Does “Trust” Give Hagan An Edge?

August 4th, 2013

Wide Receiver Derek Hagan is entering his eighth NFL season and finds himself in Bucs camp with his old Giants position coach, Mike Sullivan.

Joe considers that relationship – and Hagan never fumbling in his 129-catch career – and Joe wonders whether the New Schiano Order will have a huge comfort level and “trust” in Hagan when it comes time to pick a No. 5 receiver or No. 6 receiver.

One of Greg Schiano’s trifecta of core beliefs is “trust,” which clearly extends to players he and his staff know well.

Hagan caught 20 balls for the Raiders last season (one against the Bucs), and he snagged a touchdown pass that got Schiano’s attention yesterday.

“Derek Hagan made a nice catch. Yeah, you’re not kiddin’, right in the middle of traffic for that end of game situation,” Schiano said. “That was impressive. You know, he’s playing through some discomfort as well, which is impressive for a veteran guy.”

Hagan’s a long shot to make the roster, but not if nagging injuries keep piling up. Tom Coughlin once called Hagan an “excellent contributor on special teams.” A Raiders blog this year characterized Hagan as hard-working and reliable, and a guy the Raiders wanted to return.

Just another body to keep an eye on in Thursday’s preseason opener.

4 Responses to “Does “Trust” Give Hagan An Edge?”

  1. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    It’s amazing when you have talented leaders like VJax, and seeing how his presence and leadership can bring out the best in the other receivers. Somehow his leadership just gets them pumped and some are really showcasing their own talents. It’s really a shame we can’t keep them all. Coach Schiano will have a tough but also great decision to make. I just hope they all can stay healthy.

  2. Bill Says:

    Keeping Hagan around would be a waste of a roster spot. He has shown, in every stop, inconsistent hands and zero play-making ability. Yet, somehow, people get excited about him for a couple weeks when he is first signed.
    If the Bucs keep six wideouts, let it be Douglas or Page.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Schiano is going to surround himself with players he trusts. He will mold this team into Buccaneer men. After listening to Parcells last night. I get it now. I think Schiano is going about things that are very similiar to Parcells. Surrounding himself with players he trusts = Buccaneer Men. Players will get used to that term and once your part of that fraternity, that means your something special. It will work because it’s a young team. I think he will have them at some point willing to take a bullet for him. MY Bucs are on the cusp of someting great and it’s not that far away.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    Agree with Bill on keeping Paige over Hagan. He at least has shown some playmaking ability before. Bottom line is Douglass or Paige have some perceived upside. Hagan not really.
    Joe what’s your take from practice? Who looked most explosive of the 3?