Highlights Of Bucs Day 6 Practice

July 31st, 2013

The czar of Tampa Bay sports electronic media, J.P. Peterson, discusses the news and happenings out of One Buc Palace today as the Bucs wrapped up Day 6 of training camp 2013 in this WDAE-AM 620 video.

5 Responses to “Highlights Of Bucs Day 6 Practice”

  1. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Off topic…no more kickoffs or team helmets in Pro Bowl. I’m done with it.

  2. Bucslegends Says:

    off topic, football nation has us as the 15th ranked fan base !!!!!!! LET START PROVING THEM WRONG !!!!!!!!! I LOV MY BUCS !!!!!!!!

  3. Solaire of Astora Says:

    15th isn’t bad considering the attendance issues

  4. Wally Says:

    Sorry Joe. I get my Bucs info from limo drivers. Blount didn’t drink. He used his limo to run a circuit of girls that he used to bang on a daily basis. Drivers hat Freeman. He calls them to pick them up at midnight and keeps them out until noon the next day. Now that camp has started, the limo business will be hurt. We will see how the season goes/ My understanding of quarterbacks is that they maintain a lifestyle that can affect their play. Josh isn’t doing a good job. Name of limo driver on request.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Wally, if you are telling the truth, good way help you friend lose his job. And whk cares what these guys do in thei own time. Gossip.