Darelle Revis Coming Along… Slowly

August 2nd, 2013

darrelle revis 0607Yes, Bucs star cornerback Darrelle Revis was on the field, in pads no less, at Bucs training camp Thursday. But instead of pads, for the short while Joe watched him, he may as well have been in a Speedo.

Revis, when Joe monitored him, stood on the sidelines with fellow cornerbacks during position drills. Later, Joe learned via WDAE-AM 620 Bucs reporter Tom Krasniqi, that Revis was working against some wide receivers on a side field.

CB Darrelle Revis did the “passing tree” (defending against receivers) for the second straight day, according to Schiano. The Bucs are steadily increasing his workload but don’t expect to see Revis much, if at all, during the preseason.

Schiano made it clear, again, in his post-practice press conference that the goal is for Revis to be ready Week 1 at the Jets, not necessarily Week 2 of preseason at the Patriots.

Last week Revis did very little when training camp started, other than to participate in walk-throughs. Steadily, gradually, Revis is adding more and more work.

At least in the case of Revis returning to the field, patience really is a virtue.

7 Responses to “Darelle Revis Coming Along… Slowly”

  1. chef paul Says:

    As the season grows closer, I’m getting nervous about this guy. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’ll play lights out. But we all know how he handled his contracts in NY. then this thing about him not saying “family.” Sure its a pretty little thing, but it sure seems like he’s not a “Buccaneer man.” Not that that’s a big thing to me or anything but it goes against everything the New Shiano Order preaches about. It just feels like we sold our soul for this guy. I don’t want to make this sound like I don’t like him, I just fear there’s going to be repercussions in a year or two

  2. Dr. Dave Says:

    Sittin’ on his ass
    We paid him HOW much?
    Still hopin’ I’m wrong

  3. Pete 422 Says:

    He doesn’t need training camp. Bring him along & keep him healthy.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    96 Million with nothing guaranteed except the first 16 this year….each year stands on its own.
    So, its all on Revis.
    I don’t think you can count the ‘Family” remark against him. Revis is smart enough to refer to that as “symantics” saying this is his work organization and his real family is at home.
    A tweet….give him a chance to become part of the family.
    From what I am hearing he shares his experience by mentoring many other younger players. That, is a “Buccaneer Man”

  5. tcaviar Says:

    We haven’t paid him any money his contract has no guaranteed money and he’s only on the sideline because the coach wants him to be

  6. Clintro Says:

    Is anyone else disturbed at Joe’s fascination with Revis in a speedo?


  7. chef paul Says:

    You guys are right. My greatest dream is also a nightmare. If he has, let’s say 0 TDs allowed, 8 picks and 4 TDs. Then he holds out for some guaranteed money. But now that I think about it more, IF and that’s a big if, he does all that, The Rock Star knows how to deal with that stuff. Probably trade him to the bears for Tillman and 2 first rounders. Dom loves raping the bears