December Will Answer Freeman Question

August 22nd, 2013

No one knows what the immediate future of Josh Freeman holds. He could blow up; he could implode. He could have a fantasy football season but be watching the playoffs on the couch. He could be on the cusp of being one of the richest young men in America, or hope to land a job as a second-string quarterback.

No one knows. Not Bucs coach Greg Schiano, not Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, not Joe nor the Mike Glennon Mob. No one knows. No one.

But Anwar Richardson has an idea. The former Bucs beat writer who now covers the NFL for Yahoo! Sports appeared last night on “The Fabulous Sports Babe Show” heard locally on WHFS-FM 98.7 and noted that all the world will have a good idea about Freeman once the calendar flips to 2014.

Why then? Because the month of December has been Freeman’s kryptonite, Richardson explained. It is largely due to Freeman’s subpar play during the month of December in his four-year career that has kept him from being a playoff quarterback, Richardson said.

“This is an all-star team and all you are waiting on is if Josh Freeman is going to be the guy. The problem is, he hasn’t been. I like Freeman. Great guy, great character. Here is a key stat for me when I look at Freeman: If you want to be an elite quarterback, you have to learn how to close out the season. The month of December has to be your money month. And he hasn’t done well. When I looked it up his record in the month of December since 2009 is 5-12. The elite quarterbacks — the quarterbacks in this league who make the plays are the ones who close it down, down the stretch. Find a way to win the game. Find a way to get your team in the playoffs. Get your team in the hunt. What Freeman has been unable to do is get this team in the playoffs, get this team in the hunt. And that is the problem. When the pressure is on him, he doesn’t do as well. When you throw four interceptions a game you have to put some of it on yourself. When you throw five touchdowns and nine interceptions you have to put some of that on you. You have the weapons, you have enough weapons to be successful. The Bucs started 6-4 and finished 1-5. I am sorry, a lot of that is on Freeman. If he wants to stay in Tampa, you are going to have to find a way to finish strong.”

It’s an interesting angle Joe hadn’t considered exactly. Joe has long argued that Freeman vanishes under pressure. His 6-15 career record against winning teams speaks volumes. But Richardson comes with a different angle on pressure, yet the result is the same: not good at all.

Though Freeman is at the crossroads of his career, if he just calms down, trusts his coaches, trusts his playmakers to get the job done, he shouldn’t have to become invisible in pressure situations.

And if Freeman cannot handle pressure in the regular season, just what makes anyone think he can handle the pressure of a playoff game? At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about, not fantasy football stats, but wins and rings.

Let your teammates help you in December. No need to play Santa Claus; there are plenty in the shopping malls that time of the year.

46 Responses to “December Will Answer Freeman Question”

  1. Gus Numbers Says:

    Freeman can be good in December. If I recall correctly in 2010 he was better than everyone except Brady in December. Freeman’s kryptonite has been good teams as you mentioned before. If Freeman can not turn that around the buccaneers will not make the playoffs. We play way to many good teams this year. I count about 10. He needs to win 8 of them!

  2. Bobby Says:

    Ok. I,ll be the first post out of 100 ÷

  3. Architek Says:

    Ill be second and say this maybe he tired of Tampa and no longer wants the scrutiny?

    I mean he earned it but hey who cares about root cause. Let’s blame the defense again.

  4. micronole Says:

    I’d like to see a stat as to how many games during the Freeman tenure did the Bucs defense give up a 4th quarter lead and lose the game.

  5. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Media market doesnt get much smaller than Tampa, the scrutiny will only grow if he wanted to go elsewhere. But I dont think the media gets to him too much in the first place.

    ESPN ran a little graphic on sportscenter this morning (i cant believe the bucs made it on there) and there are something like only three QBs with worse records over the last 3 years. Horrible stat to judge a QB, seeng as to how football is a TEAM SPORT, but the criticism of Free will continue, rightly so, until Free lights it up. Playing up to pressure hasnt been freeman’s strong suit thus far, but i will venture to say that Free has a career this year. His team is too damn good and less emphasis will be placed on Free to get the Bucs out of a hole. Dougie Fresh and the o line just need to stay healthy.

  6. Mr Sanchez Says:

    no worries here.

    Glennon will be our starter way before December. 🙂

  7. BucDan Says:


    “I’d like to see a stat as to how many games during the Freeman tenure did the Bucs defense give up a 4th quarter lead and lose the game.”

    Holy %&^*, came to post the same thing.

