Connor Barth Out For The Year

July 17th, 2013

Per the Buccaneers’ official Twitter feed, kicker Conner Barth is out for the year due to a non-football injury.

As a result, the Bucs have signed former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes.

@TBBuccaneers: Connor Barth will be placed on non-football injury list. Lawrence Tynes was the NFL’s 2nd-leading scorer in 2012 and a Pro Bowl alternate.

Joe also has learned the injury is an Achilles. Apparently, the injury occurred during a charity basketball game.

The signing of Tynes is key. He was absolutely clutch in playoff games during both of the Giants’ Super Bowl-winning seasons under Tom Coughlin. Frankly, for Joe, you likely couldn’t find a better replacement.

UPDATE: Joe is pasting the following paragraphs straight from a press release issued by the Bucs on Barth’s injury. The injury was to Barth’s kicking leg.:

“We are disappointed to lose a productive player like Connor, but are very fortunate to be able to sign an experienced kicker at this time of year,” Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik said. “Lawrence and his agent, Ken Harris, had other standing opportunities, but we are pleased that they thought this was the right place for Lawrence to continue his career.”

Barth tore his right Achilles tendon while playing in a charity basketball game with other NFL players on Friday.  The sixth-year veteran had successful surgery to repair the injury on Monday but is not expected to return to the field season.  Barth, who was heading into the second year of a four-year contract extension signed last offseason, has made a team-record 84.3 percent of his field goal attempts since signing with the Buccaneers midway through the 2009 season.  In 2011, he set a single-season franchise record by making 26 of 28 tries for a success rate of 92.9 percent.


68 Responses to “Connor Barth Out For The Year”

  1. Sneedy16 Says:

    What??!! Injury bug strikes already?

  2. Gusjackson Says:


  3. Walter Says:
  4. Couch Fan Says:

    Well at least its just a kicker and not something that will drastically effect us. Sheesh. Come on football gods and stop toying with us!

  5. Walter Says:

    Well, nice one Barth, enjoy not being a Buccaneer anymore. Someone else will be taking your job

  6. Sneedy16 Says:

    At least his replacement is Tynes. The only reason he wasn’t on a team is because he is old. He is pretty consistent so there shouldn’t be much of a drop off, expect there won’t be as much long field goals. I don’t think he as the leg for it.

  7. Tampamac Says:

    Worst case scenario, Koenen can also placekick albeit not as accurately as Barth. If memory serves correct, don’t they already have another PK on the roster they signed in essence for camp?

  8. Macabee Says:

    Well that settles it! No FGs this year, all red zone TDs!

  9. Steve Says:

    Too bad Kobra Kai Forbath didn’t make it to an active roster last year after he was at our camp. That would have been a nice cheaper long term alternative

  10. BullDog Says:

    Unreal, before the season even starts !!!!!! And of course it happens after signing a 13 plus million $$ contract. Guess the injury bug is not done wreaking havoc with the Bucs yet. Damn it !

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s always those damn charity basketball games.

  12. Buc_The_World Says:

    You act as if he was doing something wrong. It was a charity basketball game, not joy riding on a motorcycle or anything like that. Cut the man some slack.

  13. BucDan Says:

    I am extremely disappointed in this injury. C. Barth is, IMO, a great kicker in today’s league. Up there on the accuracy scale, but what I will really miss is the distance that he has with that leg! Tynes can’t hit a 48 yarder for the life of him anymore. I know we don’t play in the windy Meadowlands, but having Barth be able to attempt 50yd+ on a consistent basis with no qualms.

  14. Justin Says:

    At worst, I can see this injury costing us one game. This year in the NFC that may be the difference between playoffs or not.

    Tough break. Hopefully, we dont have to deal with this.

  15. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Joe, last year we saw Daquan Bowers and Terrell Suggs both year their Achilles at similar times last year and both went on to return to the field. Is it reasonable to think Barth could rejoin the team later in the season? Or is an injury like this tough to rehab for a kicker

  16. Back up kicker Says:

    Does he count against the cap now?

