Waiting On Revis

June 3rd, 2013

Joe snagged the photo above from new Bucs linebacker Jonathan Casillas’ Twitter feed. Casillas (left) was a guest waiter recently with Dashon Goldson (center) and Darrelle Revis (right) at an event supporting Shelton Quarles’ charitable foundation.

Yes, Revis can walk and not have to worry about tripping over banquet chairs. Joe even saw Revis at practice last week walking around without a knee brace or a noticeable limp.

This is hardly fascinating stuff, but it’s noteworthy because the Bucs’ hopes for the playoffs very much ride on Revis.

The Bucs are paying Revis crazy cash not only for his talent, but to improve the entire defense, much like what the mere on-field presence and professionalism of Vincent Jackson did for the Bucs’ offense.

Based on dates Joe’s seen for other NFL teams, the start of Bucs training camp could be a mere 52 days away. Hopefully, Revis will be doing more in August than working on his own with trainers and carrying dessert trays.

Yeah, the Bucs want him ready for opening day, but it’s unrealistic he’ll be ready after a year off and no physical practice time.

19 Responses to “Waiting On Revis”

  1. ander Says:

    the bucs are gonna do what vikings did with AP everthing is gonna be fine this guy revis is no scrub he is hungry to show everybody he is the best so bucs should be patient with him. one thing is for sure the bucs like to sign professional football players on and off the field and thats good coming from the bucs organization.

  2. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Personally, from what I have gathered, is that Domink and Schiano aren’t to concerned about Revis getting physical practice time. According to Mark they believe that he is that good at his position that he can literally step in on game one without all the “unnecessary risk” during the preseason. That’s a lot of trust in a guy who could end up back on injured reserve.

    If that does happen I would hope that the Glazers would step forward and confess that they were the driving force behind acquiring Revis. It was a risk, so it will either work or go down in flames, we’ll see. As a fan, I hope for everyone’s sake, that it all works out, and we are in the playoffs. Plus a record number of “Buccaneer Men” make it to Hawaii. 🙂

  3. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Myron was left out of that picture!!!
    As for Revis…..I’m not worried about Revis if Revis isn’t worried about Revis.
    He will be more than OK…and I believe the addition of Revis and Gholston will provide great leadership and improve all of our defense. Our defense actually may be good enoug to carry us much farther this year.

  4. Dylan Says:

    C’mon joe I know you watch all of Greg’s press conferences. He said the plan is to have revis ready to go full speed training camp. Let him go up against the best, v jack and mike Williams. Hold him out of preseason games. First game action week 1. Great plan, stick to it. AP also tore his ACL MCL and PCL week 15. Opposed to revis strictly tore his ACL week 3. AP was ready week 1, but did not participate in training camp. Revis luckily got hurt early and will
    Be ready for training camp. Look at RG3 he is even gonna be ready for training camp and he tore his ACL in the playoffs. Out of all
    The players coming back. I think the bucs got the safest bet with revis.

  5. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    Man, if Revis can stay healthy this entire season, plus the additions of Goldson and Banks. Add that will our already stout run defense, and our high scoring offense. Playoffs are VERY realistic this year. I have faith in Revis, he is a gamer and loves to compete. I just hope he takes it slow because I do agree with Dominik, I don’t think he has to play any pre-seasons games to contribute right away in the regular season. ITS A BUC LIFE

  6. Seth B Says:


    Could you look into the effects of ACL surgery on Athletes that run backwards. I trust that Revis will be okay. I just think it would be interesting to get a closer look at the effects on a defensive player as compared to an offensive player. Whose done it? How fast did they come back? did they play at the same level?

    I still haven’t read any article on that. All I hear is AP as the poster boy. I’d like to hear something about a defensive back and the effects it had on them for a valid comparison.

    Just an Idea. Thanks for all that you do.

  7. Mjmoody Says:

    Revis go shut down their best WO. That’s all he does. There’s no verbage or scheme problems. He has little to learn here that he doesn’t already know. If he’s not physically ready, then he moves over and shuts down their 2nd best WO and the Bucs role coverage to the best WO. We play the Jets week 1. How much improved is Butt Sack Fumble Sanchez going to be? I understand the Saints show up after that, but does Revis really have to make TC or PS to be a viable threat in the 2ndary this regular season? I just don’t have any fears with this guy’s recovery or ability.

