not like and that is franchise quarterback Josh Freeman.

It all began last year when Schein correctly stated that he trusted Christian Ponder more than Freeman, despite Freeman having more talent. Sure enough, Ponder led the Vikings with clutch performances at Texas and against Green Bay to vault the Vikings into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Freeman had his annual December swoon and vanished under pressure, leaving Bucs fans to once again watch other teams in the playoffs.

Ever since, Schein has become more and more disenchanted with Freeman and has subscribed to the Mike Glennon Mob. Well, Wednesday, Schein went all in jumping into the deep end of the pool, and is no doubt the member of the Mike Glennon Mob with the biggest megaphone.

Schein, in so many words, suggested if Schiano had any fortitude, he would have already shelved Freeman and started Glennon, blasting the under-performing Freeman.

“That team is absolutely in chaos. Josh Freeman wants a trade. They should have guts and just bench him because Schiano can’t stand him because he’s not a leader. He’s not responsible. He doesn’t get to practice on time. He missed the team photo. The whole report about rigging the captaincy. I mean, just go to Mike Glennon. What are you waiting for at this stage?

“And by the way, Josh Freeman can’t play. He’s completing less than 50 percent of his passes this year! I mean, if Josh Freeman is the answer, I’d love to know the question.”

Now hold up! Joe understands where Schein is coming from but let’s cool the heels a moment. The reason Schiano hasn’t benched Freeman is quite simple: Freeman gives the Bucs the best chance to win. Simple as that. And Freeman hasn’t played nearly as bad as the Mike Glennon Mob would have you believe this season.

Again, if recent history means anything, the Bucs saw their playoff hopes blow up in their faces eight days into the regular season. An 0-2 mark to start a regular season is a death knell to playoff hopes, though the Bucs still have a lightning bolt of a chance to get back in the playoff race. The odds, the schedule, and the strength of the NFC, all work against the Bucs.

But if the team does circle the drain and go, say, 0-6, Joe wouldn’t be shocked if Schiano inserted Glennon into the lineup because at that point, what’s the harm? The season would already be lost, so you may as well throw Glennon to the wolves and see what you have.

57 Responses to “All In On Mike Glennon”

  1. DSZ Says:

    I’m not saying Glennon is the answer because, honestly, I don’t think he is; but if the Bucs start 0-4 then he has to be the starter coming out of the bye week. See if he can play at all and, if not, you’ve put yourself in position to draft a qb in a very qb heavy draft next year. Providing the Bucs are willing to Admit he isn’t the answer and they wasted a pick on him but that’s another question.

  2. Tampamac Says:

    I was firmly a Josh Freeman supporter up until the 1st game of this season. After seeing him outplayed by a rookie QB in his first ever regular season NFL game. My support wavered after that. After the Saints game, I came to the sad realization Josh will never be “The Guy” all us Bucs fans hoped and wished he would be. That being said, Mike Glennon is not the answer. I do agree Joe if we go even 0-4, let Glennon play to see what we have, but I believe we’ll be in the market for a veteran QB next year, possibly via trade. I kinda have a hunch we may go after Mallett as he’s stuck on the bench in NE for at least the next 3 years barring injury and I recall his name coming up tied to the Bucs this past offseason.

  3. Biff Barker Says:

    Schien pretty much nailed this one. Forget about the substandard play, Freeman has not matured enough to command a locker room.

  4. jb Says:

    Glennon is not the answer! It seems that he was drafted for no other reason than to send Freeman a message. Well, it’s quite apparent that Freeman is for too dim to let such a move distract him from his immature laziness. Great Job of motivation coach!
    I do agree with Schien though, in the fact that the sooner we get someone, ANYONE else playing under center, we’ll have a better chance of winning.

  5. Tampamac Says:


    Sorry, didn’t see your post before I parroted some of your same points.

  6. Walter Says:

    Adam Schein has date rape face

  7. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    any QB who can see more than one WR is better than free. and that would be about 98% of them. no one is covering our TE’s…..any other qb would be lighting them up!

    I said long ago, schiano is just letting free hang himself as opposed to moving to glennon early, it not working out and then having the noose around his neck. would be a gutsy call, but free may see the bench by the end of the NE game.