    This team is on the fringe of the playoffs. It just needs to come together. We will see how the majority of starters play this weekend. It will be the first look at extended play from the players that will be on the field the majority of the season. I, for one, cannot wait.

  8. thomas Says:

    I have had enough of the Josh B S , how would it seen to you that if every time you went to work or for that matter before you start the job that everyone was not wanting you there. I would move on. And that is what i hope that Josh does. I am a big Buc’s fan, but ,I am getting tried of the hate for the man. F___k Tampa and move on to somewhere the fans care. If you tell someone they not s__t. then maybe they think that as well. Have a Great season Josh and give Tampa your A_s to Kiss

  9. Architek Says:

    Emotions should not be apart of evaluating freeman, go off I the production and numbers. I don’t have a problem with him personally but as the numbers support his execution down the stretch of seasons. Let that be the foundation of any argument.

    The team is built for playoff run but we will need solid qb play to progress.

    Question remains do you commit millions to Freeman and his body of work?

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    I just love how every single article that comes out about Josh. All the Freemanites have to blame the defense, but yet continues to say “We know he has flaws”. Never fails.

  11. lightningbuc Says:

    I suppose him having more interceptions than any other QB over the past two years is the defense’s fault also.

  12. lightningbuc Says:


    If I made a couple million a year I could care less what ANYONE thought of me.

  13. loung Says:


  14. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Freeman has brought this team back to win plenty of close games. Carolina last year was a great example. I believe he led the league in 2010 in 4th qtr comebacks. It is his inability to be consistent that is the issue, bottom line. He needs to step up and provide some stability.

  15. joseph mamma Says:

    As a Buc’s fan, having a QB that is ranked outside the top 15 in the league is not good enough for me. It’s a quarterback driven league. In today’s NFL you have to have excellence at the position. Josh has one more year and if it’s not much much better, especially in December,I hope he is gone.

  16. Bucnjim Says:

    2010 finished the year 3-1 and should have been 4-0 if not for the bogus offensive pass interference call. Brought them back anyway to a 20-17 lead with only 1:44 time left. Defense folded and gave up the win. Yeah Freeman’s fault! 2011 the last five games of the year the defense gave up an average of 40 points a game and completely gave up mid season. Yeah Freeman’s fault! Three bad games at the end of 2012 and two of them they should have won. Ram’s his fault alone and the Eagles was a combination of the offense and defense. Saints game we were never in! This is a team 3 phase sport and if one or all 3 of those phases doesn’t do their job then wins are hard to come by.

  17. Mark G Says:

    The success or failure of the Buccs, this year, rides with Free, and the great news is that he does not need to play at a pro-bowl level for us to succeed. But seriously the dude needs a shrink because I have never seen someone play at a pro-bowl level in one part of the season but then at a bench-him level at the end. If we had had a qualified back up at the end of last year there is NO way Free would not have been pulled.

  18. MadMax Says:

    Ive already given up on him because I saw the same slow decision/indecision on display already….and its just preseason for goodness sakes. Look, Im not fully convinced that Glennon will take us to the playoffs….but my gosh, given the offensive weapons, I think he has a better chance than Josh does….Why? He’s hungry, and he’s a quick study. Yes he’ll make some rook mistakes but how else can we navigate through it, and attempt to correct it, other than allowing him to get his reps.

    I didnt see this coming. Josh was on fire in camp, even Joe was bragging about him. So if we must, go to Glennon (which I suspect will be the case soon) and let the chips fall into place. If we stink up the season, we’re in position for Clowney or Bridgewater!

    Im not joking folks! Im tired of waiting on Josh to fix what is un-fixable, where the potential has ran its course, and the slow brain is what it is. Like it or not, I dont care. Thats what I see! And any of you F’ers want to F with me for not attempting to blindly share the sniffing duties of Josh’s jock strap can eat jit and kiss my azzz…I wont even respond to you anymore…you cant fix stupid!

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Anwar says
    “This is an all-star team…”

    Thats just it. The defense has NOT been all-star and the offense was not until last year. And the offensive line got worse as the season progressed last year except for the last game when Atlanta rested their starters.

  20. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I agree with you Joe and hope it works out that he stays here. Freeman is still young. Even if he is with some other team, he should continue to improve and get better with age/experience. Rich Gannon barely played til he was in his thirties and got very good by then. I do not want to wait that long.