  8. Bobby Says:

    If the doctors are happy, I’m happy. Believe me, the Bucs didn’t go into this blindly. They have the best physicians in the world looking into this and they felt Revis had a much better than average chance of recovery or they wouldn’t have advised the pickup.

    In the film I’ve seen of Revis training he doesn’t look hindered at all. The trainers have had to hold him back because he is capable of more than they are asking him to do. They are being smart and giving the ACL all the time between now and training camp to finish the healing process. Don’t forget, it’s been 8 months now since the injury. He’s been rehabbing for awhile now and they had a very good idea of his prognosis at the time they made the trade. Not worried about Revis.

  9. Eric Says:

    I’m sure he would love to get in there against the jets.

  10. Curmudgeon Says:

    People need to be prepared for the possibility that Revis won’t be ready and may never get back to where he was. The Bucs are gambling he will be, and everyone seems to think it’s a slam dunk that he will be. It’s the mistaken logic of generalizing an anecdote (if AP can do it, so can Revis)…. We’ll see. I’m hoping it’s all OK, but I was one who never wanted the trade and I still can’t believe we’re going to pay a guy 16 million without knowing… I’ll be the biggest Revis fan if he’s back 100%, but until I see it, this trade still makes me queasy.

  11. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    I think out of all the free agents that we let walk, we should have tried to resign E.J. Biggers. He struggled a little in the beginning of his career but really started to come into his own the last two years. He wasn’t afraid to tackle. He was always around the ball. He just needed more coaching up from Schiano and staff. I would have kept him over Myron Lewis for sure.

  12. Rahb Says:

    Yeah…..Revis will be fine! I’d love to see Sanchez or Geno try and test him on opening day. How thinks Rex Ryan will tempt fate! Lol

  13. 1neb Says:

    I’m pretty sure someone in one of our buccaneer sites has spoken about Jim Kelly . We love our football players when they are putting up crazy stats and belittle them when they do the unexplainable acts of stupidity . Well today let’s “SUPPORT” JIM KELLY and send some love and prayers to him and his family while they go through this time in their life … BIGGGG SHOTTS FROM THE BUCCANEER FAMILY .

  14. Bucky23 Says:


    When is the next OTA practice that the media is allowed to attend?

  15. Joe Says:



  16. Macabee Says:

    Just saw today’s OTA slide show at Buc.com and Revis is got a full sweat on and looks full go. Can’t be sure from one slide, but I’m guessing Revis is further along than we think!

  17. gracelivin Says:

    was just checking out some sites about the function of the ACL , it’s function to keep the knee from pushing to far to the back, and most injuries occur on cuts where the lower leg (tibia) wants to go backwards causing the knee to hyperextend. So when backpedaling the reverse action is required, he will have no problem with backpedal but it is the stop and accelerating forward that will put the most pressure on the knee. Once healed most surgeons say there should be no difference in ability, as long as the ACL is not pushed into action before a true bond takes place, (6-8mo from surgery). So I think he is good to go.

  18. Illuminati Says:

    @Seth B

    Gregg Toler tore his ACL in the 2011 preseason, missed the whole year, and came back to have a career year in 2012. So, it’s certainly possible for corners to return to full production after having the patellar tendon graft surgery.

    Statistically, though, there are no guarantees. 21 percent of players don’t ever return from ACL reconstruction, and of those who do, many only return to 60-70 percent of their former ability. Hopefully, Revis will return to 100 percent. But even if he only returned to 80 percent of what he once was, he’d still be one of the best corners in the game.

    Most players take 6-9 months to get back on the field at all, and most don’t get back to full form for 9-12 months. So, even if Revis isn’t 100 percent Revis for the first few games this year, it’s likely he could be back to top form by the game following our week 5 bye.

  19. scubog Says:

    None of us know whether Revis will be quite the same player when he lines up against the J E T S in the season opener. We do know that when Sanchez or Smith looks his way they will still see that familiar # 24 and in their mind utter , “Oh spit”. Kinda like a young boxer stepping into the ring with an aging Mike Tyson. Go ahead pretty boy Sanchez, throw it in the direction of Revis Island (now located in the Gulf of Mexico) and see.