“Freeman Can’t Carry The Offense”

August 16th, 2013
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Ronde Barber offered a harsh assessment of Josh Freeman

Now Joe has gone on record, dozens of times, stating Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman should start the season because he gives the Bucs the best chance to get to the playoffs.h

That doesn’t mean Joe hasn’t had issues with Freeman and still questions whether Freeman will ever be able to turn the corner and be thought of as a winner, not racking up needless fantasy football statistics.

Apparently, former Bucs great Ronde Barber and Joe are like-minded. Barber, after watching a poor first-half performance by Freeman (he had as many sacks as completions), Barber, now a talking head for FOX Sports, said at halftime Freeman cannot put a team on his back, so reports Ian Rapoport of NFL.com.

@RapSheet: Ronde Barber on Fox on ex-teammate Josh Freeman: “Josh Freeman can’t carry the offense by himself. We all know that. He’s prone to mistakes”

This is why Joe has been so skeptical of Freeman. Joe always compares Freeman’s college days to Eli Manning’s. Quick, name an NFL player who Manning had as an offensive teammate? Yet Manning put the Rebels on his back and nearly got to an SEC title game (a close loss to Auburn prevented that), but did get Ole Miss to a Cotton Bowl, a New Years Day game.

Freeman, in three years as a starter, just once threw for more touchdowns than interceptions and his only bowl game came in the world renowned Texas Bowl, where the Wildcats were routed by Greg Schiano and the mighty Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

Oh, and Freeman for two years (including the Texas Bowl appearance) had a future NFL offensive starter as a teammate. Some wide receiver you may have heard of, Jordy Nelson.

Joe had thought the way Freeman practiced prior to this week, by all accounts, terrible, that he had turned the corner. Well, Freeman is having another Six Flags moment. More and more Joe is convinced this is who Freeman is and Bucs fans should learn to accept the manic swings in his performance.

Freeman’s NFL mark against teams with a winning record? A dismal 6-15.

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  1. Oahubuc Says:

    But but the o-line. But but different schemes. But but… I’m sure we can dig up some reason why he performed the exact same way in college. He would be a consistent All-Pro if only he had the perfect cheerleaders, some Reebok Pumps cleats, Megatron, Jerry Rice, Adrian Peterson, the Hogs, the ’85 Bears defense, and custom turf at Ray Jay.

  2. BucoBruce Says:

    Glennon should go ahead and start and get him ready for the final stretch to lead us to the playoffs.Glennon is the next Brady!

  3. BucoBruce Says:

    I really hope in a couple of years there is no doubt about Gleennon and every Buc fan loves him.

  4. grif4foozball Says:


  5. Stranger Says:

    Somehow, I got the impression Ronde was saying the offense needs to improve and not that Freeman was terrible. But I guess that’s just me.

  6. grif4foozball Says:

    @STRANGER,no it was u and ronde.

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    cant wait for the season to come so that all you haters will disappear with their tail between their legs.

  8. Eric Reyes Says:

    Thank you Ronde! Finally somone with real Bucs credentials states the facts. Now maybe some of the Freeman jock riders will see the light. Doubt it tho…can’t fix stupid even with duck tape!

  9. grif4foozball Says:

    @BUCO,compared to freegirl,I already love him and orlovsky for that matter.

  10. Stranger Says:

    Well, its good to know me and Ronde are on the same page. Would much rather be reasonable then angry just because.

  11. Shaun King Says:

    Freeman sucks!! Glennon sucks!! Schiano sucks!! The Bucs suck!! I certainly didn’t suck though!

  12. grif4foozball Says:

    And as far as what ronde said…duh…it’s called political correctness(wussufication of america),now if you want a real opinion ask Sapp cause he’ll give it to ya baby.

  13. Mean D Says:

    Freeman just doesn’t have it. But I think we will still make the playoffs.

  14. Stranger Says:

    Sapp would likely say the same thing, that a QB can’t complete a pass when he’s on the ground. He would likely call out the coaching staff as well. Sapp is blunt, not stupid.

  15. BFFL Says:

    The starting OL was terrible and Freeman’s footwork stinks. Glennon’s footwork and decisiveness was very good but I’m sure Freeman would have looked better in the same situation against NE’s terrible 2nd/3rd string defense. The pass rush was awful but credit NE’s quick pace and scheming for neutralizing the rush (Sully needs to take note). Bowers needs to be cut. He simply sucks. Nice play by Spence on the screen. How can the defense leave a wide open RB in the flat on 3rd and short (makes me suspecious of Sheridan). Nice to see the special teams rebound. Revis, please come back soon.

