Calm Down!

August 28th, 2013

Joe honestly hasn’t seen Bucs fans in this sort of demented state since the waning days of the Raheem Morris administration, and even in those dark days, many Bucs fans just simply checked out of the football season.

Now, just days from the Bucs kicking off the season in New Jersey, Bucs fans seem to be in a despondent if not irritable mood for reasons that aren’t quite clear.

Perhaps it’s the Mike Glennon Mob, a vocal if not angry lot, who just cannot wait for evil to befall Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman in order for Freeman to be benched (if not traded if you can imagine) so their savior to ride up on a white horse and save the Bucs (in their eyes). If it takes a string of Bucs losses for this to happen, so be it, the mob insists.

Perhaps it is false hope that a bunch of hired guns have come to town (Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Dashon Goldson, Darrelle Revis) and because of the generosity of Team Glazer’s checkbook, the squad will somehow magically transform itself into a postseason contender, despite both the NFC South and the NFC stacked with top-heavy, talented, battle-proven teams.

Joe read one of the most ridiculous Twitters in recent weeks last night (which is saying something). Joe won’t out the offending party, but someone — awash in liquor, perhaps? — claimed if the Bucs lose at the Jets in 11 days, “heads are gonna roll.”

Really? After but one game Team Glazer should have a housecleaning? Before any team has had a bye week and at worst, the Bucs will be just one friggin’ game behind in the race for the NFC South crown with 15 games to go?! This had to be the most outrageous things Joe has read. It makes Joe wonder if there should be a license required to use Twitter, much like a driver’s license, where inept parties cannot be allowed to use the invaluable tool.

Anyone, and Joe means anyone, who believes the Bucs should start dismissing people right and left if the team losses its first game of the season really needs to see a mental health counselor.

This is the NFL. There are upsets. Weekly. And while Joe knows intelligent people claim a loss to the Jets could start a freefall where the Bucs fall to 0-7, no one with a sane much less sober mind would have the team start throwing executives, coaches and players over the side just for losing the first game of the season.

That is the definition of insanity. Keep. Calm.

56 Responses to “Calm Down!”

  1. tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs are absolutely better than last year…on paper, that is. We do have to prove it on the field.
    Look at the defense….Revis, Goldson, Banks…..AC coming back and yes…even Bowers vs last year.
    On offense…we have another year in the system with Joseph & eventually Nicks returning. We have better running backs and Martin has a year’s experience under his belt.
    We have improved our coaches & they have another year’s experience.
    So…’re right, Joe Calm Down!!!!

  2. Adam Says:

    “Perhaps it is false hope that a bunch of hired guns have come to town (Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Dashon Goldson, Darrelle Revis) and because of the generosity of Team Glazer’s checkbook, the squad will somehow magically transform itself into a postseason contender, despite both the NFC South and the NFC stacked with top-heavy, talented, battle-proven teams.”

    Notice we’ve got our built in excuses ready to go. “Well, the NFC is just so good…. Darn.”

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    Even I am not for Firing anyone during the season, ( even the pop-star, and that is saying something. Let alone after the first game. Any team can be beat just by chance, that is why football can be difficult to predict.

    As far as the ” Glennon Mob” goes. It is not about what Glennon is doing, but what JFro is not doing. Its the old saying of a Leopard not changing its spots. And it looks like he has not progressed since his first starting day, And for everyone that says he threw for 4,000 yards. so what 11 Qbs threw for 4,000 yards, 17 Qbs were over the 3,600 yards. So stop acting like 4,000 yards is some great feat.

  4. the_buc_realist Says:


    the NFC looks just so good, Cause the Bucs have been looking from so far below. Its all perspective of the team.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Henny Penny! The sky is falling! But Biff shall not Bark!
    Now, where is this mob you speak of assembling? Do they have beer?

  6. SteveK Says:

    No excuses, 2013 playoffs.

  7. Bojacksonsucks Says:

    It’s easy to say remain calm when your not a season ticket holder or have to pay to get into games. If you as a fan are not worried about this team are not being realistic. Yes, every team in the NFL has questions but this team has more questions than any team in its division. I feel like the Bucs are becoming the Browns of the NFC.

  8. the_buc_realist Says:

    I will tell the sheep what the biggest concern should be. Its JFro’s kryptonite. Its what makes him crumble like a cookie, fold like a lawn chair. Its the P-word, ( PLAYOFFS ) the last time the p-word was thrown around we had the 2011 season were the team fell apart, starting with JFro-6pak. That should be the biggest concern this year, The pressure of PLAYOFFS!!!!!