  8. Rahb Says:

    WHY NOT JUST BLOW UP THE 2013 Season? Follow the Browns Lead!!!!
    If Freeman is Such a Loser, don’t bench him…..CUT HIM!

    Roll the Dice with Glennon and if he is a Bum, Take Your Pink Slip and coach special teams for a New Jersey High School.

  9. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    I would support cutting freeman

  10. Al Says:

    The backup QB is always the most popular man on the team when the starting QB starts faltering. Freeman has stunk big time this season, but I agree wit Joe in that he gives us the best chance to win this season.

  11. Tim Says:

    While I don’t see Glennon as the answer, he will be in there after the bye week. The only way Josh saves his job is he carries the Bucs to a 2-2 record before the bye. I have defended Josh a lot this year, but facts are facts and the fact is he is not winning us games. He has more turnovers than scores this year, and if you go back to the last 8 games you really wont like his stats.

  12. Captain Stagger Says:

    9 of 22 for 125 1 TD 1 INT and 1 fumble loss.

    I’m pretty sure Glennon can match that production. That “best chance to win” argument is becoming very stale.

    Hell with those kind of number we might as well start Tebow. At least he’s a leader…..I kid I kid……

  13. Architek Says:

    Freeman is not the answer – play Glennon and run the ball; that’s the philosophy anyway.

    What’s the harm???

  14. mnmbucs Says:

    Everyone was saying Freeman was a leader when he was putting together those workouts during the lock out. All of a sudden he’s irresponsible and during a contract year. Doesn’t add up to me.

  15. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Cut Freeman?? Are you people insane???? Let’s say he fails as the starter. If he’s willing to sign cheap as a backup, keep him. He’d be an extremely good backup.

    Also, why put Glennon in if we go 0-4? With a record like that we are well on our way to the first pick, right? If we have the first pick there is no way the Bucs don’t take a QB regardless of having Glennon.

    Personally, I still believe in Freeman and I agree with Joe. Freeman is not playing nearly as bad as people and statistics claim.

    I don’t care if the record is 0-2 either. Most teams in the playoffs have more than 2 losses.

  16. mpmalloy Says:

    I like this Schein guy.

  17. BFFL Says:

    Preseason game 4 has put an ugly image of Glennon in the minds of Buc fans. That was not the true Glennon simply because of the scrub OL and having Ogletree as the #1 wr. The best he could have done that game was just throw every pass away and not get picked. I predict he will surprise people with 2 full weeks of preparation behind a an OL that hopefully includes Nicks.

  18. Adam L. Says:

    Freeman gives the Bucs the best chance to win.

    Joe, you keep repeating this.

    I interpret this as saying that you think that Glennon is only capable of completing 39% of his passes.

  19. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    It’s funny when people attempt to compare a QB with 58 starts to one with zero.

    Glennon will likely struggle for a while. How many don’t? But, you surely can’t think you know what you have with him, after watching a few preseason games with mostly backups and worse playing alongside him.

    If Glennon ever gets 58 starts in the NFL, I GUARANTEE he will be performing better than Freeman is after his 58 starts as a professional quarterback. And that’s for a third round pick vs. a 1st rounder plus a trade-up.

    I also GUARANTEE that you will see a guy committed off the field. A guy on time, and a guy who shows up for his own youth camp and team photo.

    Go Bucs.

  20. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Josh is not the long term answer.

    Worst case scenario – trade to the Vikings for a 2nd or 3rd (in their eyes Josh is worth it – they are desperate) and see what you got with Glennon after the bye

    Best case scenario – Josh has a decent season (25 td 15 int, bucs somewhat salvage season to go 8-8), Bucs sign him to a 2-3 year deal with not much guaranteed cash and bring in one more QB to develop when his guaranteed folding will take place.

  21. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Watch real closely people, I think these may Freeman’s last in Tampa.
    If he isn’t traded, we will surely see Glennon after the bye.

  22. bucrightoff Says:

    The Vikings have Matt Cassel behind Ponder, a solid backup veteran QB. I doubt they trade for Freeman unless the price is very cheap. Cleveland is obviously now out as they are all-in for Bridgewater. Jacksonville will also wait to get Boyd or Hundley. There’s nowhere to trade Josh in season unless a potential playoff team loses their starter to injury and their backup is brutal. So I suppose if that scenario occurs we could see Freeman dealt as he would be a rental.

