Schiano Says Culture Change “Is Still Happening”

July 2nd, 2013

Greg Schiano is 17+ months into his regime and he’s still teaching Buccaneer Man 101 to his team.

Perhaps the country club ways of the Raheem Morris era remain a pesky stain on the team fabric? Or perhaps Schiano has so many details to impart he hasn’t gotten to everything yet?

Regardless, Schiano is still “changing culture,” so he said on NFL Network last night. Here is the exchange:

Andrew Siciliano: How much of your job was changing culture?

Greg Schiano: A lot of it was changing culture, for sure. I mean anytime there’s change, there’s usually a change for a reason. And when they hire you, you have to do it your way. You have to do it within your personality, your beliefs. And that’s what we did. And, you know, I think what happened over time guys started to understand better what we’re all about. I feel really good right now.

Siciliano: How long did it take?

Schiano: I think it’s still happening. I think we’re well down the path now. But I think it is still happening. Initially, that first couple of months, you know, the guys had to figure out who we were. Then we get into training camp and they really started to understand it. I think they found as they learned more about us, they saw that, you know, it wasn’t all (pauses) it did let up as soon as they understood what we were looking for. This spring was great. Guys were awesome. They performed at a high level and we were ready to work. We let’em have their time by themselves, and that’s working out well.

It’s interesting that Schiano acknowledged that “it did let up,” referring to the tough, if not maniacal, discipline and rules of the New Schiano Order. This spring, many Buccaneers laughed off the suggestion that Schiano would ease up a bit this season in that area.

As for Schiano still “changing culture,” Joe sure hopes that process is over by opening day. He shouldn’t need more time.

7 Responses to “Schiano Says Culture Change “Is Still Happening””

  1. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    If what you mean by changing culture is buying into what Schiano envisions the way the team should think and act, then I would think that would always be an on-going process. With a roster that’s constantly changing, with new players coming and going, it’s never going to be a done deal. Once the veteran players begin teaching the younger ones as they come in without the coach’s intervention, will Schiano be able to step back and let the team come together on it’s own.

  2. Jrock (mobile) Says:

    Buc’n has it right, I think it’s more on the players taking more responsibility than Schiano implementing his ideals.

    You can’t weed out every bad apple in one season, as well. Once the veterans are able to teach newcomers the ropes, which many are (we have a lot of new vets too though), the process will be in.

  3. BucFanForever Says:

    Plus, until you win the Super Bowl by a comfortable margin every year, you are going to want to make some changes to enhance the culture of the team.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Both of the first two comments are spot on.

    I also get the sense that Schiano is intending to confront the “60 minutes of football” concern right off the bat. His comments on the dline recently certainly make it seem so.

    One of the most frustrating things about the old Kiffen dlines is that they started games strong at the beginning of the year but became less so about halfway thru 3rd quarters. Seemed like every year they had to deal with that issue over the first few games (after Sapp was gone).

    Someone must have warned Schiano this could happen (Bruce?) and he is confronting it early on. For example, the comments on Bowers consistency throughout games.

    I like it!

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I mispelled Kiffin…it’s early.

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  7. Christopher new Says:

    Coachs interview on NFL network was awesome. He seems mucho the relaxed and confident that the Bucs WILL win football game, and are a Playoff contender. I’m confident Josh will light it up again and be signed to a large deal. I love Freeman and if doubt Freeman your not a real Bucs Fan. Keep in Mind this Kid is still younger than Tanneyhill Wilson and a few other starters. Josh struggled due to other players not finishing routes and players missing blocks. This Young Man has Everything We need in a QB. If you don’t agree… You don’t know football you just watch it. “Tampa Born… Tampa Breed… When I Die… I’m Tampa Dead” GO BUCS” #RevisAFB #noflyzone