“He Is Not Even Close To Being Healthy”

August 26th, 2013

Bad signs are coming from Davin Joseph, says former Bucs guard Ian Beckles.

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) was horrified by the Bucs’ offensive line play against the Dolphins on Saturday. Horrified!

Nearly every member of the line caught Beckles’ wrath this morning on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620. (full audio below) Even returning Bucs stud guard Davin Joseph did not impress Beckles. A huge fan of Joseph, Beckles explained that he’s certain Joseph isn’t ready to play.

“He is not even close to being healthy. I played that same position and I watched him labor and really try to stay away from piles, so I don’t think he’s really confident with that knee,” Beckles said of Joseph.

The Bucs did some great things with their run blocking on Saturday, but certainly the pass blocking was atrocious. Joe’s starting to wonder whether Donald Penn’s significantly lighter frame is affecting his play.

21 Responses to ““He Is Not Even Close To Being Healthy””

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    Above all else the o line is what worries me the most. I suggest we pick up a LG when that major cut day happens.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    I put Beckles opinions right up there with Shaun King’s opinions, meaningless. If i wanted a analysis of local happy hour or drinking establishments I’d go to beckels. If I wanted reviews of local buffets I’d go to King.

    The entire line looked sluggish and if I were Joseph I would have avoided piles too during a meaningless practice game. I think the bucs offense looked horrible that being said I also feel everyone is blowing it out of proportion. I will reserve my judgements for week 1. The first team offense has played so sparingly it would be hard for them to have their timing down. There has been zero continuity with the line all preseason. I have faith that Bostad did not get stupid during one off-season and will have his guys ready to play and motivated week 1. Joe has repeatably stated he thought Bostad is one of the best line coaches and I too share that opinion.

    I will say that the post game press conference Freeman gave raised all sorts of red flags with me. I have been a Freeman supporter but I was not only disappointed with his play but his demeanor after the game during press conference. Glennon is not the answer but I am starting to feel like Freeman is not either.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I will generalize the topic this way:
    If we have OL problems, it’s not going to matter whose at QB….or RB or WR.

  4. Patrick Says:

    This team just constantly has bad luck.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Why is Joseph tentative? After all, the alleged “rock star” knows knees!

  6. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    sick of people blaming the O line.

    yeah, they stunk it up……but that does not stop Pittsburgh, Denver and 1/2 dozen other teams.

    a decent QB with a quick read would help.

    I will say though they need shorter routes to get the ball out. that or free needs to audible.

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    I saw Shaun King there with Beckles & it looks like Shaun could play on our line….oh, I forgot!!!

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  8. RBellBuc Says:


    Freeman’s demeanor has been affected by what his peers have said about him publicly, even when he claims he hasn’t been listening. Not to mention some of the vile comments made by the fan base. Anyone who is demoralized daily to the length that Freeman has lately would also be reluctant to answer pointed questions by the scolding press core. Kind of hard to feel upbeat when they tear you down constantly. I’m certain he was depressed by that performance, and you know deep down he wanted it to be perfect. Freeman is taking to much of the blame and it is killing his confidence. I’ve said this before to friends of mine that I think the team should hire a therapist to work with Freeman to overcome his timidness. Sort of a Quarterback whisperer if you will. McNulty’s not a shrink.

  9. Andrew 1 Says:


  10. Biff Barker Says:

    Joseph was hurt last preseason and I’m sure he didn’t want to blow the knee out during this one either.
    Wasn’t Penn saying just last week how good DJ looked?

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    RBellBuc – Nice Post. I agree with you. I don’t care what anyone says that barrage of attacks both professional and personal eventually will take the toll on anyone. I laugh when people say “They dont’ care what anyone thinks or say.” Eventually it takes a toll on even the strongest person especially when it’s coming fast and furious from all angles. I will say this one last time. He is only 24 and it’s his second year in the system. Not just because I am a die hard Buc fan since 78 but because I think he is a decent guy, I wish him well.

  12. BucDan Says:


    “I think the bucs offense looked horrible that being said I also feel everyone is blowing it out of proportion. I will reserve my judgements for week 1. The first team offense has played so sparingly it would be hard for them to have their timing down. ”

    Great input. Singling Josh out, he did not look good. When you include the rest of the offense, that needs to play as a whole, they really looked like shit. Great job seeing through all of the second teamers out there.

  13. Ricardo Esteban Says:


    get him a therapist. any guy who does not have the strength of mind not to need a therapist…well I don’t want him as our QB.

    what next stuffed animals?

  14. Kevin Says:

    Two things people….most of those sacks were possible because our RB’s and TE’s were not picking up the blitzes. Now Josh can do something about this as well, and he didn’t do a very good job at it either. I don’t blame the entire O-line. Our offense as a whole was terrible. I also don’t believe we have shown ANY of our cards yet. Literally we are doing NOTHING to even try and outsmart the defenses….and come regular season and they blitz us we’ll dump it off to Martin, Ogletree, or Crabtree. They haven’t even attempted to do that yet this preseason. Sulivian showed everyone last year he knows how to dial up some creative stuff. It’s too early to panic.

  15. Tim Says:

    For the first time ever I agree with bucfanjeff.

  16. Dreambig Says:

    The silly left pitch play to mike James that lost 5 yards was directly Penn’s fault. He went out of his way not to touch the DE right in front of him to go downfield and take on a linebacker. That same DE mauled James for the loss. This is the NFL, if your not going to touch a DE, he is going to make you pay. Two games in a row with the worst O’line play I have seen in a long time!

  17. BirdDoggers Says:

    Hopefully Joseph’s knee will be fine, along with his confidence. The O line looked to be a strength of this team. A bad toe and a rebuilt knee sure have changed things.

  18. tonytwocents Says:

    I always felt the line was a bit overhyped. They’re weakness has always been pass protection, and picking up the blitz.

    Since they make up for it with above average run blocking, we need to get back to Buc Ball. We dont need to follow the light-it-up trend in the NFL. The best way to beat the Brees’ and Brady’s, is keep em off the field. Pound the motherf-ckin Rock!


    RBellBuc, Agree with you 100%. My bro and I have been talking about pretty much the same thing. I don’t care who you are, to constantly be ripped will have a negative effect on anyone. I hope he has a great season not just because he’s our QB, but because he seems like a good young man !!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Ian, he is entertaining at times with occasional good points, but if you prescribe to everything he says, the Bucs would never win another game.

  21. Mike M Says:

    If I recall Beckles played with some Greats. I listen to the constant Buc smear campaign that he regurgitates (and his buddy Sean King.) They represent everything bad about Tampa sports talk radio. If ya can’t say something good about your former team then get out of town, we don’t need you. I am a Buc fan and if they go 0-16 I will still support them. Their all we have…….. Go Bucs