  21. Stranger Says:

    @Mad Max

    You suspect wrong. Glennon isn’t starting anytime soon unless Freeman sustains a significant injury. In which case, this season would be in freefall.

  22. MadMax Says:

    @Stranger….you just dont know how Much I hope Josh proves me wrong, as well as you. Sorry man, Im friggin frustrated with it.

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    In which case, this season would be in freefall.


    3 out of 4 seasons with Freeman was a Free Fall. How is starting Glennon that much different?

  24. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Has anyone thought that the reason Freeman was on fire during practice is that there is no pass rush…even in practice….especially up the middle?

  25. IamTheOne Says:

    If Josh does fail, season over.
    I choose to stay positive.
    Shroedingers cat and all.

    Until we open the box, this cat is not dead.

  26. Stranger Says:

    And I’m just tired of this whole nonsense. The comments toward Freeman have moved passed constructive criticism to hate and insults. This week alone Freeman’s leadership, dedication, work ethic, and overall ability to play have been brought into question and its only the third week of preseason. You would think he was on trial for murder. Or worse, a QB taking over a championship Cowboys team.

  27. Walter Says:

    Man, Freeman hasn’t even thrown 20 passes yet in the preseason and all of a sudden it’s doomsday in here. Not much a QB can do when they’re sacked 3 times in 2 drives and Ogletree drops a laser on 3rd down. Lol

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    I can’t believe the negativity in that town. Look around people. Just look. We have a great team. We have a lot to be optimistic about. Thank god you clowns don’t live in my town. What happens when they put in a strip club down there? Do you all just say “

  29. Chef Paul Says:

    “We have a strip club now, wah wah wah now I have a boner and she wont have sex with me wah.” We should all be celebrating but instead its just bitch bitch bitch

  30. rdbucfan Says:

    2 things come to mind when I think of Freeman. 1 lack of poise under direct pressure. 2 erratic, one pass will be mind blowing and the next is at the receivers feet, the next is so far over the receivers head Kareem Abdul Jabbar couldn’t catch it.

    I hope Josh gets it this year. Which means we finally have a franchise QB. I am concerned the 2 things I listsd will still be his problem after looking at his eyes in the New England game.

  31. lightningbuc Says:

    I think Chef Paul put something a little extra in the sauce today!

    “What happens when they put in a strip club down there? ”

    Strip clubs in Tampa? Never!

  32. Mr Sanchez Says:

    madmax – you da man!

    I want to have your baby!

  33. stevek Says:

    Playoffs, Freeman, playoffs.

    No playoffs, and we should get a new QB.

    I 100% agree that having the 21st best starting QB is just not worth committing to.

    Either you are a winner, or you are not. Thus far, Freeman has not been a winner.

    2013 playoffs, consistency, progression in his game, and then we will talk contract.

    Until the QB position improves, excuses are not spoken, and the Bucs make the playoffs, fans will be upset.

    This is year 5 of the “rebuild”, what gives? Either progress as a starting NFL QB with a playoff appearance on your resume, or step aside.

  34. MadMax Says:

    Alright, I’ll bite, despite what I originally stated in order to shed some much needed light on this subject. First of all, I (and the Josh critics in question), dont hate Josh…some maybe, I cant speak for all of them, but they have their own brain.

    I WANT SO BADLY for Josh to succeed, just as you guys do (dmit stop referring to me as not a “true Bucs” fan). I dont question his dedication and work ethic AT ALL. His teammates back him up in that area…he’s truly trying. But my gosh man, how long before the work ethic meets its capacity, and turns into “not much left”…it is what it is.

    And @Walter, it was a laser but a split second late. Ogletree was trying to toe the play inbounds and I think thats why he didnt catch it. The blame could go both ways. But that play is petty to focus on when theres a much bigger picture creating an elephant in the room.

  35. MadMax Says:

    mr. sanchez got it right…I AM THE MAN!
    Reap it and weep!

  36. Chef Paul Says:

    “I think Chef Paul put something a little extra in the sauce today!

    ‘What happens when they put in a strip club down there?’

    Strip clubs in Tampa? Never!”

    lol. I’m going to assume that’s sarcasm and you have more than enough clubs. If that’s the case, now I understand all that negativity. All them strippers creating all them boners and not putting out. I’d probably be all whiny too. All that “pent up frustration” makes people too blind to see that this is a good team. Sorry folks, now I get it. Continue bitching

  37. delson Says:

    Though Freeman is at the crossroads of his
    career, if he just calms down, trusts his
    coaches, trusts his playmakers to get the
    job done, he shouldn’t have to become
    invisible in pressure situations….