  9. OB Says:

    Joe, so far nothing is really insane, you have the glass is half empty side and the glass is half full side so each tries to present their case so they can say “I told you so”

    Real insanity is if they resign the newly free agent Myron Lewis because of “insert any reason”. That is insanity.

    Now Buc up and just think, if everything goes our way, this will be the first of two appearances at the New Jersey Stadium this season, one warm, one with mukluks and nose mittens.

    Oh, I personally believe Mike Williams when he said they (the Bucs) are just doing their vanilla game because, I think you are one of them, said: “Why show your game plan off in the preseason?” I will go one farther and say why show off their abilities in the preseason?

  10. jb Says:

    I’d just like to find a reason NOT to be pessimistic about the upcoming season! This last issue with the staph infections @ One BUC, takes me back to Alvin Harper’s fingertip being cut off by one of the training staff. Winning teams, don’t allow things like this happen. Add that to the complete lack of ANY continuity on either side of the ball, and where does that leave us?
    My enthusiasm for this season is quickly dwindling, and if we go to East Rutherford and lose to what could possibly be the worst team in the league, I’d say we’re looking @ a 2-14 season.

    The ONLY way for this team to change the pessimism of the fans is to start winning some games that count! They do that and we’ll all be happy! But DON’T tell us we have no reason to be pessimistic….especially if we lose to the Jets!!!!

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    I wrote this in another article but I think it fits this one better so I’m re-writing it.

    I hate to sound like a worry wart. But the last few years, this has been the best time of the year for OUR Bucs. Every year before the season we have so many reasons to be optimistic, only to have that optimism cut short. This year is the same. We have so many reasons to think this is going to be a great year. Basically what I’m saying is, even though I think Freeman gets it this year, I totally understand the guarded enthusiasm (to put it lightly) the doubters have. This debate is totally warranted based on how this team has performed the last 3 years.

  12. Kirk Says:

    Why keep calm Joe, you have been stirring the pot every day. You want calm? I want results.

  13. tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only question is….Are we better?

    I’d like to see the argument that we are worse. Especially since this year’s team doesn’t have Myron.

  14. Bobby Says:

    I’ve said it before, Freeman can do just wbat he did last year….27 TD with less picks and we’ll see the playoffs.

  15. JH Says:

    Joe, I know why we are seeing this irrational preseason response…

    most fans are stupid.

  16. McBuc Says:

    All calm here. This is the time of year for fans to belevie their team i going all the way. Preseason tells us nothing, and it never has.

  17. stevek Says:


    Freeman will need to throw less picks than Ryan Fitzpatrick, fumble less than 10 times, get fewer balls batted down at the line and show better field vision.

    I hope Freeman takes us to the playoffs this year, and if replicating last year’s stats, then so be it.

  18. joseph mamma Says:

    The O-line better block better than they did all preseason that’s all I have to say. That was pathetic. Freeman better be a second quicker as well.

  19. Warrenfb12 Says:

    and chive on…

    Ya it is playoffs or bust for me. Isn’t it you Joe that always says: “The Bucs have eight pro-bowlers under 30!”

    That sounds like a lot of talent to me. I don’t think there are any excuses for the Bucs to not make the playoffs. I have to believe ownership feels the same.

  20. Christopher Says:

    Here’s insanity…thinking the playoffs will happen “magically”, even though Nicks, Goldson, Revis, & Joseph weren’t around for a team whose record actually included some close losses.

    Plus, it was Schiano’s 1st NFL head coaching gig, for a team coming off what seems like one of the worst head coaches ever.

    & Freeman is entering his 5th year…if he doesn’t make the playoffs in 5 years as a starter, he’s gone, & the team has to start all over @ QB. So it does make some sense that everything’s ramped up over here. The insane part is Joe thinking the playoffs might not happen (per his wording), & daring to denigrate a fanbase of a team that has looked awful the last part of last year + the preseason, amongst reports that the players aren’t the biggest fans of the Schiano regime.

  21. Christopher Says:

    + Clayborn *+* Bowers (if Schiano stops with the “Te’o is better” nonsense).

    & Atlanta are about as overrated as you can get, & NO just aren’t that talented, Brees aside, + Carolina is a year away if that. Tampa Bay can definitely win this division if everything comes together the way it should, esp. in the quick-turnaround-NFL.

