Final Dress Rehearsal

August 23rd, 2013
daquan bowers 0701

It would allow Joe to rest easier at night if Bucs left defensive end Da’Quan Bowers has a monster game tomorrow.

For all intents and purposes, Saturday’s game with the Fish in South Florida will be the last time many Bucs projected starters will face a snap against angry competition until the Bucs head to Gotham to face the Jets.

Will Josh freeman look like the franchise quarterback he is? Will Doug Martin get on track? Will the banged up offensive line do well? Can the Bucs breathe on an opposing quarterback?

It is that last question that WDAE-AM 620 Bucs beat writer Tom Krasniqi believes is the most important.

The Bucs would love to see their front four apply some pressure to Ryan Tannehill and company on Saturday. With that being said, expect to see quite a bit of the rookies, especially defensive ends William Gholston and Steven Means in particular. They have flashed some pass rush ability in camp and the Bucs are looking for anyone that can apply pressure. Rookie defensive tackle Akeem Spence will also see quality playing time. The team has been pleased with his progress at the tilted nose tackle position and coaches believe he can provide a push up the middle. Expect Spence to start on Opening Day.

The key to the team’s ass rush are defensive ends Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers. Clayborn is starting to come around but Bowers has been admittedly out of shape and the team could play him quite a bit on Saturday. Schiano continues to push Bowers in practice. “Oh, I think the ceiling is unknown,” Schiano said regarding Bowers’ potential. “I think he can really be a fantastic player. Consistency is the big thing right now, but I do think he’s making strides. I think he’s improved in this training camp.”

It would be awfully nice Da’Quan Bowers cement his anointment at starting defensive end and look like the stud the Bucs thought he would be prior to the season based on shaky personnel decisions. For the Bucs to make a serious run to a postseason berth, pass rushing must be evident in each and every game.

Every Bucs fan knows the question on offense.

32 Responses to “Final Dress Rehearsal”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    Tell me more about this ass rush?…

  2. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “The key to the team’s ass rush are defensive ends”

    Well said!

  3. joseph mamma Says:

    That’s what the team is building with there dominant front four, an ass rush?

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    For me he doesn’t even need to have a monster game. I just want to see him have effort and look energized. Get some push on their tackle. Won’t bother me if he doesn’t get a sack or even pressure the QB. Just looking like he any amount of energy would show improvement and that is all I ask for.

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    I’m talking about De’Quan of course

  6. joseph mamma Says:

    I know it’s just preseason but did anybody catch the way Carolina’s front seven played last night? They dominated.

  7. Chiefbucsfan Says:

    I definitely would like to see more pass rush, and a lot less ass rush! LOL!

  8. BucDan Says:


    “For me he doesn’t even need to have a monster game. I just want to see him have effort and look energized. Get some push on their tackle. Won’t bother me if he doesn’t get a sack or even pressure the QB. Just looking like he any amount of energy would show improvement and that is all I ask for.”

    THIS. Show us some hustle, De’Quan!!!! Run a few plays down if needed!

  9. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Ass rush….priceless

  10. terry4505 Says:

    How is it possible for a professional athlete to be “Out of Shape” two weeks before the season starts?

    I’m being completely serious. I am freakin’ high school social studies teacher and I workout every day and eat right. Bowers looks chunky and like he hasn’t seen the inside of gym in months.

  11. Stranger Says:

    @joseph mamma

    They looked solid, especially Short (who I wanted). Hard to get an exact read on them though since the Ravens were lousy and Flacco was telegraphing a bunch of his throws. Dude didn’t even notice Kuechly was spying him. I have no idea why the Ravens were willing to bloat the QB market to resign him.

  12. Stranger Says:


    One possible excuse is he underestimated the demands of being a starter, which might be worse. He obviously coasted by on his training and needed someone to get on him about it months ago. This is his year and he should have been motivated about it.

  13. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Kuechly was the one guy I did not want in the same division.

  14. mike norris Says:

    it seems like every off season the Dom has one area off need he refuses to address and goes with guys we already have on the roster. This year its depth and a back up plan at d line. One year it was , lets not have at least two good running back, we can just go with huggins and lumpkin. I think we will regret either not signing someone like john abraham or resigning michael bennett. I hope im wrong!!!!!

  15. Tomcin Says:

    Don’t forget we could’ve had Kuechly but took Barron. Another great move by the Bucs.

  16. Kansasbuc Says:

    “The key to the team’s ass rush are defensive ends Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers”.

    Yeah, Clayborn and Bowers, get that QB right where it hurts!! lol

  17. Chris Says:

    Any of us buc fans basically guaranteeing playoffs better tone it down. Carolina has looked extremely sharp especially defensively. They’re front 7 is something to keep an eye on. St. Louis is improved.

    Our first teamers looked lazy. Our qb looks lazy and indecisive.