  17. admin Says:


    Does he count against the cap now?

    Sorry, Joe’s not a salary cap guy.

  18. Joe Says:

    Joe, last year we saw Daquan Bowers and Terrell Suggs both year their Achilles at similar times last year and both went on to return to the field. Is it reasonable to think Barth could rejoin the team later in the season? Or is an injury like this tough to rehab for a kicker

    Bucs say “no.” Given the fact this happened to Barth’s kicking leg, a leg in which he makes a living, best not to rush him.

    Besides, Joe is sure each case is different.

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    And the injuries start…

  20. flmike Says:

    Point 1. You can ask the league for cap relief for an injury, but I doubt they will get is as it’s not a career ending injury.

    Point 2. The NFL encourages it’s players to participate in these events, so they should really allow for cap relief if something does happen.

    Point 3. Luckily Tynes was available.

  21. Walter Says:


    He didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just an overpaid place kicker, best believe that if someone else shows up and ends up being a dependable kicker, he may very well replace Barth.

    Bet the Bucs wish they kept Forbath now

  22. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bad news for Barth could be good news for Bucs…..How you say?
    Well, if Schiano doesn’t have as much faith in his kicker he will opt to go for it more often as he should have last year.
    In many cases we got 3 pts or none when we should have kept the drive alive eating clock and perhaps getting 7.

  23. Fritz50 Says:

    “Well, nice one Barth, enjoy not being a Buccaneer anymore. Someone else will be taking your job”

    First, as others said, cut the man some slack.
    Second, he may not be replaced. Tynes is relatively old, so using him for a year & then checking on Barth’s recovery would be fairly logical. Still the team’s pattern of small bonuses, & the rest non-guaranteed could mean no salary hit this year, & no obligation for the return, so replacement could be at least an easy option.

  24. Fritz50 Says:

    Guess I should’ve said ‘small cap hit this year’ , sorry

  25. Justin Says:

    We’ll be crying for Barth when Tynes shanks his first FG attempt.

    Barth is one of the better kickers in the NFL. He has been nothing but steady since he got here.

  26. Walter Says:


    All I’m saying is the guys not exactly Don Corleone. He’s replaceable, and the fact that he is overpaid is added incentive to dump him if a suitable replacement appears in camp.

  27. Andrew 1 Says:


  28. Buc_The_World Says:

    I wish would have kept Forbath now as

  29. Macabee Says:


    Your answer!

  30. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    This move may not effect accuracy inside 40 yards but the 50 yarders is where Connor excelled. Now, field position will be more important than ever.

  31. the_buc_realist Says:

    And the house of cards starts to fall. Wave goodbye pop-star

  32. Tim Says:

    For those of you wondering about his Cap hit, I am not sure how his contract is structured. But this is a “non football related injury” the Bucs can void his contract and release and take no hit. Except the injury settlement if they have to make one. Again I am not sure how the “non football injury” impacts his contract and how these settlement impact the cap.

    If they choose to keep him and place him on IR they will be on the hook for his base salary. Whatever that is.

  33. Walter Says:


    It’s a kicker dude. Lol

    The Bucs have some dedicated haters man

  34. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Tynes is a very solid kicker with superbowl rings and plenty of experience under pressure. I think we’ll be ok.

  35. cbell Says:

    Wheres chaz henery

  36. JB Says:

    the_buc_realist is undoubtedly a Falcons fan. No others take such great pleasure from injuries to BUC players.

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    the_buc_realist Says:
    July 17th, 2013 at 12:14 pm
    And the house of cards starts to fall. Wave goodbye pop-star


    Lol, at one time I thought your sarcastic comments were funny but now your just bordering on stupid. Wave goodbye to Dom because our kicker is out for the year… really?

  38. Couch Fan Says:


    At one time I thought your sarcastic comments were funny, but now you’ve crossed over to ridiculously stupid. Your bias hatred for Dom is REALLY starting to show… Say goodbye to Dom because our kicker is out for the year?…. Really?

