Bucs Better, But Maybe Not Good Enough

July 15th, 2013

Doug Martin could be the second best running back in the NFL. Is that good enough to get the Bucs to the playoffs?

There is no question the Bucs should be a better team this fall. With a revamped secondary and key cogs coming back from injuries, Joe doesn’t know how this team won’t be better.

As Joe has written before, he’s not ready to punch their tickets to the playoffs. The conference is way too stacked for Joe’s comfort and, frankly, this is the Dixie Chicks’ division until proven otherwise.

It seems “The Professor” sort of sees it the same way. ESPN’s John Clayton thinks the Bucs may have one of the best secondaries in the NFL, but isn’t sure that alone will get the Bucs to play meaningful January games.

Q: With the almost complete revamping of the defensive backfield with the addition of Darrelle Revis, et al, and the return of the two Pro Bowlers to the offensive line plus a few other additions, will the Bucs be strong enough to make the playoffs — if the play of Josh Freeman is up to where it should be? If Josh plays well, I would think they will be in the running.

Jim in Clearwater, Fla.

A: Next to Seattle, the Bucs might have one of the best secondaries in football. Mark Barron has Pro Bowl ability. Dashon Goldson is a Pro Bowler. Revis is one of the best corners of this era. Eric Wright has plenty of talent. If Freeman does well, the team has a chance. It runs the ball well. It has a good offensive line. Still, on paper, I think the Falcons and Saints have more talent.

Joe will state this again: The NFC is, on paper, the strongest since Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Mike Ditka and Bill Parcells prowled the sidelines. It is very possible a team with 10 wins won’t make a Wild Card. Winning the division must be the goal if the Bucs want to play in January.

61 Responses to “Bucs Better, But Maybe Not Good Enough”

  1. BrianDorry55 Says:

    The Saints don’t have more talent…they have Drew Brees to make up for it…but positional by position the Bucs are a more talented team.

  2. flmike Says:

    “Still, on paper, I think the Falcons and Saints have more talent.”

    Other the Bresus and Graham, I’m still trying to find that better talent on the Saints..
    Drew Brees over Josh Freeman – Yes
    Marques Colston over Vincent Jackson – No
    Lance Moore over Mike WIlliams – No
    Darrin Sproles over Doug Martin – No
    Jimmy Graham over Luke Stocker/Tom Crabtree – Yes
    NO O-Line over Bucs O-Line – No F’n way
    NO D over Bucs D – No F’n way

    So according to the Progeria victim looking John Clayton on paper the Saints are better than the Bucs, what kind of paper is that, the BSPN Bresus is next to Jesus paper…

  3. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    You’re absolutely right Joe, if we didn’t have the Saints and Falcons in our division there would be no waffling on who the best team was. We have to prove to everyone we can beat these teams and win the NFCS before all these prognosticators finally warm up to us and give us our due.

  4. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    I hope we smoke the Saints 41 – 0 this year. Twice!

  5. Justin Says:

    I just dont understand all the Saints love from the media. They had an ALL TIME awful defense last year.

  6. Meh Says:

    I don’t think the Saints have more talent than us, but they have Brees. The Falcons do have more talent than us, but if the moves work out we’ve closed most of the gap this offseason. If.

  7. Gus Says:

    @flmike and you didn’t even mention the special teams which I think the bucs have an advantage there too

  8. Chris@Apple Says:

    We have gotten better, but so has the rest of the NFL.

  9. BullDog Says:

    It’s just going to be that much sweeter when we win the division. Like past Buc teams , we seem to exceed when least expected. Unlike the keyboard warrior tools/trolls , the only variable that scares me is injuries. Looking back on the last several years we have had the worst luck with injuries. Regardless, my take is from going from no coaching staff to this roster in only the second yr (including coaching staff) the potential is off the hook. I personally can’t keep the fact that other than 2-3 games last year, the Bucs only lost by a few points. So even with the injuries we were in it till the end. Jonesing for some Football… Go Bucs !

  10. robert Says:

    puff, puff, pass….

    this guys been hoggin all the cheebah!

    Atlanta is the only one with more talent…and they are aging, so who’s to say they don’t take a step back and our guys step up?