  16. grif4foozball Says:


  17. Stranger Says:

    And Sapp would give you that. But do keep in mind he probably wouldn’t blame Freeman.

  18. grif4foozball Says:

    Well Stranger,let’s just hope for the best for our bucs,my friend.There is a lesson to be learned in your mannerism a lot of people would have name called,good debate.

  19. BamBamBuc Says:

    Based on preseason this year, true…. Freeman can’t carry this offense. Also true, the defense still can’t carry the offense either. So, unlike our Super Bowl year, we are kind of stuck relying on our offense to carry the defense (of course, we still haven’t seen Revis, but everyone else is playing). Freeman can’t carry the offense, and the line has played poorly in both run and pass blocking. Martin hasn’t done well (due to blocking), so he can’t carry the offense. One hope would be that the return of Nicks and Joseph (if and when they can return) could improve the blocking, open holes for Martin, keep Freeman upright and maybe turn things around to carry our defense.

    As of now, it looks like our pass D may be slightly improved, but our run D has dropped off. Still not a good situation. So, if our RB is constantly hit in the backfield and our QB is on his behind on the ground we probably have no chance (unless Revis is Superman and can cover the run and pass all over the field). Yet it’s preseason, so plenty can change in the next couple weeks. I hope for the better, because I’d hate to see these players just give up on the team like the entire 2011 team did. That was just horrid to watch, and if it happens again should require another house cleaning, top to bottom.

  20. nate Says:

    Freeman learn to move around use some of that athletic ability yes the oline sucked but you have legs use them…we should just trade you to the chiefs then…

  21. Macabee Says:

    The whole team looked like it had the jitters starting off. Never have I seen Doug Martin run right into the QB. Freeman is Freeman and no, he can’t carry the offense, but he was nowhere on the field when Brady took the Ginsu knives to our defense!

    Contrast Tom Brady and his performance albeit with Amendola and 3 UDFAs in TE Sudfeld, WRs Dobson and Thomkins. That’s got something to do with coaching. At some point we have to look at the whole picture. With all of our high draft and highly paid skill positions, why aren’t we a better football team?

  22. chris Says:

    Lets get this clear. Glennon looked head and shoulders better than josh tonight and no it’s not bc he went up against 2s and 3s. Just look at the pocket presence, throwing on anticipation, and decisive throws. Glennon gets the ball out on time. Freeman waits for his wr to get open. Glennon is quicker with his eyes and stands tall in the pocket. Freeman panics under pressure and doesn’t adjust the play to react to a pre snap blitz.

    The defensive line has no depth and pass rush. If McCoy or Clayborn go down we are screwed. Look for the pass defense to struggle again bc our pass rush didn’t get better.

  23. Stranger Says:


    He showed the ability to move, when everyone on the line didn’t get beat at once. Sadly, most of the time three of our linemen got beat.


    Except he didn’t. Against the same defense the results were the same. QB on the ground, their defense on our backfield. You can make up imaginary projections all you want but the facts are clear. Blitz First string = QB on the ground. Vanilla 2nd/3rd string = time to throw.

  24. jim Says:

    the sky is not falling fellas… Think about the personnel from the offense of last year…even with the erratic play at qb, the bucs were 7-9. I think they improved slightly with depth in the rb/fb position. What has improved is the defense, despite the loss of bennett. The team is young, and with the drastic improvement on the pass defense, the bucs should be able to swing about 3 more wins this year.

  25. delson Says:

    Lol Barber cant carry a defense he is mistake prone.

  26. delson Says:

    I remember our d line dominating. Is that disrespectful? Lol argue that

  27. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Nothing like fans making decisive conclusions on how Freeman will do based on four drives through two games.

    Glennon looked really good at times. That pick six was a terrible decision though. I am confident with Glennon backing up Freeman this season and, if need be, take over. Although, I don’t think it will be necessary.

  28. BigSombrero Says:

    Wow Ronde said Free couldn’t carry an offense. Uh duh. Is this news to anyone? Free isn’t Rodgers. Free isn’t Brady. He isn’t Brees. He isn’t Manning. Heck he isn’t Romo for that matter.

    Free is what he has been, an inconsistent QB with a ton of unrealized upside and a penchant for turnovers. Hopefully that doesn’t surprise anyone. Ronde knows that, any fan should know that. If you think Freeman is good enough to carry this team you are delusional at best.