  39. TrueBlue Says:

    The only thing realist is a fan of is Buc hate. Sad to see someone take such pleasure in the potential detrimental effects of a player’s injury.

  40. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Realist has always been who we thought he was. It’s those of you who laugh at his bad humor. You’re the ones who inspire him to be provocative. I saw right through his crap the first couple times he posted. He’s a whiny little girl who is miserable and wants to make sure everyone else shares in his misery. Actually that sounds like quite a few poster in here. Or, he’s not really a Bucs fan.

  41. Bobby Says:

    Realist is so football illiterate that he really doesn’t deserve acknowledgement anymore. Really just the definition of a troll.

  42. JonBuc Says:

    I just don’t see why any NFL player would play in any type of sporting event other than golf or bowling ( charity or not ) until they retire. Piss poor…no slack given here…

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Now Walter Football is surely going to predict the Bucs to go 4-12 instead.

  44. Couch Fan Says:


    They are professional athletes, most of them grew up playing more than one sport. Why would they stop just because they play in the NFL? They are competitive and they have real lives that dont revolve around football.

    Sh!t happens.

  45. Tiny tim Says:

    Why does it seem like every time a buc gets injured, they are out for the season? Why can’t the bucs suffer the 1 month injury or so. Losing Barth is big because he is a weapon. And Barth is not overpaid. He is by far one of the better kickers in the league and he deserved to be paid as such.

  46. Bucky23 Says:

    I think that Derek Dempke has a chance to win the kicking job in camp. Strong leg and very accurate. Was a good kicker for the University of Illinois

  47. Fritz50 Says:

    “Walter Says:
    All I’m saying is the guys not exactly Don Corleone. ”

    I pretty much agree, wasn’t wanting to start any sort’a argument, just pointing out alternatives.

  48. Bucky23 Says:


  49. MadMax Says:

    Ho Lee Fuk…..and the dreaded injury curse starts rearing its ugly head… 🙁

  50. MadMax Says:

    Crap….and the dreaded injury curse rears its ugly head 🙁

  51. JonBuc Says:


    Barth’s entire livelihood depends on the health of his legs. Playing full court basketball is just plain foolish IMO. And you’re right…when you engage in things like competitive basketball-shit does happen. Now…the Bucs are without one of the top 5 kickers in the league. Because shit happpens…

  52. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Anybody who doesn’t think this is a real loss is sadly mistaken. Connor Barth was one of the better kickers in the league, especially outside of 50 yards. He was also incredibly accurate. Tynes should be serviceable but he will not be as good as Barth.

    I can’t believe the injury bug is starting this early. Last year we lost Bowers and Davin Joseph before the season even started. I know Bowers came back but he was the projected starter and it surely didn’t help our pass rush to have him either out or gimpy when he did play, all season.

    What is with all the blown Achilles around the league lately? This REALLY sucks.

  53. Couch Fan Says:

    This loss stings a little bit no doubt. But a big loss? Nah. He is just a kicker. I’ve watched Chaz through his gator career and he will be serviceable I think and win this job over Tynes. Neither will perform as good as Barth but this doesn’t change our team in any manner other than Freeman has to get the ball a little bit closer to the endzone for our kicker now.

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The kicker is more important than some of you realize. You seem to forget how much the team suffered while trying to find Barth in the first place.

    We lucked out that the Bucs could get Lawrence Tynes. He may be older, but at least he is reliable.

    The fact that we’ve had our first injury and have covered it so well is a good sign.

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    Barth was important before last year because we had an offense that wasn’t very good. V-Jax and Martin changed all that. Now we can actually score TDs instead of field goals. I would go as far as to say Koenen is more important than Barth considering that if we arent getting the ball in the end zone, we are going 3 and out.

  56. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    That’s a very good point, Couch.

  57. stanglassman Says:

    It only the guy who score the most point on the team. The difference between a great kicker and a average kicker is about at least 1 and can be 2-3 games a season. Just ask Bobby Bowden and his 5 oh I mean 2 National titles if a kicker is important.