    The fact that Revis hasn’t played, Josh has looked awful for a while now, Penn seems to be degrading, Martin is hurt, Williams & Jackson aren’t making plays, the interior of the line is still a question, the outside of the D-line is a question, as are the corners (plus, is Schiano helping…or in the way?)—to me it all adds up to “settle down, it’s preseason”…but also…”damn, we should be really good, but this can all go wrong, & it’s trending that way currently”.

  22. BucsOnDeck24 Says:

    The New York Jets

    We CANNOT lose that game. Idc that ‘upsets happen’, it can-not-happen.

  23. Biff Barker Says:

    There have been some rough spots no doubt, key players coming off injury, preseason experiments, etc.
    My biggest concern is that our starters have not played together thus far and precision and timing will suffer early. My second concern is with Schiano’s defensive scheme. We don’t need Father Dungy stubborn. Find what works, quickly too!
    That said, if we can win 2 of our first 4 games while we get it together, we have a decent shot at the playoffs.
    What many discount is the value of veteran leadership and pride. We have an abundance of it on this roster.

  24. Morgan Says:

    This so-called Glennon mob really exists? Only thing I can see is a few message board trolls talking him up based on Schiano great plan to give Napoleon a ton of playing time during the preseason. No one in their right mind would want him starting for us right now. What’s all this based on? RGIII, Russel Wilson, Oliver Lucks’s success last season?

  25. stevek Says:


    Fans are starving for the Bucs to make the playoffs. 32 other teams around the league, lots of QBs in the league for the same amount of time or less have tasted playoffs.

    Freeman needs to be the best NFL QB in the state of Florida this year. If Freeman is outplayed by Blaine Gabbert or Ryan Tannehill, then we need a new QB, simple as that.

  26. BucDan Says:

    Both BiffBarker and Christopher make good points above me.

    The damn starters have barely played together!!! Kind of a concern for me, but laughable when people try to use that small sample size as the reason for doom and gloom this off season. I was watching teams play their offensive and defensive starters into the second quarter in preseason game #2! Our guys were out after the third DRIVE! I agree with Biff in that execution might suffer, as it did when watching preseason games #2 and 3.

    I feel like the team coasted through this preseason to mainly avoid injury to the team. I would say that we succeeded in that regard. The only players that we are waiting to see are those that are coming back from season ending injuries incurred last year.

    Come week one we will all see how well this coaching staff came gameplan for a full four quarters and make adjustments if needed. We will also see how our starters on both sides of the ball can handle a regular season game on one of the biggest stages in pro football. I am looking for a victory to get the ball rolling in the right direction (post season play).

  27. buc4life24 Says:

    The panic comes from having a loaded team of Pro-bowlers and so much potential, yet looking like our team from 2009 so far.

    It also comes from a not playing in a playoff game for several yrs now! We are ready to be relavante again!!

  28. Walter Says:

    Lol too bad nobody would exhale even if we crushed the Jets. Then it would just be “well, glad they didn’t mess that up, better not lose to the Saints.”

    This whole year is going to be judged even more harshly than last year, and it’s because all of us think this team can make the playoffs. Joe, you think the fans are restless now? Just wait til the season starts, if the Bucs start off 5-3, or 6-2, the energy in these message boards is going to be amped up with excitement. Likewise, if we start out 2-6 or 3-5, the “Mike Glennon Mob” will have a bunch of new members. Lol

    Anyways, it’s a very important year for the Buccaneers, hence all the drama and commotion from the fans. It’s warranted, albeit unnecessary at this point in time.

  29. joseph mamma Says:

    Hey it could be worse. Did anybody see who is coordinating the Raider’s offense?

  30. RBellBuc Says:

    Calm Down? That’s some funny stuff. lol .. Some of your articles are so geared toward inciting the lunatic fringe that telling everyone to calm down is like throwing chicken carcasses into an alligator feeding frenzy. Stop throwing chickens.

  31. Chef Paul Says:

    HAHA RBell, Sometimes it sure seems Joe says to himself “Time to feed the dogs” Then writes an article like this

  32. Morgan Says:

    RBellBuc – agree. This is what happens when you work with Steve Deumig – he does this stuff for ratings.