    We make the playoffs with Glennon as our QB.

    write it down.

    And for all you buying that Mike Williams explanation……WTF are yall smoking?

    Guys don’t get all mushy and refer to their baby mama is “don’t love me no more”………they baby mama is a life sucking, money pit who you typically despise. otherwise she would be your wife.

    this was clearly code to the buc front office. I can’t believe I read EVERYONE buying that whole baby mama crap!

  11. Macabee Says:

    We have more talent now than any team in the NFC-South. Our problem is we’ve never had it on the field at the same time. We’ve just acquired most of our most talented players and nobody has seen them all perform collectively as a team.

    I understand the hesitance to crown us just yet. Still too many questions about health, talented but unproven replacements in the D-Line, and (please don’t turn this thread into a Freeman diatribe) of course the inconsistency of Josh Freeman!

  12. Walter Says:


    Why are you so stupid???? I am being serious, why are you stupid?

    Here, I’ll take advantage of your stupidity: bet me $1,000 that Glennon takes us to the playoffs this year. But you won’t take that bet, you can’t possibly be THAT stupid.

  13. the_buc_realist Says:

    “The mountain always looks so tall, when you are looking from the bottom”

  14. Fritz50 Says:

    “We make the playoffs with Glennon as our QB.”

    Gawd, it’ like you think that if you say it often enough, the Coach will hear you & justify your man-crush for Glennon. I’m not saying he won’t ever be a starter in the League , with the Bucs, or somewhere else… Just that your shouting it from the rooftops ain’t gonna make it happen, nor will it prove how insightfull you are

  15. stevek Says:

    “If Freeman does well, the team has a chance.”

    I wish our QB wasn’t an “If?” guy.

  16. robert Says:

    @ Walter.

    I’m not stupid enough to bet 1k on it….but 250 is some change I can spare.

    And yeah, it’s long odds, but it’s pretty damn long odds to think jfro 6 pack will be transformed this year.

    to sum it up, I think we make the playoffs in spite of jfro….we have that much talent, and a great coach. so man up money bags.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Can we atleast watch Glennon play one pre-season game before we annoint him better than Freeman? Eventually in pre-season he might get to play with the 1st string around him. If so then we can debate about how good he is.
    Hey robert have you bought your Glennon jersey yet? Get’em while there hot.

  18. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    You could be on top of that mountain, and you’d still be small and insignificant.

    Man-up, quit whining.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Save your money robert. Buy that Glennon jersey instead. Then I’ll give you a Gradkowski jersey from my closet so you can line it up in your closet next to Glennon’s someday.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    A line from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    Mr. Hand : “What are you people on… dope?”

  21. Walter Says:


    Hell yeah, it’s a bet then! $250.

    If Glennon takes over, whether it be in the pre season or regular season, and leads us to at LEAST a winning season, you win.

    If Freeman keeps his job all season, regardless of record, I win.
    If Glennon takes over and stinks it up and we lose more than 8 games next year, I win.

    If Glennon is thrown into the starting lineup mid season, and its too late to save the season, then none of us win.

    Sound fair to you?

  22. the_buc_realist Says:


    i say you have a 50/60 shot of winning the bet.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    Actually what I take from the article is this. Lots of maybe’s and ifs.

  24. the_buc_realist Says:


  25. Buc1987 Says:

    and what I take for Walter’s bet. Lots of maybe’s and ifs. lol

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    OMG unless Freeman gets injured this season or the Bucs have a big lead. Glennon will not see the center’s ass all season, except maybe from the bench.
    Better yet if Freeman loses his job to Glennon (lol)this season, I’ll buy you and me a Glennon jersey.

  27. Walter Says:


    There’s a lot of potential outcomes to next season, I tried to cover them all.

  28. Walter Says:


    I am not worried in the slightest. Glennon won’t even sniff the starting job.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    If Freeman does well, the team has a chance.


    I’ll go one better. IF Freeman does well, we go deep in the playoffs.

  30. jimmy Says:

    “I just dont understand all the Saints love from the media. They had an ALL TIME awful defense last year.”