  23. Splengo Says:

    Freeman is surely going to be benched. But when that happens, he needs to be cut or traded if that’s a possibility. Freeman has some personal problems that he needs to work on and Tampa is not the place to do it. If he stays he will continue to be the subject of conversation. Once this change is made, Schiano needs to be the man in the spotlight.

  24. Meh Says:

    If we go 0-6 I sure hope its the interim coach putting in Glennon and not Schiano.

  25. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Matt Cassel? Ask the Chiefs about how effective he was.

  26. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Not to mention he found himself riding the pine behind Christian frickin Ponder.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    I still would like to know where all these people get there crystall balls who keep saying Glennon is not the answer. Stop talking out your @ss people. Glennon MAY not be the ansnwer… he also could very well be the answer. How about giving the guy a chance first? What’s the worst that could happen? We lose a game? LOL

    Glennon is a Buccaneer Man whether you like it or not… how about supporting the only QB we have that we DONT KNOW yet whether he sucks or not. Freeman we do know without a doubt he sucks.

    Love how all the “real fans” only seem to support Freeman and are quick to bash the unknown.

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    if Josh Freeman is the answer, I’d love to know the question.”


    Who is the most over rated QB in the league?

  29. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    “If Josh Freeman is the answer, I’d love to know the question.”

    LOL, now that is funny!

    I will use this for the rest of the season.

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    You know whats funny about mocking Matt Cassel? His best season, like Josh, is 2010. That season Josh had 25 TDs and 6Ints; Cassel and 27TDs and 7 Ints. Both has low yardages (3,400 for Josh, 3,200 for Matt). In 5 years as starter (only 3 full seasons) Cassel has 80 TDs and 57Ints; Josh in his 3 full seasons plus his rookie year has 76 TDs and 54Ints.

    How scary is that to look at? Josh Freeman’s career trajectory isn’t elite QB, it looks like its Matt Cassel.

  31. Raphael Says:

    Comical … What a bunch of morons here !

    It really has become entertainment with the media creating all this nonsense .

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Exactly. Do they not want throw out their pricey Freeman jerseys? It’s easy to evaluate a known. Freeman is a known, after 58 starts.

    Glennon has zero real starts. None. How many games with TB 1’s vs. opponent 1’s?

    Freeman never got bashed (for the most part) for several seasons. These guys want to bash a guy before he even gets a chance.

    I guarantee they would have been saying Freeman needs time to develop in his first season. It seems now that the shoe totally does not fit on this other foot.

    There’s a whole lotta sour grapes in this place.

  33. 911bucs Says:

    Don’t you think they can kind of sort of tell in practice how a backup QB may be?

  34. Raphael Says:

    Bucrightoff… Compare Eli manning numbers to josh freeman numbers the first 4 yrs …,very similar except Frean has a few more yards and Tds… Eli had a great defense tho

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    Eli also has 2 super bowl rings while Freeman has a big fat 0 in the playoff appearance column

  36. Couch Fan Says:

    I’m just sayin you need to cut Eli some slack on his stats, it’s hard to throw with 2 super bowl rings on your hand.

  37. bucrightoff Says:

    Eli also never had Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson or an elite offensive line. Also, Eli has never had a full season with more INTs than TDs (although he’s well on his way this year). Eli also wasn’t regressing in his 4th year, he was clearly progressing, Josh clearly is not. I also don’t think anyone actually considers Eli elite either. He’s clutch no doubt about it, but way too inconsistent to be considered elite.

    Oh and Eli won a Super Bowl in his 4th season, and was in the playoffs 3 of his first 4 years. Unless the Bucs win Sunday we will likely miss the playoffs all 5 years Josh has been here.

  38. Illuminati Says:


    The reason Schiano hasn’t benched Freeman is quite simple: Freeman gives the Bucs the best chance to win.

    That may have been true going into the season, but it is apparent already that Freeman simply has not progressed at all. We are 1-7 in Freeman’s last eight starts. Freeman had a QB rating below 80 in his last seven consecutive starts. Not even Blaine Gabbert or Mark Sanchez ever matched that dubious achievement.

    And you still maintain that Glennon couldn’t at least match that production?