    How many seasons was he ever able to trust any of those? Maybe trust is how he throws picks or incompletions cuz he trusts his wrs to make plays in tight windows the way they do in practice. Maybe trusting the coaches playcalling has lead to 3 n outs. Maybe trusting the rb to get at least 4 yards a carry has never been heard of. Maybe trusting ur line to block with the backups to the backups playing is how u get wins. Maybe he trusts the defense to close games or to get a stop to put him back on the field is what he does maybe trusting his team is what freeman does.

  38. SacBucs Says:

    I wanna blame somebody so lets blame the untalented talent evaluators in our organization.

    Josh is slow and fast thats why I call him Freeway! When is he gonna say to himself “okay blitz me if you want I will throw this hot route” or “okay defense yall wanna drop back in coverage I will run it for five and slide” simpleton.

    On passing downs of course. Thats football for dummies right there.

    He had a excuse before we got all these weapons from him now its show and prove time.

    I got a question Joe. Why did you adopt a name for Freeman from a Ex bucs hater Darren sharper. That six flag name is spreading.

    Freeway fits this dude.Think about all the similarities!

  39. Bobby Says:

    “Football For Dummies” LOL! I wish soooooo many posters here would read that book.

  40. SteveK Says:

    Real football will bring real discussion.

    All of us are just blowing smoke at one another lol.

    Let’s see how this next game goes.

    Big Dog was calling “Bull Spit” @ Mike Glennon “I know the offense.”

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Chef Paul…the sooner you learn that the JoeBuc comment section is full of nothing but negative posters the better off you will be. I say anyone that has a positive outlook on the season should just read Joe’s articles and stay away from the comment section spewing with hatred. Joe does a great job covering our team. These people should be left in here to bitch amongst themselves. No sense fighting back and forth with them. What good does it do you? Read Joe’s great articles and coverage, click the comment button if you like and read all the negative crap. Just don’t bother to respond. Your not going to change their negative thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if they were just left in here to bitch all by themselves, it would be like heaven for them. They’d all agree. Or you could just take another approach if you want to just talk Buc football with the positive people, skip over the ones that bitch EVERY single day in here and ignore them. It’s just a suggestion. Now watch how many of them jump all over me for even typing this. You’ll soon get a list of all the known bitchers. Not from me, but their comments back to me. Remember those names and follow their track record. They bitch and moan EVERY single day. The same ones that are bitching in here today. Will be bitching about the team tommorow and the next day. If a certain player on the Bucs says something positive they knock it down with negative…and follow up with, hey I’m a fan too. I can have my own opinion. Even though it’s always negative, but hey they’re fans and they care too.

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    lol.. smh, Oh the irony

  43. SacBucs Says:

    BuC 1987 YOU GOT YOUR NERVE DUDE.. I RECALL YOUR B!TCH A$$ responding to my post before I said one word to you lil boy! Now you all sensitive when you said I smoke crack go back and find that post you pompus smuck.

    You calling the kettle black. You attacked posters now its all coming back full circle.

    We rrr Frustrated from a fans point of view. We can get mad if we want. Thats the stress we live with not you!

    We want another ring now and we need freeman playing at a decent level to accomplish that!

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    bandwagon Fans comment below

    SacBucs says :
    He shood sound down with thaat weak sauce coaching from college. The whole team will be tired by mid season. Find a real defensive coordinator. Demote dom to asst. Wateva!
    Tell Schiano thi$ the PRO$ that elementry school pop warnerway of coaching aint flying. Bill sheridan defense is suspect.
    I wont stress off the bucs ever again until we get a real organization.
    Im sick of being the Raiders of the NFC or the wizards of the NBA. I will not spend my money on season tickets until we have a team worth a dam.
    Meredith and Carimi looked better at tackles then our starters

    Buc1987 says :
    And if they start winning this guy will start to cheer for Schiano and everyone else.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    SacBucs says:
    “I wont stress off the bucs ever again until we get a real organization.”

    So why you stressing homie? Live by your words chump….

    SacBucs says
    “I will not spend my money on season tickets until we have a team worth a dam.”

    Bandwagon fan ^^^^^^

  46. SteveK Says:

    ^LMAO at the battle royale above.

    Junkie, can you take your list and use it to wipe your ass, you clown?