  29. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Freeman is “gun shy”, reluctant to pull the trigger unless it’s a sure thing, or unless he’s under extreme duress (or if at all).

    I hate to admit it, but Glennon processes the game faster mentally.

    Freeman is very intelligent, yet he is slow football-wise mentally…

    He needs time to process things pre-snap, after snap, and during the play…

    Don’t let your eyes fool you…

    We need to look at starting Glennon…

  30. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Would Glennon have had 4000+ passing with VJax and Mike Will last year???

    I think so…

  31. Stranger Says:

    @Pewter Bullion

    Well, would you and the rest of the fan base allow him to play like Brett Favre? Because that’s what you would be asking him to do. But if he was to play like that and get some extra plays from it, people would still keep a close eye on his INT count. And no, Glennon doesn’t read quicker than Freeman. The few times Freeman got time, he went through his reads pretty quickly. Crabtree was like his 4th or 5th read, Olgetree his third. In comparison, Glennon has a bunch of first or second read passes. Which is perfectly fine for where he is in his development.

  32. Pewter Bullion Says:

    The longest career Buc EVER (Barber) said that Freeman “can’t carry an offense”. This is a guy who was IN THE LOCKER ROOM WITH HIM!

    Why are people doubting BARBER while knowing he suffered years of Trent Dilfer???

    NO Reputable defense (or fans of said defense) respects Freeman. How long will you lie to yourselves???

    Even Ron Jaworski is disappointed…

    Freeman looks like a QB, talks like a QB, but is really a politician…

    He should run for office, I’ll vote for him, but no longer will I vote for him to be QB…

    I’m ready for impeachment!

  33. Stranger Says:

    No one is doubting Barber. My complaint is that people are twisting his quote as a negative for Freeman instead of a criticism of our offense. Barber had a birds eye view of the game, so perhaps he was saying that the line should block better and the receivers could get better separation. But no, lets jump straight to thrashing Freeman. That’s what all the cool people do right?

  34. Pewter Bullion Says:


    In his 1st yr, I wouldn’t be as concerned about his INT count if he tripled it with production. Glennon throws the ball with more accuracy than Free, and with more anticipation. Russel Wilson had to start somewhere, so did Matt Ryan. Glennon came from the same school and cloth as they did.

    Besides, I’m not sure he would have more INT’s than Freeman in a NORMAL year sans 2010.

    Freeman is an NFL QB vet now. No more excuses after three years ok? I know we like to talk about different offenses, QB coaches, yada yada ya…


    But alas, asking a mediocre guy to do something extraordinary is asking too much. You don’t have to believe me, just ask Barber…

  35. Pewter Bullion Says:

    @ STRANGER again:

    I believe Barber said that “FREEMAN CAN’T CARRY THE OFFENSE”.

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I gathered from his commentary.

    As a matter of fact, I HOPE you can prove me wrong… PLEASE prove me wrong! I really want to believe in Josh, but reality is like a rhinoceros sitting on my back!

  36. Stranger Says:

    Partially true. Glennon has a better short range pass, Freeman currently has a better deep ball. And for the record, Wilson and Glennon couldn’t be more different. People just like to lump them together because of school. And again, you’re asking for him to be risky with the ball. If he does and the receiver can’t make a play on the ball and something bad happen, people shout for his head. If you want the offense to excel, you need to ask everyone to do their job probably instead of wishing we had a miracle worker at the QB position. If the line held up, and receivers got a slight separation, then we at least would have had a chance to see if he was more accurate this year or not. But for now, we’re better line play away from that happening.

    And you’re still spinning Barber’s quote.

  37. Stranger Says:

    Well, when people say “carry” they generally infer that said player is significantly better than the rest of the offense. That works for Brady, but not for Freeman. And that’s fine. Championship teams have been won with less. But what this does mean is the rest of the offense needs to do their job. If they hold up their end of the deal, then we can ask Freeman to do the same. That’s what we should be hoping for instead of hoping Freeman can develop into a QB that can break multiple tackles from 270+ lbs defense players, target receivers who aren’t open, and throw them the ball in such a way that it sticks to their hands.

  38. Pewter Bullion Says:

    You can call it spinning if you want to, but Barber’s quote was SIGNIFICANT. Barber has seen a hell of a lot more of football at a HIGH level than you or I have.