    Freeman might be traded by Saturday. If not, a loss at New England (coupled with another sub-par performance by Freeman), should get Freeman the hook. You seem to think we should wait until we are 0-6 and the season is completely tanked to make a QB change.

    I say cut our losses ASAP. Get Glennon in for at least one game before the bye so we have an extended amount of time to review his play and make adjustments.

  39. Splengo Says:


    I’ve reported you guys to the Commission on Ethical Posting and both of you will receive a FedEx tomorrow advising you that the next time you call for Glennon you are required to explain why Orlovsky is taking up a valuable roster spot that could be used for a pass-catching TE or a sure-handed slot WR.

  40. BirdDoggers Says:

    The media will continue to stir the pot until the Bucs start winning. They have the talent. Just win Schiano.

  41. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Question for Freeman supporters:

    Is there absolutely anything at all that could change your opinion of Freeman? Anything off the field? An arrest? Any sort of poor showing during a single game? During a series of games?

    I will tell you that I think what I see, is pretty much what I have seen over his entire career. Inconsistency, poor accuracy, and questionable off the field leadership. But, if he were to play consistent, and accurate over the next 14 games, I would say,”Hey, he seems to have turned it around. Let’s keep him on”.

    But, on the other side of the fence, after any Freeman struggles on or off the field, all that I see if finger pointing at others. He never gets held accountable for himself. It’s always someone else:

    O-line. O coordinator. QB coach. Head coach. Defense. Kicker. Scheme. Running back. Lack of #1 receiver. Lack of #2 receiver. Lack of slot receiver. Lack of tight end. I have literally seen it all.

    So, please tell me, can Josh do no wrong in your eyes? What, if anything, would EVER change your feelings on him? Same performance after 75 starts? 90? A 5 int game?

    Anything??? Specifics would be awesome!!!

  42. Couch Fan Says:

    The thing that gets me the most is how anyone can sit through 3 Qts of Freeman football where he does absolutely nothing.. then finally makes a couple throws at the end of the game that manages to get us the lead only because the defense busted there @ss the whole game… we end up losing because the defense is worn the eff out… and josh gets credited with doing his job while the D gets the blame?

    That amazes me every time I hear it.

  43. mvermulm Says:

    Like a couple people pointed out, Glennon has not played with the first team, so it is difficult to predict what he will do. I honestly believe that if Freeman plays terribly against NE this weekend, Glennon will begin getting ready to start no later than week 6 after the bye. Ideally, you want him to practice with the ones, and get everyone on the same page, so starting him before that may be tough. This offense is tailor-made for a guy like Glennon, a pocket passer with a cannon arm and the ability to read defenses, who can play-action off his pro-bowl running back. Josh will become the backup (barring someone giving Dom a late-rounder to try him out for the rest of the year), and he will move on somewhere else next year where the offensive system is better suited for his talents.

  44. Illuminati Says:


    Orlovsky’s roster presence may not have so much to do with a lack of faith in Glennon, but perhaps more to do with the knowledge that an in-season Freeman trade was a real possibility.

  45. BucNasty Says:

    I think Schien lives in fantasy land if he trusts Ponder more than Freeman. Did everyone forget that Freeman and Ponder went head to head, and Ponder LOST? And it’s not like the Bucs rode Doug Martin to victory. 3 Freeman TDs to Ponder’s 1, so please just stop with the “I trust Ponder more.”

    You know how to tell when someone has no football knowledge at all? They think any team is going to trade for Josh Freeman this season.

  46. bucrightoff Says:

    CouchFan touches on one of the key points I keep making: The whole concept of “doing enough”. Is that what we accept now? The bare minimum? That 50 minutes of mediocre to poor play is fine because the last 10 was enough? If we got 60 minutes of consistently good football we wouldn’t need to squeak out so many wins. With Freeman playing the way his does when he “does enough”, the margin for error elsewhere becomes exceptionally small. So one mistake by the defense against both the Saints and Jets ruins everything they did right; meanwhile one thing right for Josh at the right time buries everything he did wrong.

  47. Splengo Says:


    You are named for a secret society of men who were the brightest minds of their day. Don’t belittle their legendary place in history with such weak sauce. You can do better than that.

