The Special Teams Revival

August 17th, 2013

Michael Smith made a case for himself to lose his captaincy of the inactive list

It wasn’t all doom and gloom last night for the Bucs.

After a heinous display of special teams play last week against the Ravens — fumbled punt, blocked punt and more — the Bucs rebounded against the Patriots to actually look strong. Well done, Coach Wannstedt and friends.

Captain of the inactive list Michael Smith used his 4.3 speed and good blocking to rip off a 63-yard kick return to start the Bucs’ first possession. That was damn good, especially against the first-teamers. Will Smith win a roster spot because of it? Doubtful. But he’s surely earned more opportunities.

WR Eric Page did nothing to lose his role as top punt returner (one return for three yards.) With another solid night in Miami on Saturday, there’s no doubt Page will earn a roster spot. After all, the Bucs’ improved pass rush and secondary should generate a lot more punts, so the returner position has increased importance, right? Joe can dream.

Page also returned two kicks for 68 yards.

Derek Dimke hit a couple of field goals, and the coverage teams were sound.

8 Responses to “The Special Teams Revival”

  1. Ruggyup Says:

    NO! It was not all gloom and doom. Our marvelous record setting qb Freeman starts 2 games in a row with a collision with the running back and a broken play. For downright ineptitude this has to be paradise for all stat boy record keepers. A new streak going! Oh, yeah, it wasn’t his fault. Gotcha.

  2. Mitch Says:

    Extreme sarcasm and pouting never got anyone the results they were looking for; unless, it was an ornery child deserving discipline ,or a fool looking for a right hook! Preseason is speculation at it’s best because you can not determine where the TEAM is headed based on the outcome of it. The majority here on this awesome Website need to do yourselves a favor, learn patience ,and withhold your condemning/uplifting judgements’ for ,when the games have real value , the regular season.

  3. MegaDaveUK Says:

    I thought one of the few highlights of last night was legit NFL standard special teams – something we have not had for like 3 years, if not more.

  4. Back up kicker Says:

    Demps should be in camp next week.

  5. the_buc_realist Says:

    Dave Wannstedt, deserves credit for the well outing last night.

    The stash for President!

  6. SacBucs Says:

    Joe all the wise cracking on Michael Smith when he is by far our greatest returner period. He could go to the house on any play if our weak a$s scheme can gwt him to the second level.

    You cant coach speed. Either you got it or you dont! Release him so he can shine somewhere else.

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    One kick return does not get Smith a roster spot. Leonard, Hillis and James are much better runners than Smith and that’s the main thing you keep a RB for. Schiano even said that the KR job is not that important when compared to the PR job, and they have several guys who can return kickoffs. I still don’t see Smith making the final 53.

  8. Kevin Says:

    I wanted Michael smith to get some action last season behind doug martin…but never got the chance. Mike James looked REALLY good the other night so I hope they give Smith the shot at return man. He is our best bet