    Barber has made his name on game-planning and “outwitting” the BEST OF QB’S throughout HIS CAREER…

    Can we give the guy some credit in that he may know a thing or two about figuring out the weaknesses of a QB????

    Specifically, the QB of is own team????

    Barber said what we heard… Only the foolish will discount it…

  39. Pewter Bullion Says:

    his own team…

  40. Pewter Bullion Says:

    I wonder what Revis thinks of his new QB??? Maybe slightly better than Sanchez???

  41. Pewter Bullion Says:

    How long would it take if Freeman had the Berlin wall in front of him to make a play? What about the Great Wall of China? How OPEN does a receiver have to get that is not named VJax or Mike Will for Freeman? What could Glennon do with those rcvrs???

  42. scubog Says:

    What’s concerning me is the almost instant pressure on Freeman when he has gone back to pass in these two pre-season games. Albeit he has only taken a few snaps; it seems the defenders are in the backfield as soon as the ball hits Josh’s hands. Is there some mannerism he is doing that is alerting the pass rushers?

    I’m not going to compare and contrast our two QB’s and like some, hope one fails so the other can look better. I hope both do well and really don’t care who as long as the Bucs have someone under center who can take the team to the play-offs and beyond on a consistent basis.

    Freeman has had only a few plays but I thought, when he’s been able to remain upright, has delivered the ball well. Glennon has made a favorable impression with his pocket presence, poise and accuracy. No, neither is Tom Brady. But neither are they Tim Tebow. Wow, was that QB rough to watch. He almost made Adam Weber look good.

  43. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Because I’m frustrated, I will end with this:

    Freeman is milk-butter, he is spongey-toast, he exhibits the thought process of a 240lb marshmallow on the field.

    He cries when a rcvr doesn’t catch a ball he threw 3 ft behind said rcvr. (you can’t convince me it is always the rcvr’s fault)…

    He’s a powder-puff Qb that only excels when VJax, MWill, and D.Martin are playing lights out…

    Don’t depend on Freeman, he will break your heart…

    Sorry for the gloom, but it is medicine. Good for cancerous players… Also good for freaking losers…

  44. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Freeman is inaccurate, he was inaccurate coming out of college, he was the 33rd most accurate passer in the league last year. Stupid is as Stupid does

  45. NIC Says:

    Our poor offensive line play gave NE false hope that they actually have a pass rush… thats how bad it was

  46. Pewter Bullion Says:

    ***”Doubting Thomas Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 7:12 am
    Freeman is inaccurate, he was inaccurate coming out of college, he was the 33rd most accurate passer in the league last year. Stupid is as Stupid does”***

    33rd out of 32 teams is not good for a starting NFL QB… #heartbroken

  47. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    It was disappointing, but unlike Joe, I’m not going to put it all on Freeman.
    People are saying that Freeman held onto the ball to long. Maybe it was the play calling that caused that. Maybe the plays took to much time to develop, and Freeman had no option, and had to wait for receivers to come free. Then, they say maybe he should have just gotten rid of it to avoid the sack, and I say what’s the difference? It still would have resulted in a loss of down…. and just maybe Ogletree should have caught that pass, and we would have moved the chains. It’s ridiculous to put the crappy offensive line play on Freeman.

  48. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    also ….if he had thrown the ball to avoid the sack he would’ve gotten a intentional grounding penalty because there wasn’t an eligible receiver within 10 yards, and it would of cost 10 yards and a loss of down instead of seven yards for the sack. People are on a witch hunt with their pitch forks and torches looking for someone to burn. It’s a preseason game for crying out loud.

  49. SteveK Says:

    Freeman is regressing himself into a corner.

    While this is not a controversy quite yet, one more week like this, and we have ourselves a controversy.

  50. Chris Says:

    Buc’n Junkie Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 8:14 am
    also ….if he had thrown the ball to avoid the sack he would’ve gotten a intentional grounding penalty because there wasn’t an eligible receiver within 10 yards, and it would of cost 10 yards and a loss of down instead of seven yards for the sack. People are on a witch hunt with their pitch forks and torches looking for someone to burn. It’s a preseason game for crying out loud.

    See when you’re knowing the blitz is coming why not check into a play that gets a quick slant route ? Why keep a play action or verticle 10-15 yd route when you know the blitz is coming?

  51. joseph mamma Says:

    It was embarrassing how much better the Patriot’s offense was compared to our’s. They are the best in the league though. With one of the best of all time at quarterback. But still embarrassing.

