Gaitor, Smith Dodge Cuts With IR

August 26th, 2013

Cornerback Anthony Gaitor was placed on the injured reserve list. The Bucs must trim their roster to the mandatory 75 by tomorrow.

The Bucs must cut their roster to the mandatory 75 by tomorrow and now unemployed players got the bad news today.

Joe is confident none of the names will jump out at you but two names that escaped the Grim Reaper by being put on the injuried reserve list were the captain of the 2012 inactive list, running back Michael Smith, and cornerback Anthony Gaitor.

The fate of both players was not unexpected.

Smith, drafted last year, was brought in mainly to be used as a return specialist. However, he could only return kicks and was not (or could not be) used elsewhere on special teams. In the waning days of training camp, Smith rarely took snaps with the second team, always a red flag.

Gaitor, with the addition of Darrelle Revis, Mike Adams and Johnthan Banks, was on the bubble when training camp began. With Revis looking to play against the Jets (at least at this point), Gaitor’s future with the Bucs was hanging by a thread.

(Don’t worry. The Bucs won’t bring back Nine Lives Myron Lewis.)

Veteran receiver Derek Hagan, who played under Mike Sullivan with the Giants, and veteran fullback Spencer Larsen, were cut, among others. No surprises there at all, but the cutting of Larsen could signal that Erik Lorig is getting healthy and/or the Bucs might be considering Peyton Hillis as a backup fullback.

22 Responses to “Gaitor, Smith Dodge Cuts With IR”

  1. Touchdown Gus Says:

    And we picked up Mike Shanahan to be our tight end……he seems kinda old to playing the position but with what we have on the roster……:-p

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Don’t you have to be injured to be put on injured reserve? Why not just cut both if they aren’t in the plans?

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    My bad, I didn’t realize the severity of Gaitor’s injury until I read the link.

  4. Drew Says:

    I cut my Evil Free bobble head doll today.

  5. Steven Says:


    Gaitor: torn ACL, Smith: torn foot ligament

    IR means they’re still bucs and aren’t on the free agent market right now (could be seen as an advantage)

  6. Drew Says:

    Retained the Good Free bobble head.

  7. Drew Says:

    Evil Free will probably be picked up by the Jets and come back to haunt me.

  8. RBellBuc Says:

    Hate to tell you this Drew, but they switched places! … lol

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Booger made some very good points on Freeman today.

    He went 6 of 16 Saturday. 4 were drops. That would have been 10 of 16. Penn and Mike James both gave up sacks on third downs, so Josh could have done even better. He had two overthrows. Brady and Manning had overthrows as well.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Owusu was cut, Joe!


  11. Stanglassman Says:

    Cut- DE Ernest Owuwu

  12. Stanglassman Says:


  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Stanglassman, I know. I was messing with Joe. Hehe.

  14. Splengo Says:

    That Shanahan pick-up from the Jets is a little CIA work that Schiano learned from Belichick. After he is water boarded for the Jets play book, he will be released before the Saturday deadline.

  15. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    I think players put on IR prior to the season are subject to the waiver wire. (Not positive about this.) I believe that is how the Patriots stole Jake Ballard from the Giants.

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    Sorry about that Bonzai, You freaked me out a minute and I had to go look it up.

  17. Andrew 1 Says:

    didnt know Gaitor tore his ACL. bummer.

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    whatever happened to Owusu the WR anyway? a lot of hype at the beginning of camp and now nothin.

  19. BucDan Says:


    “He went 6 of 16 Saturday. 4 were drops. That would have been 10 of 16. Penn and Mike James both gave up sacks on third downs, so Josh could have done even better. He had two overthrows. Brady and Manning had overthrows as well.”

    Do me a favor and stop making sense, ok? You’re just another one of those ‘Freemanites’…..

    You know what else Brady and Manning had? More first team play overall this preseason! But, you know, that can’t lead to a little team chemistry.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BucDan, lol. You got me there 😉

  21. scubog Says:

    That’s what I thought too Splengo. All right Mike, let’s have it; Mark or Geno?

  22. 76buc76 Says:

    If we were to claim from a team. Just to get some insight into their playbook. Why not take a Saint. We play them twice and as early as week 2. More likely they like the player had him in their list. Belichek just taught us how to bug the opposing coach hotel room’s. If we are resorting to this to beat the Jet’s. We are in big trouble. The season is over if we lose to the Jet’s. Were using this game as our 5th preseason game. Starter’s play the whole game thou