  18. the_buc_realist Says:


    I have been saying that if luck is on the side of the Bucs, then they might be able to secure 3rd place in the division. It will be a long, tough season for our Bucs!

    Go Bucs!

  19. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Yes… I noticed the “ass rush” play on words too.

    Joe, you drink your Mt. Dew this morning?

  20. d-money Says:

    I love how Carolina plays great in the preaseason and everyone is ready to crown them division champs.

    Anyone who puts ANY stock in the pre-season good or bad is a fool.

    Now they may end up having a great defense but team playing well in a preseason game doesn’t mean squat.

    The lions went 4-0 in the pre-season a few years ago and then proceeded to go 0-16 in the regular season.

  21. d-money Says:


    Yeah they took Mark Baron then traded back into the first and got Doug Martin and still got Lavonte David so yeah i’d say that was a pretty good move on their part.

  22. Illuminati Says:

    @ Tomcin

    We also could have taken Greg Hardy with a measly sixth round selection. I threw up in my mouth a little bit when we took Brent Bowden with Hardy still on the board.

  23. Chris Says:

    Not one person is putting stock into preseason records. It’s performance by first teamers. Carolina looked sharp.

  24. Buc4lyfe Says:

    @mike norris

    i could argue that bennett had 9 sacks because of scheme…how many total before 2012….he had 6 total in 3 years so he’s still a one year wonder. how easily we forget clayborn lead us in sacks as a rookie and he’s gettin no love as if bennett was our best lineman…he was last year but one year does nothing for me, it does nothing for critics on josh freeman or anyone else on the team, he had 4 sacks clayborn rookie year and 1 each of the years before and if freeman at his age is what he is then we’ve seen the best of bennett at like 27yrs old. x

  25. Buc4lyfe Says:

    all we have to do is win our division games and get the wild card spot….guess what saints had the #1 OFFENSE in 2012 but they still had a 7-9 record just like bucs and panthers and they are a hall of fame qb, their defense isnt going to better than it was last year but people dont look at it that was because of one name drew brees well look what #1 offense got them last year its no different than what we got with #1 against run and last against pass, once thats fixed whats to say we cant outscore a team with bad defense like saints. i think they will be last and 2nd spot will come down to bucs and panthers

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    That made me laugh so hard, was so unexpected ahahaha, classic.

    I don’t need to see anything spectacular, solid execution all around would be nice though. We can do it.

  27. mike norris Says:

    @bucs4lyfe.. ok so i guess bowers will have at least 9 sacks this year and he and clayborne will playall 16 games and if not i’m sure their back ups will produce bennett

  28. Buc4lyfe Says:

    nah man….bowers had been a disappointment so far thats why i said he has no excuse just like freeman, freeman has all the weapons he needs, bowers has all the attention on the right side of the line so whoever is over there needs to produce and he’s the one who said its a disappointment if he doesnt have double digit sacks. but to me its no coincidence bennett finally had a high number of sacks in schiano’s first year, alot of it has to do with scheme as much as talent, if your in the nfl its because have talent….only thing i dont like about bucs are those damns stupid stunts, who the hell loops a pass rusher around another trying to get to tom brady as if the ball will still be there, first damn snap against the patriots they did that….nah im not scared of bowers starting, im scared of the damn defensive coordinator i think sheridan is the weak link which is why he got fired from the ny giants

  29. Buc4lyfe Says:

    i like think alot of talent is coming in with schiano coaching which is why there arent many left over from the raheem morris era….i think people are so angry because they expect playoffs, your already disappointed so whats wrong with expecting the defensive line to improve…yea i expect double digit sacks if he cant do it then get someone who can but i understand letting bennett go…finally getting 9 sacks in a contract year so yea he finally put in the work to have a big year, im not suprised at all but his first year with that much production and its in a contract year…for all we know he could have gotten a contract and fell off the map again

  30. buc4life24 Says:

    Chris has it right, no one cares about the score, but how you look doing it is another thing!

    There is something to be said for getting it going in preseason so it carries over into the regular season. Mentally it would help this squad believe all the hard work in practice is working and translating on the field. That damn Pass rush and pass protection w/ the 1st teamers needs a BIG wake up call and get it going!!

  31. stevek Says:


    Luke Keuchly looked sharp.

    IMO, this should motivate Mark Barron to up his game this year.

    We could have traded back, drafted Keuchly, and still had the ammo to get Martin in the end of the 1st round….

    I really think Barron will be a boss, and I hope he can assert himself the same way Keuchly has….

    Imagine Keuchly + David? Hopefully Barron+ David forms a better duo.

    Sigh….. If the Panthers do better than us this year, than Dominick is in trouble.

  32. P walk Says:

    Too much stock being put into this preseason, it really doesnt matter how you look in preseason. The so called experts make their predictions based on preseason and are amost always wrong. I believe Bowers will end up doing a good job in the season.