  52. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    Maybe Sully should have adapted quicker, should Josh have to change every play. You can’t tell me that you can walk up to the line and know exactly who will be blitzing. You may have an ideal by certain defensive designs but you don’t know for sure most of the time. If that were the case he would need to change every single call to a draw or screen just to be on the safe side. Your argument is weak.

  53. Lynch Says:

    I have to agree with the consensus here about Freeman . I believe Freeman gives us our best chance to win this season. However, I will say this and it’s pure observation. You can’t deny when Glennon is under center that he looks like general. He’s calm and appears to leave the deer in the headlight look at home (classic Freeman).

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Stranger Says
    “Somehow, I got the impression Ronde was saying the offense needs to improve and not that Freeman was terrible. But I guess that’s just me.”

    You are right. He meant Freeman cannot do everything himself. Somehow I think we’ll be hearing a clarification in a short while.

    I know it is the day after a loss and people need to let out their frustrations.

    Personally, I’m not overly concerned. I know there are many things to consider.

    A. Josh Freeman has played all of 4 series in 8 quarters.

    B. The RT, RG & LG are currently unstable positions. Both guards are backups and Sully is rotating players at RT to find a suitable starter because the current one is not that good. The only stable spots are LT & Center, at least until game one of the regular season.

    C. As a result, opposing teams know our oline cannot handle the blitz.

    D. People can say Josh Freeman needs to release the ball more quickly, but the truth is when Glennon came in and played against the Pats starting dline we had 2 runs for no gain and a sack. He fared no better. It wasn’t until the next posession that the Pats started pulling starters out.

    E. I see people mentioning accuracy about Freeman, but the truth is he wasn’t bad in that respect when he was able to get passes off. For example, Ogletree had one hit him right in the palms and it bounced right off.

    F. Our secondary played horrible last night, plain and simple. There were bright spots for those who started, but more bad spots. For example, Johnson kept getting beat time after time. I don’t know why people think the guy is good. He was horrible last year. The only bright spot was his tacklng…which was really good. But the guy only had one pass defended successfully.

  55. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    You know I’ve got a better answer and I had to sleep on it to figure it out.

    Maybe the offensive line should have done their job better and blocked someone!

  56. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    All of that said, there are some good things I saw last night. As mentioned above, the starters tackling was really good.

    Spense, I thought, showed he has been improving. I no longer have strong concern about the dline. However, it is important to mention that he still is not starting. Gibson (sp) did last night.

    Means is a beast. Hillis is subpar againt starters. James is fantastic. Underwood reminds me more and more of Hilliard.

    Michael Smith showed he is a real threat on returns. Even though I like Eric Page, the thought of still yelling “Run Michael Run!” is great.

  57. mark2001 Says:

    What this tells you is that Josh might win a bunch of games with a good team around him. But unless the Jekyll….Hyde thing changes, chances are great that he will never lead us to a championship. Why? Because you need to string 4 or 5 good games together, when the pressure is the greatest, to win a championship, and I don’t know if Josh can get to that point in his development. Sounds like Dom and Shiano got this one right in not extending his contract and to one at a “Franchise like” level.

  58. Chris Says:

    Buc’n Junkie Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Maybe Sully should have adapted quicker, should Josh have to change every play. You can’t tell me that you can walk up to the line and know exactly who will be blitzing. You may have an ideal by certain defensive designs but you don’t know for sure most of the time. If that were the case he would need to change every single call to a draw or screen just to be on the safe side. Your argument is weak.

    This made me laugh. Every qb in the nfl makes proper line adjustments and audibles at the Los when they look at the defense presnap. This is just another poor excuse for josh not knowing how to read the defense before the snap. And it happened after the first blitz.

  59. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Oh yeah…

    G. Sully refused to run the ball on first down with Freeman. He barely ran the ball at all with Free in there. But the moment Glennon went in we instantly saw runs on first and second down.

    Last I heard, the run opens up the pass. It’s like Sully is trying to force Freeman into becoming a pure passer.

    And, for those keeping score.
    Freeman Interceptions: 0
    Glennon Interceptions: 2

  60. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    ^^^^ you don’t know that! The defenses disguise their blitzes. It’s not as simple as you say or according to you the offense should never be stopped or from what you’re saying they should be sacked. That’s silly. When a team is stunting and disguising their blitzes it should be up to the OC to adapt. Like I said what’s the use of even getting a play call if the QB is just going to change it all the time. Be just a little reasonable. You are so against Freeman that you are blinded and don’t see other reasons for mistakes. You blame him for everything.