  33. bucrightoff Says:

    Sorry but if they lose to the Jets the season is over. If you cannot be a franchise that is a complete disaster, with a likely rookie QB who looks terrible as the starter…I mean how can anyone think anything other than 4-12 after that. This should be an easy win, period.

  34. MadMax Says:

    Like realist said….”It is not about what Glennon is doing, but what JFro is not doing.”

    And I never say I hope Josh fails….sometimes I give up on him, as do many, but thats different from saying I hope he fails. Now theres this cry baby police thread nazi “1987”, who reposts what others have said (and he can easily change the words of those reposts) to make it look like poeple have said they hope Josh fails. But I dont ever want him to fail. Ive posted many times here, I want to see him play lights out, improve the speed of his reads, stop staring down so much (look off some targets and pump fake). But I havent seen that so far this preseason, so I get pi$$ed about it, and express my opinion. The the freemanites all come out ganging up, stating those of us with legitimate concerns over Josh’s improvement, and say we hate Josh and want him to fail. Now maybe some people here do, I said it before, I cant speak for them. But heres one thing for sure, if we all werent spending time here, then I would be worried about the fan base. Frustrated fans and the fans who follow blindly all are still fans and are here for a reason.

  35. MadMax Says:

    Btw, the game is replaying on nfl network at 10am this morning for anyone who wants to catch it again.

  36. Ben Says:

    Classic Joe post, nice work!

    The Bucs look as promising as I can remember and everyone is upset even though they haven’t played a single regular season game yet!

  37. RBellBuc Says:

    Before Freeman can sell a pump fake or look off LB’s and DB’s the o-line has to block for more than 2 1/2 seconds on every down.

  38. Kalind Says:

    Joe, I am not part of the Mike Glennon mob. Those people are….misguided. I do however think that the leash will get VERY short if they lose to that incredibly disfunctional team.

    I am also (maybe alone) one of the people who think that unless Josh gets us into the playoffs and wins AT LEAST one game, that there is no point in keeping him beyond this year. Throw him away and draft a first rounder…as in better than Glennon. Then use the savings (from the would-be huge Freeman contract) to bring in some more talent. (DEnd? OLB? CB? WR?)

    When you look at it, There’s no advantage to signing Freeman to Joe’s huge deal. None. We have a below average QB with above average talent who for some reason, can’t make it happen.

    Last year proved that rookies can perform. And they all did it in the FIRST YEAR of their offensive systems. And they all, ALL(!) had worse teams and worse talent than we did last year.

    So you tell me. Where am I wrong? Beyond this year…does anyone honestly believe our best chance is with Josh? A guy who has never ever shown us he can win serious, must win games? If he doesn’t do it now, when even Joe says “no more excuses” why keep him?

  39. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol there is no Glennon mob. A more accurate word would be Anti-Freemanites. Just like the Realist said. People are tired of losing and Freeman has had a hand in that losing despite what some would have you believe. People just want to see a change which would hopefully result in more wins. I can’t blame them either. I’m on the fence about Freeman but can’t say I blame them either. 1 more year to prove there worth.

  40. Walter Says:


    You were wrong the second you said those rookie QB’s did it on WORSE TEAMS THAN THE BUCS.

    That remark alone made me blow up, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!??

    The Niners are WORSE than the 2012 Bucs??!?

    The Seahawks are WORSE than the 2012 Bucs?!?!

    The Vikings are WORSE than the 2012 Bucs?!??

    The Colts are WORSE than the 2012 Bucs?!??

    The Redskins are WORSE than the 2012 Bucs?!??!

    Seriously, that is one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever read. Teams that have plenty of weapons on offense, rushing attacks, AND better defenses than us last year, but the Bucs are BETTER??? Stop it, just stop. That’s just too much bs.

  41. BayPlankPusher Says:

    I can’t wait for the season! Been a bucs fan since 97. Living in Boise there is allot of excitement and high hopes for Doug Martin this year. Let’s keep it positive. Go Bucs

  42. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Nine wins or heads WILL roll. You can take that to the bank. And this is coming from a Bucs optimist and Freeman fan, not one of the crybabies or the Glennon Mob.

  43. Chef Paul Says:


    Add me to your list as well. I love Freeman and Believe he will get it this year. But his leash is very very short for me right now. Kind of like my dog. I love him but if he tears up the house one more time, I’m cutting that leash and letting him run into the woods to be eaten by the wolves.