  58. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m sure this is somehow Freeman’s fault.

  59. Mike J Says:

    Koenen had a 58 yd. FG in a regular season (2005??) game, so he can serve for the real long tries, I suppose.Lord knows, he can drill a kick-off about a furlong.

  60. BamBamBuc Says:

    Couple issues with what I’ve read so far…

    First, going for it more on 4th down rather than kicking FGs… We did that in the Rams game last year and it may have lost us the game (yeah, I know… Free’s 4 INTs did that). They started going for it on 4th down in the red zone (sure-fire FG range) in the 3rd quarter and missed multiple opportunities to score and keep it close enough to come back and win. I thought it was a horrible coaching decision at the time, and still do. If it’s close enough with enough time on the clock…. take the points.

    Second, here we go with the “3 and out” BS again. How many times do I have to show that the Bucs were actually one of the better teams at not having 3 and outs last year. 21.24% of their drives were 3 and out. That’s good for 13th best % in the NFL last year for fewest 3 and outs per drive. 41 drives went 3 and out, but the Bucs had the 8th most drives in the NFL with 193. 8 teams had 50 or more 3 and out drives… we were not that bad.

    On topic…. Losing Barth will hurt, but I think with a better defense you get better field position, better field position with our offense gets you either more TDs or shorter FGs. I think we will be fine. Sad to see Barth go down doing something so worthwhile as a charity event.

    As to the contract, Barth was slated to make $2.3M this year. I believe he’ll get that regardless of whether he goes on IR or not because his contract guarantees him $4M and his “salary” last year was $1.45M… which makes this year’s salary guaranteed anyway. Because of this, he will rehab with the team and they will see where he’s at next year. If he can play, he’ll stay. If he’s lost something… they can let him go for virtually nothing.

  61. Macabee Says:


    You may be right about Barth’s contract (you usually are), but there are a couple of things that I may need clarification on.

    Barth did sign a contract with 4mil guaranteed and his 2012 salary was 1.45mil, but according to Rotoworld, he also got a 3mil roster bonus. If I’m correct, he will not be owed guaranteed money in 2014.

    Also under the CBA, because his injury is non-football related, they are not obligated to pay his 2013 salary which would not count against the salary cap. My understanding is that they can be good guys and pay him anyway and it would count against the cap.

    I loathe to admit that I’ve read the CBA and because it is a difficult read, I may be mistaken. Please review his contract language and see if you agree! I do think they will pay him this year and keep him if he recovers completely in 2014.

  62. Macabee Says:

    Correction in the 2nd paragraph: he will not be owed guaranteed money in 2013.

  63. BamBamBuc Says:

    Mac: if the CBA eliminates guaranteed money from this season because the injury is non-football, it will then be guaranteed if he’s cut or put on IR. Either way, he will get it. If he only gets a portion of his salary this year, there will still be guaranteed money in 2014. I obviously don’t have specifics on his particular contract, but roster bonuses and the like often aren’t included in guaranteed money.

  64. Tiny Tim Says:

    I believe the bucs can cut Barth and be done with his contract period. His injury is a non football injury and that is part of the contract. Last I heard, Dominick and Barth’s agent is talking about that now.

  65. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    It doesn’t really matter because the Bucs have room to spare.

  66. PRBucFan Says:

    You’d think there’s a clause in most contracts that holds the players accountable for getting injured in a sport outside of the NFL. With the NFL being a business and all.

  67. scubog Says:

    What a shame for the young man’s career that is certainly in jeopardy. Tynes is a great replacement unless Dimke shows promise. How some can blame our GM for an off season injury is just ludicrous. Nice recovery Dom.

  68. Couch Fan Says:

    Now…the Bucs are without one of the top 5 kickers in the league. Because shit happpens…


    That’s ok because we got the “9th ranked offense in the league”. Hopefully we’ll be scoring much more TDs and wont need to many FGs.