  61. grif4foozball Says:

    @chris,the reason free(wo)man doesn’t audible to a slant route is because he can’t throw a slant route,too inaccurate.

  62. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    ^^should never be sacked

  63. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    The media has turned this into cancer. Even Joe should take some of the responsibility for creating a controversy. Funny, just yesterday he was defending Freeman, but now today he’s pointing his finger at him. I guess whatever it takes to get more hits. I mean by fueling this controversy using Joe’s soapbox only helps Joe’s bottom line. And that matters more than keeping the masses informed without creating a lynch mob. I know Joe has his opinion, but Joe is a third person, and Joe thinks different on any given day. Maybe one Joe should talk to the other Joes and get one opinion rather than appearing to flip flop on any given issue. Joe is helping to divide the fan base, and that is not conducive to a winning atmosphere.

  64. chris Says:

    Joe calls it the way he sees it. But freeman stepped into two of those sacks yesterday.

    I think it’s obvious Bucs really like Glennon. He just has command out there. Looks like a field general. Freeman seems uncomfortable land a deer in the head lights look. That’s not what you want out of a starting QB.

  65. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    I will agree with you about Glennon looking poised. Whenever the Coach goes with Glennon in the regular season he’ll get my full fan support but until then blaming Freeman for everything is getting mundane and ridiculous.

  66. DrudoG11 Says:

    The it factor, the leadership, the confidence, the thinking outside of the box and the get in your lines face for a simple mistake is lacking in Josh Freeman’s armor. Tom Brady demands perfection from his o-line. Last night Tom Brady jumps all over his own center butt for the false start penalty that would have shut the Bucs offense down. Just think what would happen if he was sacked. This was on the patriots first drive and that got them back on track which resulting in a patriots score on my Bucs a few plays later. Josh gets sacked for the third time and he looks confused. Josh has no words for his o-line, instead he crumbles behind the coaches as if they have a magic pill for him that will make all problems disappear. The Bucs need to make one more trade with the patriot for Ryan Mallert.

  67. chris Says:

    Haha dude it;s not blaming Freeman for everything. Its looking at what we see and quite frankly true.

    Glennon just has that look and command that Freeman doesnt have. Glennon doesn’t look lost out there for a rookie in his 2nd game of live action. The guy looked immaculately better than last week.

    Now judging off this performance, I simply said, Glennon should get some reps with the first team to see how he fairs. We don’t know if he’s in fact ready to start week 1. But him quickly picking up the playbook and taking command of the huddle, only makes me belive selecting him in the 3rd round was excellent.

    Greg Cossell and Ron Jaworksi, two of the better QB scouts/analysts in the game out there, loved Glennon. Cossell even said Glennon was a first round talent and cleearly the best QB in the draft. Said no one really watched his tape bc he didnt lack accuracy, his WRs at NC state lacked hands.

  68. stevek Says:


    No blame on Josh, but he held onto the ball for 4 seconds on 2 of 3 of those sacks.

    Now or never.

    All the pieces are in place, everything is there. It is now or never.

  69. chef paul Says:

    This game was bad. Yes. Freeman and the whole team of starters looked bad. Its hard for me to jump to conclusions when we are playing a team that we will facing for real in a month. However, a few days ago I pleaded to give Freeman just one more chance, one more year. Its to the point now tho, I’m saying one more game. I agree with Lynch, Glennon looked like general out there. Seems like Schiano will have a harbargh decision to make like the 49ers did with Smith and Keap. I just might be becoming part of the Glennon mob. I’ll see how Freeman looks next week. But we play these guys in a month and I was actually hoping we looked bad. If we looked good it would have worried me, me showed them too much

    Neither team was going to show anything. It almost seemed like Brady was saying “You want to go too hard in practice, I’ll carve the f@ck out of you on this first drive just to prove a point on national TV.” Then their offense went a little more vanilla after that drive.

  70. Mcruzer Says:

    ***”Doubting Thomas Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 7:12 am
    Freeman is inaccurate, he was inaccurate coming out of college.
    A lot of people when Freeman was drafted believed he was the savior of this franchise. People forget that he was drafted 17th, not 1st, 2nd or 3rd unlike Griffin, Luck, etc. who have performed. I like the fact that he has a deep ball, but let’s face it, even some of those balls were uncatchable by anyone other than Jackson. Even though yes, I do get excited during those flashes, I always knew that he would follow up the next series or game with a dud. Time to move on from mediocrity.