  44. Buc1987 Says:


    That picture you posted for the article is perfect. That is exactly the image I think of when reading some of these posts.

  45. Kalind Says:

    You’re telling me the Colts have better weapons? The Niners? The Redskins? The Seahawks? Who on those teams equals Vjax, Williams, Martin, Blount, Dallas Clark? Which of those teams ha a better Oline than us, even hurt?

    Shoot, the darned Colts had a terrible D too. What are you talking about saying they were better?????! They had more successful years yes! But that is my whole point!! Thanks for the help in proving it Wally.

  46. Kalind Says:

    My point is that Free has squandered good teams and good talent. Especially last year. If you had put Brees, Peyton, Matty Ice on our team, do you think we would have missed the playoffs even with our crap D?


    Good Qbs put their team on their back. The Saints had and continue to have a terrrrrrrible D. But people still think they’ll have a good year. I wonder why.

    Do they have better weapons than us? Hell no! Would anyone trade VJax for Colston? Martin for Ingram? Get real.

    It’s not the talent around Freeman that is the problem. It’s Freeman himself. Time to MAKE us win Josh. Not just hold on for the ride.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Kalind…the Saints were 7-9 last year with Brees.

  48. Raphael Says:

    Kalind …do you realize the bucs had the worst pass defense in the HISTORY of the nfl last year …. Get a clue please.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    “Im not joking folks! Im tired of waiting on Josh to fix what is un-fixable, where the potential has ran its course, and the slow brain is what it is. Like it or not, I dont care. Thats what I see!”

    This is the type of freaking out Joe’s talking about. It’s also someone that hates Josh Freeman. Yes it’s me the thread nazi again quoting someone who now says he hopes Josh has a great year. On one day he says this about Freeman. The next day he says he hopes he has a great year.

  50. Chef Paul Says:

    lol I’m beginning to think Nazi isn’t strong enough of a word

  51. Walter Says:


    Lol Clark was barely even serviceable, our weapons are V-Jax, Williams, and Martin. That’s it. And sure, that’s a great WR combo to have, and a nice starting RB, but we had no #3 WR, no TE, and that O-Line never got to play together last year, defense was god awful, disgraceful, embarrassing, etc….

    Bottom line, the 2012 Bucs was a bad team. More so on the defensive side, the offense was our strength. Yet all we have heard all off season is people crying about Freeman. And I’m not so sure RG III, Kaepernick, OR Wilson would take the 2012 Bucs to the playoffs. Luck probably would have, but the other benefitted from being on great teams with great defenses and awesome running backs like Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, and Alfred Morris. Those teams were WORLDS better than us last year.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    Chef Paul …does that sound like someone who has lost all hope in Freeman, or someone that hopes he has a great year? You tell me?

  53. Patrick Says:


    Yeah Raphael everyone realizes the defense sucked last year, alright? No one has EVER denied that. For you to not even admit that Freeman sucked as well baffles many of us on here.

  54. MadMax Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    August 24th, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    Illuminati Says :
    “Man, I hope for his sake Freeman pulls it together and shines the first few games this season. Because if he doesn’t, I think Schiano won’t hesitate to give Glennon the nod.”

    (1987 says) I think your right!

    Buc1987 Says:
    August 25th, 2013 at 1:43 am

    If Freeman plays like he did tonight in the regular season, real games and stays that way through the first 4 games. I’m on board for benching him myself.
    Now behold, the great #1 fan for Freeman has even handed out his doubts. 1987, you might be a little nicer about it than me, but you’re ready to give up too (based on what you’ve said), based on what you’ve seen.

    See, I can sink down to your level too. Not much difference between us both really, except my perception and intelligence is on a higher level.

  55. Kalind Says:

    Listen up guys. The bucks D was bad last year. Yes.

    But the Packers were the worst pass defense in HISTORY. In alllllll of history last year. And still made the playoffs.

    Check your facts. Yes we were terrible, but Martin is better than Alfred Morris despite the rush yard difference.

    We weren’t good. But teams that made the playoffs were in worse shape. But their qbs lifted them up. Period. Full stop. Endo story.

    Griffin made the skins good.
    Luck pulled the Colts into the playoffs.
    Wilson took a good defense and a crap offense into the playoffs.

  56. buc4life24 Says:

    RBellBuc: That’s the best comment I have seen in this forum and even more funny…’s true!

    Got a stir up the pot from time to time…’s working Joe, your website seems to be booming these days!