    And yet they beat the p!ss out of the Bucs twice last year, didn’t they? Without a head coach even.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    @Couch Fan…you are correct sir. ding ding ding ring the bell we hava winna.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    @Walter…I know man. I was just playing around. Those look like good options for the bet. What say you robert? or are you in the middle of creating a player named Glennon on Madden 2013 and simulating a season?

  33. Walter Says:


    Haha he probably gave Glennon a 99 rating too

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    IMHO-We have a shot at *11-4


    – “Joe will state this again: The NFC is, on paper, the strongest since Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Mike Ditka and Bill Parcells prowled the sidelines.”

    Thank you Sir for all your great insight. But I’m going to have to strongly disagree with on your comment. Since the merger, there hasn’t been a more dominate era in the sport.

    The core of the player signed & drafted during that era (1981-1992), Helped the NFC go 16-1 from (1981 to 1997).

    XV Jan. 25, 1981 Superdome (New Orleans) Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10
    XVIII Jan. 22, 1984 Tampa (Fla.) Stadium Los Angeles 38, Washington 9

    XVI Jan. 24, 1982 Silverdome (Pontiac, Mich.) San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
    XIX Jan. 20, 1985 Stanford (Calif.) Stadium San Francisco 38, Miami 16
    XXIII Jan. 22, 1989 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami) San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
    XXIV Jan. 28, 1990 Superdome (New Orleans) San Francisco 55, Denver 10
    XXIX Jan. 29, 1995 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami) San Francisco 49, San Diego 26

    XVII Jan. 30, 1983 Rose Bowl (Pasedena, Calif.)Washington 27, Miami 17
    XXII Jan. 31, 1988 Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego) Washington 42, Denver 10
    XXVI Jan. 26, 1992 Metrodome (Minneapolis) Washington 37, Buffalo 24

    XXVII Jan. 31, 1993 Rose Bowl (Pasedena, Calif.) Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
    XXVIII Jan. 30, 1994 Georgia Dome (Atlanta) Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
    XXX Jan. 28, 1996 Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, Ariz.) Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17

    XXI Jan. 25, 1987 Rose Bowl (Pasedena, Calif.) New York Giants 39, Denver 20
    XXV Jan. 27, 1991 Tampa (Fla.) Stadium New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19

    XX Jan. 26, 1986 Superdome (New Orleans) Chicago 46, New England 10
    XXXI Jan. 26, 1997 Superdome (New Orleans) Green Bay 35, New England 21

    You look around the NFC now and, I see nothing that remotely resembles that Golden Dynasty Era.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Correction *15-2

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Walter, you do realize Robert is a third grader who will never pony up, right?

  37. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Bill Walsh San Francisco 49ers (1979–1988)
    (Head coach)

    Jimmy Johnson-Dallas Cowboys (1989–1993)
    (head coach)

    Joe Gibbs-Washington Redskins (1981-1992)
    (Head coach)

    Bill Parcells-New York Giants (1981–1990)
    (1981–1982) (Def. Coordinator/LB Coach)
    (1983–1990) (Head Coach)

    Mike Ditka Chicago Bears (1982-1992)
    (Head coach)

    Mike Holmgren Green Bay Packers (1992-1998)
    (Head coach)

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    George Seifert San Francisco 49ers (1989-1996)
    (Head Coach)

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    Once again I state. Just because a team made it to the playoffs LAST season does not mean that they will be there THIS season.

    @LUVMYBUCS…you do mean 14-2 right?

    I got us down for 11-5 tied with the Falcons with the Bucs winning the tie breaker.
    No worse than 10-6 though.

  40. robert Says:

    I make more money than 98% of you.

    250 is chump change.

    If Glennon is the starter when we make the playoffs I win.

    anything else he wins.

    easy enough?

  41. Walter Says:


    Oh I know. I just enjoy calling him out. If he honestly took that bet, he might as well just send me the check right now. And he knows that too, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

    The only Freeman hater on this site that I don’t think of as a fool is Couch Fan. They at least acknowledge that Freeman can be one of the best in the NFL if he was more consistent. The rest act like Freeman is useless.

