Time For McCoy To “Bring Some Guys With Him”

June 10th, 2013

Bryan Cox weighed in on a goal for Gerald McCoy and what will make him a true NFL superstar

What makes a true legend of the NFL?

Joe listened to Bucs pass rush coach Bryan Cox (a stud player himself way back when) share some of his philosophy on that today at One Buc Palace.

For Cox, being a superstar is about raising the level of teammates. And that’s the goal for Gerald McCoy in 2013, Cox said.

“I saw a guy that was mature, ready to take the next step, very into it in the meetings, very intelligent. And so you’d just like to think and hope that this year he can build and bring some guys with him,” Cox said. “Because true great players bring, you know, other players’ level of play to a different level. That’s what we’d like to expect from him this season.”

Cox went on to praise McCoy’s accountability and said McCoy vocally taking responsibility for everything before he looks to help others “is a trait you’d like to see in any leader.”

Joe liked hearing of the extraordinary high bar being set for McCoy. Man, if he can raise the level of those around him, especially his young, talented and inexperienced D-line mates, the Bucs will be in phenomenal shape.

8 Responses to “Time For McCoy To “Bring Some Guys With Him””

  1. Seth B Says:

    That’s What’s Up!

  2. Sneedy16 Says:

    It sounds great. Can’t wait until the preseason to see the young D-line in action. I want to see how Gholston and Akeem handle playing against 1st and 2nd string O-line. I’m pretty sure they will play early since GMC, Clayborn, and Bowers will not play much in the preseason.

  3. tampabaybucfan Says:

    It was difficult for GMC to take a leadership role with the injuries & then when he had his chance last year….Clayborne went down early.
    I do believe that he had a very positive influence on Bennett & Miller…..
    It was also hard to “bring some guys with him” when the QB has quickly found an open reciever. Our improvements with our pass defense provide more than split second to get to the QB.
    I loved GMC from the moment he cried and bear-hugged Goddell….tears of happiness…to become a Buccaneer!!!

  4. DOUGismyHERO Says:

    I like it accountability. Every team needs it, and having to answer to McCoy could be more effective then a coach.

    Of course that means Gerald, has to be a beast for us. Thats how you truely get the respect. McCoy was a solid player last year but I believe he can step it up. I’ll have my eyes locked in on him more this year and would love to see more disruption. If we get that and he is the vocal leader like they say we could see this line have a bit of a transformation. As a whole, our D-Line was pretty weak last year. Having them step up this year could be key.

  5. Bobby Says:

    You can’t be a weak defensive line and be #1 against the rush.

  6. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


  7. MadMax Says:

    We blitzed A LOT last year. I hope Schiano dials that down a bit. Dont get me wrong, I love blitzing and disrupting, but lets make sure our newly aligned secondary proves themselves first.

  8. GurS Says:

    McCoy was already doing it last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lavonte David, but his beastly rookie season was not just off his own back. Why do you think running backs kept being forced to run to the outside and right into the waiting arms of David? Because #93 was so quick to penetrate the OL, he closed off running lanes up the gut before the backs had even received the handoff.