  48. SensibleBuc Says:

    * turns on Glennon vs. FSU *

    * shakes head *

    Schein can’t be serious

  49. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I’m equally blown away with Freeman’s record in college. Especially in Big12 country where they sign one-legged defensive backs. Have you seen B12 QBs gaudy stats??

    Kansas State 680 1151 59.1 8078 7.0 6.5 44 34 124.7


    NC State 646 1069 60.4 7411 6.9 6.8 63 31 132.3

    But, one guy has had 232 quarters of pro football playing with the first team.

    The other? ZERO.

    We can really make an easy comparison, aye???????

  50. JonBuc Says:

    Liked Schein when he was paired with Gannon…somehow he got his own show and now he’s like the geek from high school that acts tough because he’s making decent money with his family’s business. I ‘m guessing he played ” left out” in every sport he tried.

  51. TrueBuc Says:

    Lynch just made an excellent point regarding Freeman. The coaches (Sciano &Sully) are trying to make him play out of his skillset. They want him to be a quick drop back pocket passer. But he’s not that type of quarterback. He’s best at shifting around, buying time to get his receivers open, and if nothing is there tuck it for a few yards instead of tossing it out of bounds. That kind of QB play can tire out defenses. Plus it would limit sacks. The coaches need to play to his strengths.

    If Glennon starts, Schiano better hope he’s at least as good as Freeman, or he will lose this team. And then he’ll lose his job.

    LMAO @Walter. Scheins rape face. I was thinkin he looks like he’s down with the syndrome.

  52. TrueBuc Says:

    I dont care if youre a Freemanite or with the Mike Glennon Mob, on 1st down, we called just 5 pass plays, and called 17 run plays. Thats worse than our run run pass punt offense with Dilfer.

    We need to have balance on offense and keep the defense honest. If they dont trust Freeman, just cut him! Dont hold back the rest of the team just cause you dont trust/like your QB!

  53. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Pretty sure Dominick makes the personnel calls. Schiano can’t release anyone. Yet, I see no one calling for Dominick’s head. Only Schiano.

  54. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, I guess my request for the Freeman supports has fallen on deaf ears.

    I will take it that you support him without question. No matter what he might do wrong in the future, he’s your guy. There is nothing that might change that. Nothing.

    Got it.

  55. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    “If Josh Freeman is the answer, I’d love to know the question.”

    Question = Who is the most fan/media protected QB in the NFL?

  56. Couch Fan Says:

    @ Oil

    Did you expect anything else? They have proved as much over and over again.

  57. Buccaneer79 Says:

    I am not a fan of Adam Schein, although he would make solid arguments when I would tolerate the sound of his voice on SiriusXM NFL Radio, which most of the time bordered on unlistenable, but he is ridiculous with his comments here.

    “Absolutely in chaos,” I don’t believe that for a second.

    “Josh Freeman wants a trade,” right?

    “Bench him,” won’t happen unless he REALLY SUCKS.

    “The whole report about rigging the captaincy,” I actually think Schein is a pretty smart dude, but if anyone believes that one, whatever.

    Same goes with the Revis being unhappy. Those reports (Freeman missing team photo, wanting traded & Revis’ unhappiness), don’t know where they came from, but it seems to me that some one hates Schiano, Freeman, Revis, Dominik, a combination of those, or the Tampa Bay organization as a whole. Only the team photo thing was real; the other two=garbage. Seriously. Someone with a vendetta.

    Freeman has struggled, no doubt. But I still don’t put it all on him. Joe talked about the lack of Crabtree on Duemig’s show, who obviously doesn’t like Schiano, but he brought up the passing only twice on 1st down, both to start the game. Shaun King even says to free Freeman, which I actually agree with. I don’t want to see Mike Glennon on the field, barring an injury to Josh; do any of you real, die-hard Buc fans really want this? Another potential 10-game losing skid? Time to open up the offense in the most effective way. Trust your starting QB, coaches, fans…who cares if the media does, or doesn’t? Especially the coaches, though, because, forget about Glennon, you won’t coach him for long, IF he starts–I just don’t see him being “the answer,” unless the question is “what caused you to lose your job, Coach?”

    Get on the same page with everyone in that offense, & shut all this nonsense up. The Buccaneers have a chance to beat the Patriots, much better than the last 2 meetings. The D can keep them in it, the offense will probably have to win it. I believe! GO BUCS!