  42. Walter Says:


    Lol you’ve already lost man. But it won’t be a burden for you, so yeah, it’s a deal.

  43. flmike Says:

    If you have to tell people how much you make, you’re lying…
    @robert I’ll take that bet

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Painting the garage over the weekend, must have me all screwed up.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    robert says :I make more money than 98% of you.

    Let me guess. You make money as a football “expert” right? lol just joking.

    All joking aside. I actually like that we have skeptical fans. It’s just that us old-timers have seen what a shi**y Bucs team looks like. We lived it. We ate it for lunch on Sunday afternoons. We do know the difference.

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Preach brotha

  47. Walter Says:


    The bet is between Robert and I lol

    You like my odds too I see.

  48. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I like that robert is “not stupid enough to bet 1k on it” but “250 is chump change.”

    I didn’t realize that $250 could be chump change but $1000 is cause for stupidity. Is $750 more that big of a leap for someone that makes “more money than 98% of you”?

    Nothing like a good laugh to start the day.

  49. BigSombrero Says:

    The Saints do not have more talent than the Bucs. Thats just a popular myth from the talking heads in the media (even though I like Clayton more than most). The Bucs, on paper, are better than the Saints pretty much across the board except for that one key position, QB. Drew Brees is so much better than Freeman performance wise, that the Saints could still finish better than the Bucs even though I believe that to be unlikely this season. But saying the Saints have more talent is ridiculous.

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    WTF did I just see that. The 49ers from 1983-1998. Won at least 10 games ever damn season. Smh wow, sure its not comparable to what the Montreal Canadiens did in the NHL. But its still one helluva feat.

  51. Walter Says:


    I know a lot of people like Robert, who lie about themselves, things they’ve supposedly done, they come up with stories to try and project themselves as something they are not. It’s become a growing issue really, especially with the younger generation, they want to feel like people think that they are big and important, but really, all any rational person does when they hear the stories is nod their head, laugh a little, then move on and ignore the rest of the b.s.

  52. Espo Says:

    The 2nd best running back in the league out performed Adrian Peterson head to head last year. Just sayin.

  53. robert Says:

    @ walter….

    and I know a lot of old farts who diminish others to make themselves feel better.

    I’m 42, and trust me I’m not a bragger. I’m the guy who works his a$$ off, surrounds himself with people he can learn from and makes things happen.

    on a blog though????? yeah, I’m juvenile as hell….cause all you couch QB’s who say “I been a fan since dirt” and spend your waking hours devising excuses for incompetence amuse me.

  54. Buc1987 Says:

    The Bucs ranked 10th overall in passing offense last season. I suppose that’s just another excuse though.

  55. Walter Says:


    Lol wait, how old do you think I am???? I’m not some original Bucs fan, I came into existence during the glory years, well, a little bit before them, so basically, I was old enough to understand football around the time we were perennial playoff contenders.

    The offense doesn’t need to make excuses, they did their part. If anyone needed excuses made for them, it was the defense haha

    You must not be too bright if your idea of improvement is removing a strength (Freeman) and ignoring a weakness. (Defense)

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    I think if WestCoast gets to come east and go to a game. He should book a seat next to robert at the game. Oh and bring your Freeman jersey too. You guys will be high fiving left and right. Like 2 peas in a pod. LMAO.

  57. Buddah Says:

    I don’t buy the premise that New Orleans has more talent than Tampa–no way. Brees had a bad and in some cases pathetic year last year. Sure, he’s a proven talent but he could be declining. They don’t have better wide receivers, but they do have a better tight end. There offensive line has question marks. Their secondary is weak as are their linebackers. They will have to outscore every team they play in high scoring games.

  58. Buddah Says:

    In Yards per game, New Orleans ranked LAST in the NFL. Tampa. New Orleans first in offense; last on defense. New defensive coordinator and shifting to a 3-4. Trouble in the Big Easy!

  59. MadMax Says:

    We’re going to the playoffs guys….heck, we’re probably going to win the NFC…count on it!

  60. GABA Says:

    12-4 take it to the bank

  61. scubog Says:

    So now experience and loyalty are considered bad things? I’ll just bet I’m in that 2%.