  71. chris Says:


    On of the better QB evaluators has this to say about Glennon.

  72. chris Says:

    I had to chuckle last night as I was watching the game, my buddy looked at me and said Freeman looks like Byron Leftwich out there.

  73. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont see what all the fuss is about to be honest. I only blame Freeman for 1 of the 3 sacks. The guy is like a freakin statue back there. No movement. If there is any pressure he just stands there…. the guy has got to learn some pocket awareness. Glennon seems to be much better in this area of his game.

    But Freeman just hasent played enough in these 2 pre-season games to get a fair assestment of him so I am waiting til the regular season to see how he progresses… But some of you have got to stop hating on Glennon. The guy was/is impressive for a rookie. Simple as that…

  74. chris Says:

    Yeah. Agreed Couch. I was a little skeptical as to why Josh Freeman only got 2 series and it wasn’t a very good two.

    Makes me wonder how the staff really feels about Freeman, regardless of what they tell the media.

  75. chris Says:

    With all the expectations of this team from us fans because of what we did in the off-season, it all looks good on paper. But this team lacks 3 key things to make it to the playoffs:

    1. Franchsie QB. Freeman isn’t one.
    2. Pass rush. We did everything to improve the secondary. But no pressure up front will not imrpove that much.
    3. Depth at the front 7 and interior Oline. Our dline has too much inexperience and unproven guys. Clayborn and mcCoy are studs when healthy. But what happens if either gets nicked up/misses time due to injury? Both have happened before, twice with McCoy.
    Bowers is unproven/chronic knee injury/Bust?. Gibson is rotational. Derek Landri????? Gholston, Spence, and Means are rookies.

    We have 2 studs at LB in Foster and David. I think at LB, the depth is a bit better than one recognizes, but is Cassillas and Watson really starter material?

  76. chris Says:

    To me, it just seems Mark Dominik has no insurance for this team at the DLINE. You have to get a guy that can play McCoy’s position. Currently, we have no one who can play the 3 Tech. Sign Richard Seymour.

  77. coolbreeze Says:

    now hold up fans first of all i heard several times that there want anyone open so i know vjack and m williams are pretty good but i think freeman needs more weapons besides those two and we didnt have our starting guards playing and where was the pressure coming at up the middle so yes freeman hasnt been cosistent is true i said it all alone we didnt spend the right money in free agency we need a great pass rusher to go with clayorn and a true number 3 wr to go with williams and vjack they should have sign amendola freeney and delaney walker we had the money to do so

  78. coolbreeze Says:

    you guys may not believe this but i see freeman going elsewhere next season and having a hell of career because tampa dont spend the right money our rbs are ok our oline is ok when healthy ogletree should be a number 4 wr crabtree is ok but we should have sign delaney walker amendola to go with ogletree vjack and williams would have been tough for a dfense to cover teams are doubling our top two wrs and playing man coverage on the rest thats why freeman holds the ball so long before you put freeman down so much look at what is around him matt ryan and drew brees has better weapons we need to adjust our play calling

  79. Tye Says:

    Pewter Bullion Says:
    Would Glennon have had 4000+ passing with VJax and Mike Will last year???

    I think so…


    His senior year, Glennon threw for more than 4000 yards and 31 touchdowns. This same year he was sacked 36 times so it would appear that he did this often under pressure and without pro receivers…

  80. chris Says:

    ^^^^Cool breeze, there’s this thing called a Salary cap. You’re telling me we needed to put more weapons around Freeman? Come on dude.

    He has: An all pro G, 2 Pro bowl guards. Doug Martin is more than ok and everyone in the league is noticing he’s a stud. Jackson is a stud. Mike Williams is a stud #2 WR. Ogeltree is solid as the #3.

    What more can you ask? The secondary needed fixing? I’ll add two all Pros in Darrell Revis and Dashon Goldson.

    People were talking about New England when they lost their top 7 WRs from last year. If Freeman lost Vincent Jackson, he’d be lost. You see how much Jackson did for Rivers? Look at how much better he made Freeman look.

  81. stevek Says:

    We need a QB that can “carry the offense, and is not prone to mistakes”.

    We need what Ronde said we don’t have.

  82. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I wonder why Brady needed more snaps yesterday than Josh did? I guess Josh is just that much more polished, right?

  83. Chrispy0515 Says:

    To be a champion in this league you have get very serious and grow up fast. To me right now Josh is still caught up in the girls, nice cars, and signing autographs; more than he is at becoming a championship quarterback in the NFL. It’s time to grow up and get serious Josh or you’ll be outta here.

  84. chris Says:

    Chrispy, I don;’t know if that really is his problem to be honest. I know his work ethic has been raved about. But so was Jason Campbells. It’s whether or not he processes it to game speed. It doesn’t seem like he “gets it”

  85. chris Says:

    To me, Josh Freeman is to QB as to I am at Chemistry. Worked hard at it to pass, put the time in. However I got a B- in it (101) because I simply sucked at it and couldnt do it. Josh Puts the time in, but mentally, just can;’t process to game speed.

  86. nate Says:

    The fact is we will never win a superbowlwith freeman and zero pass rush.. the two most important positions in the nfl mark d has definitly let me down…

  87. Bobby Says:

    I didn’t think Freeman sucked as much as the O-line. That throw to the sideline that was dropped hit the receiver right in the hands. That would have extended the drive. Can’t really blame that on Josh. He does have to unload the ball quicker and I believe in next weeks game you will see more mobility as far as rollouts. I don’t think they are showing much of the offense yet and as such we are getting roasted. It may come back to bite us in the butt come first game because it’s one thing to not want to give the opposition too much to game plan on but it’s another to not practice it in a real game situation until the first game. That’s why I say next week will probably open up a bit. At any rate, certainly disappointing on both sides of the ball.

    On the other side…..Tom Brady is an alien. Hard to believe the dude was a 6th round pick.

  88. Sharon Says:

    Glen on is getting so many snaps in preparation to be our starting QB. That’s clear. About as clear as the fact that Schiano is not confident in free

  89. Mayhem41 Says:

    Lol, Joe…. Eli Manning played with Deuce Mcallister on offense at Ole’ Miss. Ever hear of him?

    That question took 3 seconds to answer.

  90. the_buc_realist Says:

    So Essentially what Ronde said it that It is NOT all about #5. funny cause that is what the pop-star has been trying to tell us for years is that it is all about #5.

  91. PRBucFan Says:



    lol the excuses people make bahahaha

  92. Eric Says:

    What happened to the immense talent?

  93. Stranger Says:

    Tale of two cities. Freeman goes 2 out of 3 for 8 yards with 2 sacks. Fans demand he be cut immediately and ignore the poor line play. Colin Kaepernick goes 1 out of 2 for -3 yards. Fans are impressed by BJ Daniels play and want to give him a shot as their number 2.

    Sure, Kap and his crew were at a Super Bowl this year but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be reasonable about this whole thing. Overreaction does nothing but ignore the real issues with this team.

  94. Bobby Says:

    Ronde is right about Freeman not being able to carry the offense on his back but I’d say that about pretty much every QB in the league except Brees, Rogers, and Brady.

  95. Bobby Says:

    Ronde is right about Freeman not being able to carry the offense on his shoulders but I’d say that about every QB except Brady, Brees, and Rogers and even they can’t get the job done if the O-line doesn’t do their job. The pass Freeman did get a chance to throw was right on the money but the receiver dropped it. The whole offense was just out of sync. The defense didn’t look that bad but Brady was just phenomenal. Passes were laser darts. Hard to defend that kind of accuracy. Now, the pressure on Brady was non existent so that has to get fixed. Lot’s of work to do but it is pre-season and we haven’t seen the complete team on the field yet.

  96. Joey Lacey Says:

    chrisas for as salary cap issues I really like the signings of revis and goldson but honestly I dnt think its gon be enough qbs like ryan and brees are gonna eat our other cbs alive. As for as freeman I heard several times last night tht there was no one open> U want freeman to run all the time I believe we should hv sign amendola and pray our guards are healthy because if not no one can play qb with a shady line. Aaron Rogers had to run for his life without his mobility he would hv bn sack more. Do u think Glennon can run o no

  97. Joey Lacey Says:

    you got freeman playing against two good teams starting defenses> Glennon comes in and play against the bkups without our starting guards in there who u think will lk better lets b real now

  98. Joey Lacey Says:

    Bobby I totally agree with u

  99. Joey Lacey Says:

    Freeman may be out next year but f he goes somewhere else and shine it maybe tampa jinx lol